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Max Talent Player Chapter 623

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 623

“I have something to tell you.”

Pedro was very serious.

I thought that the silver-eyed giant would be an overly dangerous and reckless monster to the current Kim Hyuk-jin.

“I hope the guild leader doesn’t get hurt.”

I meant it.

We have brought the situation to this point by going to great lengths.

“For this alone, I respect the guild leader and think he is truly cool.”


“I already know that you used up enough power to bring the situation to this point, even sacrificing your vitality, and I also know that you are not revealing it to me.”

Hyukjin Kim scratched his head.


I understand how Pedro feels.

Pedro was seriously worried.

I was grateful for that feeling itself.

“I’ve never overexerted myself that much.”

Pedro was impressed once again.

I know very well why Kim Hyuk-jin speaks like that.

That was because Pedro himself was a ‘non-combatant’.

Non-combat personnel do not help in combat.

I thought it was Kim Hyuk-jin’s consideration not to put any burden on himself since it wouldn’t help anyway.

“You’re warm as expected.”


Hyukjin Kim didn’t bother to correct him and say ‘no.’

I left it to be misunderstood.

The more Pedro misunderstood, the more intense the yellow light emanating from her body became.

“I can feel it. “The silver-eyed giant is a huge monster that reaches level 120.”

Level 120.

Pedro was the ultimate monster he had never experienced before.

“Of course, I know that the guild leader is incredibly strong, but… I wish I could give up on this hunt. “You will be able to escape the Silver Star Workshop without hunting the Silver Eye Giant.”

Kim Hyuk-jin felt similar to when he helped Choi Hyun-soo in the past.

At that time, Choi Hyun-soo hoped for a miracle.

He had hoped that a miracle would happen and someone would save him and his sister.


Kim Hyuk-jin realized.

Pedro’s earnest heart was a wish.

[Title effect. ‘The wishes of the people’ are used.]

What Pedro wanted was so clear that there was no need to use the nameless plan.

I read that clear and specific wish.

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

“I am grateful for Pedro’s heart.”

Only then did Pedro smile brightly.

It seemed like Kim Hyuk-jin was thinking of giving up on hunting the silver-eyed giant.

“Well thought out.”

“But Pedro. “Just as Pedro’s feelings were sincere, I will also try to speak sincerely.”

As misunderstandings piled up, Pedro’s heart became more serious.

Kim Hyuk-jin also spoke seriously.

“I’m not saying I’m not tired to reassure Pedro or to be considerate.”


“My condition is better than ever, and I can confidently say that I will be able to take on a level 120 Silver Eye Giant without too much difficulty. “I repeat, this is not because I am greedy or overconfident.”

Pedro looked straight into Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

Only then was Pedro able to read Kim Hyuk-jin’s sincerity.

“So… does that mean that the whole process of killing all the bugs while operating the Flame of Athens… wasn’t that difficult?”

“yes. “Not really.”


Pedro’s reason shouted.

But I also had to admit that it made sense.

It was strange that Kim Hyuk-jin insisted so earnestly that he was saying no, but only trusted his own judgment.

“Anyway, I knew Pedro’s sincerity. “I won’t get hurt and I plan to clear this place perfectly.”

Pedro couldn’t take his eyes off Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

I’m not sure why, but Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes looked golden.

I felt like I was being sucked into a golden universe.


Pedro averted his gaze.

I had a fearful feeling that if I made eye contact any longer, I would be sucked into that golden universe and never be able to escape again.

“So, I hope you can trust and rely on me.”

“all right.”

“I promise. “I’m not hurt.”

Pedro’s wish was for Kim Hyuk-jin not to get hurt.

I was able to get out of here safely.

-I promise.

As soon as I heard these words, an unknown sense of relief filled my heart.

For a moment, Pedro felt as if his vision became brighter.

Something was blocked! It felt like it was breaking through.

At the same time, Hyukjin Kim received a notification.

[‘The people’s wish’ has been fulfilled.]

[Stats increase randomly.]

Kim Hyuk-jin has a body that is outside of the ‘stat system’.

As always, the stats were converted to hero power and obtained.

[Stat is converted to ‘Hero Power’.]

[‘Hero Power’ of 1 has been acquired.]

Hero Power was acquired before confronting the Silver Eye Giant.

* * *

Pedro took a deep breath.

“I’m going to infuse you with mana. “The silver-eyed giant will appear within 10 seconds.”


Kim Hyuk-jin was not afraid.

In fact, I was even a little excited.

A monster that is officially level 120.

And it is a monster with the name ‘Giant’.

The fact that he met a strong monster came to Kim Hyuk-jin as a kind of joy.

“Let me begin.”

Light emanated from Eunseong’s pocket watch.

Perhaps influenced by the light, Pedro’s eyes briefly turned silver.

‘Silver eye?’

at that time.

A notification was heard.

[The silver-eyed giant appears.]

[The silver-eyed giant raid begins in 60 seconds.]

Pedro’s eyes returned to normal.

dark space.

Boom at the end! thud! The sound of footsteps was heard.

Kim Hyuk-jin felt it right there.

‘It’s not a real giant after all.’

I met real giants.

It didn’t feel like this.

‘A true giant is…’

A presence so strong that its mere presence overwhelms those around it.

That is the presence of a giant.

However, the monster ‘Silver Eye Giant’ that appeared now was not like that.

-If the real fire giants hear this, their blood pressure will rise so much that they will faint.

I felt like I could now understand a little bit what Kang Seon-il said.

In other words, this ‘Silver Eye Giant’ was not a real ‘giant’ but an event monster that only existed once in each dimension.

‘And usually event monsters that are this rare usually drop good rewards.’

There are now 30 seconds left until the raid starts.

thud! thud!

The footsteps got closer and closer.

In the distance, a large human-shaped figure about 3 meters tall was approaching towards us.

‘Is this the presence of level 120?’

Level 120.

Before returning, Hyukjin Kim was an extremely powerful monster that he could not even dare to dream of.

Even on Playpedia, level 120 monsters have never been listed, and even then, there was only a record of top rankers teaming up to conduct raids.


I realized that it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought.

After encountering such huge and strong beings, meeting a level 120 monster felt relatively easy.

Meanwhile, Pedro was trying to find his role.

‘I am a non-combatant, though.’

Still, there had to be something that could help.

I couldn’t just sit back and play with my hands just because I was a non-combatant.

“I will use the power of the pocket watch to help you.”


Actually, I didn’t need any help.

However, I had no intention of ignoring Pedro’s sincerity.

On the other hand, I was curious about how much power a pocket watch would show.

[After 10 seconds, the Silver Eye Giant raid begins.]

The Silver Eye Giant approached right in front of us.

It was definitely a human shape.

It sparkled as if silver powder had been sprinkled on the skin.

‘There’s nothing else on the face… Is it just a big eye?’

There was no nose, mouth, or ears.

Only large eyes filled the face, and their color was silver.

[The Silver Eye Giant Raid begins.]

At that moment, Kim Hyuk-jin felt a strange feeling.

‘I feel like my body is slowing down.’

It seemed like it was probably the Silver Eye Giant’s ‘ability to manipulate time’.

It seemed to have the ability to cause distortion between one’s own time and this side’s time.

“I will defend myself.”

Pedro held on to his silver star pocket watch and raised his mana.

As the person who perfectly restored the Eunseong pocket watch, he did not feel much difficulty in using its power.

‘Is it a battle of time distortion versus time distortion?’

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at the flying palm with an indifferent expression.

The silver-eyed giant and Pedro were fighting with time distortion powers, but it didn’t matter to Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘It’s slow.’

Anyway, something that is slow has to become faster, but it is still slow.

Even if a slug moves 10 times faster, it cannot keep up with the speed of a cheetah.


Kim Hyuk-jin dodged the palm without much difficulty.

Mana began to gather in the silver eyes of the silver-eyed giant.

‘It looks like something is shooting out of its eyes.’

It seemed like it was probably some kind of ability related to time.

‘I’m curious.’

So I just waited.

I couldn’t feel any threat or tension from the Silver Eye Giant.

Of course, you cannot let down your guard.

In particular, I learned firsthand that you should never let down your guard when dealing with the devil.

But things were different now.

In the first place, this ‘Eunseong Workshop’ was a special space prepared by Bupapa for Kim Hyuk-jin and Pedro.

‘Let me see.’

A silver energy appeared in the silver eyes, and then a ray of light shot out.

‘It looks like a laser cannon.’

Even that was slow.

Kim Hyuk-jin avoided the beam by simply taking two slow steps to the side.


The ground that the rays hit began to rot and crumble.

The material that was close to cement turned into rotten soil.

‘Did they accelerate time and make it disappear?’

It was a fun attack.

If it hit a part of the body, it seemed like that part would age rapidly.

And one thing became clear.

‘It’s fun, but not for me…’

If I were to be specific, that attack was a non-physical magic type.

Kim Hyuk-jin has strong resistance to non-physical attacks and was able to nullify attacks like the one just above.

Meanwhile, Pedro was sweating profusely and engaged in a desperate battle with the silver-eyed giant’s time-distorting ability.

Looking at that scene, Kim Hyuk-jin realized something again.

‘The Silver Eye Giant is ultimately the training partner who trains the owner of the Silver Star Pocket Watch.’

Hunting the Silver Eye Giant was not the ultimate goal.

It was a place to train Pedro, the owner of Silver Star Pocket Watch.

‘I just need to attract aggro.’

It was easy.

As I watched closely, I saw that Pedro’s abilities were improving day by day.

Eunseong Workshop. And without the special medium called Silver Eye Giant, such rapid growth would have been difficult.

Three days have already passed in there.

The growth of Pedro’s time manipulation abilities slowed.

‘It’s comparable to a silver star giant.’

Meanwhile, Pedro showed amazing concentration.

For three days, he did not drink water once and did not take his eyes off the silver-eyed giant even once.

‘Then slowly now.’

Let’s end it.

Kim Hyuk-jin took out Isen.

Without thinking too much, I walked closer and swung.

Although it is a single sword that is swung casually, inside it is the state of unity between the insightful sword and the spirit and sword. And there was a special sword energy that was a mixture of firearms and thunderbolts in appropriate proportions.


The silver-eyed giant’s head fell to the ground.

[We hunted a silver-eyed giant.]

Hunting was very easy.

A level 120 monster was like a rabbit to Kim Hyuk-jin.


However, the artifact dropped by the Silver Eye Giant was unusual.

It looks exactly like the eyes that shined on the head of Guardian Tower Ahn Seo-hee.

Only the color was silver.

‘Silver eye?’

Pedro tried to pick it up and then, oops! I screamed and fainted for a moment before waking up.

Meanwhile, information was relayed to Pedro. my head hurts.

Pedro continued speaking with difficulty, rubbing his throbbing temples.

“Special conditions are required to obtain the Silver Eye.”

“What are the conditions?”


Pedro’s complexion darkened.

I was heartbroken when I thought that I could not get any loot after hunting down the silver-eyed giant.

“We need a monument imbued with greatness and power. “I’m not sure what it is, but… I think it’s an artifact that can’t be obtained through human power.”

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