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Max Talent Player Chapter 641

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 641

“I am Metron, the middle manager in charge.”

The entire Chinese server field was declared a gray space and all functions as a server were temporarily lost.

Metron, a general manager with six wings, looked the same to all players.

As if it were right in front of you.

“Due to the final scenario [judgment] proceedings, this server is in a state of extreme confusion and anxiety. Accordingly, this middle manager will not hesitate to make every effort and effort to end the confusion and anxiety on the Chinese server and stabilize it as soon as possible so that organic play can be possible again.”

Metron said that the Chinese server was so chaotic that it could no longer function as a server.

“Therefore, we would like to contribute to the normalization of the server with the help of the guardians who are in charge of the final scenario [Judgment].”

Hyukjin Kim also received a notification.

[‘The Judge of the Twelve Thrones’, starting with ‘The Woman of the Scales’, has begun.]

[This is the second episode of the final scenario, ‘The Judgment’.]

Kim Hyuk-jin recalled what Senia had explained before.

-Notarize that [Referee] has been activated. We also declare that many of the restrictions on the guardians sitting on the throne have been removed, making more direct intervention possible.

The ‘twelve thrones’ mentioned in the notification seemed to refer to guardians whose restrictions were eventually removed.

And one of the twelve thrones was, as expected, the ‘Woman of Scales.’

Metron, the general manager of the Chinese server, continued.

“[The Judge of the Twelve Thrones] announces that the proceedings will be led by the great guardian ‘Woman of Scales’. The judge presided over by the ‘Woman of Scales’ will be just and will place the utmost importance on establishing order and laws in this land.”

To put it another way, it meant that if someone other than the ‘Woman of Scales’ took charge, the content or purpose of ‘Judge of the Twelve Thrones’ could be different.

“‘The Woman on the Scale’ gave us time to prepare for our pre-trial defense. It represents the last opportunity for war given to the ‘Devil King’ and ‘all forces that follow the Devil King.’”

The Demon King was trapped in a dimensional prison and disappeared into a labyrinth from which he could never escape.

The leader who would lead the Demon King’s army has disappeared.

However, ‘The Woman on the Scale’ said that she would give the devil’s army one last chance.

It was explained with the word ‘argument’.

Hyukjin Kim shrugged his shoulders.

“A defense or something. In any case, are you saying that we have to go to war with the Demon Lord’s army once again? “On a server-level scale.”

“To summarize, yes. “It’s their last chance.”

“Do you really think so?”

Kim Hyuk-jin sensed that the ‘Twelve Thrones’, led by the Woman on the Scale, were watching his play.

“[The Woman of the Scales] pursues what is just and righteous.”

“Isn’t that why you gave the Demon King’s army, who can be considered your enemy, a last chance?”

“It’s the opposite.”

“The dictionary meaning of justice is the character of accurately distinguishing between good and evil. “It implies judging and judging without adding or subtracting what is wrong or what is right.”

The scale woman took the lead.

It was a different situation from the time of Seo Joo-hwan a long time ago.

“In the past, when I killed Seo Joo-hwan using Bungbungbee, the scale woman was disappointed.”

In fact, I even sent a message directly expressing my disappointment.

“The Woman on the Scale is that kind of person.”

Seo Joo-hwan did not commit a major ‘substantial crime’.

At the time, the scale woman judged that Seo Joo-hwan was not a ‘deadly sin.’

“but now?”


“They took the lives of so many people and violated human rights, and instead of acknowledging even that, they tried to blame me and not only that, they even tried to send me to death. “The whole situation is revealed so perfectly, and there is so much evidence and witnesses that it’s almost overflowing.”

Senia’s wings trembled.

I thought it was, as the expression goes, ‘last chance’, but it didn’t seem like that.

“The scale woman wants a more severe punishment. Harsher judgment. That is the final scenario [judgment].”

* * *

Public opinion among Chinese players was almost split.

Half supported Kim Hyuk-jin and shouted that China should be renewed, while the other half argued that we should not be deceived by devils like Kim Hyuk-jin and that we should believe and trust our government.

Meanwhile, the ‘Trial of the Twelve Thrones’ became active, and the Chinese government did not miss the opportunity.

“The Chinese government will publicly name Kim Hyuk-jin, the axis of evil who brought about such great chaos in the country, and requests the government of the Republic of Korea to recruit him…”

However, the spokesperson died on the spot.

A faceless middle manager appeared and punched a hole in the spokesperson’s forehead.

The faceless middle manager puffed his index finger.

Smoke rose from the index finger.

“My name is [without]. One of the older middle managers.”

The reporters swallowed their saliva.

Some ran away, but others stayed.

“You guys first told me not to let the government get involved in the game.”

China first claimed so.

I returned it as is.

“Governments are encouraged to engage in play.”

There was a big stir.

Players who opposed Kim Hyuk-jin expressed even greater anger, while players who approved of Kim Hyuk-jin gave a thumbs up, saying that ‘Nothing’ did a good job as a middle manager.

‘No one’ took the microphone.

“This current situation is under the management of the middle managers in charge of the Chinese server and the guardians who oversee the referees. “Play is just play, so please enjoy it.”

When the middle manager ‘No one’ took action, the Chinese server was literally divided into pieces.

Wars broke out here and there.

The confusion didn’t end there.

Flames rose here and there, as if there was a real war.

Violent crimes such as arson, murder, looting and rape have increased tremendously.

If left as is, the Chinese government is on the verge of losing its function as a government.

When the situation reached that point, heroes began to be born in China as well.

“I will not forgive Kim Hyuk-jin for trampling on China.”

However, some heroes were killed by the ‘Magna Prophet’.

Meanwhile, a player appeared who claimed that he had hunted the Magna Prophet.

The player’s name was Huicheng (Huicheng) and the Korean pronunciation was Hyeseong.

She was a monarch from Urumqi who had an unfortunate childhood and made her own way as a player.

“We shared twelve crowns.”

She formed a militia with 11 other players who took a blood oath by cutting off the tip of their little finger.

She became a hero in China, rallied countless people, and her power rapidly increased.

“The Chinese server will be protected by 12 kings. “From foreign invasion.”

To them, Kim Hyuk-jin was a foreign power.

And Hyeseong announced that he would fight against Kim Hyeok-jin by founding the ‘Su-guk’ guild, which can be said to be an integrated guild for all of China.

“We are one.”

China is one.

“One China will never lose.”

The appearance of a monarch named Comet warmed the hearts of the Chinese people.

It is said that heroes are born in difficult times.

Before she knew it, she had become a resistance fighter against a powerful foreign force named Kim Hyuk-jin, and her popularity among the people had grown.

“We, China, will definitely punish Kim Hyuk-jin.”

* * *

Pietro’s heart was pounding.

What else should we talk about today?

What other thoughts are on Kim Hyuk-jin’s mind?

Comet literally appeared like a comet and was taking over the Chinese server, leading the ‘Twelve Beast Kings’.

However, even with his great power, Kim Hyuk-jin did not fight against the Chinese, including Hye-seong.

‘I slaughtered 100,000 people by myself, and even that wasn’t with all my might.’

Pietro thought that if he had that much power, it wouldn’t matter whether a comet or a shooting star appeared.


A knock was heard.


Finally, Hyukjin Kim came.

Pietro got up and ran to the door.


Pietro’s appearance somehow became a little servile.

It had to be that way.

Because I thought that Kim Hyuk-jin’s power was more than 70% the reason that the Black Butterfly led by Pietro became the world’s strongest information guild, both in name and reality.

In other words, even if you give up everything else, you can maintain 70% of your strength as long as you hold on to Kim Hyuk-jin.

“The appearance of the comet and the Twelve Beast Kings. Why are you letting Chinese players rally together?”

There was one more question.

“On the other hand, what are you going to do about the Chinese players who are being persecuted due to guild leader Kim Hyuk-jin’s persecution?”

If the power of pro-Kim Hyuk-jin and anti-Kim Hyuk-jin within China was five to five, now the situation has changed.

With the appearance of Hyeseong, the hero of the anti-Kim Hyuk-jin side, the weight of power was shifting to the anti-Kim Hyuk-jin side.

Hyesung and the Hydrangea Guild she leads did not hesitate to commit cruel acts such as publicly executing or ruthlessly trampling on Chinese players who supported the new server.

“Because [the Trial of the Twelve Thrones] has not yet properly begun.”

After hearing the story from Kim Hyuk-jin, Pietro held a press conference and explained the ‘Trial of the Twelve Thrones.’

The black butterfly that was already flying in the sky was the moment when the guild’s status soared even further.

“They are essentially similar to the Demon King’s Army in that they are opposing Guild Leader Kim Hyeok-jin.”

Of course, many Chinese people criticized Pietro.

The majority opinion was that Hyeseong, the hero of the country’s salvation, should not be compared to the Demon Lord’s Army.

“The Demon King’s Army is supported by guardians who support the Demon King’s Army. And its power was increased through the use of fraud. It will be the same this time too.”

In reality, the Comet and Hydrangea Guild were killing countless people.

It would have been different if they had been executed openly and publicly instead of secretly killed.

“Once they have enough morale, they will be given a crown.”

Many people were skeptical, but in the end, Pietro’s prediction came true.

Comet appeared at the official event wearing a gold crown, and the remaining 11 beast kings wore silver crowns.

Of course, he completely denied Pietro’s words.

“With the crown, they are given the authority to guard the server. This is the process of the final scenario [Judgment]. “If they can protect their country’s servers from the Colossus Lord, they will be given the power to operate.”

Many Chinese people began to become more enthusiastic.

Doesn’t this mean that great power is given to heroes who save the country?

Chinese players were delighted to see that great strength and authority were given to the heroes who saved the country from foreign invasion.

“Conversely, the Colossus Lords will take over the servers they manage.”

That was the responsibility of the person performing the ‘judgment’.

Is Kim Hyuk-jin taking over the Chinese server?

Or will China’s Hydrangea Guild protect the server?

“The day they all wear their crowns. A large-scale war field will unfold on a server scale.”

The entire Chinese server becomes a war field.

“It’s just another step above GVG. This refers to a large-scale war that has never been made public before. According to the information I received, the system refers to this as SVS (Server Versus Server).”

Pietro stopped breathing for a moment.

For some reason, my heart was pounding again.

I felt as if the majestic mountain was filling my heart.

“In this case, the scale is server-level, but the subject conducting the war is a bit unusual.”

SVS is a war between servers.

However, it was difficult to see it as a war between servers now.

For SVS to be established, there has to be a war between Korean servers and Chinese servers.

“According to my prediction, this huge war will probably be named SVK (Server Versus King) or something like that. Because this war is a war between the entire Chinese server and one Colossus Lord.”

And on that day.

Metron, the general manager of the Chinese server, declared this as a server-level notice.

“I hereby announce that KVS Field has been declared.”

It was expressed as KVS, not SVK.

It was called King vs. Server, not Server vs. King.

In any case, confidence in the information power of the Black Butterfly rose vertically again.

“As of the current time, the entire Chinese server will be converted into a war field. The end of the war field will only end with the surrender, disappearance, or death of the subjects of the [Judgment] scenario.”

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