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My Alter Ego’s Path to Greatness Chapter 417

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Demon World War (4)


The power that had been concentrated in one place and formed a shape slowly began to disperse.

Hela, intoxicated by the lingering scent, quietly looked down at her hands.

The hand that just a moment ago held and swung this entire world, the ‘Demon World’.

‘This… is really amazing.’

I could tell because she had first-hand experience with the ability.

This power was able to be used by herself, who became the representative of the Demon World, her subordinates, and the numerous causes and effects intertwined with them, spreading out like a chain and covering the entire Demon World.

This is truly a kind of power granted only to God.

‘…This is probably possible because the demons are magical creatures similar to spirits in the first place.’

Perhaps it was for this system that the overall level of the demon world was higher than that of ordinary life forms on the continent.

If you can use this power at will, it won’t be that difficult to reign like a god in the demon world.

‘Of course, it’s a no-brainer.’

A faint laugh escaped me.

Of course, even if he was a demon lord, there was no way he could use this much power as he pleased.

In the first place, this was a power delegated to the Demon God to smoothly manage the Demon World.

‘There’s no way you can wield something like that as you like without restrictions.’

To put it simply, it was a power that was subject to all kinds of restrictions and limitations, but once activated, it exercised almost absolute authority in the demon world.

Crushire, as well as the beings that tried to descend through him, were excluded because they directly violated the standards.

“Ugh, my whole body aches. After all, the burden on the body is no joke.”

Hela complained softly, pouted her lips, and rolled her shoulders.

Considering the size of her body, I could guess how excessive the load was on her body.

Of course, looking at the scene unfolding in front of me, it just felt like a pointless murder.

The abandoned land, which was a wasteland, had large craters appearing here and there as if it had been bombed.

…Actually, it was because of the real photon bombardment, but that wasn’t the important thing.

“Well, maybe it was a little too much?”

A thin groove that starts from a certain point on the earth and extends beyond the horizon.

And when Hella saw that the line had continued upwards, creating a scar across the sky, she patted her chin sheepishly.

‘But since it was my first time, I didn’t have time to control my strength…’

Also, it was questionable whether I would have been able to control my strength as it was almost the end of Advent.

If I were not careful, I might have missed the time and made things even more bothersome.

“…Well, it doesn’t matter because you’re prettier now?”

Hela, who looked blankly at the cross-shaped scar carved into the purple sky for a moment, spoke refreshingly and shrugged her shoulders.

I didn’t say this for nothing.

It was certainly true that the additional marks this time made the scars wider and the sparkling Milky Way within them became much more visible, thereby boasting a better view than before.

Even she, who had often looked up at the sky, was able to get lost in the beauty for a moment and admire it.

‘Then now I have to clean up after myself.’

After looking around for a moment, she took a sip of her appetite.

Actually, there was nothing to organize.

To begin with, this was an abandoned land with nothing, and the target of the hunt, Crushire, was hit with the final blow that split the sky and completely evaporated.

‘He had already sacrificed everything he had, so even if the body was left behind, there would be nothing that could have been saved.’

Her eyes turned to those who had helped her.

A warlock wearing a jet-black robe, a vampire wearing an opera mask, a three-headed dog scratching the back of his neck with his hind paws, and a blonde kid coughing and blowing his nose.

And even the man in the metal suit, still hovering high above, looking down.

“But still…”

Hela slowly licked her lips as she watched them finish their work and begin to disappear one by one.

Focusing on the perspective of one person who came to the Demon World but did not participate in this fight.

“If a dog raised on its own causes harm to others, isn’t it natural for its owner to compensate for it?”

Even if you go, you have to pay for it.

Are you going to wipe your mouth and pretend not to notice?

She raised her head again, looked at a star shining particularly brightly among the Milky Way, raised the corners of her mouth, and quickly turned around.

Another friend will take care of collecting the remaining balance.

All she had to do now was to return to her seat as quickly as possible.

It’s going to be really busy from now on.

The only ruler of this demon world.

As the 16th Demon King.



Heinrich, who was flapping his wings of brilliance, muttered softly. The sight

of the devil

‘s energy not daring to get close to the divine aura emanating from his entire body – like a lamp shining in the dark – was enough to attract the attention of those around him, but he didn’t care about it at all.

The place he is now is not only a place that not everyone can easily reach, but it is also difficult to observe properly with any level of ability.

“Did you hide it somewhere like this?”

This place is several times higher in the sky than the location where Hesperon carried out its aerial bombardment.

It was the end of the world, with the Milky Way visible right in front of us.

‘If it weren’t for 「Great Blessing: Wings of Radiance」, it would have been difficult to get through the magical storm and come this far.’

In the first place, the Demon World was nothing more than a side branch derived from Outerica.

It is a world in which the universe and the Milky Way cannot exist from the beginning.

‘…Anyway, it’s even more amazing when you see it up close. That’s all…’

The area given to this world called the Demon World ends here.

The Milky Way seen beyond the curtain that could no longer be crossed were the traces of the Lord scattered throughout the process of creation.

Because of the torrent of magic that covers the sky, it is impossible to observe them properly, so they sparkle in the void of space, but when you look up from the ground, they only look like stars.

“I have to admit one little thing. “If it weren’t for me, I wouldn’t have been able to find it even if I searched the earth for hundreds of days.”

And there was ‘it’ at the border of that world.

Suddenly disappeared from the Dark Nest’s underground ritual hall.

The door leading to the temple of the imprisoned god.

‘So, how did you put saliva on this demon world? There’s no way I could give up that easily.’

Shortly after joining in tracking Crushire’s location.

Heinrich did not participate in the bastard’s hunt and continued to focus on finding something.

Unlike the tracking results of other avatars, there was a reaction that was felt only by him.

In the first place, it was too much power even without him being involved.

‘I was wondering if it might have disappeared with Crushire.’

The Demon World is an area under the jurisdiction of a completely different god.

There’s no way it would be easy to install a door connected to your temple in a place like that!

He probably had to pay a price in some way, and it must have been difficult to give up even now that his plan in the demon world had failed.

So, it must have been secretly hidden in a place where no one can find it.

‘Then where?’

Heinrich approached the tightly closed door and tightly grasped the handle.


The door began to protest against him violently…

but there was no way it could stop him in his tracks now.


He opened the door roughly, almost tearing it off, and naturally flew inside.

Perhaps because the location of the temple was moved and the interior space itself was destroyed, all the coordinates taken while underground were initialized.

If you move to another place, the coordinates set this time will probably be useless.

However, once you are directly inside, you will never be able to escape again.


I could feel the anger pouring out of the temple through the swaying internal flow.

As if asking where you are coming in with those dirty feet.

“Okay, okay. “It will be over soon, so just be quiet.”

Of course Heinrich didn’t care.

It flies quickly and calmly goes further inward.

‘The reaction is strong. My whole body feels tingly.’

The temple was also a special place for gods.

No matter how bad it was, it was nothing more than understanding the beings that came inside.

For that reason, wasn’t he reluctant to summon Hans internally in order to avoid exposing information about Hans, who was at his peak?

“…found. “The heart of this temple.”

But what if it is a descendant of the main god, a deity who is obviously higher than that?

What if Heinrich is the champion of the main gods, the creator god of this world, the judge who sanctioned him who is now imprisoned in the abyss, and the father of all gods?

‘In the first place, the basis of my power was based on the blessings bestowed by the Lord.’

Moreover, right now, he was with Crushire and was expelled from the demon world.

Even if this is his territory, it will be difficult to do anything right after being kicked out.

In other words, unlike before, this temple is now no different from Muju Gongsan Mountain with the owner away.

Puzzle! Pajik!


The last time I looked, the door that couldn’t be opened no matter how hard I tried was forced open.

On the other side of a huge hall that would fit only a giant and would never fit a human size.

The podium of the chapel where the heavily damaged holy icon was enshrined caught his eye.

“That’s the core that maintains this temple.”


The internal flow trembled violently, as if affirming his self-talk.

If they had communicated, it seemed as if they would have poured out all kinds of double insults a long time ago.

However, insults from enemies were no different from praise.

With a much happier heart, he moved his wings and landed in front of the huge sacred symbol that matched the size of the temple.

‘Is this his symbol?’

A large structure that has been damaged beyond recognition of its original shape.

Not only was it scorched and melted as if it had been burned, but it was so distorted that it looked like the face of a person screaming with a distorted expression.

‘…As expected, there was a sacred fragment here too. Well, if you’ve put a lot of effort into things thousands of years ago, this level of investment might be natural. It looks like this also acts as a relay with the demon world.’

I should have looked more closely when I first encountered the temple.

I took my time thinking I would investigate slowly and missed it once, so I was planning to settle the matter somehow this time.

Well, actually, the reason I stopped investigating at that time was because I couldn’t find a way to open the door to this chapel.

‘I may not be able to directly absorb sacred fragments like other avatars, but… I am also a priest. There’s a better way.’

Isn’t there a set way for priests to increase their power?

Heinrich, who had been quietly looking up at the star sign for a moment, placed his hands on the structure that seemed to be several times his height.

Then, he quietly closed his eyes, not paying attention to the ominous energy he felt in his palm.


Then, he began to summon divine power and pray to the Lord.

This structure he touched as an offering, a symbol of the ungodly man who dared to go against the will of the Lord.


Right after that.

Holy power burning like a fierce flame completely covered Heinrich’s body and holy symbol.


The temple began to scream.

It was on a completely different level from the unstable appearance he had shown when he destroyed the previous Demon Dragon Duke’s barrier.

A huge temple that is gradually disappearing after being distorted and twisted here and there, as if the world is about to be destroyed.



At the same time, burning smoke flowed from both Heinrich’s hands, which had stigmata engraved on them, that were in contact with the holy symbol.

The divine light emanating from his wide spread wings had already far exceeded the limits of his usual output.

The passage connected to the main body expanded to its fullest extent, and an enormous amount of divine power flowed in.

Then at some point.

All the noise around me suddenly stopped.

No, it wasn’t just the sound that disappeared.

Can’t even tell if it’s reality or fantasy…

A space of nothingness where nothing exists.

In the midst of his panic, his spirit began to soar to high places.


We met there.

A great and holy being whom I had previously only seen a tiny glimpse of.

‘This might be a little troublesome…!’

The great will that constructs and maintains this world.

Although I didn’t really encounter it, and only vaguely perceived it, it was such an overwhelming presence that the load on the “Mind Hub” and “Soul Firewall” immediately reached its limit.

Finally, the moment when the gaze of the main being turned towards Heinrich…


His eyes opened brightly as he felt the feeling of falling aimlessly.


…it wasn’t my fault.

The sound of the fierce wind passing by your ears, the cold air cooling off your entire body, and the strong wind pressure pushing against your face.

It was really falling down.

From the high sky that reached the end of the world to the distant earth.

The Milky Way, reflected beyond the cross-shaped scar carved in the purple sky, gradually became farther away.

“Ugh, this time it’s a bit harsh…”

It wasn’t like this even when I met the Lord several times before.

My body was in free fall in real time, but I didn’t even have the strength left to lift a finger in my completely spread body.

‘Is it true that he is a creator god?… It’s on a different level from other gods I’ve encountered so far.’

Heinrich sighed deeply.

I never thought I would be able to skydive like this in a place like this.

Even without a parachute, my entire body was paralyzed!

“I can’t help it…”

But I also understood it to some extent.

That’s right….

《The species value of the object has been changed to ‘Angel’. Acquired the special skill “Messenger of God.”

《I gained enlightenment by encountering the Supreme Being. Acquired the special skill “Great Spirit.”》

It was even more strange that the race itself had changed and remained intact.

I never thought I would become a real angel.

And not long after.

Suddenly, the appearance of the new angel who had fallen from the sky of the demon world completely disappeared.

As if it never existed in this world from the beginning.

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