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Max Talent Player Chapter 609

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 609

[Fire Giant’s Flame ‘Aratessa’ asks.]

[Did you receive an invitation from the Fire Giant?]

The flames covering Hyukjin Kim’s body became a world.

A world where everything is made of fire.

Hyukjin Kim stood there.

It felt similar to being in the pure flame of Athens.

[Have you been invited by the fire giant?] As

Kim Hyuk-jin did not answer, the same question was asked several times.

Soon, the flames surrounding the world began to form one shape.

A human-looking flame was created and shimmered in front of Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘He is a guardian.’

Hyukjin Kim had a conversation with the guardians at the Hall of Fighters.

I even overheard a direct conversation between the Guardians through the Nameless Eye.

Although it is difficult to express in words, I felt the value of the Guardian’s existence.

[The fire giant’s flame ‘Aratessa’ presents an agent.]

[‘Aratessa’ transfers the power of judgment and the whip of judgment to the agent.]

Kim Hyuk-jin silently looked at the human-shaped flame.

‘I’m sure it’s a guardian.’

The answer needed to be different depending on the guardian.

The fire giant’s flame is the guardian appointed by Aratessa as his representative.

‘Who is there?’

A voice was heard.

“You guy. “I asked if you had ever been invited by a fire giant.”

I felt like I knew it when I heard his voice.

This energy. It’s a familiar feeling.

In the past, Kim Hyuk-jin had experienced a space created by this guardian himself.

‘Giant of the setting sun!’

I have already experienced the short table dungeon to train my favorite character, Kang Sang-gu.

Thanks to this, I was able to discover the identity of the ‘Giant of the Sunset’.


The Sunset Giant is a guardian who is extremely friendly to Kim Hyuk-jin.

He was also Kang Sang-gu’s contract keeper.

‘I can figure it out well.’

I felt a little relieved.

“As you know, I have met a fire giant.”

“Did you meet a fire giant?”

There was no way to know whether the Sunset Giant really didn’t know or was just pretending not to know.

Kim Hyuk-jin continued Kim Hyuk-jin’s play.

“yes. He invited me.”

“You invited me?”

I felt overwhelmed.

More intimidating than a bulgiant.

In fact, at this level, the concept of ‘ideal’ was meaningless.

Wouldn’t 9999 or 10000 be the same anyway?

“He told me.”


“I said I would give you a gift.”

Kim Hyuk-jin recalled a memory from the past.

“Anyway, it’s good. I accept your deal. I’m going back. “Please accept just one gift.”

At that time, Kim Hyuk-jin was possessed by the feeling that his entire body was on fire.

[The mana map is engraved on ‘Isabel’.]

[Hidden scenario. ‘The Fire Giant’s Palace’ is created.]

And the Fire Giant said it himself.

“In the distant future. “Come visit the palace.”

Kim Hyuk-jin recited those words verbatim.

“In the distant future. He told me to come to his palace.”

“Is there any evidence of that?”

Second heart.

The mana map imprinted on Isabel is proof of this.

Kim Hyuk-jin was about to say that, but held back for a moment.


The Giant of the Sunset was Kang Sang-gu’s favorite guardian, but at the same time, he was also a guardian who cared very much for Kim Hyuk-jin himself.

-Senia. Is there a separate channel where you can watch past videos among Guardians?

-That’s right.

-Are the views on my past videos relatively high?

-You can count them by hand in all dimensions. But why do you ask that?

Senia was a little puzzled.

Why is Kim Hyuk-jin asking such a question at this time?

You probably already know this, so why bother checking?

“The evidence… [The Giant of the Sunset] would know.”

Senia’s body flinched.

Without realizing it, I ended up interfering with the game by whispering.

-Kim Hyeok-jin player?

It was a mistake.

But I had no choice but to make a mistake.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s attitude and direction of play were overly provocative and dangerous.

‘There is no evidence anywhere that he [the agent] is the Sunset Giant!’

If it wasn’t the Giant of the Sunset, I didn’t want to even imagine what happened next.

Kim Hyuk-jin could be in danger.

Numerous guardians will be angry at Hyukjin Kim for daring to refer to the guardians carelessly, and public opinion will rapidly deteriorate.

It’s not that there weren’t bold plays that touched the guardian, but this time the risk was too great.

“You managed to read me.”

“Because you are giving me a lot of love.”

Kim Hyuk-jin was also very nervous.

Dealing with guardians was on a different level from dealing with regular boss monsters or NPCs.

Just by looking at them face to face, I already felt an enormous amount of pressure.

‘And I grew up.’

Just eavesdropping on the conversation in the hall of fighters was overwhelming.

But now it was okay even though I was talking directly with the ‘Giant of the Sunset’.

Even considering the special space called Aratesa’s domain and the power of the purple magic stone, it was clear that it was a great growth.

“And [the Giant of the Sunset] will be well aware of my evidence.”


The sunset giant could not answer for a moment.

Actually, he knew it too.

What I enjoy watching in real time is Kang Sang-gu’s play, but I also watch Kim Hyuk-jin’s play without missing it.

Moreover, I have seen the ‘fire giant-related video’ several times.

“At that time, I had cleared the quest [Steel Predator of Tehran Road]. “Don’t you remember?”

There’s no way I won’t remember.

After Teheran Road’s Steel Predator was cleared, the quest continued with ‘Owner of the Sacred Relic’.

In the process, I met a Rakshasa Temple and it developed into a linked quest called ‘The True Owner of Sacred Things’.

“I don’t think it’s all a coincidence. “Just before I arrived here today, I encountered a Rakshasa-level illusion and the illusion asked me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I asked about the wishes of Rakchalsa Temple.”

-What is the wish of Rakshasa Temple?

There was no way I would ask about the wishes of Rakshasa Temple without any context.

This was a hint.

At the time, the dimensional quest ‘Miracle on Tehran Road’ that Kim Hyuk-jin had cleared and the current dimensional quest ‘Record of the Colossus Who Chosen Eternal Life’ seemed to be quests linked in one flow.

Rakshasa and giants appeared in the last dimension quest, and it was the same this time as well.

“So what do you want to say?”

Senia was witnessing an amazing sight firsthand.

Kim Hyuk-jin, who had a direct conversation with the ‘Giant of the Sunset’, was by far the center of attention.

‘There is almost no negative public opinion about player Kim Hyuk-jin.’

This was true even though Kim Hyuk-jin was acting as if he was half-testing the Sunset Giant.

It was a very strange phenomenon.

“The aspects of play are quite similar. At that time, the Fire Giant appeared, and I was proud that the [Sunset Giant] had appreciated my play several times.”

I bent down.

“I guess it was my fault.”

Then, the ‘Pearl of Mount Cheonmasan’ openly sent a ‘shout message’.

This shout message can only be used once per day and costs 1000 coins.

[Hey. XShinah. How can you still say that you support Kim Hyuk-jin?]

The intention of Jinju of Mt. Cheonmasan was clear.

The ‘Giant of the Sunset’ doesn’t really care about you.

It turns out here that I don’t really enjoy your play.

So, you don’t have to play with the setting sun giant in mind.

‘I guess that’s roughly what it means.’

Then I felt that the sunset giant was embarrassed.

Guardians are simple compared to their great power.

After living a life buried in one purpose and fun for a long time, this tendency becomes even more noticeable.

“no. Of course I know. However, after going through legal procedures….”

This time, the ‘Fairy of the Furnace Fire’ appeared.

[Kim Hyuk-jin’s second heart has the fire giant’s mana map engraved on it. [I’m telling you in case you don’t know.]

My voice was too loud for me to tell you in case you didn’t know.

This too was a shouting message.

I didn’t bother to spend coins and used shout messages.

Senia was in the process of renewing her experience to the fullest.

‘The sunset giant… is embarrassed.’

And some guardians were really enjoying this situation.

I enjoyed seeing the giant in the setting sun bewildered.

It was by no means a universal phenomenon.

It’s like, ‘You don’t know Kim Hyuk-jin very well!’ It even felt like I was watching children making fun of me.

Hyukjin Kim said a little apologetically.

“That’s right. “The fire giant’s mana map is engraved in my second heart.”

Actually, I wasn’t 100% sure.

Although there was a mana map engraved by the fire giant, it was unclear whether it was the ‘fire giant’s invitation’ required for this quest.

However, the guardians notarized it themselves.

“…I knew.”

Although it was nothing more than a fireball, it was clearly felt.

The sunset giant now had a shit-chewing expression on his face.

As much as the Sunset Giant was perplexed, the other guardians were happy.

[‘Aratessa’ allows you to enter.]

* * *

It felt like I had entered heaven.

Dangerous and oppressive flames surrounded him, but Kim Hyuk-jin was unconcerned.

‘Is this the top?’

I stood in front of the altar.

Rapundel was laid down there.


Rapundel was moaning as if she was in pain.

His face was pale.

Cold sweat was flowing down my body.

Kim Hyuk-jin said with a calm expression.

“This is the tomb prepared by [the Geoshin who chose eternal rest] for the daughter he gave birth to with his heart.”

I paused for a moment.

It looked like he was thinking about something.

“A grave is a vessel that holds the dead.”

Kim Hyuk-jin raised his hero power.

It felt like he was trying to stab something.

Just below.

Ahn Seo-hee, who heard those words under the altar, had an ominous premonition.

‘A grave?’

Is that a grave?

So does this mean that Rapundel was laid in the grave?

‘no way.’

I wondered if Kim Hyuk-jin was trying to kill Rapundel.

Kim Hyuk-jin, as seen by Seo-hee Ahn, was not a person who killed for purpose or necessity.

If that were the case, I would be very disappointed.

Ahn Seo-hee shouted loudly.


I could see Kim Hyuk-jin taking out Lee Seon.

I didn’t want to see Kim Hyuk-jin taking a step towards Rapundel.

“I’d rather do it myself!”

Although it was far away and couldn’t move, it wasn’t difficult to stretch out the red thread.

I didn’t want to see Ahn Seo-hee.

Kim Hyuk-jin kills a life that is innocent and has an ego.

“I will kill you!”

I didn’t want to think that Kim Hyuk-jin had been protecting Rapundel like this just for a purpose.

“It doesn’t matter to me what choice you make or what your purpose is.”

Even if Kim Hyuk-jin slaughters innocent people, Ahn Seo-hee will trust and follow Kim Hyuk-jin until the end.

She promised so.

But I wanted to stop what I could.

“I! I can do it.”

I hope Kim Hyuk-jin only walks a bright path.

The dirty and dirty path can only be walked by you, the guardian tower.


However, Ahn Seo-hee’s cries were not heard by Kim Hyuk-jin.

Hyukjin Kim held Leesen back and plunged it into Rapundel’s heart.

A transcendental artifact.

The famous sword Isen pierced Rapundel’s body.

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