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Max Talent Player Chapter 608

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 608

[The Raksha-level illusion ‘The Scream of the Demons’ is applied.]

Kim Hyuk-jin, who is receiving mana from the purple magic stone, is now able to see more.

‘Someone is spying here.’

It was not viewed through a middle manager’s channel.

Someone else was spying on this place.

‘It’s not a noble wish.’

Secretly observing this place?

It was closer to spying than observation.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s unknown eye accurately read that ability.


Someone used a spy to spy on this place.

It wasn’t that difficult to guess who it was.

‘It’s probably one of the two.’

Either the Demon King’s side or

the Demon Tower’s side.

It wasn’t a very pleasant situation either way.

‘I’ll turn on my eyes and start looking for Alveron’s laboratory.’

This would be especially true if it were a demon lord.

Those on the Demon Lord’s side are guys whose goal is to become stronger even if it means killing people.

These are the people who would sell their lives if they could become stronger through dragon blood.

‘Of course, you would sell someone else’s life, not your own.’

If the forces on the Magic Tower side had used the spying eye, the situation was better.

The wizards of the Magic Tower are immortals, and Kim Hyuk-jin holds the title of ‘Opposing Hero’.

In addition, if the wizards of the Magic Tower intervene, Isabel’s power, ‘Sword Emperor’s Brand’, will come into effect.

Because it is the power that chases immortals.

‘For now, let’s not keep in mind that it’s from the Magic Tower side.’

If the magic tower peeked, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

The moment the Magic Tower becomes deeply involved, Isabel moves.

So, we decided not to consider the intervention of the Magic Tower.

‘First of all, you have to assume that he is the Demon King and move accordingly.’

They must have been itching to get their hands on the dragon’s blood somehow.

He would also like to steal Alveron’s research records.

“The good news is that they are not free to move around.”

“What does it mean?”

“I saw eyes spying on me through the unknown eye.”

After briefly explaining the spying plan, Kim Hyuk-jin summarized and explained what he was thinking.

Senia nodded.

“Then the Demon King will also go looking for Alveron’s laboratory. However, player Kim Hyuk-jin has made it so that they cannot move freely…”

The whole world is monitoring the movements of the Demon King and the Demon King’s army.

Thanks to Kim Hyuk-jin’s actions, they became public figures of the world.

“that’s right. They can’t move openly. But I also have to hurry. And one more thing.”

I read one more thing through the anonymous eye.

The purple magic stone did more than simply supply insufficient mana and stamina.

There was no special system notification, but I felt like the rating of the nameless eye itself had improved.

“Please speak.”

“I’m not sure yet, but I think I know the Guardian who created the [Group Infection Followers].”

“Didn’t you say that [Group Followers] were born from the Apocalypse of the Dawn?”

“The Apocalypse of the Dawn is a tool. And there is a real guardian who creates malicious guardians through the Apocalypse of the Dawn.”

Senia nodded again.

Actually, Senia knew.

The middle manager’s manual is being updated in real time according to Kim Hyuk-jin’s play.

The moment Kim Hyuk-jin realized the root of ‘Apocalypse of the Dawn’, the manual had already been updated.

“Have you figured out who that guardian is?”

“Roughly. But I’m not sure.”

It is certainly.

I read it accurately with the blank eye.

The guardian who created the malicious guardian called ‘group infection follower’ was the ‘donkey craftsman’.

‘Why the donkey craftsman?’

It was assumed that he was a protector who loved humanity.

‘Was my judgment wrong?’

The judgment may be wrong.

Because there are definitely guardians who pretend to love humanity and give out information, but then hit people in the back.

“I’m not sure, so I won’t say anything.”

I also felt a little bit about the ‘donkey craftsman’ who created the malicious guardian.

However, there was no negative feeling like malice or murderous intent at all.

Even that could have been a trick, but Kim Hyuk-jin had a feeling that it was not.

‘What if we assume that [the donkey craftsman] deliberately created group infection followers?’

The act of creating a malicious guardian.

That act is criticized even among guardians.

It is an action that the majority of guardians dislike, and a universal guardian would not create malicious guardians.

‘He’s a guardian with that much ability… but he can see it in my nameless face? What is it?’

And that too by borrowing the power of the purple magic stone obtained by killing the ‘group infection follower’?

It was something that didn’t make sense.

If I wanted to hide my identity, I wouldn’t have created group infection followers who dropped purple magic stones.

‘The donkey master even gave his sister special powers.’

He even made food that increased hero power.

He gave me the hero power I needed most at this time and even provided him with a purple magic stone.

‘He just happened to show up at that exact moment and make ridiculous suggestions to me.’


[Donkey Craftsman’s Suggestion]

The Donkey Craftsman wants to purchase the recipe for that food.

1. We offer 10 million coins for the recipe for this food.

2. For the recipe for the food in question, we present the ‘Book of the Supreme Martial God.’

3. We present the ‘Integrated Attribute Delay Book’ for the recipe of the food in question.


‘Through those suggestions, the fact that the highest non-God body exists above the non-God body. And he even told me that there is a book on integrated physical retardation that integrates books on various types of physical retardation.’


‘the system rejected [the donkey craftsman].’

When the donkey master first appeared, the system intervened.

[‘#!@*^ @#!$’ suggests.]

If the donkey craftsman had not revealed his name, the current Kim Hyuk-jin might have announced the name ‘Donkey Craftsman’ among the guardians.

‘The timing is too precise.’

Considering all the circumstances, it was difficult to see the donkey craftsman as an enemy.

It could not be ruled out that it was an evil guardian with hidden intentions, but the possibility was extremely low.

‘It’s difficult for me to know everything anyway.’

After much thought and deep consideration, decisions and actions had to be made quickly.

It was decided not to inform the guardians that the ‘donkey craftsman’ was the one who created the ‘group infection followers’.

“And one more thing. “I even read the secrets of this space.”

“What is the secret of this space?”

The darkness surrounding Hyukjin Kim completely disappeared.

The last plan left by the group infection follower had no power in front of Kim Hyuk-jin.

Rather, it ended up being just a gift of a lot of information to Kim Hyuk-jin.

“This space is a tomb prepared by the [Colossus who chose eternal sleep] for the daughter he gave birth to with his heart.”

* * *

Kangsom’s entire body was wet with sweat.

It was not easy to operate ‘Mana Connection’ using purple magic stones.

“Guild leader. “You have shattered the illusion.”

“yes. It wasn’t that difficult, but…”

Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes turned to Kang So-mi.

It wasn’t difficult to shatter the illusion.

However, Kang Somi seemed to be having a hard time physically.

“Please hold on just a little longer.”

“I will try.”

If Kangsom’s mental strength is strong, he will be able to endure a little longer.

All Kim Hyuk-jin could do now was to trust the explorer of service.

“Please use Mana Connection on the dragon, not me.”

“To Yongdori?”

Yongdori looked at Kim Hyeok-jin, and [?] appeared above Darong’s head.

Yongdori, who was confused at first, became energetic as soon as he saw Darong.

“This body is fit for a great mission. Hehehe. Somi. “Use Mana Connection on me.”

I didn’t know why, but all I had to do was do better than Da-Rong Kim.

Yongdori thought so.

Da-Rong Kim raised a [!] sign above his head and shook his head! Stirred.

Anyone could see that it looked like his pride had been hurt.

“I used it.”

“Then please hold on.”

“How long?”

“Until this space absorbs enough dragon energy.”

As soon as he said those words, Yongdori’s face turned pale.

“Oh wait a minute.”

As the dragon recovered its stamina through the mana connection and its mana began to fill up, the entire library began to hum.

‘This is the power of the purple magic stone.’

The mana gushing out of Yongdori’s body was quite different from the usual mana of Yongdori.

The concentration and purity were on a different level.


Yongdori sat down from a feeling of immense helplessness.

Kangsom quickly ran over and supported Yongdori and hugged him.


“Mr. Kang Somi. “Focus on your mana connection.”

The closer the physical contact, the stronger the mana connection becomes.

An enormous amount of mana spurted out from the dragon’s body.

Ahn Seo-hee also expressed embarrassment at the storm of mana swirling in this space.

“brother. “What the heck is this…”

“It’s the special nature of this space.”

Alveron taught me.

This space is a space where ‘courage’ is consumed and dragons are captured.

“But there was a special arrangement in this space that even Alveron didn’t know about.”

“What arrangement?”

“An arrangement that transforms into a new space when the dragon’s mana is absorbed to the limit. “We created a new space using the power of Alveron.”

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Yongdori and Kangsom.

Both looked very tired.


I looked very tired, but I still believed I could do it.

If those two can’t hold out, the dimensional quest will fail.


Danger was sensed for Ahn Seo-hee.

An incredibly tall bookshelf was falling towards Kim Hyuk-jin.

“It’s dangerous!”

Ahn Seo-hee tried to wrap Kim Hyuk-jin with red thread.

However, Kim Hyuk-jin was faster than Ahn Seo-hee.

Kim Hyuk-jin moved quickly and picked up Ahn Seo-hee’s body.

“You were in danger too.”

Kim Hyuk-jin easily avoided the falling bookshelf.

Strangely enough, there are numerous bookshelves and books belonging to Yongdori and Kangsom. And it didn’t fall towards Rapundel.

“I’m fine, so you can focus on defending yourself.”

Seo-hee Ahn protected herself through a barrier, and Hyuk-jin Kim maneuvered his way through the collapsing bookcases and books.

The bookshelf and books that fell to the floor disappeared into black smoke and the library began to gradually lose its shape.

Before we knew it, the appearance of the library had completely disappeared.

Instead, an altar made of stones was formed.


An altar made of stone.

Two huge torches could be seen around it.

The flame burning as brightly as the sun felt so intimidating that it was difficult to resist.

‘It is the fire of the fire giant.’

Water rose around the altar.

The water reached Hyukjin Kim’s knees.

“brother. “My body can’t move.”

“It’s because it’s water imbued with the power of giants.”

This is the water of the water giant.

“But you can move?”

“I know.”

“How is this possible? “I can’t move at all.”

“That’s because… I am the one who woke up the [Colossus who chose eternal sleep].”

Kim Hyuk-jin is the person who awakened the giant god who chose eternal sleep through the 7th promise.

And that point was when I cleared ‘Water Giant’s Farm’.

“I guess I was chosen.”

Hyukjin Kim walked towards Rapundel.

I hugged Rapundel.

Then I started climbing the stone steps of the altar.

Kangsom shouted.

“Guild leader!”

Kim Hyuk-jin, who was climbing the stairs, glanced behind him.

An explorer of service.


Shake it off.

Kang Som ended up fainting.

Originally, he opened his mouth to warn, ‘The flames on the altar are too dangerous.’

However, I could not bear the feeling of exhaustion and fainted.


The dragon did not faint, but it looked like its stamina had been depleted.

Just as Kangsom hugged Yongdori earlier, this time Yongdori hugged Kangsom.

Kim Hyuk-jin picked up Rapundel and started climbing the stairs again.

I felt a hot burning sensation.

‘The fire giant’s flame.’

A system notification was heard.

[Fire Giant’s Flame ‘Aratessa’ asks.]

[Did you receive an invitation from the Fire Giant?]

For a moment, my eyes hurt.


I heard tinnitus in my ears.


A huge flame rose up and covered Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

[‘Aratessa’ will forever destroy those who were not invited by the Fire Giant.]

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