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Max Talent Player Chapter 615

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 615


[Fused Powers]

1. Illusion Immunity

: You are immune to illusions up to Rakshasa level. For illusions below the Rakshasa level, it functions as an ability such as ‘reflection’ or ‘applying reverse illusion’. This power can be combined with the ‘Rainbow Reflector’ to easily neutralize the ‘external power’ or use it conversely.


“Rainbow reflection is applied to illusions below Rakshasa level.”

“Rainbow reflection?”

“There is such a thing. “It’s very strong.”

However, when this power was applied with the ‘Rainbow Reflector’, it went beyond the level of reflecting illusions.


‘External powers’ can be easily neutralized or used conversely.


In other words, even if the Demon King’s forces used ‘Spy Eye’, they could neutralize it or use it conversely.

“I understand neutralization.”

I understand that it works to stop the use of the spying eye or prevent the spying eye from reading this page. However, a detailed explanation of ‘use in reverse’ was needed.

“Using it in reverse means…”

I decided to use spying as an example.

Because the power of the opponent that Kim Hyuk-jin was targeting was spying.

“It means that you can cleverly direct the situation you are seeing through your spying eyes. “Through fantasy.”

“Then isn’t there a need for a separate illusionist?”


Even Senia, who had seen Kim Hyuk-jin for a long time, could not immediately understand Kim Hyuk-jin’s words.

I know that you can deceive your spying eye through illusions, but doesn’t that require a helper who can handle illusions?

“I can write fantasy.”


Hyukjin Kim chuckled.

“I don’t know if a demonstration is possible. Would you like to let down your guard against me? “With the mindset that a fantasy is at stake for me.”

Actually, Hyukjin Kim was also curious.

Will the ‘method of unfolding fantasy’ that I understood in my head work?

If I can use it against Senia, an Elyos, I will be able to use illusions on others as well.

“All right. However, the Elyos have a very high self-defense against mental magic, illusions, etc… Ugh!”

Senia closed her eyes.

I slumped slightly in my seat.

Suddenly the world went dark and creepy evil spirits surrounded Senia.

It was a shame because I knew it was an illusion. If I hadn’t known, I would have never been able to escape from the mental world.

“Hmm… Hmm.”

Senia took a deep breath.

It was my first time experiencing an illusion.

“What was… just now?”

“You know about my [illusory immunity], right?”

“That’s right.”

“I got so used to fantasy that I developed an immunity to it. “As I developed immunity to fantasy, my understanding of fantasy increased significantly.”


“In that state, I even experienced another fantasy, right?”

After experiencing the Rakshasa level illusion, I immediately experienced the Rakshasa level illusion, ‘The Scream of the Evil Spirits’.

Raksha-level illusions could not cause any damage to Kim Hyuk-jin.

“I understand because I experienced a weak illusion below the level of a Rakshasa.”


“How to manage illusion.”

Coincidentally, at that time, I was using ‘Nameless Eye’, which was aided by ‘Mana Connection Using Purple Magic Stone’.

The nameless eye interpreted numerous things and made us understand the existence of the spying eye and the fundamental operation of illusion.

It happened regardless of Kim Hyuk-jin’s intentions.

“So, even though it is impossible to reach the Rakshasa level, I can now control the Rakshasa level illusion to a certain extent. That means.”

Great illusions are impossible.

But small fantasies are possible.

At the very least, he could create an illusion that could torment the Elyos Senia.

“It probably means that when you spy on me through spying, you can manipulate the situation by cleverly deceiving it.”

Senia nodded.

I saw the smile engraved on Kim Hyuk-jin’s lips.

Today, that smile felt more frightening than usual.

It was even somehow evil.

‘Given Kim Hyuk-jin’s personality, he would have talked about the most trivial things first.’

In Senia’s opinion, it is no longer trivial.

Looking at Kim Hyuk-jin’s expression, it seemed like there was something more.

“By any chance… do other abilities exist?”

* * *

A man with blue eyes.

His name was Cheongil (靑一).

He sat in a hotel room and tried to concentrate.

‘Kim Hyuk-jin is a thorough guy.’

Kim Hyuk-jin is a thorough and cunning guy.

He may have deliberately discussed the failure of the dimensional quest with Qing Japan himself in mind.

Just in case, I tried using ‘spy eye’ again.

Not long after using the spying eye, I decided to push myself a bit, even though the physical strain was great.


I closed my eyes.

You can see it even without looking.

Cheongan penetrated the world, passed through the server, and set out to find Kim Hyuk-jin’s scent.

Cheongan read Kim Hyuk-jin’s mana.


It was correct that Kim Hyuk-jin acted.

Rapundel was sweating coldly.

– Rapundel. are you okay?

-I guess I can somehow hold on.

When I first looked into it through spying, the situation wasn’t that bad.

‘So, you’re saying Kim Hyuk-jin was bluffing in front of me?’

It was true that Kim Hyuk-jin had spying in mind.

It seemed like he was deliberately acting as if nothing had happened because of spying.

Looking at Rapundel’s complexion and condition, it seemed quite dangerous.

‘It looks like I used up more power on the dimensional quest than I thought.’

Cheongil felt better.

He went straight to his owner.

As usual, his owner received the report in a dark space where nothing could be seen.

“I tried using my spying eye again.”

I posted a report about Hyukjin Kim and Rapundel.

The situation seemed worse than I thought.

“At the time, Kim Hyuk-jin seemed to have noticed that I was using spying skills and had developed a bluff plan.”

“It’s a good thing to hear.”

The shadow in the darkness laughed, as if satisfied with Cheongil’s report.

It seemed like a pretty good situation.

“Given his personality, he will definitely find a way to restore Rapundel. “He tends to care too much about the things around him.”

“There is a high probability that we will be looking for clues and gates related to the underground giant.”

“Meanwhile, we are looking for the [Fire Giant’s Palace]. Cheongil. “I’ll give you a gift.”

Cheongil knelt down on one knee.

“My name.”

A shadow crept up in the darkness.

A dark energy enveloped Cheongil’s body.

Cheongil felt ecstasy and let out a faint groan.

‘It’s ecstatic.’

This was extreme pleasure.

His pleasure-filled eyes glowed even more blue.

“It’s the morale of a pregnant woman.”

“thank you.”

Saliva flowed from Cheongil’s mouth.

It was his first experience with fraud.

I have never experienced such clean and sweet fraud.

“It is a fraud for 30 people, so if you include the fetus, it is a fraud for 60 people.”

“I will work harder.”

Cheongil returned to the hotel room and sat on the sofa.

That feeling from before.

The ecstatic feeling I felt when I absorbed the morale came back to me.

My heart was pounding.

I felt like I could use my spying eye again now.

‘I’ll try it one more time.’

Once more.

I closed my eyes.

Thinking of Kim Hyuk-jin, I set out to find Kim Hyuk-jin beyond the server.


At that moment he saw an evil spirit.

Evil spirits covered in blood attacked Cheongil.

He swung a huge scythe.

A scythe filled with sharp anticipation tore apart the Qing-Japanese mentality.


Cheongil screamed and fell down.

Unbearable pain surged from both eyes.

I clutched my eyes with both hands.

Thick blood leaked out between the fingers covering my eyes.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin said with a light smile.

Senia felt that that smile was quite evil.

“Just like you did, you can cleverly manipulate the situation and show an illusion.”

I intentionally created Rapundel’s pale face and expression.

After experimenting, it seemed that I could completely fool the spy.

“How did you know the spying eye was used?”

“One of the abilities fused to the rainbow reflector is [Sense Eye].”

Sensory vision is an ability that implies ‘extra sense’ at the beginning of the tutorial.

Through the power fusion stone, the rainbow reflector and sense eyes were fused together.

“I just feel it when an external power, such as a spying eye, acts on me.”

“Do you feel it directly, rather than just noticing it through the [rainbow reflector’s] vibration or notification?”

“uh. “That’s it.”

The fairy of the furnace was very happy at those words.

-You truly have the qualities of a master!

-We have reached the state of oneness of everything and everything. He is the perfect person to grow into a master general.

This was a shout-out message that was clearly intended for other guardians.

It seemed like the fairy of the furnace couldn’t give up her desire to raise Kim Hyuk-jin into a ‘master’.

He showed such great qualities as a master general.

The level that Kim Hyuk-jin is showing now goes beyond simple strengthening or upgrading and has reached a level of growth by becoming one with luxury goods.

-I have never seen anyone with such great qualities in the past 1,000 years.

However, the ‘Saint of the Milky Way’, who was not on good terms with the Fairy of the Furnace Fire, laughed at the Fairy of the Furnace Fire.

-I don’t think it’s something I would like that much.


-Kim Hyuk-jin had long ago achieved the state of unity between the sword and body, and further achieved the state of harmony. That was a long time ago too.

Jinju of Cheonmasan Mountain added his words.

-Even Geomshinilchi was said to be a beginner section.

A subtle war of nerves broke out between the guardians.

The fairy of the furnace wanted Kim Hyuk-jin to grow into a master,

the pearl of Mt. Cheonmasan or the brave lion king. And the battle-line guardians, such as the White Hunter, hoped that Kim Hyuk-jin would grow into an absolute person with absolute military power.

The Woman on the Scale hoped that Kim Hyuk-jin would grow up to be a guardian of justice, and the

Whispering Devil hoped that Kim Hyuk-jin would become a warlord who controls the world through cunning methods.

Some also hoped to become a great Tao, while others hoped to become a great monarch.

Someone else said this:

-He has achieved the realm of insight through the body of no body, so wouldn’t he be truly a rare monk?

Since each guardian had very different wants depending on their personality, they were careful about what they said to each other, but the fairy of the furnace caught fire.


Kim Hyuk-jin did not even know that a war or struggle had broken out between the guardians.

“Not only was the sensory eye applied, but in fact, the insight and ignorance eye were also applied together.”

“Is that possible…”

Is it possible?

I was about to ask him, but he just said this.

“It’s possible.”

Because it’s Hyukjin Kim.

Senia decided to accept it.

The Fairy of the Furnace Fire once again emphasized ‘oneness of all things’ and ‘unparalleled qualities as a master’, but many guardians did not acknowledge it.

“I think I will be able to identify the opponent who used the power against me through the Nameless Eye and attack the opponent using the Insight Sword.”

“Insight branch prosecutor?”


[Insight Sword (洞察之劒)]

A high-level unique ability created by combining the strengths of excellent striking and sword path pioneering. It never misses the enemy’s weaknesses and delivers powerful attacks to the weakest areas.


The insight sword is one that digs into and attacks the opponent’s weakest part.

“For example, like this.”

I could sense that the wind was blowing and that the spying eye had been used again.

When I traced it back with the help of the ‘Infinite Rainbow Reflector’, I felt that it was a ‘fraud’.

The devil’s side was right.

And I felt one more thing.

‘The eyes are blue.’

Jackson once said:

“The Demon King needs six eyes to gain true power.”

Golden eye, silver eye, white eye, black eye, blue eye, red eye.

It was said that six eyes were needed.

Among them, ‘Cheongan’ seemed to have appeared.

The person who used the spying eye was the person who used the ‘clear eye’.

‘The name is… Cheongil.’

I was even able to find out the origin of the name.

He was not a normal human being.

A life form similar to an artificially created artificial human.

‘The first experiment granted the power of blue eyes.’

So the name seemed to be Cheongil.

Perhaps the Demon Lord’s side had some success with human experiments.

“You can use the other person’s spying ability to do something like this. You can share your vision with me, right?”

“of course.”

Items that share line of sight are expensive.

However, Senia has long since grown into a middle manager who can handle that level.

“Let’s share the view.”

Hyukjin Kim shared with Senia what he was seeing with his own eyes.

I saw someone lying there, bleeding.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“It’s Blue Day.”

According to the system, the devil’s side’s guardians cannot properly see this side’s play.

Conversely, guardians who face the Demon King will not be able to see the Demon King’s side of play properly.

Kim Hyuk-jin broke through it in a legal way.

“It’s the devil’s side’s power.”

I took advantage of my opponent’s spying ability.

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