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Max Talent Player Chapter 644

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#Max Talented Player Episode 644

About 1 hour ago.

Hyesung had to make a decision.

“Kim Hyuk-jin is like a runaway locomotive.”

There seemed to be no brakes to stop him.

So Hye-seong decided to come forward herself.

“I will stop that crazy man.”

She was confident that she had a noble historical mission.

‘Even if I die.’

All you have to do is make the sacrifice yourself.

There was a clear order in Kim Hyuk-jin’s screenplay ‘Judgment’.

‘You have to kill me last.’

However, Kim Hyuk-jin will not know that fact.

To do that, she made her own preparations.

“The next target will be Miss Tay. Run as far away as you can, not where you were originally promised. “We will have to buy time somehow.”

It was impossible to win in a fight with Kim Hyuk-jin, a runaway locomotive.

“Don’t even tell me where you’re running away. Kim Hyuk-jin has an outstanding ability to read memories.”

When the situation reached this point, even the comet was able to notice.

He already had monster-like abilities, but he seemed to even have the ability to steal memories.

“He is a monster. We must defend our country from monsters, that is our mission. Do you understand?”

She begged for help.

“Even if I lose my life, you must fulfill your mission.”

Hyeseong headed to Mingguang City alone, fully prepared.

This is the ‘second base’ and was originally guarded by Teiyang, a fire-type wizard and one of the Twelve Beast Kings.

Hyeseong arrived at the second base and looked at the guardian tower.

It was a huge guard tower measuring about 20 meters in size, but even this guard tower would not be able to stop Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘This will be my grave.’

It was deliberately promoted on a large scale.

Streamer players and numerous media outlets were focusing on this.

She bit her lip.

‘My noble death will serve as a catalyst to lift up countless Chinese people.’

The flame of hope that Kim Hyuk-jin extinguished in just a couple of hours will now ignite into a flame of anger and burn uncontrollably.

‘I will become a martyr for my country and burn this body.’

She steeled herself and waited for Kim Hyuk-jin.

* * *

Although the super telescope missed the comet’s movement, Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes did not.


Shin Yeon-seo has already sparred several times.

Although Comet was quite fast for a monarch, it was nothing compared to Geomhu.

‘Should I avoid it?’

But I didn’t avoid it.

Kim Hyuk-jin stood still on the spot.

I deliberately grabbed the blade with two fingers.

“It’s too slow.”

And the video was broadcast around the world by the super telescope.

It was only one battle, but the skill gap was already revealed.

The level was not similar, but there was a significant difference in skill level.

“I’m sure he didn’t actually raise his sword to kill me.”

A red thread spewed out from somewhere and entangled the comet.

This was the power of Guardian Tower Ahn Seo-hee, but Ahn Seo-hee was not seen here.

“You must be confused.”

Hyesung probably stood here with his own strategy and direction.

Kim Hyuk-jin figured it out a long time ago, and Senia did the same.

Senia smiled faintly without realizing it.

‘Compared to Kim Hyeok-jin, he’s so young.’

I don’t know how he suddenly gained such great power and power that he became China’s national salvation hero, but in any case, he was nothing compared to Kim Hyuk-jin.

“It’s more than strange that I use the Guardian Tower’s abilities.”

At that time, the super telescope took a close-up of the comet’s expression.

His streaming ability, which boasts a high-definition quality that even allows you to see the pores, accurately captures Hyesung’s embarrassed expression.

“It was only for a moment, but I saw a moment of great panic.”

As a streaming player, he recreated the situation and showed it again.

“I’ll show you again at 5x speed.”

In fact, the change in Hyesung’s expression was very brief.

If it were an ordinary person, it would have been difficult to notice the change in facial expression.

But unfortunately for the comet, the supertelescope was no ordinary person.

“You can clearly see the muscles around the mouth twitching slightly and the pupils dilating.”

I played it 5 times slower so I could see it in detail.

“On the other hand, player Kim Hyuk-jin’’“”.”

Kim Hyuk-jin’s expression was replayed at 10x speed.

“Not a single movement. Even the pupils don’t move at all. At the time of first encountering the comet, player Kim Hyuk-jin did not show any change in expression. If you had predicted it in advance, it would have been great in its own way, and even if you hadn’t expected it, it could have been great. Either way, it has become clear that Kim Hyuk-jin and Hye-seong cannot be compared.”

Hyukjin Kim opened his mouth.

“Your Hyanguk (守國) is a replacement created to replace the Demon King.”

Hye-seong wanted to say something, but couldn’t.

This was because the red threads blocked the comet’s mouth.

“They are not national salvation heroes or people with a noble spirit. Comet. You had a record of seriously assaulting a child five years ago, right? ah. “Wasn’t the name Comet back then?”

Kim Hyuk-jin deliberately chuckled.

It is a force on the Chinese server created to replace the Demon King’s Army.

Basically, it had to have similar attributes to the Demon King’s army.

“Well, I’ll just skip the fact that you were a criminal in the past. Because it’s not important. Anyway, the reason I said this is to let you know that more people in China are supporting and cheering me on than you think.”

In reality, Kim Hyuk-jin’s words were not lies.

The Chinese media widely preached ‘anti-Kim Hyuk-jin sentiment’ and criticized Kim Hyuk-jin, but not all Chinese people opposed Kim Hyuk-jin.

In addition, there are many information guilds in China that want to follow the same route as the ‘Black Butterfly’.

“Thanks to you, I was able to easily determine your location and come here. Because there are many people who cooperate with me.”

Hyukjin Kim shrugged his shoulders.

This fact was just meant to shake the comet.

I got to the point.

“You are a replacement for the Demon King. So why did the system need replacements? Why did a grandiose system called KVS emerge and create a situation where it seemed like the entire Chinese server was fighting? Have you ever thought about it?”

Hyesung wanted to answer, but couldn’t.

I had to say something to turn the tide, but Kim Hyuk-jin completely blocked it.

“You probably didn’t think about it. “You just wanted to become a hero and burn your body for your country.”

Hyukjin Kim raised his finger.

There was a potion in his finger.

Another close-up of Hye-seong’s face.

Even more surprising than before was conveyed vividly.

“Did you try to use this potion to fight fiercely? Don’t look too surprised. “Everyone in the world is watching.”

Hyesung hurriedly managed his expression, but the water had already spilled.

“There’s no use managing your facial expressions now. “Anyway, I also filmed the process of stealing this potion from your inventory.”

The name of the potion was ‘Aratesa Potion’.

Hyukjin Kim knew about ‘Aratessa.’

“How come you have the [Fire Giant’s Flame]? “From what I understand, your level cannot reach the fire giant’s flame.”

Hyukjin Kim tightened his fingers.

The potion shattered with a crackling sound.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s body was covered in flames.

Even in the hot flames, Kim Hyuk-jin seemed unharmed.

“The real Aratessa’s flame is not this unsightly. “Well, since it was refined and made in the form of a potion, it can’t really exert its power.”

In any case, it was clear that it was ‘Aratessa’.

Aratesa, whose strength has greatly weakened.

“How did you guys have this potion containing the power of Aratesa? Because the system really wants you to win? To block my ambition to create a New China server?”

Kim Hyuk-jin shook his head.

That wasn’t it.

“you’re welcome. You have been chosen by the system and its guardians to be expendable. “There is already an enormous amount of morale accumulated in China.”

That morale has to be exhausted in some way.

This is a fraud that should have been used by the Demon King and his army originally.

“That’s why I was trying to drain morale within the Chinese server by making you and me fight. Thanks to the arrangement of such a system, you may have been able to obtain things like the Aratesa potion that are not suitable for your level.”

Kim Hyuk-jin also pointed out another fact.

“Besides, the fact that you appeared in front of me first probably means that I ask you to kill me first.”

He grinned.

“That would mean you should never kill him first. why? I guess there’s a condition that I can’t kill you first? “It must have been staged to ruin my scenario by dying first and then burn yourself to death with this potion to draw out the wrath of the Chinese.”

From the moment the comet appeared, Kim Hyuk-jin figured out everything.

There was astonishment in Hyeseong’s eyes.

In fact, she felt like she was facing a huge wall.

I felt helpless, not hopeless.

We couldn’t do anything against Kim Hyuk-jin.

“I know everything you know.”

Meanwhile, Guardian Ahn Seo-hee arrived.

“I won’t kill you now. It’s okay to run away. “If you can escape from my guardian tower.”

He added his words as if offering medicine.

“Think about it carefully. Did you wake up like this on your own? Or have you been hinted at since at some point without your knowledge? Have you been such a patriotic martyr since long ago?”

* * *

The hidden crimes of Hye-seong, who risked his life like a martyr, were revealed.

What was revealed on the surface was just the tip of the iceberg.

Mostly she assaulted or injured young boys.

When children died during assault, they were buried secretly.

Recently, she even killed her husband.

Intelligence guilds in China were aware of this fact long ago and were clearly in line this time.

Pietro nodded.

“You did well in line.”

“After seeing this confrontation, I can clearly see that.”

Hero of national salvation?

Hydrangea Guild?

All of that was meaningless.

Hyesung was like a child compared to Kim Hyuk-jin.

As Kim Hyuk-jin said, he was nothing more than a ‘replacement for the devil’s army.’

A temporary replacement created by the system for a specific purpose.

There was no intelligence guild that would bet its fortune on such a replacement, and they all decided to join forces with the black butterfly.

“I think I understand why the entire field was named KVS.”

This arrogant name, where one king fights against the entire server, no longer felt arrogant.

It was such an obvious word.

Rather, it was an undeserved and glorious word for ‘server.’

Kim Hyuk-jin’s actions were unconventional and shocking.

“I’m sure you’ve figured out the locations of the other two, right, guild leaders?”

Pietro’s office was filled with heads of China’s leading intelligence guilds.

“of course.”

In fact, the comet’s location was the most difficult, but the comet was located on its own.

The rest hid, but they could not avoid the eyes of these many information guilds.

“Fortunately, there were no stealth players, so it was easy.”

In the end, Kim Hyuk-jin killed all of the Eleven Beast Kings except Hye-seong in just 6 hours.

The last person left was only Hyeseong.

Kim Hyuk-jin returned to the second base.

Hyesung could not escape from Ahn Seo-hee, the guardian tower.

“Are you here?”

Ahn Seo-hee, who completely destroyed the guardian tower here, welcomed Kim Hyuk-jin.

“What about the comet?”

“It’s in here.”

It had turned into a cocoon wrapped in red thread.

“okay. Seohee, you are far away. And Mr. Super Telescope, thank you for your hard work.”

The super telescope felt instinctive fear and quickly greeted him.

“see you next time!”

And took it out right away.

I don’t know why, but it felt ominous.

But Seohee Ahn did not run away.

“I’ll be with you.”

“no. “I have a problem to solve with Hye-seong.”

“Can’t I help you?”

Kim Hyuk-jin was silent for a moment.

He quickly nodded.

“For now, the system and its Chinese guardians must have played all the games.”

The final scenario, ‘Judgment’, is not a simple scenario.

It is a proxy war between the guardians on the Demon King’s side, that is, those who support the original Chinese server, and the guardians on the Judge’s side.

“There are two ways they can choose. One is to descend directly and kill me. “We can protect the Chinese server through him. Or we can expend enormous amounts of protective power by guaranteeing the extinction of existence.”


Or consumption of protective power.

Kim Hyuk-jin thought it was one of two things.

“…Then what happens?”

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