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Max Talent Player Chapter 621

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#Max level talent player Episode 621


Pedro regretted it as soon as he entered the silver studio.

I didn’t even realize that I had lost my manly appearance and let out a feeble scream.

“Buh buh buh bug!”

Numerous insects were seen.

There were numerous insects whose names and species were unknown.

There were so many bugs on the window that I couldn’t even count them.

“Je jje jje damn it!”

The problem is that the glass window is very large.

To be precise, this was a space made of glass.

“It’s a workshop!”

Damn old man!

Red eyebrows and red beard!

And there was no doubt that the old man with the suspicious silver eyes had led them into this outrageous trap.

My mind turned completely white.

If there were tens of thousands of bugs, it seemed like they had hundreds of thousands of legs.

‘They all have too many legs.’

It had a lot of legs, a lot of hair, and it was hideous.

The square glass box that maintained this space seemed ready to collapse at any moment. The sound of insects


was terrible.

My hair became dry and cold sweat poured down my face.

However, Kim Hyuk-jin, who had become accustomed to Jinju Wukong, was not very afraid.

“Wasn’t he a real man?”

“Guild leader!”

Pedro hurriedly hid behind Kim Hyuk-jin.

Even though I tried to hide behind it, the back was full of bugs anyway because all sides were made of glass.


In the end, Pedro sat down.

A feeling of extreme fear and helplessness took over her.

What Pedro fears most in the world is bugs with many legs.

“ruler. “Come to your senses and look around.”

Hyukjin Kim felt that this glass space was very solid.

No matter how many bugs there are, they will not be able to penetrate into this glass space.

‘It doesn’t look like they were made to hunt those bugs.’

Perhaps this space was created with great effort by Bupapa, the ‘Silver Star Sword Spirit’.

This space was also likely to be one of the Guardian’s masterpieces.

Since it was opened as ‘Eunseong Pocket Watch’, it seemed to be highly related to ‘Eunseong Pocket Watch’.

“Around the state?”

Pedro’s voice returned to normal.

In a space full of bugs, he was no longer a man.

It was the appearance of a woman I had seen at the Duke of Referee’s castle before.

She was so embarrassed that even the disguise magic that was always covering her was broken.

“calm down.”

Hyukjin Kim walked closer, lightly wrapped his arms around Pedro’s shoulder, and patted him.

“I told you to calm down, but calm down…”

There’s no way you can calm down.

Even Bella and Salvareto, who claim to be bug friends and have very powerful weapons, could not make them overcome their fear of bugs.

‘Calm down… are you done?’

But surprisingly, I calmed down.

‘What happened?’

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin read Pedro’s state of extreme fear through his sense eyes.

I felt like I couldn’t do anything like this so I gently hugged him.

Then, he activated the rainbow reflector without Pedro noticing.

Kim Hyuk-jin noticed long ago that all these bugs were not ‘real bugs’.

[Abilities are shared with designated observation targets.]

[‘Illusion Immunity’ is shared.]

However, I had no intention of sharing it completely.

‘It just needs to be very minimal.’

I have experienced illusions several times and have reached the point where I use them in reverse.

So the bugs were not completely eliminated.

‘Let me see.’

I closely examined Pedro’s condition with my senses.

‘There must be a line that can be tolerated.’

When the moment comes.

Pedro’s summary has changed.


Summary: A woman who has lost her identity as a man


It means that now she feels that she has lost her identity as a man more than being afraid of bugs.

‘Okay, this is it.’

I predicted that there must be a reason why Bupapa designed the space this way.

So, we adjusted the difficulty of the fantasy to a level that Pedro could handle.

For Pedro, it was just amazing.

‘Why are you okay?’ ‘

Is it because

the guild leader hugged me…?’

Kim Hyuk-jin gave me a little hug and I felt better.

This was Pedro’s first time feeling this way.

I felt as if something as huge as Taishan was protecting me.

It was a special feeling because I overcame my fear of insects for the first time in my life.

“Mr. Pedro. Take a good look around. There is a workbench and signs of fire. “You can see rusty knives here and there.”

“I see.”

Pedro’s face turned a little red.

Has there ever been a man in your life who has given you this much stability?

‘There was none.’

Even Bella and Salvareto were not like this.

So in the end, she chose a manly cosplay to protect herself and become a stronger fence than anyone else.


Summary: A woman experiencing ecstasy at the first sense of stability in her life


Hyukjin Kim cleared his throat.

It’s good that it provides a sense of stability, but is that an ecstatic thing?

Anyway, I felt pretty good.

Suddenly, Pedro’s summary from the past came to mind.


Summary: A woman who is satisfied with her own beauty


She was a woman who cried out for a manly man every day, but was actually satisfied with her own beauty.

The keyword that Hyukjin Kim particularly focused on was ‘woman.’

From now on, the word ‘woman’ has never been left out.

It means that a person has a clearer sexual identity than anyone else.

For some reason, Isabel’s face passed by.

‘I have to be careful.’

I quickly took my hand away.

It doesn’t matter when you think of yourself as a manly man, but it was a bit sinister to keep thinking of yourself as a ‘woman’.

It was best not to create unnecessary seeds of misunderstanding.

He spoke quickly.

“It looks like someone’s workshop. “It seems like the bugs are just an element to distract Mr. Pedro.”

Only then was Pedro able to look at the situation objectively.

“Bugs to disturb me. “I feel like I have to create something in this extreme space.”

“I think so too.”

Then I heard a notification.

[The reason for the existence of the Silver Seong Workshop has been confirmed.]

[The quest for the Silver Seong Workshop has been given.]

Pedro suddenly felt strange.

‘There are people like me, while there are also people like the guild leader who don’t think anything of bugs?’

Now that I think about it, I thought it was a bit cool that I wasn’t afraid of bugs at all.

Kim Hyuk-jin looked dependable and huge today.

‘What am I thinking?’

I decided to quickly come to my senses.

‘So the [Silver Star Sword Spirit] who designed this place knows about me well?’

It was unfamiliar, but I didn’t hate it.

That dwarf old man.

I don’t know why I don’t hate the old man who appeared laughing at me.

“Perhaps… I think we should do something to strengthen or upgrade this pocket watch.”

“Is there a way?”

“I think I can refine it with my unique abilities.”

There was a problem.

“I need a fire.”


“yes. A pure and clean flame. “There is no separate place to light a fire here.”


Kim Hyuk-jin lit a fire in his palm.

“Is this okay?”


I felt a familiar energy in Kim Hyuk-jin’s hand.

‘Pure flame. Athens!’

As soon as I thought of Athens, a blurry image of someone appeared in my mind.

Red eyebrows.

red beard.

And small stature.

Strong, strong. I had a headache.

I hastily erased that thought.

“Do you know how to do something like this?”

“yes. “It just so happened.”

“You’re not a wizard.”

If you’re not a wizard, how can you handle fire so easily?

Pedro, who thought so, soon became convinced.

‘but. Because Kim Hyuk-jin is the guild leader.’


From one to ten.

I don’t think there’s anything I can’t do.

“But are you able to maintain such a pure flame for so long?”

“I think it’s possible.”

Kim Hyuk-jin did not ask ‘How long?’

Simply maintaining a ‘fire for work’ wasn’t too much of a stretch.

I could keep it as long as I wanted.

‘At least we’ll be able to keep it up longer than Mr. Pedro collapses from exhaustion.’

Pedro asked.

“But guild leader. “Can’t you get rid of those bugs?”

“I think it would be a bit difficult to do that while maintaining the fire.”

It was a lie.

Honestly, I could do anything I wanted to.

However, Kim Hyuk-jin had no intention of breaking Bupapa’s arrangement.

“Well… that’s true too. “Just maintaining Athens will take an enormous amount of physical and mental energy.”


“all right. “Then I will concentrate and work hard.”

Pedro placed his Silver Star pocket watch on the workbench and placed his hand on it.

“Guild leader, could you put your hand on top of mine while using the flame?”

“Like this?”


As Pedro was a master craftsman, he had a great understanding and affinity for fire.

Kim Hyuk-jin did not suffer any injuries from the fire he unleashed.

‘It’s warm.’

Kim Hyuk-jin’s hands felt very warm today.

I closed my eyes and tried to figure out the structure of the ‘Eunseong Pocket Watch’.

The soul I feel inside. Mana flow. Even the physical structure.

‘It’s definitely… a masterpiece.’

Three hours have passed since I closed my eyes.

* * *

When three hours have passed.

Pedro opened his eyes.

I ended up screaming again.


This was because the insects that were far away had become so close that they could be touched if one stretched out one’s hand.

The glass space surrounding this space became smaller and the bugs became much closer.

“Guild leader! Burr bug!”

“Concentrate. “Get your hands on it.”


When I lost focus, I was burned by the flames of Athens.

It almost caused irreversible damage to the ‘Eunseong Pocket Watch’.

Although it looks fine on the outside, the ‘Eunseong Pocket Watch’ is now in a non-physically dissected state.

I almost destroyed it completely from the inside.

‘Damn it!’

I need to concentrate.

The bugs were so close that I couldn’t concentrate.

‘But you still have to do it.’

I closed my eyes tightly.

I had to overcome the fear that the bugs would get closer as time passed.

‘Let’s focus.’

In fact, Kim Hyuk-jin deliberately adjusted the effect of ‘phantom immunity’.

In order to execute Bupapa’s arrangements more accurately.

Perhaps Bupapa wanted Pedro to focus in such an extreme situation.

I thought that the best results would come if I followed Bupapa’s will.

At that moment.

A message has arrived.

[‘The Sword Spirit of the Silver Star’ is wary of your excessive wisdom.]


The person who created this space sent a message directly.

Beware of excessive wisdom.

‘What am I doing wrong?’

I thought this was right.

So I played in this direction.

‘No, but is it okay to give me a hint like this? The person himself?’

When I thought about it, there was nothing that couldn’t be done.

Didn’t the first generation guardian, ‘Giant of the Sunset’, also do this in the past short table dungeon?

There were no problems.

‘Still, it feels a little uncomfortable…’

This is something that Hyukjin Kim has also heard many times.

It is said that too much of it makes a kka.

The possibility that Bupapa’s excessive favoritism and interference would turn many other Guardians into enemies could not be ruled out.

But then another message was delivered.

[The ‘Blue Thunder Trumpet’ secretly conveys information that the phantom species is vulnerable to lightning.]

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Senia in bewilderment.

-Is it true that you delivered it secretly?

-The contents of the message were made public.

So, although it was expressed as ‘secretly’, it actually meant that it was not a secret at all.

The ‘Blue Thunder Trumpet’, who can be said to be the first generation guardian, suddenly gave a hint.

However, in addition, the second generation guardian also appeared.

[‘The Night of the Meteor Falling’ looks forward to your spectacular archery skills.]

1st generation.

2nd generation.

3rd generation.

A total of three guardians appeared and encouraged direct play.

In the middle of play.

[‘Noble Desire’ looks closely outside the glass space and into obscurity.]


The format of the message is a little different from usual.

It seemed like the words ‘into obscurity’ had to be written.

Moreover, if honesty is the second priority, even the sad woman on the scale sent a message.

[‘The Woman of the Scales’ delivers the great command to save the weak in danger.]

‘Even the Woman of the Scales?’

I guess I thought wrong.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Are you that scared?”

Pedro, who tried to overcome his fear and concentrate, but could not concentrate properly, nodded.

Her eyes were full of tears.

“Okay then.”

Then I decided to show it.

The play that guardians want.

“I will help you.”

It made me wonder if the guardians had ever been this blatant, so I decided to blatantly grant their request.

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