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Max Talent Player Chapter 655

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 655

Kim Hyuk-jin was amazed.

‘Do you see this?’

It seemed like he had grown a lot.

You can even interpret and see the guardian’s inner thoughts.

Just then, Senia appeared.

Even though the game was in the middle of play, the pause power was used.

The surroundings turned gray and play stopped for a moment.

“Player Kim Hyuk-jin has been given special abilities.”

“Special abilities?”

“yes. “I think it can be understood as a privilege given to those who are not guardians but have achieved achievements and stigmata equivalent to or greater than those of a guardian.”

He said that accumulating such achievements and stigmata does not grant privileges to everyone.

It was said that this was limited to cases where the guardian had ‘direct conversation’ with the guardian at least once or read the guardian’s ‘true inner thoughts.’

“Player Kim Hyuk-jin falls into both cases, so he can freely use the privilege.”

“So what are those privileges?”

“You can participate in the Guardians’ chat room.”

“Is it possible to participate in the chat room?”

“That’s right. “But I don’t have a say.”

He said he could only eavesdrop on the guardians’ conversations without having the right to speak.

“Also, ‘guardians of the true name’ can arbitrarily hide or limit their messages.”

“That means you’re not completely eavesdropping.”

This was also an interesting phenomenon for Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘It’s the guardians’ chat room.’

Is this a similar concept to a real-life chat room?

It seemed like something much higher than that existed, but I couldn’t know for sure unless I experienced it firsthand.

“How can I participate?”

“I will send you an invitation.”

A message appeared in front of me.

[An invitation to ‘Channel #19207’ has been sent.]

[Would you like to enter ‘Channel #19207’?]

Kim Hyuk-jin entered Senia’s channel half nervous and half excited.

Then something strange happened.

‘Numerous guardians are visible.’

I could hear conversations and see the guardians.

I couldn’t hear a specific shape or exact voice.

I could clearly see the existence of something that had no form, and even though I couldn’t hear anything, my will and voice were conveyed in my head.

Although there was nothing visible, most things were automatically drawn in my mind.

“You may feel a little dizzy at first.”

Senia continued her explanation calmly.

“If you do not have mental strength above a certain level, your mind may collapse just by entering the guardians’ channel.”

“…I see what you mean.”

It wasn’t just a conversation.

A being was seen and the will of that being was conveyed.

If you don’t have a solid presence, you won’t be able to survive in this chat room.

Kim Hyuk-jin concentrated his mind for a moment and looked around.

The voices that had been heard noisily here and there now began to be heard clearly one by one.


“…It’s called….”

“…I did it….”

The amazing thing was that hundreds and thousands of voices could be heard sporadically, and the meaning of each voice was conveyed.

‘that’s interesting.’

Not only were the sounds heard, but even the emotions and situations inherent in them were conveyed.

I became more aware of the saying that you cannot survive unless you have a certain level of mental strength.


There was one hottest topic on Senia’s channel right now.

[tutelar. ‘Lighthouse of the Winter Sea’ protests, trying hard to hide its shame. It is claimed that ‘Lighthouse on the Winter Sea’ only had one eye on one person and spared no effort in investing and encouraging him.]

‘Lighthouse on the Winter Sea’ was not an unusual case.

At first, there were many guardians who watched and supported players of various tendencies, but at some point, they focused only on one player, known as their favorite.

[tutelar. ‘Pearl of Mount Cheonma’ scoffs and criticizes you. He chuckles and says, ‘I’m proud of not knowing the most famous player in the entire dimension, God.’]

[Guardian. ‘Blue Light Barrier’ understands the shame of an old friend. The player in question is a player who has shown unprecedented rapid growth across all levels, and we are comforted by the fact that he is not a typical middle-of-the-road player. He adds that the confidence of ‘Lighthouse of the Winter Sea’ is not wrong.]

Kim Hyuk-jin fell into the guardians’ conversation without even realizing it.

It was fascinating and fun to see these conversations taking place.

[tutelar. ‘Lighthouse of the Winter Sea’ is hurt more by the comfort of ‘Blue Light Barrier’. They complain and ask, “What kind of player is that?” They argue that we should stop destroying the balance and enter the guardians’ dimension.]

Then, at that moment, an explosion was heard.



It was an explosion that only Kim Hyuk-jin’s ears could hear.


I almost lost my mind for a moment.

‘I’m not used to it.’

The conditions to participate in the chat room were sufficient, but I was not yet familiar with the chat room.

It turned out that this explosion sound was transmitted when the server was momentarily overloaded.

[tutelar. If the ‘Giant of the Sunset’ continues to talk nonsense, he threatens to burn it down.]

[Guardian. The ‘Whispering Devil’ claims that suicide is always welcome and claims to be a guide to Geomlim.]

[Guardian. If the ‘Shepherd of Las Vegas’ says something that cannot be held accountable, he threatens to take back all the COINs lent to him right now.]

Numerous guardians took the stand and hurled all kinds of harsh words and abusive language(?) at the ‘Lighthouse of the Winter Sea’.

‘That world is also cruel.’

Since it is a chat room where not only language is communicated, but also the will of each guardian is communicated, an enormous amount of mental and physical strength was required just to participate in the conversation.

‘I have to stop participating.’

It was fun, but I thought it would be difficult to participate for long.

He had achieved Guardian-level achievements, but he was not yet a Guardian.

There were limits to participation in chat rooms.

“Senia. “Didn’t you say that guardians with true names can arbitrarily hide their messages?”

“you’re right.”

Everyone knew how to hide it.

I thought the Guardians were a very proud race and would hate having their will and messages read.

However, it seemed that most guardians did not hide it.

‘They harassed me very openly.’

At this level, it could be considered a group assault.

At this point, I felt sorry for the ‘Lighthouse of the Winter Sea’.

“As Hyukjin Kim noticed, the Guardians do not want Hyukjin Kim to become a Guardian.”

“…I guess so.”

It was even more so when I personally experienced the scene of the lighthouse being assaulted in the winter sea.

The guardians’ earnest sincerity was conveyed to Kim Hyuk-jin.

They did not want to lose the content called ‘Kim Hyuk-jin’.

I went beyond the point of dislike and even felt extreme fear.

That was how Hyukjin Kim felt about the guardians.

“I also hope that Kim Hyuk-jin remains a player.”

Senia was sincere.

Exclusively broadcasting content called Kim Hyuk-jin.

It simply wasn’t important.

“I want to be with Kim Hyuk-jin for a long time. As a business partner.”

For a brief moment, a feeling of regret rose in Senia’s heart.

What if Kim Hyuk-jin and Isabel didn’t come together?

In that case, the thought that the seat next to Kim Hyuk-jin could have been Senia herself passed by like the wind.

‘also! also! ‘What nonsense are you thinking, Senia!’

Senia shook her head, blaming herself.

I steeled myself, telling myself not to think such useless thoughts.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin naturally chanted.

“A promise exceedingly rich, great and awesome.”

“Hear the prayer of the promise and the supplication of those who delight in revering the name of the oath.”

A different voice came out of Kim Hyuk-jin’s mouth.

[Raise me today.]

[Let me find grace in the face of all promises.]

Unlike before, Kim Hyuk-jin used the assimilation power along with the will chant very comfortably.

The assimilation power was the power used by Kang Seon-il before his return and was the power that slaughtered 3,000 magicians he encountered in the great battle of Shanghai.

The assimilation power, which can be said to be the natural enemy of magic, was activated by Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘Is this a magic trap that combines various properties to maximize its killing power against living things?’

A cool wind blew.

It was already a bit hot, but it got cooler.

Looking at that, Cha Ji-hye had to stare blankly at the monitor for a long time.

-The manual for the trap has also been updated.

This is a privilege given to the creator of Signiel.

-It doesn’t seem particularly necessary, but I’ll explain anyway.

Now, a ‘clear wind’ imbued with the guardian’s protective power was blowing.

This cold wind was a terrifying magic that eroded life force and turned living things into mummies.

-According to records, this is the magic that fatally injured Hyela, one of the great players called the Seven Stars.

Hyukjin Kim answered.

-It’s cool.

The cool breeze was a cool breeze.

The wind that blew after the cold wind was a hot wind.

-The hot wind uses geothermal heat rising from an abandoned dimension where no life can survive as a medium…

Cha Ji-hye frowned.

‘Does this have any meaning?’

It seemed completely meaningless.

No traces of suffering could be found in Kim Hyuk-jin, who was trapped in the fever.

Kim Hyuk-jin looked comfortable.

Cha Ji-hye asked, giving up further explanation.

-Are you okay?

-It is moderately warm and in good condition.

Kim Hyuk-jin was caught in a voluptuous mood.

‘It’s a protective force.’

The process of accepting the protective power wasn’t bad.

The protective power inherent in this trap was a rich and warm energy for Kim Hyuk-jin.

Isabel, the second heart, was gulping down this delicious energy and transforming it into food for Hyukjin Kim.

Cha Ji-hye just stared at the monitor.

Aside from the incessant sound of sirens and red warning lights, Kim Hyuk-jin looked extremely comfortable.

I was almost devastated.

‘If it’s going to be like this, why are you so angry?’

The contract keeper said he was very angry and acted as if he would inflict great harm on Kim Hyuk-jin.

However, the contract keeper ‘Lighthouse of the Winter Sea’ was unable to do anything.

At this point, Cha Ji-hye also became a little annoyed.

I didn’t feel any tension at all.

In a dazed state, I skimmed through the manual.


But the last page of the manual caught my eye.

-There is an annoying power that neutralizes all magic. The name of that power is ‘Fairy Tale’ and it is a terrible monster that eats magic. This power will make the cold wind feel like a cool breeze and the hot wind feel like a pleasant spring breeze.

It seemed like what Kim Hyuk-jin was unfolding was a fairy tale.

-This trap will be able to stab a dagger into the heart of a person with the power of ‘assimilation’ when he or she enjoys a sense of victory by absorbing all the protective power. However, this trap is activated ‘when the protective power is artificially exhausted.’

Cha Ji-hye held her pounding heart and quickly read the manual.

-The name of the final power of this trap is ‘Seven Return to Return.’ It is designed to redeploy the forcibly absorbed protective power and instantly expand it. It will act as a very fatal trap for those who have the ‘power of assimilation’.

Cha Ji-hye quickly warned.

-Don’t lose your mind! The last trap! The name of the trap is Sapilgwi…!

I had a hunch.

‘It’s already too late.’

I had an ominous feeling that something terrible was about to happen.

Cha Ji-hye didn’t know.

The fact that Kim Hyuk-jin’s trap detection ability is much faster and more accurate than that of the ‘Dungeon Creator’s Updated Manual’.

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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity. [No Talent] It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s? In the years since Players, Streamers, Guardians, dungeons, and monsters became a part of our everyday life, my sister died from leukemia trying to support me, and my mom passed away from a disease we couldn’t afford to treat. I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning to continue my futile life, I found… that I had somehow gone 10 years back in the past, to the day the world changed. While going through the Tutorial, I realized something. Everything’s too easy. Was I really talentless?


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