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Max Talent Player Chapter 636

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 636

If we were to choose the largest field in the Chinese server, it would be the ‘Manchuria Plain’.

People began to gather there.

“China will not lose.”

People gathered together around the motto that China will not lose.

There was a lot of content contained in this one sentence.

It does not lose to the recent strange phenomenon of players losing their lives.

Whether it was an epidemic, a secret attack by the Giant Guild, or something else.

It was their pledge not to be defeated by anything.

“China will not lose.”

The player stood on the large platform on the plains of Manchuria and shouted loudly.

Today was the day of the ‘General Rally of Victory’.

These days, public sentiment has been turbulent.

Deaths for unknown reasons continue to occur.

“I think the reason is the Giant God Guild’s masterpiece.”

The person giving a speech on the podium was none other than Luhan.

A famous Chinese ranker who publicly criticized and ridiculed Kim Hyuk-jin and the Geoshin Guild a few days ago.

At that time, Luhan said this.

-The Colossus Lord is just a coward with a big mouth.

-A ragtag group like the Giant Guild will not be able to have any influence on the Chinese server.

Through him, he became very popular in China and was one of the faces of this uprising.

People began to gather and chant ‘China will not lose’.

The number reached a whopping 100,000.

“China will not lose!”

Some players were so heartbroken that they even shed tears.

China will not lose under any threat.

More than 100,000 people flocked and it started to become a hope for the Chinese server.

Media from around the world focused on the general rally.

And Kim Hyuk-jin, who was confronting the entire Chinese server, once again officially declared.

“We will attack the Manchurian Plain.”

The Giant Guild was very kind and informed us of the exact attack range.

“Non-players, please leave your seats and be careful not to get involved in unnecessary accidents.”

It was made clear that non-players were not targets of attack.

The target of the attack was the player.

“Players who want to go to war can fight with us.”

It even informed the start time of the attack.

“In light of the confusion, the attack is scheduled to start in three hours. We will also specify areas excluded from attacks. “Reporters reporting on the matter should not leave the spot.”

After officially declaring war, the members of the Giant Guild gathered in the office.

Their faces had their own kind of tension.

Kang Sang-gu asked.

“Is there any need to tell me everything so kindly?”

“That way, the sacrifices of non-players will be reduced.”

“They’re all in the same boat anyway, so what?”

After exposing the devil and China’s corruption, they are instead accusing Kim Hyuk-jin of being a bad guy.

Kang Sang-gu did not like that fact.

“Anyway, we have to secure a cause. “They won’t run away much anyway.”


War was declared, and the scope and target of the attack were clearly determined.

If you just avoid that place, you can avoid war.

“Because there must be forces inciting war.”

They will warm the hearts of countless players under the banner of ‘China will not lose.’

With their hearts burning, they probably would not run away and instead greet the Giant Guild.

“And we have few numbers. “You must be full of confidence.”

The Giant Guild confidently used the warp portal in the tutorial building to move to the Chinese server.

As soon as I arrived in China, I had to face the evil looks of numerous players.

“older brother. “The look in their eyes is scary.”

“Don’t react unless you attack first.”

While moving to the plains of Manchuria, there were quite a few players who attacked and cursed at the Giant Lord.

Those people were dealt with by Joker, the assassin of Colossus.

Most of the process was broadcast around the world.

Although there were various conflicts, the Geoshin Guild was able to reach the ‘Manchurian Plain’.

Hyukjin Kim looked at the time.

“5. 4. 3.”

I counted.

It was 8pm as announced by Kim Hyuk-jin.

“The war is starting.”

As Kim Hyuk-jin said, the players in the ‘Manchuria Plain’ did not run away.

Rather, it seemed like the number of people had increased.

Kim Hyuk-jin used the ultimate magic in a crowd of over 100,000 people.


Ten thousand swords began to rain down.

It seemed like he had no intention of hiding his power.

Ten thousand swords took the lives of as many as 20,000 people in an instant.

Reporters around the world who were relaying the situation also opened their mouths.

Not only reporters but also many streamers entered the Manchurian Plain field, but they were unable to continue broadcasting.

20,000 people died in a single attack by just one person.

The ‘Super Telescope’, assisted by the system, was the first to count the number of deaths.

“Exactly 22,304 people died. “Instant death. Instant death.”

Ten thousand swords fell.

There were over 20,000 players who were pierced by those 10,000 swords.

“There are battles going on here and there… Can we call this a battle?”

There was a commotion going on here and there.

When a typhoon struck, dozens of people died, and when a fire struck, dozens more people turned to ashes and disappeared.

“This is my first time seeing a PVP zone this big.”

This entire huge plain was a PVP zone.

“It is subject to the power of resurrection… but does it have any meaning?”

The super telescope began to ‘zoom’ and photograph one of the most unique places among the battles taking place here and there.

“I will show you the Colossus Lord.”

On the other hand, the image of swordsman Shin Yeon-seo ruthlessly cutting down enemies was fascinating, and Ma Sang-hyeon’s skill in instantly turning dozens of people into blood clots was outstanding, but Kim Hyuk-jin’s inaction was truly overwhelming.

“I’m using the palace today. After all, wide area attacks are ADCs.”

Super Telescope tried hard to read Kim Hyuk-jin’s attack.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s attack was captured so that it could be captured most beautifully in his video.

Kim Hyuk-jin pulled the bowstring without stopping.

“It’s incredibly fast… That ability is like [rapid fire].”

The most famous archer player in Korea is Hyeon Jeong-hwa.

Hyun Jeong-hwa’s most famous ability, ‘rapid fire’, was unleashed in Kim Hyuk-jin’s hands.


Super Telescope swallowed.

I saw blue lightning flashing in the sky.


If you know it well, you can broadcast.

However, I couldn’t really figure out what Hyukjin Kim was doing.

‘I can’t see the arrow.’

Instead of arrows, blue thunderbolts crackled in the sky.

Soon, bundles of blue light began to fall.


I shot an arrow, and it fell down as a bundle of light.

“I can’t explain.”

I need to know something to explain.

There was absolutely no way to explain that ability.

Meanwhile, the sea king Shurt, who was waiting at the ‘Baitol River’ field near the Manchuria Plain, could not help but be impressed.

Without realizing it, exclamation came out of my mouth.

“It’s beyond my imagination.”

I have known about Kim Hyuk-jin’s archery skills for a very long time.

‘It’s similar to the time when a beam of light was shooting through the sea.’

What is different is that the bundle of light has more than hundreds of branches.

And each bundle of light now contains thunder energy.

‘It’s as if the techniques of [Mangeomwu] have been applied to archery.’

Although it was not a Mangeomwu, it had the ability to produce a similar effect as a Mangeomwoo.

‘no. I think it might be more effective than Mangeomwu.’

Each of Mangeomwu’s swords has extreme attack power.

Shurt did not have the confidence to block even one sword out of ten thousand.

‘But the players gathered here do not need the level of destructive power of Mangeomwu.’

Whether you hit it with your palm or a hammer, the ant will die anyway.

For Kim Hyuk-jin, this was the current situation.

There is no need for the destructive power of Mangeomwu.

‘It will be sorted out in an instant.’

Many people doubted or laughed at it.

I thought that I couldn’t deal with 100,000 players with just the power of the Giant Guild.

But that was people’s mistake.

The Giant Guild is bigger than people think. And the Giant Godlord’s abilities were far superior.

Shin Yeon-seo put away her sword and looked at Kim Hyuk-jin.

She muttered without any difficulty in breathing.

“If you’re going to do this, why did you bring us here?”

This is the first time Shin Yeon-seo has seen such an attack.

Although I was a little surprised, this ability itself was not surprising or scary.

‘It’s just that Kim Hyuk-jin is Kim Hyuk-jin…’

Kang Sang-gu stood next to him.

“I know.”

I thought I had become incredibly strong by becoming a servant firemaker, but Kim Hyuk-jin was beyond my imagination.

It made me wonder if there was any need to bring in the Giant Guild members.

It took only about 5 minutes to annihilate as many as 100,000 players.

Linhai slams Zeus on the ground! I put it down.

He seemed dissatisfied with something.

“hey. “Why are you helping him when you should be helping me?”

“It’s not efficient.”

Lin Hai and Deng Ping are a famous duo.

Lin Hai takes charge of the attack directly, and Deng Ping acts as an assistant.

But today, Deungpyeong helped Hyukjin Kim.

“no. Still, aren’t we mates? “We have worked so well together, so how can you help Captain Kim Hyuk-jin and not me?”

And after seeing the catastrophe that had unfolded, Lin Hai was so embarrassed that he laughed.

“Is that a human?”

I once thought of you as a rival.

I realized how reckless and ignorant that thought was.

“What else happened in the meantime?”

No matter how strong the Colossus Lord was, he could not have annihilated 100,000 people so easily.

This was a complete loss of balance.

All of this was broadcast live around the world.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin, who single-handedly killed nearly 100,000 players, stood in front of Luhan.


Now the whole world will know.

The fact that it was not an infectious disease, but the ‘annihilation power’ of the Giant Lord.

Today’s battle clearly left an impression on the world.

“You are the culprit.”

Although Luhan was talking with a huff, his eyes were moving here and there, looking for an opportunity to run away.

He had a hunch.

You can’t fight the Giant Lord.

“why? “Are you calling me a coward?”

Although the distance was quite far, the ‘Super Telescope’ even caught the conversation and started broadcasting.

He had now established himself as the best streamer in name and reality, and this wasn’t even a problem.

“A ragtag group of people showed up. “What are you going to do?”

“You will be punished from heaven.”

Kim Hyuk-jin swung Lee Seon.

Luhan died as a result of that incident.

A Chinese ranker died from a general cut that was not a skill.

It brought a great shock to China, as well as people around the world.

As light gathered, the resurrection power was applied to Luhan, and he was soon driven out of the ‘Manchuria Plain’.

Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t even care about Luhan.

“100,000 people lost their lives as players.”

It may not be a real life, but a ‘life’ has clearly been lost in the system.

“Then does this also apply to morale?”

Kim Hyuk-jin spoke into the air.

Of course, all these words were broadcast live around the world through streamers and reporters, including ‘Super Telescope’.

“Luhan would have been a stooge anyway.”

We deliberately invited 100,000 people.

I thought it might have been to obtain a ‘fraud’ amounting to 100,000.

“what. At first glance, it seems like it’s being treated as a fraud. It doesn’t seem like it’s worse than if you killed a real person.”

A black fog began to form around me.

The creeping black fog suddenly covered the entire Manchurian plain.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Kim Hyuk-jin smiled and continued speaking.

“It’s a very clumsy trap for a demon lord who trapped me before.”

Now I was sure.

‘The Devil’ was different from the past.

There was no such meticulous and cunning devil of the past.

“Rather than saying that the Demon King has changed, this can be interpreted as meaning that the person who helped the Demon King has disappeared.”

I looked towards the black fog.

“Isn’t that right, Demon Lord?”

Someone appeared through the black fog.

I saw a familiar face.

“Is that the appearance you ultimately chose?”

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