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Max Talent Player Chapter 653

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#Max Talented Player Episode 653

Kim A-young, wearing an apron, sat down.

“Eat food.”

Kim Hyuk-jin sat at the table and ate a spoonful of rice.

The steaming white rice was, as always, excellent.

“Seonhwa. wait.”

Kim A-young sliced each piece of grilled cutlassfish meat one by one, as if she were doing it for her young daughter.

“wow. “You’re really good at applying skin to your sister.”

Kim Seon-hwa, the world’s top ranker, was truly impressed by Kim A-young’s skill in filleting fish.

“You have to apply it like this so you can eat cleanly. okay?”



Seonhwa Kim shook her head from side to side.


“I wish my sister would do it.”

“That’s informal language.”

“I wish my sister would do it.”

“You have to know how to do it yourself.”

“But doesn’t it taste better if you make it?”

Kim Seon-hwa looked at Kim A-young in an awkward manner, and Kim A-young frowned as if she was disapproving, but her hands spreading the cutlassfish became faster.

Hyukjin Kim asked.

“Mom is?”

“I heard you went to Italy to have fun this time.”


She enjoys traveling every day with Shin Yeon-seo’s mother, Mrs. Han Myeong-hee.

Sometimes I would get a video call, and every time I saw my mother, she seemed very happy.

‘I’m happy in small ways.’

He became a titanic monarch that the world looked up to, and achieved achievements that were beyond what the Earth could handle, but such grandiose things were not the only things that made him happy and joyful.

Play has its own pleasure, and there is also a deep and deep sense of happiness that comes from the small details of everyday life.

‘The reason why I lived so fiercely.’

I felt that again.

‘Because I never want to live like before again.’

So I lived hard.

I came this far by taking all sorts of risks.

“sister. happy?”

“What nonsense are you talking about besides eating?”

There was a faint smile on Ayoung’s lips as she said, “Let’s eat.”

For the first time in a long time, Kim Hyuk-jin tried to use his senses against A-young.



1) The eldest daughter has a cute younger sister

2) The older sister enjoys giving


“What are you doing?”

“never mind.”

“Did you read my thoughts?”


“Don’t read. “I know I’ll die if I read it.”

Ayoung’s face turned a little redder.

It was a shame to have my thoughts read.

Seonhwa had her lips covered in rice paste and was playing hard with a spoon.

“I don’t care if you read my mind.”

Then, as if he was resolving something, he muttered, ‘It doesn’t matter.’

Then, strangely enough, the summary really changed to ‘Nothing that matters.’

Kim Hyuk-jin wondered if there was such a summary, but then he burst out laughing.

‘The reason I can protect this happiness is because I have the strength.’

If you do not have strength, you cannot protect this happiness.

It was still the same now.

‘Bern is strong.’

It was strong before, but it will become even stronger in the future.

It was clear that he would emerge as a powerful and dangerous enemy, incomparable to the Demon King.

‘Then I have to become stronger.’

Hyukjin Kim asked.

“sister. “When are you going to get married?”

“About a year later. “I’m so busy right now that it’s hard to make plans.”

Kim A-young started a lunch box business and the business was a huge hit.

Kim A-young changed her career to the ‘Royal Chef of Service’ and based on that power, she sold lunch boxes filled with buffs.

People from all over the world lined up to buy Ayoung’s lunch boxes.

“And this.”

Ayoung Kim began handing over items from her inventory.

“What are these?”

“canned food.”

“canned food?”

“Lunch boxes have a short shelf life.”

Kim Ayoung sighed deeply.

“What else do you have up to now?”

I didn’t know much about it, but I realized long ago that Kim Hyuk-jin was having troubles.

“no? “Specifically?”

“Do not lie.”

Kim A-young had no intention of controlling or arresting Kim Hyuk-jin.

As a giant god, Kim Hyuk-jin has duties and responsibilities commensurate with his power.

“Don’t take too long though.”

The longer Kim Hyuk-jin’s disappearance, not disappearance, went on, the longer Kim A-young prayed.

Please let me come back alive.

To Kim A-young, Kim Hyuk-jin was her beloved younger brother before he was a giant god.

“Mommy gets worried if it takes too long.”

“Aren’t you worried?”

“I don’t do that.”

For someone so busy, why bother developing canned food and putting it in their inventory?

Kim Hyuk-jin was about to ask that question.

“thank you. “I think it could be really useful.”

“If you know that I’m grateful.”

Don’t enjoy playing that is too risky.

Just play moderately.

Kim A-young held back from saying that.

“What if you know I’m grateful?”

“When you come, you can at least buy melon or something.”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin made a decision.

To become stronger than Bern, you must take risks.

‘Since when did I rely only on yellow light?’

Even when there was no yellow light, Kim Hyuk-jin showed tremendous growth.

It seemed like he had lost his original intention at some point.

‘Jackson desperately wants me to become king.’

It was true.

Also, on the contrary, he seemed to want Bern to become king.

‘Anyway, one of them hopes to become king.’

In other words,

the one who wins takes advantage.

‘We have to collide.’

Are you afraid of traps?

That is no reason.

It’s something we’ll have to face at some point, and in fact, there’s no way to become stronger on the Earth level anymore.

However, it is not possible to move to Geomlim and grow.

‘If you need to become stronger, there is only Signiel.’

I decided to take the risk.

He who does not take risks cannot fly higher.

‘I think I just need to enjoy my free time until today.’

Kim Hyuk-jin went out to the living room.

Coincidentally, Kim A-young and Kim Seon-hwa. And Rapundel was all sitting on the sofa looking at her cell phone.

“Can I wear it too?”

Kim Ayoung glanced at me.

Kim A-young didn’t respond in particular, but she seemed in a bad mood.

Rapundel and Kim Sunhwa gave the answer at the same time.

“Of course, CEO.”

“lol. “Here’s your seat.”

Seonhwa Kim knocked on the seat next to her.

“Control your strength well. “The sofa is expensive.”

“I’m still practicing strength control these days.”

Seonhwa Kim was actually a bit dissatisfied.

If you relax just a little bit, everything will fall apart.

Recently, I got in trouble for breaking a concrete pillar.

“But why is everyone in such a bad mood?”

Rapundel adjusted her glasses.

“I’ll report it and post it, CEO.”

“Do I really have to add CEO and CEO at the end of every sentence?”

“Please acknowledge it because it is my identity, CEO.”


Rapundel continued without giving up her identity as a secretary.

“Did you know that there is a community called [Playpedia] among humans?”

“I know.”

“A lot of people gather there. There are some who have revealed their names and many who are anonymous. According to official data, the number of users active every day reaches 2 billion.”

The hottest topic on Playpedia these days was the ‘Signiel Dungeon’ on the Korean server.

“Even though it is a dungeon on a Korean server, Korean players are having a hard time using it.”

It is said that the Michel Division, which has currently conquered the highest floor, has surpassed the 80th floor and is about to reach the 90th floor.

Following closely behind was Crow, who could be said to be the alter ego of the Michel Division.

“And today, British ‘imperialism’ succeeded in targeting the 88th floor. The ‘Kingmaker’ guild, also from the UK, attacked the 87th floor. France’s ‘Three Colors Guild’ also succeeded in targeting the 87th floor.”

In addition, famous guilds from all over the world are targeting the mid to upper 80th floor of the Signiel Dungeon.

“In contrast, the Taegeuk shield and wings, which can be considered Korea’s two-horse chariot, are struggling in the 70s.”

“is it so?”

It was unexpected for Kim Hyuk-jin.

“Taegeuk Shield is the most famous guild in Korea, but…”

Rapundel looked at Kim Hyuk-jin for a moment.

He seemed to think for a moment, but then spoke honestly.

“Song Ki-yeol, the guild leader of the Taegeuk Shield, has not been able to achieve personal growth properly due to excessive work load recently…”

It was because of Kim Hyuk-jin.

Song Ki-yeol was suffering from overwork that was difficult to bear even with his incredible physical and mental strength.

This was because Kim Hyuk-jin took care of all the work that needed to be done.

“Another top guild, ‘Wings’, is Steel Barrier, whose guild leader Kim Dong-hyun has recently fallen in love…”

Kim Hyuk-jin did not look down on Kim Dong-hyun.

I don’t think that becoming a ranker and a great player is the only way to live a worthwhile life.

I think meeting someone you love and doing your best is a wonderful thing.

“Anyway, while Korean guilds are not using their strength properly, many people are laughing at the Korean server due to the absence of ‘Colossus’. There is rampant fabrication of malicious rumors and instigation…”

-Where and what does the Giant Lord do?

-No matter how you look at the Colossus Lord, he smells like a fraud.

-No matter how you look at it, isn’t it strange that exclusive broadcasting rights are given to only one person called Super Telescope?

Seonhwa Kim put pressure on her buttocks without realizing it.

Then it exploded! The sofa sank down.

“Seonhwa. “I told you to control your strength well, right?”

“no. brother. Look. “I really don’t have much to do.”

I don’t know how they act like this when they see the same scene and witness everything in real time.

There were quite a few people who claimed that Kim Hyuk-jin’s achievements were fabricated.

Since Korea’s IT technology is excellent and there are many unique players, the production put effort into idolizing Kim Hyuk-jin or something.

“There is no need to get upset about minority opinions.”

In fact, if you think about it, the percentage of people who slandered or doubted Kim Hyuk-jin was extremely small.

Rapundel spoke quickly.

“The ratio is around 5%. In other words, 95% of people think normally.”

However, 5% of 2 billion was an extremely large absolute number.

And that 5% were very active in the Internet world.

When 95% were silent, 5% were active as if they had found their own world.

“They say Korea is actually X food. They say it’s the ultimate bubble. “I will find this bird… no, I will find this guy and punish him.”

Kim Seonhwa huffed.

Strange writings kept appearing in Kim Seon-hwa’s eyes.

-Geoshin is like a fake mulberry made by Korea.

-So, I was crushed without even being able to challenge Signiel.

“When on earth are we going here?”

The members of the Giant Guild were waiting for Kim Hyuk-jin to summon them.

When Kim Seon-hwa couldn’t bear it anymore and asked, Kim Hyuk-jin chuckled.

“I’m sorry, but it’s me and Kang Somi. “The two of us will go together.”


“There is a separate route that only two people can enter.”

Kim Hyuk-jin had to spend 3 minutes and 20 seconds comforting Kim Seon-hwa, who was upset.

The next day, Kim Hyuk-jin headed to the Signiel Dungeon with Kang So-mi.

I contacted Cha Ji-hye in advance.

-yes. There must be two people.

-All right.

Kim Hyuk-jin, who did not want to make a fuss, used cognitive dissonance to enter Signiel.

As soon as I entered, I heard a notification.

[‘Signiel Dungeon’ determines the qualifications of the entrant.]

[Checks the entrant’s stigmata and existence value.]

[The stigmata of the forbidden tower has been confirmed.]

[‘The broken law’ has been confirmed.]

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Catch me, Mr. Kang Somi.”

Kang Somi didn’t say anything and just held on to the hem of Kim Hyuk Jin’s clothes.



Kang Somi had no choice but to hug Kim Hyuk Jin tightly.

I felt like my heart was pounding for no reason.

‘Don’t show off, heart.’

This is not exciting.

I am not the kind of shameless person who is attracted to a married man.

Kangsom kept repeating himself.

[In Signiel Dungeon. An express elevator is created.]

At that moment, I felt my blood rushing to my stomach.


I felt like I was being sucked up into the sky.

[Signiel Dungeon. Entering the 120th floor.]

We arrived at the 120th floor in an instant.

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