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Max Talent Player Chapter 688

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 688

Kim Hyuk-jin remembered the ‘dragon body’ that Naftan had taught him.

If solutionization is possible, Chorong will be able to live without difficulty on Earth.

“Is solutionization possible?”

“I don’t know yet. “The research is being conducted jointly by Taegeuk Shield and Black Butterfly.”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

Meanwhile, Senia said hello to Isabel and Kim Hyuk-jin.

“I will be away for a while. Have a great time, you two.”

Senia disappeared somewhere without waiting for Isabel and Kim Hyuk-jin to respond.

Isabel asked.

“Do you care?”

“I feel a little sorry.”

“It’s because my husband is so talented.”

Isabel also felt somewhat sorry.

“Senia helped you a lot, right?”


You risked your existence because of me.

He didn’t even say that.

There was a bit of silence between Isabelle and Hyukjin Kim.

“The king of Geomrim can have concubines.”

The king of Geomlim is Isabel.

Kim Hyuk-jin frowned deeply.


At that moment, a storm struck the Amazon.

Huge trees were uprooted and rivers overflowed.

Isabelle laughed lightly.

“It’s a joke, it’s a joke.”

“Don’t joke like that. okay?”


In fact, Isabel had briefly considered offering Kim Hyuk-jin to become a concubine.

For a moment, I felt like I could recognize Senia, even if it was someone else.

‘no. I can’t give it to you. I’m sorry Senia.’

I’m sorry Senia, but that wasn’t right.

Just as Kim Hyuk-jin did not accept Isabel’s concubine, Isabel also did not have the confidence to accept Kim Hyuk-jin’s concubine.

The two spent several days together in the Amazon.

Meanwhile, strange phenomena were observed near the Amazon.

The surrounding temperature rose quickly, and daylight lasted for seven days.

People feared the strange phenomenon of the sun not disappearing, saying it was a sign of destruction.

Isabel’s face turned bright red.

“husband. “I think I should go back now.”

I looked around.

This place, which was once full of bushes, has now become an empty lot.

Everything around them burned down due to the rough breathing and heat emitted by the two people.

Isabelle seemed a little tired.

“I haven’t slept in seven days.”

“Has it already been 7 days?”

Kim Hyuk-jin is shirtless.

Isabel put her finger on Hyukjin Kim’s chest and gently touched it.

“It’s solid.”

“Will there be three more days?”

Kim Hyuk-jin did not want to give up spending time alone with Isabelle.

It was the same for Isabel.

But I threw it away on purpose.

“no. “I also need to hear a research report on hemolysis.”

“Then let’s stay one more day.”

Kim Hyuk-jin’s hand hugged Isabelle’s slender waist.

Isabel pretended not to be able to win and entrusted herself to Kim Hyuk-jin.

The two lay together as if they had become one.

Isabel’s legs crossed and hugged Kim Hyuk-jin’s back.

Flames as intense as Aratesa engulfed the surroundings.

A passion so intense that no one could spy on the love between the two people bloomed.

The surrounding air began to heat up again.

* * *

Isabel offered to hand over the position of King of Giants to Kim Hyuk-jin, who returned, but Kim Hyuk-jin declined the position.

“I hope Shurt will be the next Titan Lord.”

Kim Hyuk-jin viewed Schurt favorably.

He was originally a person who gave up his life for the people.

Because of Kim Hyuk-jin, he grew up as an archer rather than a monarch, but his talent as a monarch was also outstanding.

“Why me…”

Isn’t it too late to retire?

“It’s not fun anymore.”

To be precise, the power he had was too great.

After spending time alone with Isabel, people became afraid, saying it was a ‘foreshadowing symptom of the destruction of the world.’

Kim Hyuk-jin’s power was too strong for the Earth level to handle.

“If you use all the cheats and play the game, it won’t be fun.”


Shurt looked at Kim Hyuk-jin.

He was able to roughly read Kim Hyuk-jin’s mind.

‘It’s not because it’s not fun.’

Because Kim Hyuk-jin is so strong.

The responsibility of that power is too great.

‘I guess that’s why you want to retire.’

Schurt nodded.

“Please continue to be the honorary guild leader. “There are so many things I am lacking in my capabilities.”

I continued speaking quickly out of fear that Kim Hyuk-jin might reject me.

“You don’t have to do anything, just post your name. That alone can correct the world order.”

Schurt recently experienced a miracle.

With just one word from Kim Hyuk-jin, most pirates disappeared and the Navy was established.

Companies and guilds from all over the world gave their full support to the Navy.

That was Kim Hyuk-jin’s power.

If Kim Hyuk-jin raises his name as an honorary guild leader, the power of the giant will be further strengthened.

Shin Yeon-seo laughed bitterly.

“Allow me to that much, boss.”

I sat close to Hyukjin Kim.

“And you know, can’t I be a little more naughty sometimes?”


“huh. “High-level people lead low-level people and raise them.”

Shin Yeon-seo, who suffered from post-examination pain, smiled brightly.

“Jebaaaal. huh? A new dungeon recently opened in Ghana. The difficulty level of clearing there is truly insane. huh? huh? huh?”

Seeing that sight, Kang Sang-gu cleared his throat.

“hey. “You’re pushing too hard.”

Kang Sang-gu and Shin Yeon-seo have been dating for three months.

These days, Kang Sang-gu is called Geomhu’s boyfriend more often than Yeomje.

Life is like Kang Sang-gu.

It was a popular saying these days.

Kim Hyuk-jin laughed and said.

“don’t worry. “I hit an iron wall with mana.”

When Kang Sang-gu looked closely, there was an invisible wall between Kim Hyuk-jin and Shin Yeon-seo.

Skinship was completely impossible.

Shin Yeon-seo didn’t care about such things.

“Captain Hyukjin. Please do something. “I’m too weak.”

The membrane that Hyukjin Kim unfolded was similar to a transparent glass membrane.

Shin Yeonseo’s cheek was dented.

Hyukjin Kim shrugged his shoulders.

“When the time comes.”

“Time is what an unemployed person has left over!”

Shin Yeon-seo changed her target.

With the agile movements of a swordsman, he sat down next to Kim Seon-hwa.

“Seonhwa. Try flirting with your brother. I know that? “They say silver silk is dropped in that dungeon.”


Seonhwa Kim opened her eyes wide.

I was already looking for Euncheon silk these days.

An artifact that is so rare that it cannot be obtained even if you have money.


Kim Seon-hwa had to go through a deep internal conflict.

‘If I asked you to help me, you would definitely help me.’

But wouldn’t it be better to do it yourself?

My brother is now wary of his excessive power and is careful, but I wonder if I am stepping forward for no reason?

I thought about it and then said.

“I’ll try it myself.”

“Yah. It’s Seonhwa. Don’t do that. All you have to do is say one word! “You’re a cheat!”

Hyukjin Kim chuckled.

“I’ll think about it if Seonhwa asks.”

Seonhwa Kim nodded.

“all right. I’ll try my best. “I’ll try hard and if it doesn’t work, I’ll ask for help.”


It’s true that you have to be careful with your own strength, but you could use it for Seonhwa.

In fact, I tried to grant most of Shin Yeon-seo’s requests.

However, I just found Shin Yeon-seo’s behavior funny and tried to bounce it off.

Looking at that scene, Kwak Tae-un silently thought to himself.

‘Hyukjin hyung… is the same.’

What would it be like if I had that kind of power?

In Kwak Tae-un’s view, Kim Hyuk-jin has become an absolute figure close to god.

If I wanted to, I could control the world.

It was possible to reduce everyone to slavery.

But Kim Hyuk-jin did not do that.

‘It’s the same as before.’

Attitude towards Giant Guild members.

Relationships with friends.

A heart that cherishes family.

Everything was the same as before, Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘I don’t think I could have done that.’

That’s why I respected Kim Hyuk-jin.

A person who knows how to be humble about the power he has.

In Kwak Tae-woon’s eyes, Kim Hyuk-jin was a real adult.

Other Giant Guild members felt similarly.

Ma Sang-hyeon shouted.

“older brother! Today, Ayoung asked me to come to the restaurant! He said he was going to make a really delicious dinner today! He told me to skip it if I have a schedule! The Giant Guild has ordered all honorary guild members to attend!”

At those words, all the members of the Giant Guild burst out laughing.

Kang Sang-gu clutched his chest in an exaggerated manner.

“Ugh. “If His Majesty gave an order, then of course I should listen.”

And then he quenched his appetite.

Ayoung Kim is making a name for herself as the world’s most famous chef.

Various media outlets were sending love calls to Kim A-young.

In order to eat Kim Ayoung’s food, you had to make a reservation as much as 8 months in advance.

‘looks delicious.’

Kang Sang-gu fell into a happy imagination.

* * *

The Blue House entered an emergency situation.

“A lot of players are gathering, including Lin Hai, the Emperor of the Thunder, Teng Ping, the Necromancer, Ban Ki-myeong, the President of China, Lao Yu, the Black Butterfly, Pietro, Salvaretto, the master, Pedro, Tuwang, Bella, the Golden Tower, Michel, and his subordinates, Michel Division…. Recently, Hyun Jeong-hwa, who is currently active in the United States, returned to Korea through the warp portal. ”

The President swallowed his saliva.

“Has a disaster-level monster appeared?”

“I don’t see any such premonitory symptoms.”

The forces sufficient to overthrow the nation were gathered together at one o’clock on one day.

In addition, Itachi, an astrologer who has already retired, and Sohyeon Ham, a prophetess.

And from Taegeuk Shield Song Ki-yeol to Poison Witch Cheon Su-ji.

“If a dispute breaks out between them…”

Then, the Sangam-dong area.

No, the entire Seoul area would be devastated.

“I don’t think that will happen. “The convener is Chef Ayoung Kim.”

“Chef Ayoung Kim? “You mean Kim Hyuk-jin’s older sister?”

“yes. That’s right.”

The President breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then there won’t be any problem.”

We almost held an emergency response committee.

Recently, as the power of players has become stronger, cases of armed conflict have become common.

Then, the area was bound to be destroyed and great damage occurred.

Therefore, state agencies, including the police, closely observed the players’ movements.

“yes. Since Kim Hyuk-jin is also joining us, I don’t think there will be any problems.”

“Thank goodness.”

I couldn’t have felt more reassured.

The existence of Kim Hyuk-jin was literally a breakwater that blocked the tsunami.

However, a large vibration occurred in the monster detector.

“This is the first time an amplitude of this magnitude has been observed in the Amazon.”

Two huge tremors occurred not long ago.

Isabel went straight to the Amazon and fortunately there were no casualties.

As the surrounding area heated up, signs of the world’s destruction appeared, but fortunately, it is now well under control.

“Do you remember that an abnormal climate phenomenon occurred in the Amazon at that time?”

Disaster-level cannabis water that can even shake nature.

It seemed like it appeared near Sangam-dong by chance.

“It’s definitely dangerous this time, too…”

“I’m not nervous.”

Sangam-dong was where the Geoshin Guild’s party was currently taking place.

The President felt at ease for the first time in a long time.

Some time has passed.

“dismissal. “The vibration won’t go away.”

The vibration gradually grew louder.

The amplitude detector exploded.

“The detector… is broken.”

It meant that a monster so powerful that it could not be observed with human-made monster detectors had appeared.

Only then did the president swallow his saliva.

‘No way…’

If you think about it, it should have already been suppressed by the Giant Guild or the Jin King.

However, judging from the fact that the shaking was still continuing, it seemed that the hemp water had not yet been subdued.

“What is going on?”

“Just in case, please move to the bunker. I will report and post as soon as it is confirmed.”

The aide hurriedly contacted Song Ki-yeol of the Taegeuk Shield, but was unable to contact him.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyuk-jin, who was enjoying the party, also felt a huge presence.


It wasn’t marijuana water or anything.

A presence that surpasses that of a giant.

I felt a being with more ferocious power than the whale clan.

Neither was Isabel.

Others didn’t seem to feel it.

‘It’s calling me.’

Kim Hyuk-jin stood up.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom for a moment.”

Kim Hyuk-jin went out alone.

I moved with my will.

To a place where something powerful calls you.

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