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Max Talent Player Chapter 650

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#Max Talented Player Episode 650

Isabel realized that she had made a big mistake.

‘I’m so happy to have met my husband…’

Nothing else caught my eye.

It was only natural that I met the person of my dreams.

Hyukjin Kim spoke first.

“It’s gone.”


Isabel thought for a moment and decided to speak honestly.

What kind of person is Bern?

Why did Bern swing his sword at Kim Hyuk-jin?

I decided to tell everything related to Bern.

“husband. “How much do you know about my lieutenant?”

“A capable and competent adjutant.”

After speaking up to that point, Kim Hyuk-jin took a break.

“A lieutenant who is capable enough to keep you by his side even though he knows that he loves you.”


Isabel was at a loss for words for a moment.

I was aware that Kim Hyuk-jin knew, but hearing it directly made me feel like I had committed a sin.

“that’s right. “I knew everything.”

Explained about Bern.

“Bern was discovered in the Yanderas Mountains, which are said to be the most rugged and dangerous mountain ranges in Geomlim.”

“It was discovered?”

“huh. It is a place full of a unique energy that is fatal to the Geumlim people. “It is a dangerous place even for the Geomlim people, who are born powerful by human standards.”

“What if I go?”

“It’s actually very dangerous.”

It was said to be a dangerous place for all living things.

However, Kim Hyuk-jin was a bit of an exception.

“But my husband has a second heart, has the power of assimilation, and has even experienced heaven… so he will probably be able to endure it much better than most swordsmen. Anyway, Bern was found there. I was living alone without a guardian. “I don’t know his exact age, but I think he’s probably around 5 years old.”

In other words, it was said that he survived alone for five years in the Yanderas Mountains, a terrible environment for the Geumlim people.

“Geomlim people start talking and walking from birth. It’s a little different from human standards. Even taking that into account, surviving there alone for five years…”

“Are you saying that Bern is unusual?”

“huh. that’s right.”

“So I brought Vern in and trained him. Bern soaked up all the teachings like a sponge. In order to make him my lieutenant, I specially asked the head of the Eunyeonggeom family to teach me Eunyeonggeom. The head of the Eunyeonggeom family was also surprised. “No child learns as quickly as Bern.”

Bern was a rare and special being even among the Geumlim people.

“After escaping from the Yanderas Mountains, where the Geomrimin were eaten, Bern grew into an adult in an instant. And at some point, I think he saw me as a woman.”

Isabelle lowered her head.

“I knew that Bern loved me.”

I knew it.

He also gave several warnings.

“I thought it would be okay as long as I drew a clear line and I made sure to do it. “It’s because I believed that one day, that adolescent feeling would disappear and I would faithfully fulfill my role as an adjutant.”


“But I think I was wrong.”

After meeting Kim Hyuk-jin, I understand.

A feeling of loving someone.

This heart could have stopped everything except love.

I couldn’t see anything and I couldn’t hear anything.

That’s what love was to Isabel.

“If Bern had thought of me the same way I loved my husband…”

That was not a problem that could be solved by drawing a line.

If the magnitude of that feeling was the same as Isabelle’s, it was something that could not and should not be resolved.

After meeting Kim Hyuk-jin, I felt it even more desperately.

“I think it was a mistake for me to keep Bern with me.”

In a way, it was a terrible thing for Bern.

Isabel was sure to draw a line, but she coveted his abilities and set him aside.

It could have been hope torture for Bern.

“no. It’s not a mistake. Isabelle did nothing wrong. “You just faithfully did your job as a Geomje.”

Kim Hyuk-jin had no intention of blaming Isabel.

Isabel simply chose the best as the Sword Emperor.

“And I believe you.”

Just as Verne had feelings, Isabelle would not have given him a single chance.

Kim Hyuk-jin definitely believed that.

Therefore, I thought this was not an issue for Isabel to apologize for.

“The problem is that neither you nor I ever noticed that Bern was gone.”

Just as Isabelle is not normal right now, Bern is not normal either.

Although he was not in a normal state, he suffered another injury due to Kim Hyuk-jin’s brain power.

Bern in that state suddenly disappeared without a word?

“Could Bern himself have done that? What do you think Isabelle? “Would that have been possible if it had been Isabelle?”

Isabel thought for a moment.

“no. “I don’t think it would work if it were me.”

“Then I think we should consider other possibilities.”

“Other possibilities?”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes sank deeply.

“It may have been planned since Bern was discovered in the Yanderas Mountains.”

“It was planned? Bern?”

It was something Isabel had never thought of.

“I have experienced a lot on the Earth level. “Some of them even had higher-level abilities like suggestion.”

The Demon King also used hints.

However, that ability was merely an imitation.

“The suggestions I experienced could not even be called suggestions. “It was a superficial imitation of watermelon.”

However, if there is someone who can use ‘real hints’, the story is different.

“It may have been the effect of suggestion that made Bern fall in love with Isabel. Are you prepared for hints from the Geumrim people?”


Geomlim people are not afraid of suggestions.

Because he has a strong body and mental strength that makes suggestion impermeable in the first place.

It has been like that until now.

“no. “Study or technology in that area has not developed.”

It was not developed because there was no need for it.

“Whoever arranged for Bern actually knew that you needed a lieutenant and probably knew that you wouldn’t betray me.”

“You sound like you’re sure there is someone like that?”

Hyukjin Kim nodded once again.

And then he continued speaking.

“Because you never betray me, Bern must have built up deeper and deeper anger in his heart. And as a result, to whom was his anger directed?”


“If Bern truly loves Isabel, his anger will ultimately be directed at me, not Isabel. And I know someone who nurtures people who have anger against me and uses that power.”

What if Bern was an arrangement carefully prepared by someone?

“If it’s true that someone prepared it, then that person must know both of us very well.”


“And you probably knew that someday I would definitely come to Geomlim.”

Isabel listened more and more to Kim Hyuk-jin’s words.

At first, I thought my husband was thinking too much.

But as I listened to it, I realized that wasn’t the case.

“You probably knew that you would come to Geomlim and meet Isabelle again. “You should have known not only about the relationship between the two of us, but also about the connection between the Geomlim dimension and the Earth dimension.”

It is not enough to only know Geomlim well, and it is not enough to know only about the Earth.

It is not enough to know only Isabelle, nor is it enough to know only Kim Hyukjin.

This preparation is only possible if you know all of these things comprehensively.

“If everything is arranged correctly, Bern will emerge as a powerful enemy.”

“…I think I know who arranged all of this.”

“Baptist Jackson.”

In the end, the ‘Devil King’ of the Earth level was both a sacrifice for Kim Hyuk-jin and also a prelude to the present.

“I think Jackson chose Verne as another candidate for king.”

And that Bern will face Kim Hyuk-jin from the perspective of another ‘Devil King’.

“I’m sure I’ll be busy.”

* * *

Isabel returned to Sword Castle.

‘There has been tremendous progress.’

Geomseongan was one huge city.

This city, created by the dwarves, had become a dazzling and brilliant metropolis that could not even be compared to the previous Geomlim.

“I felt a lot while looking at the Earth dimension.”

Humans on the Earth level were weak.

It was so weak that it was shameful to even call it an intelligent body.

“I learned it from watching such weak people gather their strength, gather together, and build their own world and walls.”

Even the weak become strong when they come together.

Humans sometimes created miracles.

“So I thought too. “I want to be a little bit like humans.”

So we created a prosperous city.

The Geomlim people were united.

Like humans, we decided to educate people in various fields of study from an early age and expand the power of the Geomlim people.

“We could have done it too. “I just didn’t do it.”

“I guess that’s what being strong from birth means.”

The whale clan was similar to this.

The Whale Clan was a race that lived from the moment they were born, and eventually they were driven out of their hometown and almost went extinct.

Even with that much power.

As soon as she heard the words ‘whale clan’, Isabel’s body flinched.

“When I think about it… even the Whale Clan was harmed by someone.”

That ‘someone’, presumed to be Jackson, did not want the Whale Clan to return to the sky.

Someone had deliberately herded the water dragons into a place that was difficult for anyone other than the whale clan to enter.

Thinking about it that way, it was also acceptable that Geomlim had made special arrangements.

“It’s hard to see that it just happened.”


“They were able to meet me because they escaped from the sky.”

If they had continued to be in the sky, Kim Hyuk-jin would never have met them.

So, that ‘someone’ wanted to make the Whale clan and Kim Hyuk-jin meet.

That too must have been thoroughly planned.

Kim Hyuk-jin recalled the conversation he had with Naftan, the head of the Whale Clan at the time.

“I sent you down to the Sea of Clouds and thanks to that, I formed a relationship with you. And here, I am still alive and breathing.”

“If you think about it that way, it makes sense. “It looks like we were taken advantage of.”

At the time, it was thought that Kang Seon-il, an ‘unknown being’, had planned all of this.

But that thought seemed wrong.

Kang Seon-il does not like these complicated tactics.

This method was Jackson’s method, not Kang Seon-il’s.

“at that time. “What did Isabel tell me about the Whale Clan’s treasure?”

Isabel said this when she obtained the whale clan’s treasure.

“As for the whale clan’s treasure. “It doesn’t smell like the whale family at all.”

“So does that mean it’s not the whale clan’s treasure?”

“— — —-.”

Isabelle felt like the fog was clearing from her mind.

The Whale Clan, a race that does not think, was almost extinct.

I realized it there.

No matter how powerful a race is, if you don’t think about it, you will be eliminated.

I knew it from the beginning, but the fact really hit me.

“The Whale Clan is a peace-loving race. They have their own unique smell. “I describe it as the smell of peace.”


“But I felt the opposite. If I had to compare it, it would be a destructive and subversive energy. I don’t know exactly what it is either. However, I decided that the energy was similar to that of a dragon.”

At that time, the system intervened and blocked Isabelle’s transmission of information.

But it was different now.

“What I said back then was… ‘I think it’s the dragonlord’s treasure.’”

Isabel also came to a conclusion.

“I think everything my husband said is correct. I think someone, probably the Baptist, intentionally added the name Bern to me. “To raise you to become the next Demon King.”

Isabel held Hyukjin Kim’s hand.

Then I looked at Kim Hyuk-jin.

Kim Hyuk-jin felt that those eyes were lovely.

“There is one thing I would like to ask you. For my husband. And for me. “I really want you to listen.”

The request was not a very special request.

“Learn the silver sword. It’s Bern’s sword technique, and if you learn it, it will also be helpful to your husband.”

It was okay if it wasn’t cooked perfectly.

The idea was not to learn Eunyeonggeom to use Eunyeonggeom, but to learn at least a little bit of Eunyeonggeom in order to read Eunyeonggeom’s attacks.

At that time, someone ran into Isabel’s office in a huff.

“This is a big deal!”

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