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Max Talent Player Chapter 686

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 686

Shin Do-hyeon thought that ‘pirates’ were an inevitable trend of this era.

Six months ago, he founded a pirate group and became a slave trader.

He was able to earn a level of profit that he could never have dreamed of in Korea.

What he tried his hand at was the children’s business.

In particular, the children of the Relka dimension were outstanding in appearance and were an excellent resource to enslave.

I felt a little guilty at first, but no more.

To him, children were not people but lumps of money.

Then, an obstacle appeared for him.

He was none other than Kim Kang-cheol.

“Please stop.”

“Aren’t you tired? Our middle managers must have clearly told us not to get involved…”

Kim Kang-cheol was active in the ‘Clear Spring Water’, a public interest organization affiliated with the Players Association.

Kim Kang-cheol, head of the personnel department of the Players Association, who betrayed his conscience before Kim Hyuk-jin’s return, has now become the vice-captain of ‘Clear Spring Water’.

“This is a human rights violation. “I will save the children even if it means using force.”

“If you can, try it.”

Shin Do-hyun grinned.

The pirates were the trend of the times and their power was growing.

The guild members of ‘Saenara’ led by Shin Do-hyeon gathered in one place.

They each glared at Kim Kang-cheol while holding their weapons.

“how is it? Would you like to have a cool game here?”


Kim Kang-cheol glanced inside the carriage.

I saw many scared children.

I saved it a few times and failed a few times.


Kim Kang-cheol clenched his fists.

Kim Kang-cheol also had a son around that age.

“If not, please just get out of here. “Because it interferes with work.”

Shin Do-hyun got nervous and pushed Kim Kang-cheol.

Shin Do-hyun muttered.

“Because it’s unlucky. “Are you an apostle of justice?”

The Players Association was scary at first.

Now it was no different from a paper tiger.

One of the guild members of ‘Saenara’ kicked a child.

“I told you to shut up.”

He looked very young.

The child pleaded.

“Please send it to mom.”

Even though the child had done nothing wrong, he got down on his knees and begged.

I asked my mom to please send me back.

Then the man grinned.

“I don’t have a mom anymore?”

Kim Kang-cheol knew the meaning of those words.

What parent in the world would watch their child being kidnapped?

“I killed him.”


Kim Kang-cheol lost his temper.

“You son of a bitch!”

Kim Kang-cheol rushed at the man with a sword, but was overpowered by Shin Do-hyeon and other Saenara guild members.

Shin Do-hyun said with a wry smile.

“If you weren’t a member of the Players Association, you would have been dead a long time ago.”

Kim Kang-cheol was forced to kneel.

“Or how about this?”

Shin Do-hyun walked closer to Kim Kang-cheol, who was kneeling, bent down and whispered in a low voice.

“I suggest scouting. Please watch behind us. “I will pay you generously.”

As Shin Do-hyeon winked, a guild member pulled a woman down from the corner of the carriage.

She was a beautiful woman with flowing silver hair.

His skin was white and his ears were pointed.

“Women can give it too.”

I giggled.

“Isn’t this your first time seeing an elf?”

The elf seemed to have given up everything and was looking at us with emotionless eyes with his shoulders drooping.

“lets think. Live like an emperor with those elves on both sides. “All you have to do is use the magic contract and I will become your personal slave.”

Shin Do-hyun’s eyes were very strange.

It seemed like he was on drugs.

His eyes were full of twisted desire.

Kim Kang-cheol spits on Shin Do-hyun’s face! I spat it out.

“Please shut up.”

I wanted to wash my ears if I could.

My heart ached as if it would break when I saw that emotionally drained elf and the children begging for their lives.

“A CX.”

Shin Do-hyun jumped up from his seat and kicked Kim Kang-cheol.


With a sound, Kim Kang-cheol’s body fell backwards.

“There is a limit to what you can look at.”

He ordered, wiping away the spit.

“Just kill him and bury him.”

“Guild leader? Still, it would be annoying since I’m part of the Players’ Association.”

“I take responsibility.”

As the players hesitated, Shin Do-hyeon took out a mace from his inventory.

“it’s okay. “I’m going to kill you, so get out of the way, you cowards.”

I stood in front of Kim Kang-cheol.

Kim Kang-cheol was crying.

“Are you crying? “Are you crying?”

Shin Do-hyun giggled and laughed.

“Then you can pray for his life. “I’ll give you my life.”

Kim Kang-cheol did not answer.

Kim Kang-cheol did not cry because he was afraid of death.

I cried because I was resentful of this situation.

‘I can’t do anything.’

From the perspective of a father raising a child, I have no choice but to watch this situation helplessly.

This is all I am as a human being.

When I thought about that, I cried.

Then I heard a voice.

“I hope you don’t forget that mindset today.”

It was a voice I heard somewhere.

‘This voice…’

I heard it so long ago that I barely remember it.

Kim Kang-cheol’s eyes widened as he collapsed.

‘no way?’

For some reason, it sounded like Kim Hyuk-jin’s voice.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin comforted Chorong and opened the way.

Through Naftan, I learned that whales can also come to Earth.

So I made a promise to Chorong.

-“I will definitely find a way. If that’s not possible, I’ll come here often. You won’t have to wait as long as before. “I’ll be okay now that I have good friends.”

Chorong nodded that he understood and held out his little finger to Hyukjin Kim.

-“It’s a promise.”

Kim Hyuk-jin, who promised Chorong, headed towards Earth.

I walked and walked aimlessly.

In the meantime, I discovered Kim Kang-cheol.

‘Kim Kang-cheol.’

Former Human Resources Director of the Players Association.

The person who brought Hyukjin Kim the results of the talent test.

At the time, Kim Kang-cheol said this.

-“I have to inform you of the regrettable results. “I took a re-examination and it was determined that I had absolutely no talent.”

I would be lying if I said I didn’t hate Kim Kang-cheol back then.

‘But not the current Kim Kang-cheol.’

Song Jin-cheol, who scared Kim Kang-cheol at the time, was already dead.

Now, Kim Kang-cheol is not the head of the personnel department of the Players Association, but the vice-president of the public interest organization ‘Clear Spring Water’.

And now, he was not the vice-leader of ‘Clear Spring Water’, but a father of a child and a person who was crying over injustice.

Everything was visible in Kim Hyuk-jin’s obscurity.

‘Kim Kang-cheol is sincere.’

I hope that feeling lasts a long time.

I thought that it would be good to prevent another victim like Kim Hyuk-jin from the past.

“I hope you don’t forget that mindset today.”

I hope Kim Kang-cheol does not forget that just heart.

‘Seeing it today, I probably won’t forget it.’

Please, like today.

Please become a person who can get angry when he sees injustice and shed tears over things that are inhumane.

Only then will it be worthwhile for me to forgive you.

“What are you doing?”

Saenara’s guild members surrounded Kim Hyuk-jin.

They did not recognize Kim Hyuk-jin’s face.

Everyone on Earth knew about the existence of Jinwang Kim Hyuk-jin, but not everyone knew Kim Hyuk-jin’s face.

Even if you knew Kim Hyuk-jin’s face, it was difficult to infer that the person who appeared now was King Jin, who disappeared three years ago.

“You look Korean.”

Shin Do-hyeon met many of these types of people.

There were usually players like this among the Earth level players.

“Are you an apostle of justice again?”

The guild members of Saenara giggled and laughed.

Looking at it, the items didn’t look like anything special and the level didn’t seem that high.

Shin Do-hyeon checked just in case.

In Saenara, there were players with ‘detection skills’.

This was in order to behave properly when encountering an unknown high-level ranker.

The player using Perception said:

“It doesn’t seem like anything special.”

With his ability, he couldn’t read Kim Hyuk-jin’s power even with the slightest glance.


Killing Kim Kang-cheol, a member of Clear Spring Water, was a bit awkward.

But that guy was a different story.

“I don’t feel well, but it’s okay.”

“The face is quite fair, so if I sell it to a noble lady, I think I’ll get a pretty generous price.”

Come to think of it, the Marchioness Rilka wanted a man of exactly that caliber.

“I guess we can just cut off both of his arms and sell him as a slave.”

Kim Hyuk-jin moved slowly.

I casually passed by the Saenara guild members.


The guild members could not react.

It definitely moved slowly, right?

Didn’t you do anything?

‘Why isn’t your body… moving?’

At that moment, blood began to leak out from all over my body.


It felt like all the blood in my body was draining out.

In no time, the surrounding area became a sea of blood.

I couldn’t breathe.

‘Save me!’

I fell into a sea of blood.

He struggled for a while and cried out for help.

‘If this continues…!’

I felt like I was going to drown.

But it was hot again.

It was a burning sensation, as if my whole body was on fire.

‘It’s painful.’


I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t even scream.

I wanted to lose my mind in extreme pain, but strangely, my mind was clear.

“I feel like I want to kill you all.”

But Kim Hyuk-jin made a promise.

To not take someone’s life carelessly.

Not to use my power for something destructive.

“I’ll give you my life.”

“Huff… gasp…!”

All guild members knelt down and gasped.

He let out a hot breath.

I vomited, trying to let out the remaining heat in my chest.

“You will never be able to be a player again.”

Kim Hyuk-jin approached the carriage, picked up each of the children, and dropped them off.

“You come with me.”

Unfortunately, these children lost both their parents.

There was no longer anywhere for these children to return.

Kim Hyuk-jin glanced at Kim Kang-cheol.

“It looks like the Players Association is not using its power properly.”

“…Am I really Kim Hyuk-jin?”

As Kim Hyuk-jin nodded, Kim Kang-cheol became dizzy.

‘Jinwang… I’m back.’

Former Giant Godlord.

The most powerful monarch throughout the Earth dimension has reappeared.

“Only if the Players’ Association functions properly will these children be able to grow up in a warmer environment.”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin is back.

The whole world rejoiced at the return of King Jin.

Various hashtags related to Kim Hyuk-jin were rampant.


of the True

King #Return of the Absolute #Return of the

Colossus Lord Justin (Yongdori), a SNS star who had been inactive recently, has begun to be active again.

Through his post, it was completely known that Kim Hyuk-jin was back.

Kim Hyuk-jin did not conduct interviews with the mass media.

However, one fact was announced through the ‘Super Telescope’.

“I do not approve of pirates.”

His one word moved the world.

Companies around the world have completely cut off business with ‘pirates’.

The intelligence guild and the mercenary guild, which seemed like they would do anything for money, also denied that they had anything to do with ‘pirates’.

One word from Kim Hyuk-jin moved the world.

The Navy, which had been sluggish due to various problems, was established, and Taegeukshield Song Ki-yeol and Noechang Linhai Geomhu Shin Yeon-seo were appointed as the third admirals of the navy.

In addition, volunteers who wanted to join the navy began to overflow.

Song Ki-yeol muttered with a shocked expression.

“This is how it goes.”

The world changed with the mere appearance of Kim Hyuk-jin.

He didn’t do anything and just said one word, but all the pirates held their breath.

The world’s leading companies, which had been looking back and forth, have clearly decided on their routes.

He drank wine alone while looking at the night view outside the window.

“The service classes have become even more monstrous.”

The service class, which was already the highest level of skill, was reborn as a player so powerful that it could no longer be surpassed.

In particular, Noechang Lin Hai and Geomhu Shin Yeonseo showed no mercy to the pirates.

Any pirates discovered by them were immediately killed, and the pirates gradually began to disappear.

Meanwhile, Isabel felt Kim Hyuk-jin’s presence.


But the situation was not good to be happy right now.

This was because Geomlim’s cannabis substances ‘Vilhelomtan’ and ‘Kiraxas’ appeared at the same time.

This is Amazon on the Earth level.

It was clear that the moment those two left this place, the earth would be devastated.

‘It’s difficult to deal with both at once.’

The voice of Wilhelomtan, a monster in the shape of a huge dragon, was heard.

Wilhelomtan was a huge black dragon.

-Pure-blooded swordsman. We will rule this place.

Kiraxas was a monster in the shape of a gigantic white dragon.

-Hand over this place to us. Then we promise peace in Geomlim.

-Isn’t it hard for you to deal with the two of us alone anyway?

– Wouldn’t it be beneficial if we could pass over this lower level as a sacrifice and bring peace to Geomlim?

Isabel lowered her sword as if she agreed to those words.

It seemed as if he had given up on fighting any more.

“I don’t know what to think.”

Isabel smiled brightly.

“I wonder what King Jin will think.”

Someone showed up.

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