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Max Talent Player Chapter 685

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 685


It was Chorong’s voice.

Although Chorong is from the whale family, he was more familiar with the human shape than the whale shape.

It seemed to be the influence of Kim Hyuk-jin, who was set as the father.

Chorong could not grow any further from being a child and ran towards Kim Hyuk-jin and hugged him tightly.


I missed you.

Why did you come now?

You said you would come.

Chorong cried in Kim Hyukjin’s arms.

Even without using my sense eyes, I felt Chorong’s sincerity and my heart ached.

‘How lonely have you been?’

Even with King Jin’s mental power, he could feel the darkness at a distant level.

It was close to the feeling I felt in the deep sea.

‘The darkness is lifting.’

The darkness felt inside Chorong quickly disappeared.

For Chorong, who was left alone in the new sky, Kim Hyuk-jin’s presence was like the sun.

“I hate you dad.”

Kim Hyuk-jin stroked Cho-rong’s head a few times.

“You must have been very lonely.”

“Very much. “A lot.”

“I think I heard your voice before I lost consciousness.”

I came here because I was drawn to the shoes.

However, it was Kim Hyuk-jin who set the direction in the middle.

It was thanks to Chorong’s ultrasound.

“If it weren’t for your voice, I would have been lost somewhere in the interdimensional passageway.”

“no, I do not want!”

“Thanks to you, I survived.”

“Then please stay next to me. “I don’t want to do it once a year anymore.”

Kim Hyuk-jin silently stroked Chorong’s head.

Other than that, there was no way to comfort Chorong’s heart.


The whale family was shocked as they saw Chorong whining for a long time.

Natalie was blank for a while and then asked Naftan.



“Did Hyukjin even have children?”

“I know.”

Naftan was also a shock.

‘It’s definitely a whale clan?’

Although it was different from the normal whale clan, it was clear that it was a whale clan anyway.

But Kim Hyuk-jin is human.

‘If the pure-blooded Sword Emperor and King Jin have a child, will a whale come out?’

It was difficult to understand, but it was not impossible to understand at all.

Naftan muttered without realizing it.

“The Whale Clan was a great clan.”

When the True King and the pure-blooded Sword Emperor combine, a whale is born.

Naftan learned something new.

A few days passed.

Natalie and Chorong became good friends.

“Chorong. Hey. They say there is an interesting culture in the human world. I know?”

“Is there such a thing?”

If we were to be honest, Chorong’s hometown was the human world.

However, he had almost no contact with humans.

So I didn’t know much about the culture of the human world.

“There is such a thing as casting.”


Natalie confidently straightened her shoulders, cleared her throat, and continued speaking.

“There are three major mayos in the world.”

“what is that?”

I extended my index finger.

“One. “Don’t eat tuna.”

Chorong, who did not understand, just tilted his head.

“2. “Chicken mayo.”


“3. “Oppa, don’t meet that bastard.”

Chorong still didn’t understand.

Natalie shook her head and gave Chorong a customized adaptation.

“3. “Dad, don’t meet that woman.”

Chorong opened his eyes wide at those words.

For some reason, it struck me.

“My mom said she was Isabelle.”

“If you’re a mom, you’re a mom, and if you’re an older sister, you’re an older sister. “Unify as one.”

“Then I want to be your mom.”


Feeling a bit like a failure, Natalie gave another example.

“My eyes are acting strange these days. I think I need to go to the eye doctor. “The world seems full of you.”

“What is a hospital?”

Natalie gave up trying to make him understand.

Chorong, who lived alone in New Heaven, had so many things he did not know.

“Anyway, this culture exists and I’m studying it.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Someday I’m going to go to the human world to play, right?”

“Can we go play too?”

“They say you can do it.”


Chorong’s eyes widened.

“Then I don’t have to break up with my dad?”

Chorong knew that Kim Hyuk-jin would one day return to Earth.

So I was afraid.

Now I had friends and other whales, but I was still scared.

‘Then I can go to Earth!’

Chorong asked.

“What is that method?”

“I don’t know either.”


“They said the [Kings of the Sky] have known the method for generations, but I don’t know because I’m not the king yet.”

From that day on, Chorong and Natalie started pestering Naftan every day.

“Teach me!”

“Teach me!”

Naftan burst out laughing.

I couldn’t say it was a top secret, but I thought they were cute, so I didn’t tell them at first.

“I’ll tell you later.”

Several days passed.

Naftan eventually raised the white flag.

“I won’t tell you since it’s not top secret anyway.”



Naftan laughed again as he saw Natalie and Chorong giving the same answer.

Looking at the two made my heart warm.

It has changed a lot from when I used to just live.

Now I really feel like I’m living.

“As you all know, we need the mana of the sky to live normally.”



“If we are to remain free beyond the sky, we must change our constitution.”

They both asked the same question like twins.



“okay. constitution.”

He asked the same question again, as if salty.



Naftan grinned.

“We will temporarily change our bodies to that of another powerful clan.”

It was not possible to change the body to that of any clan.

It had to be transformed into a body that could at least withstand the power of the Whale Clan.

“For example, a giant or a dragon. Our ancestors called such a body a giant body or a dragon body.”

“How can I become a giant or a dragon?”

Naftan shook his head.

“I don’t know the exact way.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyuk-jin took care of his recovery.

It took too much strength.

The being was injured to the extent that it required at least 10 years of treatment.

Fortunately, the mana in the sky was very friendly to Kim Hyuk-jin and was speeding up recovery, which should have taken over 10 years.

‘At first, I expected about 5 years.’

I thought I could then open the portal and go to the Earth dimension.

‘I think it will take a year or two.’

I felt my body becoming lighter day by day.

‘Just wait a moment, Isabelle.’

I felt Isabel from beyond the dimension.

It came to Kim Hyuk-jin in the form of a ‘wish’.

Isabel’s earnest wishes were conveyed every day.

‘My sister too. Line drawing too. ‘Mom too.’

I felt wishes that were just as strong as Isabelle’s.

‘I’ll go back.’

* * *

Yongdori was lying down in the living room.

Yongdori, a SNS star, quit SNS, which he worked so hard on these days.

Everything was boring.

I received a call from Super Telescope.

-What are you doing?

After checking the message, Yongdori just turned it off.

‘I don’t even bother replying.’

Yongdori just rolled around and slept peacefully.

He slept for a long time, as if he had fallen into a winter sleep, but the person who woke him up was Ahn Seo-hee.

“Aren’t you getting up?”

Ahn Seo-hee pulled Yongdori’s ear.


“How long are you going to be lying around like this?”

Seohee Ahn pointed out the key point.

“No matter how much I miss Kim Da-rong.”

“It’s not like that!”

Yongdori denied reality.

“I’m just bored!”

“Where are you talking to your sister?”

Yongdori and Ahn Seohee argued for a while, but they stopped when Ayoung said, ‘Stop and eat.’

Rice was placed in front of Ahn Seo-hee and Yongdori.

“Stop fighting.”

“Yongdori doesn’t have to eat anything like rice.”

“If you eat, Darong and Hyukjin will be back soon.”

“In that case, I’ll give you something special to eat.”

Ayeong knocks Yongdori’s head! I squeezed it.

Yongdori’s eyes filled with tears.

“It hurts human!”

Ayoung was about to say, ‘What’s your habit of talking to your sister?’, but left her alone.

‘It can’t hurt if you get hit by me.’

Even though it looks like that, it is a dragon.

The reason why Yongdori’s eyes filled with tears was not because he was right.

It was because I wanted to see Kim Hyuk-jin and Darong.

Ayoung said.

“It will come soon. both.”

“Huh! “I don’t care about that.”

Yongdori wiped away his tears and ate his meal bravely.

He said there was no need to eat anything like rice and held out an empty bowl.

“One more bowl!”

Hearing that Kim Hyuk-jin and Darong would come back quickly if they ate well, Yongdori ate six bowls.

* * *

Pietro secretly met with Song Ki-yeol.

“…So we are investigating further. Still, I think Guild Master Song Ki-yeol should know.”

“Thank you.”

While investigating the Chinese server, Pietro found many traces of the Demon King’s army.

What stood out among them was the content related to ‘dragon blood’.

The Demon King’s army had been conducting research on creating a ‘dragon body’ using dragon blood.

Song Ki-yeol said.

“We will hand over the relevant materials as soon as Kim Hyuk-jin returns.”

Song Ki-yeol, who had spoken up to that point, paused for a moment and remained silent.

Pietro, who realized the meaning of the silence, spoke first.

“I don’t know when Hyukjin Kim will return.”

It will come back, right?

Song Ki-yeol held back the question.

Of course it will come back.

Disaster-level monsters are being created in greater numbers every day.

It was difficult for Isabel to handle it alone.

“You said recently that there is a connected dimension to Europe, right?”

“yes. It’s a small dimension with about 100 million players, but luckily it’s friendly to us. It is understood that the average level is about 20 levels lower than ours. “It’s in the beginner to intermediate level.”

The Earth dimension has been involved in many large and small wars here and there.

Among the connected dimensions, some were friendly to Earth and some were not.

Among them, a dimension called ‘Pribeta’ even targeted the Earth for plunder.

Because of this, several wars were fought.

Fortunately, they were able to stop the invaders from Prebeta, led by the Giant Guild, but the damage on Earth was significant.

Pietro continued speaking cautiously.

“The only thing we have to worry about is pirates.”

As dimensions began to connect with each other, groups called ‘pirates’ began to appear on Earth.

They crossed into another dimension and committed violent crimes such as plunder, murder, and rape.

There were cartel-level players who made great wealth through plunder, and there were even cases of using people from other dimensions as slaves.

“Leaders around the world are working hard to control pirates, but they are short on manpower.”

The level of play on Earth was quite high when looking at the dimension as a whole.

That was because Kim Hyuk-jin had lifted all the ‘restrictions’.

The first dimension to be freed from restrictions was Earth, and as the source of the ‘Birth of the True King’, Earth had more abundant resources (quality dungeons, high experience points, good artifacts, etc.).

As it was upgraded to a higher level, many benefits were enjoyed.

“Not only are there ethical issues, but pirates are affecting the image of the Earth…”

“I’m worried.”

There’s no big problem now, but what if a more powerful dimension appears in the future and invades Earth?

All dimensions that have been harassed by pirates from the Earth dimension will join in their efforts.

“In the end, I think there needs to be a transcendent and strong leader in today’s times.”

“Isn’t Isabelle here?”

“The current King of Giants is very busy with the subjugation of hemp water…”

Being busy is being busy.

“He said that since this is not Geomlim, he will not interfere much with human affairs.”

That was Isabelle’s consideration.

Since this was my husband’s level, I promised myself that I would not use excessive force.

Of course, it was true that I was extremely busy.

After talking a lot, Pietro and Song Ki-yeol stood up together.

Pietro held out his hand first.

“We, the Black Butterfly, will join in the creation of the Navy. Please contact us if you need anything. “We will fully assist you.”

And a few days later.

A big issue hit the whole world.

-The pirates who invaded Prebeta were exterminated by a mysterious man.

Just a few minutes later, a corrective report was issued.

-This is breaking news. All of the pirates who were said to have been killed have returned alive. It is said that they were not killed, but all of their qualifications as players were revoked.

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