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Max Talent Player Chapter 629

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 629

Pedro, the master of service, focused all his mind on Hyukjin Kim and opened his heart.

Then I had a strange feeling.

‘Does it feel like the power is being replicated within my body?’

A notification was heard.

[‘Behavior copying’ was applied to the object of service.]

Pedro was naturally able to feel what action copying was.


-Behavior Copy: Copy the behavior of the person being observed.


It did not stop at simply copying actions.

The power to control time that Pedro has been practicing.

Fine control aided by matching the mana wavelength of the Eunseong pocket watch.

I felt like Kim Hyuk-jin was taking all of those things away.

‘I feel strange.’

I don’t know how to express it specifically, but I felt excited.

For some reason, I felt itchy and my heart started pounding.

Pedro could tell that this strange feeling was something close to foreplay.

‘It’s close to a sexual feeling, but not quite so.’

This strange feeling of excitement and elation could not be expressed simply as sexual excitement.

If foreplay was a one-dimensional feeling of excitement, this feeling was much higher-dimensional than that.

‘I don’t even know myself.’

The feeling of becoming one with Kim Hyuk-jin through the setting of service.

I wanted to leave everything to Kim Hyuk-jin.

And Kim Hyuk-jin took everything from the master of service.

‘Amplify the power of the silver eye with the help of the silver star pocket watch.’

Hyukjin Kim closed his eyes.

From now on, the physical eye had no meaning.

I looked at He Yichuan with eyes other than my physical eyes.

His world of consciousness. I felt He Yichuan in a small universe where only he and the master of service existed.

‘By drawing on the power of the blue eye that I used in reverse before.’

Isabel, the second heart, remembers.

This is the power of the blue eye that I experienced once and even used in reverse.

‘He Yichuan brings out the afterimages of the past he remembers.’

The time of this universe has been turned back.

As if rewinding.


I turned back time.

He stole He Yichuan’s memories.

‘This feeling is similar to a reconstruction analysis.’

Kim Hyuk-jin was familiar with operating reconstruction analysis.

Thanks to this, organic use of power was possible.

In the universe created by Kim Hyuk-jin, past records were played as videos.

“Senia. As a player, you can request to record that video, right?”

“You can.”


“All right.”

Senia began recording past records.

* * *

The universe created by Kim Hyuk-jin was broken.

Hyukjin Kim opened his eyes.

‘I’m dizzy.’

It seemed like a lot of energy was wasted.

Kim Hyuk-jin stumbled, and Ahn Seo-hee supported him.

“are you okay?”

“thank you.”


Ahn Seo-hee was grateful and happy to be able to support Kim Hyuk-jin.

“Please hold me like this sometimes.”


Kim Hyuk-jin could not answer.

I didn’t commit a crime, but I felt sorry for Isabelle.

“What are these people going to do?”

“Seohee, you maintain this space and protect them for the time being.”

“all right.”

So to speak, they are ‘witnesses’.

By now you probably know that something is wrong and you want to kill them somehow.

Only Pedro and Kim Hyuk-jin went out, leaving Seo-hee Ahn and the others in the space.

“Guild leader. “What on earth did you do?”

“Pedro felt it too.”

“I felt it, but I wanted to confirm. “The power of the Silver Eye was taken from me… I don’t have the Blue Eye, but I imitated the Blue Eye and used the power of the Blue Eye, right?”

“that’s right. “It was just scratching the surface.”

Kim Hyuk-jin thought so himself.

It was literally just scratching the surface.

The ‘power of clear eyes’ used by Kim Hyuk-jin had many limitations.

“I couldn’t see the long past, and the person I was targeting had to be right in front of me.”

The real Cheongan is different.

The Chinese server penetrated the Korean server to spy on Kim Hyuk-jin.

That is the power of the blue eye.

“However, I am a person who is familiar with reconstruction analysis, and I only succeeded in bringing out He Yichuan’s past accordingly.”

“That’s the power to read the past… Ah. What do you mean is that the recovery analysis did not strengthen the power of the blue eye, but organically connected the power between the silver eye and the blue eye?”

“So to speak.”

“…Is that what happens?”

“I tried it and it worked.”

Kim Hyuk-jin chuckled.

This current conversation was conveying sufficient information to the guardians.

Pedro gave his honest impressions.

“I felt like I became a little one with guild leader Kim Hyuk-jin.”

“yes. “I feel what Pedro feels.”

“The guild leader doesn’t seem to mind at all?”

“Shouldn’t it be okay?”

“Not really.”

However, Kim Hyuk-jin was already familiar with the concept of ‘service’ and did not feel it much because he was concentrating on Heo Yi-chuan and the microcosm he had created.

“I felt very strange. “It was a strange feeling, as if we were doing something deep between lovers.”

“Did you?”

Pedro’s face turned red at the dry response.

It felt like I brought it up for no reason.

It almost felt like Kim Hyuk-jin’s face was made of iron.

Pedro concealed his embarrassment and changed the topic.

“Anyway, it’s great to experience service. “Now that you’ve read the past records, what do you plan to do?”

“We will disclose everything. evidence. And witnesses.”

* * *

The video released by Hyukjin Kim shocked the world.

It was revealed that the Demon King’s army was conducting biological experiments on humans and training soldiers using ‘dead energy’.

Even the scene where ‘Qing Yi’ changes into ‘He Yichuan’ was revealed.

“Isn’t that what happened to Gerald too?”

Although it was not included in the video, there was a strong belief that Gerald had done the same.

Breaking news about the ‘true nature of the devil’s army’ broke out all over the world.

-China has become a hotbed of biological experiments. Who is the ‘Devil King’?

Urban legends that had been widely known until now have materialized.

It wasn’t just evidence.

-Survivors returned from the Giant Guild’s guardian tower!

-Vivid testimonies from survivors pour in.

Several of them participated in active interviews.

They were furious because their beliefs had been betrayed.

-“We are the people who originally gathered together as a Red Blood Organization.”

-“It was He Yichuan and the Demon Lord who tried to kill us and take advantage of us.”

Evidence and witnesses were added.

The ‘Kim Hyuk-jin overthrow rumor’ that had been raging throughout China has entered a lull for a while.

Meanwhile, Song Ki-yeol, who visited Kim Hyuk-jin’s house, sat down on a chair at the dining table.

Kim A-young, who happened to be home at the time, said she would treat the guests well and made orange ade using homemade orange juice.

“Ah, Mr. Ayoung. thank you.”

After tasting the orangeade, Song Ki-yeol opened his eyes wide.

[Agility temporarily increases by 1.]

Agility increases with food.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

It is not manufactured through a special process, but is just made from regular orange juice.

‘Why aren’t you surprised, Hyukjin Kim?’

Looking at Kim Hyuk-jin and Kim A-young’s attitudes, it seemed like this was everyday life.

Raising your stats with food is a daily routine.

Not only was Kim Hyuk-jin amazing, but Kim Hyuk-jin’s older sister was also surprising.

‘With this, I can make a business proposal in the future.’

I was sure it was a great item.

But now I came to talk about something else.

I decided to get to the point.

“It may be obvious, but China remains ignorant. He also said that Hwasen is a private company.”

“I guess so.”

It has been revealed that the Demon King’s army is using vicious tricks to grow people through biological experiments and using their vitality as collateral.

However, no evidence was found of a close relationship between the Mawang Army and the Chinese government.

“All circumstances show that China is behind the Demon King’s army…”

“Even if direct evidence comes out, they will deny it.”

Kim Hyuk-jin smiled leisurely.

I drank orangeade.

‘I heard that what my sister makes is the most delicious.’

This orangeade even increased my hero power by 1 as soon as I took a sip.

Kim A-young, who was standing near the sink and glancing in this direction, looked the other way.

“sister. It’s super delicious. thank you.”

“Why thank you?”

Kim A-young, who heard the words, ‘It’s so delicious,’ must have felt relieved and went into her room to talk.

Hyukjin Kim continued.

“Even if conclusive evidence comes out, they will just cast a tail cut.”

“Mr. Kim Hyuk-jin, are you sure that China and the Demon King’s Army have a close cooperative relationship?”

“Is it just me?”

“no. “This is the case for many people outside of China.”

China officially denied all facts, but the world did not see it that way.

Many people thought that China was behind the Demon King’s army.

Song Ki-yeol carefully observed Kim Hyuk-jin and soon realized one thing.

‘Kim Hyuk-jin had foreseen this situation anyway.’

So what next?

Foreseeing this situation also meant that Kim Hyuk-jin brought it to this situation.

“If Kim Hyuk-jin hadn’t wanted it, things would have gone in a different direction, right?”

Song Ki-yeol’s heart trembled for some reason.

It was a thrilling feeling.

The results are achieved in the direction Kim Hyuk-jin wants.

Even if that opponent is China.

Song Ki-yeol, who has been involved in various negotiations with China, was moved by the current situation.

“I don’t know that much, but in any case, China will likely increase anti-Kim Hyuk-jin sentiment.”

There are already a growing number of people within China who are suspicious of the Chinese government.

Even if there is nothing we can do about overseas, it is time for China to urgently strengthen its internal solidarity.

“All of this is a plot by Kim Hyuk-jin, who has enormous power and power. “Everything was fabricated… is it to that extent?”

“Will that work?”

“It will work.”

What Hyukjin Kim said was true.

Even before just two days had passed, anti-Kim Hyuk-jin sentiment burned strongly in China.

Kang Sang-gu stopped by the Geoshin Guild office and clicked his tongue.

“That kind of thing works. “I think they believe that Kim Hyuk-jin manipulated the real evidence and video.”

Kim Hyuk-jin had already become the ‘real evil’ in China.

Although people around the world laughed at this.

Thanks to this, Shin Yeon-seo was truly impressed.

“I know. I believe that. “This works.”

“Things like idiots. Look, they believe what they want to believe. Sedition chaaam is easy.”

Shin Yeon-seo, who was truly impressed by China’s strong response, turned her head towards Kim Hyuk-jin.

“Leader. What are you going to do? “You knew it would end up like this anyway, right?”

“I knew.”

Kang Sang-gu scratched his neck.

Now, this wasn’t surprising.

“Anyway, so? What are you going to do? Are you going to catch the devil bastard?”

“I can’t catch it.”

All I know is that he looks like Kang Seon-il.

Other than that, there is no information.

It is impossible to hunt the devil with this level of information alone.

“What if I don’t catch it?”

Kang Sang-gu tilted his head.

Kim Hyuk-jin is not the type of person to be fooled like this.

He doesn’t forget favors, but he also never forgets enemies.

If I had to make just one enemy in the world, I would choose Kim Hyuk-jin.

There was no way it could have passed like this.

“If precise aiming is not possible.”

Hyukjin Kim grinned.

I told this to Kang Sang-gu and Shin Yeon-seo and also conveyed it to the guardians.

“We need to do wide-area bombing.”

“A wide area bombing? “Where?”

Kang Sang-gu and Shin Yeon-seo made eye contact.

We blinked at each other and then an idea occurred to us.

They both said at the same time.

“Could it be China?”

“Could it be China?”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

“I already told you.”


Shobidobi, who was watching the situation in hiding, uploaded the video in real time.

This is Kim Hyuk-jin and Senia. And it was a situation that Show B Dobi directed with a script.

-I will destroy China as a whole. You must have been prepared for that when you touched me.

At the same time that the video was re-released to the guardians, Kim Hyuk-jin opened his mouth again.

“The easiest way to kill a group of rats hiding in the forest is to burn the entire forest. “Wouldn’t the rats run out of the forest and only then would they be able to see their own forest properly?”

“What the captain is saying is that the forest is China, right?”

“Chinese servers, to be exact.”

Shin Yeonseo swallowed her saliva.

“Are you trying to blow up the Chinese server?”

“Good point, blowing up the server. okay. “I’m about to blow up the server. I think that’ll make you come to your senses.”

Hyukjin Kim mentioned ‘server explosion’.

I wasn’t saying this out of baseless confidence and without any reason.

“I just happened to be given the final scenario [judgment].”

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