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Max Talent Player Chapter 651

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#Max Talented Player Episode 651

“This is a big deal!”

Hyukjin Kim interrupted.



“Did you have a close relationship with the head of the Eunyeonggeom family?”

“Oh… no, I had a close relationship with the Sword Emperor of the Sentai.”

Externally, Isen, the former sword emperor, was the most shameful sword emperor in Geomlim history.

So I couldn’t call him brother to the outside world.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart ached as he saw Isabelle’s expression suddenly darken.

“Then it’ll be okay.”

And on the other hand, I was relieved.

“What are you talking about?”

“The head of the Eunyeonggeom family must have been murdered. Otherwise, it would have gone extinct.”


Kim Hyuk-jin was relieved, but he was also sad.

‘Is this something I can feel relieved about?’

The Eunyeonggeom family would have gone extinct.

It was clearly a tragic incident.

If the head of the Eunyeonggeom family and Isabel had a close relationship, Isabel would have been greatly saddened.

‘You shouldn’t think it’s fortunate, but…’

However, Kim Hyuk-jin thought it was fortunate.

And I honestly accepted that feeling.

The extinction of the Eunyeonggeom family was unfortunate, but what was more important was that Isabelle not be hurt.

The name of the man who tried to report was Rentol.

He was originally a powerful swordsman who was the Geomje’s lieutenant, but was pushed out of the closest position by Bern’s power.

‘Author Kim Hyuk-jin….’

I know that Isabel is the person who draws so much.

‘I heard you’re human.’

I heard that humans on Earth are very weak.

However, the feeling of momentum was not easy.

‘I don’t think I’ll lose if I fight with all my might.’

Still, it was different from the human I had imagined.

I felt an incredibly huge presence.

It was not caused by simple ‘forcelessness’.

‘Is it possible for the status of existence to be this high, apart from force?’

I felt a strange presence.

It felt like I was looking at a giant.

Rentol quickly came to his senses.

‘Oops. ‘I have to report it.’

Rentol spoke quickly.

“Kim Hyuk-jin….”

What should I call him?

“…what you said is correct.”

Now, with Isabel at the head, they are accumulating ‘sword saints’ and concentrating their power like humans, but that is only a recent thing.

So to speak, ‘Geomseong’, the capital of Geomlim, is building up this kind of power, but other places on the border are sticking to their previous way of life.

“We are currently assessing the situation.”

Who is the culprit yet?

Why did this happen?

He said there were no clues left.

The only thing that can be known is that it seems to be the traces of one person.

“The culprit must be Bern.”

Kim Hyuk-jin did not see the situation and did not hear the report, but he explained the situation as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

“Geomrim is one huge forest, and they live as is without creating any special forces.”

They do not even build castles or fortresses for minimal defense.

It would have been the same even if it were a silver spirit swordsman.

“Vulnerable to raids.”

“Kim Hyuk-jin. I understand what you are saying, but Eunyeonggeomga is not weak enough to be defeated by a single Bern. Besides, Bern…”

Only then did Rentol realize.

‘Bern is not there.’

Bern, who was always next to Isabelle, had disappeared.

‘What happened?’

I was curious, but I couldn’t ask that question.

Right now, Eunyeonggeomga’s work was urgent.

“I know. Bern was Isabelle’s faithful lieutenant. “But now he has betrayed and disappeared.”

“I can’t believe it. I am proud to say that I know Bern better than anyone else. “I tend to dislike Bern, but I am not the type of person who would ever betray Isabelle.”

“Unfortunately, that’s what happened. “Bern loved Isabelle.”


Rentol, who was silent for a moment, asked again.

“Even if Bern betrayed him, it is impossible for Bern to exterminate the Eunyeonggeom family alone. “No matter how much we consider Geomlim’s ecosystem.”

“Bern will not be alone. There is a high probability that there is someone behind Bern and that through him Bern possesses great power.”

“Great power?”

“It is a new power based on morale. “It must be an unfamiliar power in Geomlim.”

“There is no way such an ugly and dirty energy can exist in Geomlim.”


Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Isabelle and asked.

“What did Isabelle do while civilizing Geomlim?”

In order for the Geomlim people to live more prosperously, they had to pioneer Geomlim.

For the Geomlim people, it was a pioneering and subjugation, but for the monsters living in Geomlim, it was a disaster.

Isabel realized one thing.

‘The last one I killed was… Abrakka.’

Abraca’s will suddenly came to mind.

-“The meaning of my existence was to maintain balance. The same was true for me and my other brothers. They respect each other’s territory and have maintained the balance of this dimension. That was why the Creator gifted us with final power. The balance in Geomlim’s dimension has begun to break down, and you, another ruler of Geomlim, will definitely regret this day. “My brothers will also wake up from their long sleep and begin to move.”

Abrakka was a ‘Great Demon’ so powerful that even a pure-blooded Sword Emperor could not guarantee victory.

Bern betrayed him immediately after his death.

“If what my husband said is correct, Bern may have absorbed the death energy of Abraca, the cannabis water.”

That may be why Abrakka warned that the balance would be upset.

Because a more powerful being called Bern will be born.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“I’ll have to do a separate investigation, but I think I’m right.”

I had a feeling that Bern would one day emerge as a huge enemy.

Just like the Demon King did.

‘I’m getting tired.’

After climbing over a large mountain, it felt like there was a huge river.

An ordinary person might have been so scared and trembled.


Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart started pounding.

As I blew up the Chinese server and defeated the devil, I felt somehow empty.

With the advent of the new Bern, that empty feeling has completely disappeared.

‘I feel it again… that I have become a real player.’

Those who work hard cannot beat those who enjoy.

A player who works hard cannot beat a player who enjoys it.

This is a famous saying before and after regression.

Kim Hyuk-jin was not afraid or afraid of Bern’s appearance.

‘I feel rather good.’

But he didn’t show it.

Regardless of my true feelings, it was not the time to reveal them.

“May the souls of the deceased refrain.”

Kim Hyuk-jin bowed his head and meditated on the spot.

Even though we didn’t know each other in person, he wasn’t entirely without responsibility.

“I will join in the sword’s revenge.”

* * *

Rentol, who was sent as an investigator, was shocked.

‘Everything Kim Hyuk-jin said is correct.’

Originally, the Geumlim people did not build houses or walls.

There was only an ‘area’ that could be distinguished by their eyes.

When he entered the realm of the Eunyeonggeomga, he was able to meet Bern.

“that’s right. I did it all. “I thought it would be a bother if that guy learns the sword techniques of the Eunyeong Swordsman.”

“You bastard. “Aren’t you afraid of heavenly punishment?”

Rentol drew his sword and charged at Bern, but Bern easily dodged all of Rentol’s swords.

“I will save you out of respect for our past.” Anyway, go back and tell it. Isabel, whom I loved, is already dead, and I will go to save her someday.”


Rentol had an intuition as he swung his sword.

‘This is not the Bern I knew.’

Black energy flickered from Bern’s body, and his eyes were filled with red energy.

An enormous amount of life was rising from his body, so much so that it made his skin tingle.

I was swinging my sword hard now, but Rentol knew.

‘If Bern makes up his mind, I will die instantly.’

Nevertheless, Rentol did not stop his sword.

I couldn’t stop here.

He was a proud Geomrim man and could not forgive Bern.

“Be sure to tell me. Isabel, no, Isabel will be my bride.”

The red eye light exploded.

“Isabel as an idol will die and be reborn as Isabel as my wife.”

Bern’s body had disappeared.

* * *

A few days later.

Hyukjin Kim spoke first.

“I think I should go back.”


Isabel did not answer while hugging Kim Hyuk-jin tightly.

As if acting foolishly, he hugged Kim Hyuk-jin’s body even tighter.

“I was planning on sending it anyway.”

The Geomje has the Geomje’s job.

Kim Hyuk-jin has Kim Hyuk-jin’s job.

Now that a powerful enemy named Bern has appeared, the two must do their own thing in their own way and both become stronger.

Hyukjin Kim carefully pushed Isabelle away.

“If I stay here, I’ll be a bother to you.”

The reason Bern didn’t show up right away was simple.

This was because Isabel was stronger than Bern.

“Unfortunately, I am weaker than Bern. So when I’m next to you, it’s like you’re fighting with a huge weakness.”

“know. “I know everything.”

Tears welled up in Isabelle’s eyes.

It was something I already knew in my head.

I also know that I have to let Kim Hyuk-jin go.

But it was also true that I didn’t want to send it.

The head and heart played separately.

“But there’s no need to be this firm.”

“If one of us needs to be firm, I will be firm. “The more determined one hurts more.”

Hyukjin Kim stroked Isabelle’s head.

“When they see the pure-blooded Sword Emperor like this, the people of Geomrim are so shocked that they fall out.”

“I don’t want to do the pureblood swordsmanship right now.”

At least at this moment, he was not a pureblood swordsman.

Now he was just a person in love.

A person who does not want to break up with their lover.

However, the person who knows better than anyone else that he must let it go.

“But you can come over here whenever you want.”

“That’s not allowed.”

This time Isabel became more determined.

“The point at which you cross the dimension is when you are at your weakest. It’s too easy to be a target. So my husband can’t come. okay? promise me “Never return to Geomlim until you are strong enough.”

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Isabelle blankly and then opened his mouth.

“Look. “Does it hurt?”

I wiped Isabelle’s eyes with my fingers.

“huh. “I want to tell them not to go, and even if they do, I want to ask them to come back in an hour, but it’s so hard to have to tell them not to come.”

“That’s it. “It’s harder to be firm.”

Senia, who was in hiding, sighed involuntarily.

‘I understand it’s affectionate, but.’

They are saying to each other, “You are firm,” and “I am firm,” but those two have been doing this for 4 hours already.

“Like my husband said, I’m going to look for other cannabis products.”

“okay. Bern will target the weeds. But don’t attack first.”

Hemp water had enough power to compete with pureblood swordsmen.

Bern will never make the first move.

“And Bern will somehow move the hemp water to attack the Sword Saint. That way, you can hurt both the swordsman and the great demon. If such a situation ever arises, it would be better to give up swordsmanship. First priority has to be Bern. Bern is more dangerous than cannabis water. got it?”


Isabel read the concern and love in Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

Although it was only for a short time, I felt warm and happy.

“You know that I love my husband very much, right?”

Senia eventually turned her back.

It was difficult to see any more.

There was a light sound.

In the end, Kim Hyuk-jin and Isabel broke up again after a short meeting.

The person who immediately contacted Kim Hyuk-jin, who returned to Earth, was Song Ki-yeol.

There were about 30 missed calls.

Suddenly, my phone vibrated again.

-What’s going on?

-There is a person who claims to be [Magna Great Prophet].

– Magna Grand Prophet?

-He says he wants to meet Hyukjin Kim. At first, I thought it was nonsense and tried to chase it away, but…

Song Ki-yeol paused as he spoke, as if he was embarrassed, and then continued talking again.

-He said he would prove that he was Magna’s great prophet by creating a dungeon himself… and that was true.

-You created a dungeon?


A thought passed through Kim Hyuk-jin’s mind.

-Is that Signiel by any chance?

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