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Max Talent Player Chapter 626

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 626

As soon as she hung up the phone, Seonhwa Kim spoke in a trembling voice.

“Oppa, what’s wrong? “Chairman Song Ki-young is dead.”

From the first time the words ‘Chairman Song Ki-young’ were mentioned, Kim Seon-hwa felt uncomfortable.

A phone call with a dead person.

I can’t believe I’m casually talking on the phone with a dead person.

Kim Seon-hwa grew into a very good tank, but she was still afraid of ghosts.

“He died.”

“But what?”

“I felt like making a strange phone call.”

“To Chairman Song?”


Kim Seonhwa trembled again.

I felt a shiver down my spine and looked around.

I thought it would be better to have ghost-type or ghost-type monsters around.

Because monsters are better than ghosts.

“You wanted to call a dead person?”

“Isn’t it strange?”

“yes. “It’s huge.”

“yes? “Isn’t it very strange?”

Hyukjin Kim lowered his voice.

Like telling a scary story.

Kim Seon-hwa slowly moved and stood right next to Kim Hyuk-jin.

I lightly grabbed his collar.

“Why are you so scary?”

Watching one of the world’s best tanks be afraid of ghosts, Kim Hyuk-jin burst out laughing without realizing it.

I stroked Seonhwa’s head a couple of times.

“It’s strange. “I know the fact that Chairman Song Ki-young is dead, you know it, and even most people in Korea know it.”

“Is that so?”

When Kim Hyuk-jin laughed, Kim Seon-hwa felt a little relieved.

Only then did I start to see the situation objectively.

“Someone hinted at me.”

“A hint? To my brother?”

Kim Seon-hwa knows about Kim Hyuk-jin’s mental strength.

There is no way the hint would work.

“There’s no way something like that would work on you.”

Kim Seon-hwa, who said that far, huh! And I ended up laughing.

“Are you pretending to have a clue?”


Hyukjin Kim glanced behind him and whispered.

-Senia. there is?


-What is the broadcast channel?

-This is player Kim Hyuk-jin’s private space, so the broadcast channel is closed.

Hyukjin Kim wanted to ask.

Why is a middle manager residing in a private space at home?

Why on earth aren’t you coming home from work?

-It can be interpreted as an expression that wants to ask why you don’t come home from work.

Just as Kim Hyuk-jin understood and learned a lot about Senia, the same was true for Senia.

I read Kim Hyuk-jin’s expression in an instant.

Senia continued.

-Aren’t you planning on asking me to open a broadcast channel now?

-that’s right.

-I was preparing for times like this. I was just faithful to my role as a middle manager. Do you understand?

Kim Hyuk-jin was somewhat annoying.

I don’t know why, but I felt like I had done something wrong, so I changed the subject.

-Relay channel. Open it.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin explained the situation in the form of a conversation with Senia.

[The ‘Conductor of Noise’ is amazed by your insight.]

Kim Seon-hwa, who was now free from the fear of ghosts, sat on the sofa and nodded.

“indeed. “I think what you said is right.”


‘The Devil’ did not properly understand Kim Hyuk-jin’s abilities.

They used Yeomtaman as a counterpoint to attack the Qing Japanese.

However, the Demon King side did not think that it was really Kim Hyuk-jin’s doing.

“If I really thought it was my doing, I wouldn’t have shown the brainwashing process so clearly.”

Through that scene, I found out the location of the hotel where Cheong-il was staying and also read that the devil was in the form of Kang Seon-il.

We even learned that Qing Yi was transformed into He Yichuan through brainwashing and strange powers.

“The fact that you said so loudly that your brother was the criminal… was just brainwashing. I didn’t even know that my brother was secretly watching me. “Isn’t this guy called the Demon King a big deal?”

Seonhwa felt better.

“Would you like some melon?”

I took out the melon from the refrigerator.

I took out a rare-grade dagger from my inventory and cut the melon beautifully in an instant.

It took only 7 seconds to trim one melon.

“In any case, you are saying that you did not properly understand your brother’s abilities and that you dared to hint to him and lead him to call Chairman Song Ki-young?”

“huh. “I guess he was wondering how I would deal with it.”

Kim Seon-hwa recalled Kim Hyuk-jin’s words.

-There is nothing you can do to help.

-There will be no war.

-As of today, Cheongil will die. And you will need to be well prepared.

So to speak, it was false information.

At that moment, I received a call from Joker, who was dispatched to Beijing.

-The guild leader is right.

Although he was using disguise skills, he was keeping an eye on someone who was presumed to be He Yichuan (Qing Japanese).

He suddenly left the hotel and said he was moving somewhere.

-I suddenly became urgent. Looking at his expression, it looked like he was about to fight to the death.

-I guess so.

-How did you do it? He was a guy who was trying to hide his identity.

-I warned you that I was going to kill you.

-Eh? when?


Hyukjin Kim grinned.

There was already someone who suspected the Joker.

He is suddenly moving around busily and preparing for a duel.

I’m leaving the hotel I’ve been staying at and heading somewhere.

“It may not be 100%, but he might be a Cheongil.”

Kim Seon-hwa munched on the melon.

I am no longer afraid of ghosts or anything.

The sweetness of melon filled her mouth.

The sweet scent and fragrant juice of the melon seemed to spread through my throat and throughout my body.

I felt better and better.

“Then are you serious about what you said last time?”

Kim Seon-hwa remembered exactly what Kim Hyuk-jin had said excitedly.

-I will destroy China as a whole. You must have been prepared for that when you touched me.

Kim Hyuk-jin has never been hinted at.

I also knew right away that the person receiving the call was not Chairman Song Ki-young.


That wasn’t what I said to Song Ki-young.

Those words were spoken to the Demon King.

* * *

A few minutes ago.

A shadow seemed to stir in He Yichuan’s bedroom, and someone appeared.

It was a man who looked like Kang Seon-il.

“Tonight. “Kim Hyuk-jin will come to kill you.”

“Kim… Hyuk… Jin…!”

As soon as He Yichuan heard the name Kim Hyukjin, he immediately expressed anger.

“okay. Hyukjin Kim deserves to die. “Be more angry.”

And handed me a note.

“Go here. “Wait here for Kim Hyuk-jin.”

“All right.”

“Who is Kim Hyuk-jin?”

“He is a crazy dog blinded by capital.”

“okay. “I remember it exactly.”

He Yichuan hurriedly packed his bags and left somewhere.

Kang Seon-il (in his guise as Kang Seon-il) sat on the bed and muttered.

“As you said, the ambition itself is very exciting.”

“Is that so?”

The hotel room door opened.

A man with blonde hair opened the door and came in.

“What did Kim Hyuk-jin say?”

“They said they were going to destroy the whole of China. “He said he must have been prepared to do that when he touched him.”

Kang Seon-il chuckled.

No matter how much you think about it, it’s nonsense.

An individual is going to destroy China.

“I never thought the Colossus Lord was a psychopath drunk on his own power.”

“What a great ambition.”

Kang Seon-il stood up from his seat.

“Did you say that if you kill Kim Hyuk-jin, you will pour oil on me?”

“of course. If you just kill Hyukjin Kim, I will make you a true king. “Great one.”

“It would be a good idea to prepare plenty of oil, Baptist.”

Kang Seon-il’s appearance disappeared.

The man muttered as he looked into the empty space where Kang Seon-il had disappeared.

“Do you really think Kim Hyuk-jin was tricked?”

There was no answer in the air.

“I’m overly disappointed.”

There is no way Kim Hyuk-jin was under the influence.

What Kim Hyuk-jin said on the phone was not to Song Ki-young, but to the devil.

“It seems like the balance has collapsed on one side. If this continues, the final scenario [judgment] will proceed without too much difficulty.”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin communicated with Joker in real time.

-It looks like a cement factory that isn’t operating right now.


It seemed to be an abandoned factory built on a very large site.

-It feels dark and ominous.

-It’s probably a fraud.

I felt like I knew it even without looking.

Numerous frauds were felt at the Changneung New Town site as well.

Joker seemed to be feeling a similar energy.

-Cheongil will be waiting for me there.

-Are you okay? He must have been fully prepared and waiting.

-are you okay. Because you can also be traced.

Joker didn’t understand what was being said for a moment.


Now I understand.

-therefore. You’re skilled enough to track down a sewer like me, so there’s nothing to worry about?

Joker’s pride was hurt for a moment.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t so wrong that I couldn’t argue with it any further.

‘Nothing’, a first-generation middle manager, offered consolation rather than consolation.

“The opponent is Kim Hyuk-jin.”


There is a saying that is popular among middle managers these days.

It was a new word called ‘Gimme Job’.

Less than Kim Hyuk-jin means a job, and it means that there is a huge skill gap between Kim Hyuk-jin and ordinary players.

“It’s called Kimmi Job.” Everyone says that. So don’t be too offended.”

“That’s an interesting statement.”

‘Nothing’ was surprised.

“Who are you?”

Joker swung his dagger.

The mysterious man who suddenly appeared grabbed Joker’s dagger with two fingers.

‘What is this monster?’

The dagger, suppressed by just two fingers, no longer moved.

I used my strength and courage, but the dagger was unshakable.


The dagger was broken in two.

“I forgive you once. “It seems like he cares about it.”

Joker couldn’t say anything.

Kang Seon-il was in the midst of a stir as the ‘Devil King’.


I swallowed my saliva.

Is this the devil that Kim Hyuk-jin is trying to deal with?


This man was not just a player.

It was a monster.

I felt a presence that I had never experienced before.

‘You can’t fight this guy.’

Kang Seon-il smiled and said.

“He’s a pretty quick-witted guy.”


Joker couldn’t move even a single step.

Meanwhile, Kang Seon-il stood with his back against a building.

“Watch it. Will [judgment] ever begin?”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin moved to the abandoned factory that Joker taught him about through Yongdori’s warp.

I was with Pedro, who had become a master of service.


Pedro says wow! I was nauseous.

“You are weak, human. Yongdori is strong. “I don’t get motion sickness or anything.”

“It’s noisy.”

Pedro no longer cosplayed as a man.

She was wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt and leggings and said she was called out while working out.

“Hehe. “You seem like a weak human being.”

Yongdori seemed very interested in the fact that he did not get motion sickness.

Then, I immediately felt a strange energy.

“I feel a lot of morale.”

It seemed like there were probably a lot of bodies buried underground.

This was fully expected.

But then.


An explosion erupted.


Screams were also heard.

It seemed like there were still people alive.

Kim Hyuk-jin hurriedly spread his energy and looked around.

‘Bodies on the floor.’

It seemed like there were corpses that had been treated with special magic.

‘More than that… people alive.’

So to speak, this place felt like a biological prison.

Countless people were trapped here.

‘The fact that Cheongil is heading this way means that he will definitely kill me here, right?’

There is a high probability that this is a secret Chinese facility.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“It’s okay that they’re killing innocent people, but is it to blame me for killing Cheong-il?”

There was no answer.

Hyukjin Kim wasn’t expecting an answer either.

These were the words he told the guardians to hear anyway.

‘Their purpose is clear.’

The primary goal is to kill Kim Hyuk-jin himself here.

If that fails, Kim Hyuk-jin will be falsely accused of committing mass murder here.

“You’re making a fuss.”

The strategy itself wasn’t bad.

This is because we have prepared for both outcomes.

At that time, Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart was pounding.


My heart reacted to something.



My heart started beating violently.

– …Give it to me.

A voice was heard.

It wasn’t an auditory hallucination or a sound from the system.

I started hearing strange voices.

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