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Max Talent Player Chapter 668

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 668

“Perhaps my presence may have invited them.”

The reason the system was able to summon a special NPC called ‘Giant Worshiper’ may be because Rapundel exists in the Earth dimension.

Rapundel thought so, and Hyukjin Kim partly agreed with that thought.

“Maybe so.”

The giant worshiper was definitely unusually strong.

Because just one person destroyed the entire Michel Division.

Excluding the Giant Guild, the Michel Division was one of the best guilds in the world, and it was not at a level where they could be defeated so helplessly.

Rapundel bit her lip slightly.

“In order to bring about extraordinary sense, there must be a medium or justification.”

Hyukjin Kim chuckled.

I felt like I knew what Rapundel was thinking.

“Maybe so.”

“If you kill me, the giant worshipers might disappear.”



I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth easily.

It was a statement that required great determination.

“I think it would be better for me to sacrifice myself for everyone’s safety.”

Kim Hyuk-jin will soon go to Geunjeongjeon.

Almost the only opponent that could stop the giant worshipers had disappeared.

In that case, he thought it would be a safe decision to sacrifice himself and eliminate all the giant worshipers.

“Rapundel. Do you really want it that way?”


Rapundel was silent for a moment.

What she said was sincere, but on the other hand, I also wanted to continue living here.

I gained new life and made friends.

She didn’t want to die.

“…yes. “I want it.”

However, if this is the path that will make everyone safe, I decided to choose this path.

“I don’t want it.”


“I don’t want it that way.”

Rapundel may be right.

If Rapundel’s existence disappears, the justification for being a ‘giant worshiper’ may disappear.

The giant worshipers forced by the system may disappear.

“And the Colossus is stronger than you think. Even without me.”


“But what.”

Hyukjin Kim slightly clenched his fist and hit Rapundel on the head.

“I have a resolution I made a long time ago.”

Immediately after regression.

It was the first time I met my sister and mother.

“I promised myself that I would never give up on my people.”


Rapundel’s eyes turned red.

Rapundel was finally able to understand her own feelings.

In fact, deep down in Rapundel’s heart, she was waiting for those words.

-Don’t sacrifice yourself.

-are you okay. You don’t have to die.

Rapundel bit her lip.

“It’s not your fault. So, I’m waiting bravely.”

In the end, Rapundel burst into tears.

I always pretended to be cool-headed, saying I would play the role of a perfect secretary – although I wasn’t really cool-headed at all – but today I took off that mask.


And he burst into tears.

I asked while sniffling for a while.

“It’s really not my fault?”

she was afraid

It was said that many people in Michel’s division were seriously injured and some were killed.

I was scared because I felt like it was my responsibility.

So I wanted to hear someone say, ‘It’s not your fault.’

“okay. “It’s not your fault.”

Rapundel whimpered for a long time and then stretched out her arms.

“Please hug me just once.”

It looked like a child.

Kim Hyuk-jin scratched his temple in embarrassment.


Summary: A young giant who needed her father’s care


If you think about it, Rapundel was a pitiful giant.

She lost the two giants who could be her father, and her race was destroyed.

The only people left around her were Kim Hyuk-jin’s family and Geoshin Guild members.

Kim Hyuk-jin silently stretched out his arms and hugged Rapundel.

Although she had the appearance of an adult, she did not feel like a woman.

Compared to a giant, she was a young individual, and what Rapundel wanted now was the embrace of a strong figure like her father.

After a while, Rapundel stopped crying and took a few steps back.

“I’ll be waiting bravely.”

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Rapundel with an absurd expression.

“What do you… look like?”

“What do I look like?”

Rapundel looked at herself in the mirror near the front door.


She screamed, as if she was startled herself.

“Why did you get younger?”

Rapundel raised her right hand.

The child in the mirror raised his right hand.

I also lifted my left hand.

“Is this… me?”

Something strange happened.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin headed to Geunjeongjeon and Rapundel met the super telescope.

The super telescope looked at Yongdori as if it were a little absurd.

“hey. “They say he is like the king of giants.”

“that’s right. “She is the biological daughter of the Giant King and the adoptive daughter of the Great King Katulu.”

“Hmm, does that mean so?”

Super Telescope tilted its head as it looked at Rapundel sitting on the sofa, sucking on a lollipop.

“She looks so cute for a giant princess?”

“It’s because I lost all my strength.”

“Anyway, are you really a giant princess? Justin, do you believe in yourself? “Now that I have a lot of influence, it’s okay if I spread false rumors.”

Super Telescope was a little surprised by Rapundel’s appearance, but decided to believe Yongdori’s words.

“What should I say to the giant worshippers?”

Rapundel, who has the appearance of a child, was not pronounced correctly.

“Giant worshipers, come out! Ne is the daughter of the giant kings. “I will not accept your worship! (Giant worshipers, listen. You are the daughter of the giant kings. I will not accept your worship!)”

Rapundel declared.

“The Giant Guild is my favorite nickname. Those who are close friends with the Giant Guild are also my friends. Therefore, I will never forgive those who threaten my friends. (The Giant Guild is my precious friends. Those who are close friends with the Giant Guild are also my friends. Therefore, I will never forgive those who threaten my friends. )”

In fact, it took a lot of courage and determination to make this announcement.

Giant worshipers were declared public throughout the world, and the crimes of those imitating giant worshipers were continuing.

In such a situation, it was a great risk for the giant worshipers to reveal themselves as worshipers.

This was because if he made a mistake, he could look like the king or leader of giant worshippers.

‘I have to be brave.’

Because I’m afraid of people pointing fingers.

I couldn’t stay still because I was afraid that people would misunderstand.

‘Because I’m a giant too.’

Giants should not be cowards.

So I acted.

I wanted to help Hyukjin Kim.

Rapundel’s very existence became a huge issue due to her youthful appearance and immature pronunciation.

Some people laughed out loud and looked at the ‘giant worshipers’ who worship such children as laughable.

However, after Rapundel’s announcement, the ‘giant worshipers’ disappeared without a word.

Some of the cultists who had been proclaiming themselves to be giant worshipers were also found murdered.


Ahn Seo-hee, who had been sitting with her eyes closed, opened them.

“Someone is approaching.”

Ahn Seo-hee immediately activated the emergency contact network and summoned the Geoshin Guild members.

The Geoshin Guild members, led by Ahn Seo-hee, walked down the main street.

This road was also the road that the (fake) fire giant walked towards Ahn Seo-hee and Kim Hyuk-jin in the past.

Kang Sang-gu trembled and hid his enlarged body behind Shin Yeon-seo.

“Yeonseo. What are they? scared.”

“They must be giant worshippers.”

A group dressed in robes was walking towards us.

The number was approximately 20 people.

Shin Yeon-seo pulled out her sword without losing her nerve.

Sereung –

A clear black voice arose.

Taegeuk Shield guild members, who were delegated police authority, immediately took control of the situation and all the people were bitten.

Nothing happened, but there was silence on the street.

Seohee Ahn asked on behalf of the group.

“Who are you?”

“We did not come to fight.”

In fact, it was difficult to feel speculation or life in them.

“I will ask. “Is the Giant King’s daughter really here?”

Seohee Ahn glanced towards the house where Rapundel was.

“I can’t tell you where she is.”

“We need to know his location.”

“What if you can’t tell me?”

“I have no choice but to find out by force.”

The person in front took off his robe.

The hair was red.

Long straight hair, like a burning flame, fell down.

It was a woman with red hair and a white face.

As she took off her robe and hat, the giant worshipers who followed her also took off their robes.

“I promise you one thing. We will not harm him.”

“Then why are you looking for Rapundel?”

“It is to build an altar for the King’s daughter. Only by seeing Him directly can we build an altar. Lastly, I suggest: “I wish I could meet him.”

She looked around.

“If you interfere, this area will disappear.”

Ahn Seo-hee bit her lip.

The felt presence was significant.

‘The pressure is enormous.’

It was similar to when I met the fire giant a long time ago.

Ahn Seo-hee at that time was much weaker than Ahn Seo-hee now.

An Seo-hee is much stronger now, but the giant worshiper in front of her also seems to be stronger than the fire giant back then.

So, it felt similar.


Ahn Seo-hee did not back down.

I wouldn’t have known if I had fought alone, but now the members of the Giant Guild were with me.

“I think you know, but I am a guardian tower. “The guardian tower’s duty is to protect, and I decided to protect Rapundel.”

“I’m going to drink this punishment…”

At that time, Rapundel appeared.

Now that she was much younger, she was always looking for something sweet and held a lollipop in her right hand.

“Are you guys looking for me?”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin looked around.

“It’s been a while since I visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace dungeon.”

It was a place I frequented often when I was a beginner.

We should have played with some intensity back then, but not now.

Senia asked.

“Are you going straight to the royal capital?”


Before that, there was something I needed to point out.

“Before entering the royal capital, I want to obtain all the arrangements Kang Seon-il mentioned.”

“Kang Seon-il’s arrangement… “You mean?”

Senia tilted her head.

Did that arrangement still exist?

“Invite me to the channel.”

When Kim Hyuk-jin entered the channel, numerous guardians rushed to convey their voices and will.

It was enough to give me a headache.

‘There is no separate Dottegi Market.’

It was at a level where I couldn’t answer them one by one.

Hyukjin Kim asked.

“I’d like to have a one-on-one conversation with [White Hunter], is that possible?”

“This will be possible through a secret tea party hosted by [Arrow Shooting Baby Angel].”

Senia’s face turned red.

“The arrow-shooting cherub is suggesting the conditions for a secret tea party.”

Kim Hyuk-jin also read the will of the baby angel who shoots arrows.

[Guardian ‘Arrow Shooting Baby Angel’ threatens that he will not use his powers any longer. He says he was annoyed because the secret tea party was consumed in a strange way the other day. This time, he says that he will hold a secret tea party only if he at least kisses her. I reassure middle manager Senia that it’s okay because broadcasting is broadcasting.]

Senia’s face turned red.

“At least I’m asking for a kiss…”

Kim Hyuk-jin was taken aback.

I already knew about the cherub’s tendency to shoot arrows, but I never thought he would act unreasonably like this.

Senia slowly walked over and kissed Hyukjin Kim’s cheek.

“As a middle manager, please understand that this was done to ensure smooth play.”

Although his wings were fluttering too much for something like that, Kim Hyuk-jin pretended not to notice.

However, it was also difficult to blame Senia.

“This is like a script for a drama in human culture. “I was an actor and I just acted. Please don’t misunderstand me, Kim Hyuk-jin, player.”

But why is your face so red again?

Kim Hyuk-jin did not bother to point out.

Anyway, the secret tea party was successfully activated.

The arrow-shooting baby angel also seemed somewhat satisfied.

A blurry shape appeared.

Before, I couldn’t even have a conversation, but now looking at the being didn’t really hit me that much.

Kim Hyuk-jin immediately got to the point.

“What was it that Kang Seon-il said you were pursuing?”

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