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Max Talent Player Chapter 660

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 660

“Prove that. “Right now.”

Hyukjin Kim is out of breath! It has been blocked.

I felt the value of Kang Seon-il’s existence, which was so enormous that I had never properly felt it.

It seemed like huge eyes were approaching.

Kim Hyuk-jin picked Lee Seon.

Geomrim Cheonsalgeom Type 1 Guardian.

Now I had no choice but to defend myself.

Lee Seon, a transcendental artifact, drew a circle and blocked Kang Seon-il’s sword.

‘Use a sword?’

It was my first time seeing Kang Seon-il use a sword so properly.

Kim Hyeok-jin’s sword, which unfolded Geomlim Cheonsal Sword, and Kang Seon-il’s sword, which contained unknown power, collided.


An instantaneous shock wave swept through Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

It was just a clash of swords and swords, but it felt like my whole body was being shattered.

‘Lee Hyeong-hwan-wi.’

I quickly distanced myself from Kang Seon-il.

I knew the distance would soon narrow, but I couldn’t see any other option now.

“Is this all there is to it?”

I saw Kang Seon-il smiling.

The figure got closer in an instant.

Kang Seon-il lightly swung his sword from left to right.


A massive sword energy that was invisible to the eye became a tidal wave and hit Hyukjin Kim.

‘The second second of Brain Yellow Sword. ‘Jung-rei.’

Brain energy erupted from Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

Isen was filled with intense brain energy.

It was soon replaced by the Thunder Hwanggeom style and opened its mouth towards Kang Seon-il’s sword energy.

It consumed Kang Seon-il’s sword energy with a heaviness like a black hole.

‘I blocked it…me?’

However, an invisible sword flew towards Kim Hyuk-jin’s back.

It was a sword made of mana.

An attack somewhere between swordsmanship and magic.

‘You have to give up your defense.’

It was not possible to leisurely defend and attack Kang Seon-il.

I decided to give up my back and take my heart.

‘Insight Prosecutor.’

The stronger the opponent, the less effective big, flashy techniques work.

We had to deal with it with simpler and faster attacks.

Kim Hyuk-jin gave up defending his back and extended his sword toward Kang Seon-il’s heart.

“You fool.”

As soon as those words were heard, a sword made of mana pierced Kim Hyuk-jin’s back.

Kang Seon-il also seemed to have decided that way.

But that was Kang Seon-il’s mistake.

Kim Hyuk-jin seemed to have been left defenseless, but in fact he was not defenseless.

‘I absorbed it properly.’

I was wondering what would happen if I couldn’t even do this.

Kang Seon-il grinned.

Through absorption, Kang Seon-il’s attack was rendered ineffective.

“You absorbed my attack.”

“It’s because you still look down on me.”

Kim Hyuk-jin raised his sword and pointed at Kang Seon-il.

Drops of blood dripped from the tip of the pen.

“I cut you down.”


Kang Seon-il touched his forehead with his fingers.

The clothes he was wearing were torn and blood was leaking from the area.

I wiped the blood away with my index finger.

The battle is in a lull for a while.

Kim Hyuk-jin strengthened his defensive posture and did not take his eyes off Kang Seon-il.


After shaking hands a few times, I felt like I understood.

Kang Seon-il was at least two levels older than he is now.

In fact, Kim Hyuk-jin was busy controlling his breathing right now, but Kang Seon-il was much more relaxed.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“What you want is not the death of one of you.”

“If anyone is going to die, it will be you.”

Even Kim Hyuk-jin could not deny those words.

Instead, he said this:

“But you won’t come back unscathed either.”

This time, Kang Seon-il shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

“That’s true.”

If one of the two dies, it will be Kim Hyuk-jin.

However, Kang Seon-il will not be completely safe either.

In the past, he couldn’t even touch a single hair of Kang Seon-il, but now he has become enough to threaten Kang Seon-il.

Kang Seon-il grinned.

“It is the swordsmanship of Geomhwang and the swordsmanship of Geomrim that unfold through the natural and non-physical members.”

As if evaluating the exhibits, Kang Seon-il just observed Kim Hyuk-jin for a while.

“hmm. “But it’s still not enough.”


Kang Seon-il’s sword began to tremble.

“I can imitate the Thunder Yellow Sword too.”

Kang Seon-il approached Kim Hyuk-jin.

Kim Hyuk-jin concentrated his mind.


It was unclear what exactly Kang Seon-il was aiming for.

I don’t think he’s wishing for anyone’s death, but I don’t know why he suddenly appears and is verifying.

However, there was no time to leisurely ask about his intentions.


Sword and sword clashed.

Every time Kang Seon-il’s sword and Kim Hyuk-jin’s sword collided, many cracks appeared in a new space and the world itself was destroyed.

Kim Hyuk-jin fell into a trance and swung his sword.

It seemed as if everything in this world had disappeared and only Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang Seon-il were left.

‘The second second of Brain Yellow Sword. ‘Jung-rei.’

Kang Seon-il’s sword was more persistent and fierce than anyone else’s sword.

It was dozens of times more destructive than Ma Sang-hyun’s fist and dozens of times faster than Shin Yeon-seo’s.

I had to do my best to stop it.

I couldn’t even tell how much time had passed.

In my experience, it felt like the seasons had changed.

Blood leaked from small wounds carved all over Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

‘Gasp… gasp…!’

But one thing was certain.

Kang Seon-il had no intention of killing Kim Hyuk-jin himself.

‘He cleverly avoids fatal wounds and attacks.’

And I realized one more thing.

‘The use of the Thunder Yellow Sword has become much more natural.’

Thunder yellow sword 1 second lightning.

Thunder yellow sword 2 second heavy flash.

Thunder yellow sword 3 seconds dark lightning.

Brain yellow sword, which had previously been used separately, showed an organic connection.

I felt like I knew it after constantly using it in extreme situations.

‘There is no need to become obsessed with herbivory.’

I felt like I had reached a level of enlightenment.

The invisible wall was broken.

‘The yellow sword of the brain is integrated into one herbivory.’

In order to make it easier to learn, it seems that the three techniques were melted into three forms.

But in fact, the brain yellow sword was one.


The connection with the Geomrim Cheonsalgeom Type 1 guardian was very good.

It’s as if it was originally a sword technique.

I felt like I could break down another wall if I was given just a little more time.

I also felt as if Kang Seon-il had become my teacher.

“Stop thinking nonsense, right?”

Kang Seon-il’s sword cut Kim Hyuk-jin’s side.

Kim Hyuk-jin grimaced at the laceration on his side that felt like it was going to tear.


This time it seemed like the cut was quite deep.

Although Kang Seon-il attacked and avoided fatal wounds, he did not completely ignore it.

Thanks to Kim Hyuk-jin doing his best to block, dodge, and then counterattack, he suffered this minor injury(?).

‘If you don’t do your best, you will die.’

The first type of Geomlim Cheonsalgeom, specialized in defense.

Another sword technique with the same characteristics, Thunder Yellow Sword, 2 second heavy lightning.

And among the many attributes, Kim Hyuk-jin was the first to encounter it and still uses it most familiarly, combining it with fire energy.

Kang Seon-il grinned as if it was fun.

“It’s a heavy sword covered in fire.”

However, it was not simply a sword for defense.

Kim Hyuk-jin broke a wall, and the 2-second heavy lightning of the Thunder Yellow Sword was able to be naturally transformed into a 1-second light lightning and a 3-second dark lightning and used.

Kang Seon-il muttered.

“There is a fire in the wilderness, singing of heavy iron.”

And Kim Hyuk-jin had a hunch.

Kang Seon-il was currently teaching chanting.

“The black beast will prepare the way for the shining king.”

At that moment, Kim Hyuk-jin collapsed, clutching his chest.

My heart was pounding like it was going to explode.

Kang Seon-il approached the fallen Kim Hyuk-jin.

“The shining king has four colors in his eyes.”

Kim Hyuk-jin, who had fallen, was forcibly raised.

He then placed his sword in Kim Hyuk-jin’s hand.

Kim Hyuk-jin could neither resist nor respond.

I couldn’t feel anything despite the intense pain in my heart.

All I could feel was that Kang Seon-il was getting closer.

“I will devour the heart of the black beast.”

Kang Seon-il smiled and walked slowly.


Kang Seon-il’s sword held in Kim Hyuk-jin’s hand pierced Kang Seon-il’s heart.

“The beast will roar with joy and finally fall into rest.”


Kang Seon-il vomited blood.

“If you weren’t worthy, I would have killed you.”

It was not the first time a dimension lord was born.

However, not all dimension lords were like Kim Hyuk-jin.

Most of the dimension lords who had been created so far died by the hands of Kang Seon-il.

This was because Kang Seon-il was not the right king to judge.

Kang Seon-il quietly knelt down with a knife stuck in his heart.

He didn’t seem to be in much pain.

“Now I want to rest.”

It just takes a little time, and Kim Hyuk-jin will surpass himself someday.

‘Achieve what I could not achieve.’

I have watched Kim Hyuk-jin grow up.

His potential and growth rate surpassed Kang Seon-il himself.

‘He has absorbed my energy through absorption and has dual ability fusion and a second heart, so he will be able to grow even further. You will be able to remember my chant through recovery analysis.’

I felt at ease.

‘I can finally rest now.’

Even Chilseong, known as the greatest of all dimensions, could not compare to Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘Those guys’ faces come to mind.’

As the last moment approached, funny enough, the faces of my colleagues came to mind.

Some became guardians and some chose extinction.

Many years have passed and now the only ones left are the guardian [the youngest princess] and herself.

I’ve lived for too long.

I thought I had lost all my emotions due to wear and tear over time, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

Each person’s face and name came to mind.

Together with the final goal that the seven could not achieve.

Kang Seon-il chanted their names in his head and called Senia.

“Middle Manager.”


Senia stood in front of Kang Seon-il, very nervous.

“After I die, take out this sword and give it to Kim Hyuk-jin. “It will be useful.”

…You mean a knife?

Senia’s eyes saw a knife with blood dripping down it.

The knife seemed to have soaked up so much blood that it was stained red.

“And tell it again. “Don’t be fooled by the system.”

Senia had a lot of things she wanted to ask.

Senia had no way of knowing why he suddenly appeared or why he chose to die.

“Now that I am dead, Gelon will find Kim Hyuk-jin.”

Senia was unable to answer many questions.

I couldn’t ask.

‘You’re already dead.’

Kang Seon-il died while sitting on his knees.

Suddenly, the conversation between Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang Seon-il came to mind.

-“Enough to bring you, the reigning power, to your knees right here and now.”

-“On the other hand, enough to be a fierce sword that you can trust and wield.”

Senia wanted to ask.

‘What was Hyukjin Kim a player to you?’

I saw Kang Seon-il kneeling.

I was curious.

In Kang Seon-il’s view, was Kim Hyuk-jin a strong man or a fierce sword?

I couldn’t take my eyes off Kang Seon-il for a long time.

Kang Seon-il was sitting upright in his seat.

As if it had been there from the beginning.

‘You look relieved.’

The blood-covered mouth showed a slight smile.

It was a smile with a different meaning than the cruel smiles I had seen before.

‘I do not know.’

It seemed like there was a hidden secret that even Senia herself didn’t know about.

After a while.

Hyukjin Kim came to his senses.


I was so startled that I jumped up.

Kim Hyuk-jin was also found.

‘Kang Seon-il… is dead?’

I couldn’t remember exactly.

It felt like my memory was interrupted in the middle of nowhere.

“The author has a favor to ask.”

Senia pulled out the sword that was stuck in Kang Seon-il’s heart.

Kang Seon-il’s sword had consumed his blood and turned red.

“I asked you to pass this on to player Hyukjin Kim.”

At the same time, notifications began to sound.

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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity. [No Talent] It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s? In the years since Players, Streamers, Guardians, dungeons, and monsters became a part of our everyday life, my sister died from leukemia trying to support me, and my mom passed away from a disease we couldn’t afford to treat. I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning to continue my futile life, I found… that I had somehow gone 10 years back in the past, to the day the world changed. While going through the Tutorial, I realized something. Everything’s too easy. Was I really talentless?


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