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Max Talent Player Chapter 674

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#Max level talent player Episode 674

The flame that had died down has bloomed again.

Intense flames seemed to engulf Geunjeongjeon Hall, filling the field of vision.

The final flame that the fire giant ignited by sacrificing himself met Kim Hyuk-jin’s will and burned again.

‘I can feel the fire giant’s final will.’

Aratessa’s will to block the power of false order and overcome the great danger that approaches.

Hyukjin Kim could feel it perfectly.

In the meantime, notifications continued.

[Awakening as the ‘True King.’]

My body became as light as a feather, but my heart became heavy.

I felt like an invisible responsibility was weighing on my shoulders.

Kim Hyuk-jin had a hunch.

‘I gained strength.’

Even Kim Hyuk-jin himself was not sure what kind of power this was.

I could only vaguely sense that it was a lot different than before.

However, unlike before, it was a force that brought about more responsibility.

[All records stored in the system will be deleted.]

Kim Hyuk-jin’s powers and unique ability titles began to disappear one by one.

Kim Hyuk-jin was not embarrassed.

‘It’s the same as deleting the level system.’

I already experienced the same thing.

[All records are re-established and unified as ‘True King.’]

Each power and title disappeared and it was unified as ‘True King.’

All abilities became one, and that itself was the power of the True King.

This was the change that occurred to Kim Hyuk-jin personally.

With the birth of King Jin, changes began to occur throughout the Earth.

[All constraints surrounding the Earth dimension disappear.]

[The dimensional limit value conditions for the Earth dimension are deleted.]

The limit value that Gelon had enforced has completely disappeared.

[The talent board system has disappeared.]

The talent board has disappeared.

Now people will be able to grow without being restricted by talent levels.

The talent board was an element artificially created by Gelon.

A person with 1 talent board can only achieve 1 no matter how hard he or she tries.

The talent board was an artificial order that set the limit for growth.

‘The meaning of [the player’s division] will fade.’

The ‘player nutrition’ that turned non-players into players, opened closed talent boards, and expanded the number of talent boards, would lose its value.

It was clear that there would be a big economic blow as a result.

But it didn’t matter.

There are many things in this world that are more important than money.

[There are no growth requirements for ability.]

Under the current system, if talent does not develop in the late teens or early 20s, all talent boards are closed.

Hyukjin Kim was like that.

Kim Hyuk-jin, who was in his late 20s before returning, had many talents, but all of them were closed.

Now that system is gone.

Whether you start at a young age or at a late age, once you start, you can achieve results depending on your efforts.

[The resurrection power applies in all dungeons except special dungeons.]

Now people will be able to play in dungeons without fear of death.

Since you are not afraid of death, faster growth will be possible.

There is a possibility that other side effects may occur as the resurrection power is applied, but ‘The Beginning of the Universe’ recognized such side effects as a part of nature.

[An awakening NPC and an awakening booth are created in the tutorial building.]

* * *

Kim Dong-hyun and Kim A-hyeon siblings of Steel Wings visited the tutorial building.

It was to use a warp portal to travel to the United States.

“brother. Look at that. “Something new is happening?”

A white light was created and a new booth was created.

“I guess it’s not dangerous or anything like that?”

Just in case, the two prepared for danger.

There weren’t many cases where NPCs were harmful, but with the recent appearance of Magna Prophet and giant worshipers, vigilance has increased.

“I think it’s similar to a store NPC?”

It was a translucent NPC.

It was a female-shaped NPC with brown hair and innocent eyes, and she was dressed in plain, bohemian-style clothing.

“I don’t think it’s activated yet.”

Semi-transparent NPC booth in a semi-transparent state.

Some curious players approached the NPC and tried to talk to him, but received no response.

“I guess it’s being updated.”

“It’s called an awakening booth?”

“What is an awakening booth?”

At that time, middle managers appeared from all over and explained the awakening booth.

After hearing the explanation, Kim A-hyun opened her eyes wide.

“So now anyone can become a player if they want to?”

Anyone could awaken as a player by simply visiting the awakening booth and stating that they wanted to become a player.

At the time of awakening, you could choose the class you wanted, or you could postpone your choice.

“And something else happened over there.”

“What is that again?”

A job change booth was created right next to the awakening booth.

He is very tall and has a rugged look. It was a male NPC wearing sunglasses.

“I guess it’s the booth in charge of job changes.”

It was said that it was a place where changing to an ordinary class was possible.

However, he said that you should not use that booth if you want special powers or to obtain hidden classes.

“It’s fascinating. Why do these things happen?”

“well. Does it feel like season 2?”

Anyway, it didn’t seem bad for humanity.

This system made it possible for anyone to become a player if they wanted and for anyone to change jobs.

Kim A-hyun looked at the newly created booths and was lost in thought for a moment.

“But brother.”


“Something like this won’t happen for no reason, right?”

“It can happen for no reason. The tutorial started suddenly for no reason.”

“no. “This feels different.”

Kim A-hyun smoothed her chin.

“Isn’t this somehow related to guild leader Kim Hyuk-jin?”


“I feel like that for some reason. “I think he stepped forward and created an awakening booth and a job change booth.”

“Why him? “What do you regret?”

“just. “Is this fairer?”

In the current system, you become a player by chance.

Additionally, they must be selected by middle managers and also by guardians.

A change has occurred that can change the existing paradigm.

“He is the only one who can bring about this change.”

“what. “It would be so if someone did it.”

Kim Dong-hyun roughly agreed with Kim A-hyun’s words.

Still, I never thought that Kim Hyuk-jin created these things.

I just thought it was a natural change in the system.

But then a notification followed.

[According to the Great Commandment of the True King, all lies will be destroyed.]

The false order surrounding this world.

This meant that the fake system created by Gellon was broken.

Donghyun Kim frowned.


Kim Dong-hyun and Kim A-hyun made eye contact.

“Your brother too?”

“you also?”

They both thought of the same thing at the same time.

“Jinwang Kim Hyuk-jin?”


It wasn’t just the two of them.

The fact that the Giant Lord Kim Hyeok-jin was in fact the newly born ‘Jin King’ was imprinted in the minds of all players.

I didn’t know exactly what Jinwang was.

But a kind of awe rose in everyone’s hearts.

A huge power that controls the dimension.

The great power that establishes order in this land.

People unconsciously accepted ‘Jinwang’.

“I suddenly feel so shabby. Am I strange?”

“no. so do i.”

It felt similar to looking at the eternal universe.

I felt the existence of a country smaller than a speck of dust in front of the universe.

The word ‘Jinwang’ came to everyone that way.

At that time, Kim A-hyun rubbed her eyes.

“What now?”

“Can you see it in your eyes?”

Field on fire.

The appearance of a dimensional monarch sitting on a throne waiting for something.

Things like that are starting to appear.

“It’s hot.”

Kim A-hyun hugged her body.

Even though I was just seeing a fantasy, it felt like I was in a hot fire pit.

“What kind of world is it inside there?”

“I know.”

Sweat was also flowing down Kim Dong-hyun’s body.

Even though I was just peeping through an illusion, I felt an enormous amount of heat.

It was amazing to see Kim Hyuk-jin sitting calmly inside.

“I think you’re waiting for something.”

People were buzzing.

They all saw the same thing.

Some weak players fainted without being able to see the scene properly.

The illusion no longer tormented those who had fainted.

I only fainted, but my life was not in danger.

“I won’t pass out.”

Kim Ah-hyun opened her eyes wide.

“me too.”

I opened my eyes with my fingers.

[King Jin greets the leader of the false order.]

Kim Hyuk-jin stood up.

Every time he took a step, the flames danced and made a path.

The flames made their own way and greeted the king as if they had life.

Kim Hyuk-jin looked ahead in silence.

Someone appeared through the fire in a different way than Kim Hyuk-jin.

“Are you Gelon?”

“The King of Jin has really appeared.”

Gelon frowned deeply.

Kim Hyuk-jin could feel the impatience in Gelon’s heart.

Even the anonymous eye melted into ‘Jinwang’.

Even though it didn’t use a lot of power, Gelon’s psychology was read.

‘I have to kill him quickly.’

Gelon did not want a grand greeting or conversation.

All he wanted was Kim Hyuk-jin’s own death.

It felt like a huge black shadow was approaching.

‘It’s an enormous killing intent.’

Gelon was flesh itself.

It seemed like he wanted to kill Kim Hyuk-jin, who was born as another Gelon, before he was fully formed or before he realized his full power as King Jin.

Gelon raised the staff in his right hand.

A mysterious purple energy rose from the staff, and a huge magic circle was created throughout the Geunjeongjeon field.

“Show yourself and keep your promise.”

Kugugung –

The ground shook.

The burning land began to split into several branches.

A deep

crack was created.

Things began to crawl out of a crack so deep that the bottom could not be seen.

‘Is it an underground giant?’

When dealing with the Demon King’s army, I once encountered the clone of a subterranean giant.

At that time, it was a self-immolation.

But now it seemed like he was a ‘real underground giant’.

“Cluck. “They will be your opponents.”

Hyukjin Kim took a breath.

Then, everything in the world became information.

The Earth Giants who sided with the Demon King, that is, promised to become Gelon’s servants, were the giants who opposed Miker.

They did not understand Miker’s actions and eventually betrayed him.

And he stood on the side of the Demon King’s army and gave them strength.

‘The underground giant is also a giant.’

Even though it was weaker than other giants, it was still a giant.

However, Kim Hyuk-jin did not feel any sense of crisis.


It was okay even if there were dozens or hundreds of ground giants.

I felt like I could kill or subdue them at any time.

‘But that’s not the point.’

Gelon also didn’t seem to have any intention of killing Kim Hyuk-jin as an underground giant.

The underground giant was just Gelon’s shield and a means to waste time.

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to read what Gelon was going to do.

In the world of Jinwang Kim Hyuk-jin, time passed slowly.

‘Transcendent magic.’

The only magic that can capture the Jin King.

Gelon defined transcendental magic like this.

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to find out how certain magic was implemented through the chanting coming from Gelon.

‘A great darkness approaches.’

The time it takes for the chant to be completed will only be a moment.

It would take less than 30 seconds to bring all the subterranean giants to their knees, but that would be enough to complete the transcendental magic.

‘Fighting is not allowed.’

However, it was not possible to attack Gelon right away.

Even if they attacked Gelon now, the damage would be suffered entirely by the underground giants.

After passing through the magic defense once, it was clear that its strength would be halved.

‘He’s also prepared a lot in his own way.’

The underground giants appeared.

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at them calmly.

Simply fighting was not the answer.


Simply finding a way without fighting was something Kim Hyuk-jin had always done.

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