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Max Talent Player Chapter 683

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 683

Naftan also heard Kim Hyuk-jin’s chant.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for.”

At that moment, as the King of the Sky, he made a choice.


There was no logical reason or basis to believe.

However, at this moment, I decided to trust Kim Hyuk-jin.

“It is evidence of things that cannot be seen.”

There was nothing to see.

Kim Hyuk-jin has not shown any way yet.

“He who believes without seeing will live even if he dies.”

Those words came as salvation to Naftan.

Hyukjin Kim did not show the way yet, but he did see the way.

I felt like I could survive if I followed that path.

Elka’s words felt like the devil’s temptation.


must save the sky.

I have to save my daughter.

And if possible, I want to live together.

Although he thought it was an impossible dream, he wanted happiness with his daughter.

“I have heard their cries and supplications.”

It felt like that earnest wish had reached Hyukjin Kim.

“In the end, I will sublimate that spear-like suffering into rest and joy.”

“I will proclaim, standing on firm faith and trust.”

Naftan’s eyes turned golden for a brief moment.

Then numerous things began to appear.

As my eyes shone brightly, I dreamed of new hopes and glimpsed the future.

“I will proclaim, standing on firm faith and trust.”

The last chant came from Kim Hyuk-jin’s lips.

[O you who have faith.]

[I command you. Open your eyes right away and face the world.]

Naftan opened his mouth softly.

“We… destroy the false order.”


Elka’s voice was heard.

The thing that filled the sky tormented the minds of the Whale Clan in the form of ultrasonic waves, but they paid no heed.

He asked Hyukjin Kim.

“What should we do?”

At that moment, Naftan saw a glimpse of his past.

The words and actions that Kim Hyuk-jin said to Ahn Seo-hee.

I saw the illusion at that time.

-“Seohee. “It’s going to hurt a little.”

-“All I can say now is.”

-“Trust me.”

-“I will help you.”

And Naftan realized what he and the whales had to do.

‘You must believe.’

Strong belief in Jinwang.

That would strengthen the power of the Jin King.

“Whales listen.”

Naftan, King of the Sky, opened his mouth.

“We follow those who will lead us. Trust in him and fight against false authority.”

Kim Hyuk-jin could not fight the whales.

By concentrating my mind, I was able to focus my efforts on finding traces of Chorongi and the new sky.

“And the moment a false order appears.”

A haze rose from Naftan’s body.

The king of the Whale Clan gave an order to the Whale Clan, who had lived aimlessly until now.

“We protect our king.”

Senia felt a shiver as she watched Naftan like that.

‘Strong and firm faith. Power comes from that.’

It wasn’t a mantra, but it had a power similar to a mantra.

That power flowed throughout the sky and affected the entire Whale Clan.

“You are our king, Naftan.”

Even though he said that, the whale family could feel it.

Kim Hyuk-jin was the king of kings.

They seemed to be gathering around Naftan and forming a barrier around Kim Hyuk-jin.

“Is the name of the false order Elka?”

“Elkara. “That’s a nice name to chew on.”

A barrier made up of the whale clan protected Kim Hyuk-jin.

Just as Naftan showed faith in Kim Hyuk-jin, Kim Hyuk-jin also believed in Naftan.

‘Leave Elka to the Whale Clan. I find the way.’

With faith for faith.

Trust had to be answered with trust.

However, the task of finding a new hole was not so easy.

It was invisible and invisible.

It was probably because I had used up a lot of stamina to get here.

I thought about what I had said countless times on my way here.

‘I can do it.’

I muttered unconsciously.

“I can do it.”

Even that unconsciousness became a mantra and covered Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

* * *

Elka was overcome with a sense of crisis, as if even the final arrangement she had prepared would end in vain.

‘You useless whales!’

This probably means that King Jin’s abilities are outstanding.

Elka fully realized that there would be no more opportunities except today.

‘I can’t die alone.’

A second Elka was unacceptable.

In that case, it would have been better to die.

‘We will die together, Kim Hyuk-jin.’

She radiated purple energy.

Absorbed the mana of the sky.

Her eyes, like Kim Hyuk-jin’s, also turned golden.

It was a duller color than Kim Hyuk-jin’s gold eyes.

A chant flowed from her mouth.

King Jin used the ‘Chance of Salvation’ and Elka could not accept King Jin’s salvation.

Blood began to pool in Elka’s wrinkled eyes.

The golden eyes were no longer visible as they were covered with bloody tears.

[You with murderous intent.]

[I command you. [Return to eternal resting place.]

It was a command to all the world.

The false order chose its own destruction.

Transcendent magic.

It was a magic that destroyed not only King Jin, but also the entire order and world that had been built so far.

The purple mana surrounding her body suddenly turned red.

Hyukjin Kim could feel that energy even with his eyes closed.

He also heard the chant.

‘That’s… Ahn Seo-hee’s chant.’

A chant that was used in a clever twist of the chant of salvation.

The chant flowed out of Elka’s mouth.

The entire sky was dyed red.

Exciting! Exciting!

Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart began to beat strongly.

It responded to Elka’s mana.

‘no. You shouldn’t react.’

Elka’s mana was the mana that annihilated all living things.


Elka’s voice has aged a lot.

“I do not tolerate King Jin. “There is no true king in this world.”

Elka’s hands began to wrinkle.

“There is no need for life in a world without me.”

Kim Hyuk-jin did not open his eyes.

The whale clan will buy us time.

The great power of the Whale Clan would somehow prevent the progress of that transcendental magic.

The sky, which had turned red, was bubbling.

This place is getting hotter and hotter.

It was as if it was filled with the fire giant’s flame, Aratesa.

And then a voice came from far away.

“Stop harassing my brother, you wicked old woman!”

It was Natalie.

Natalie had gathered all the young and female whales together and was heading this way.

Naftan sighed.


Naftan didn’t want Natalie to get involved in adult matters.

Their number reached two hundred.

“I’ll do my best too, Dad.”

The same was true for females.

In the whale family, males were stronger than females from birth.

So only males were gathered here.

It was Naftan’s decision.

‘My decision was wrong.’

The young and female whales were not weak.

When they came together, they gained greater strength.

‘They are strong.’

So much so that it doesn’t need my protection.

The whale family began emitting ultrasonic waves all at once.

It interfered with Elka’s magic chanting and the operation of transcendental magic.

However, that alone was not enough to block Elka’s transcendental magic, which had abilities comparable to that of the Jinwang.

Several whale clan members lost consciousness and fell down.

Naftan encouraged the whale clan.

“We don’t stop.”

The blood boiled in his neck.

Elka’s sneer was heard.

“Do you think that the transcendental magic that has already been activated will disappear?”

That far ahead.

An old woman appeared.

It was Elka.

She seemed to have trouble even walking.

“We will all disappear from here!”

She giggled with satisfaction.

“Complete annihilation. “That is our future.”

* * *

Chorong of the new sky shed tears every day.

‘There’s no one here.’

Vast universe.

That was all there was here.

This made it difficult for Chorong, a newly born transcendental species.

‘I miss you, Dad.’

Chorong sent out ultrasonic waves every day, even though he knew very well that it was a meaningless action.

The ultrasound never came back.

But I had to do this at least.

‘I don’t like the new world.’

I hated a world without anyone.

Chorong, a member of the whale clan who had developed feelings, was afraid of this lonely silence.

Chorong, buried in fear, could no longer grow.

‘When will you come?’

Her consciousness desperately searched for Kim Hyuk-jin.

I remembered my promise with Kim Hyuk-jin.

-“Please stay by my side for one more day. “You must meet us once a year.”

-“Can I find my way here?”

-“I will make it. “I will definitely meet my father again.”

When I remember that promise, it sparkles! I came to my senses.

‘that’s right.’

It wasn’t a promise that Kim Hyuk-jin would come alone.

I promised I would make it.

-“dad. see you next time! “I will become a daughter who is not ashamed of my father!”

But what does it look like now?

Aren’t you already weak and crying?

You shouldn’t be embarrassed.

I don’t know when my dad will come.

I promised to be a daughter without shame.

‘I have to make a road.’

But then.

The ultrasound came back.

The ultrasound that had been expanding endlessly came back.

‘It’s dad!’

Ultrasonic waves were fired in one direction.


It contains Chorong’s strong wishes.

At the same time, Kim Hyuk-jin opened his eyes.

‘I can feel it!’

I just wanted to feel it once.

Now all we have to do is open the way.

Fortunately, Hyukjin Kim did this once.

I practiced connecting Geomlim with the Earth.

After just one practice, I could have done much better.

‘Using the power of lightning.’

All I had to do was tear this world apart and walk along that path.

At that time, Naftan lost consciousness and collapsed.

one two.

The entire whale family fell.

Foam flowed from the mouths of some of the clan members, and some closed their eyes and fainted.

“Giggle. “What are you going to do now?”

Soon the sky will collapse.

This world will disappear along with all living things in it.

Elka knew that well.

“Looks like I found the way.”

Elka came closer little by little.

“But now there are no people to protect you. And you are more tired than me.”

To be more precise, we had to reserve strength.

Because I had to move from heaven to new heaven.

“You’ll die anyway if you leave it alone.”

Elka mustered up her last strength.

“I will kill you right here.”

Her hand made a sign.

Purple mana bloomed.

“Then it is my victory in the end.”

Elka was only interested in killing Kim Hyuk-jin.

Anything was okay for that.

Kim Hyuk-jin did not open his eyes.

‘Open the way.’

It was true that Elka’s transcendental magic was too strong, but it was also true that the Whale clan was also a powerful clan.

If only they could enter a new sky, everyone would recover quickly.


Didn’t say anything.

A [!] sign appeared above Kim Da-rong’s head, which had been clinging tightly to his shoulder until now.

As if he had been waiting for now.

Da-Rong Kim took something out of his inventory.

It was a ‘glass bottle full of perfume’ that Jackson left behind when he died.

Da-Rong Kim quickly climbed on top of Hyuk-Jin Kim and broke the glass bottle.

The perfume flowed down Kim Hyuk-jin’s head and down his body.

Hyukjin Kim opened his eyes.

“Because I used transcendental magic, you will disappear.”

Elka widened her eyes.

Her body was shaking.

“Yes, yes, this guy…!”

“The whole order you established will collapse.”

Hyukjin Kim took a deep breath.

The perfume left behind by the baptist when he dies is the perfume that establishes a king.

It was a balm to establish a king of false order.

“So now it won’t matter if I become the king you established.”

Because Elka chose to die on her own.

Even if he became the king established by Elka, there would be no side effects.

“It’s over now.”

But now the false order is gone.

Kim Hyuk-jin recited the prophecy.

“The fortunes of those who possess the power of gold will be mixed.”

The fortunes were clearly mixed here.

I thought of Jackson the Baptist’s will.

-“The only sad thing is that we will disappear without seeing the new order of the universe…”

Now, a new order will be established.

Hyukjin Kim gave the order.

“Listen, whale people. We will face a new life in a new sky.”

One by one, the whale family members who had lost their minds began to come to their senses.

One by one, they began to disappear.

The mantra penetrated deeply into the entire sky.

“The existing order will all collapse.”

Even the old shoes of the baptist who had dreamed could now rest.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s body also gradually disappeared.

Elka’s scream was heard.


Elka’s body began to fall apart.

The false order tried to overthrow King Jin, but in the end, she was the only one who was destroyed.

In the end, Elka disappeared with the collapse of the sky.

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