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Max Talent Player Chapter 603

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 603 Kang

Somi has three unique abilities.


Unique Abilities:

[Whispering Bead]

[Finding the Bright Path]

[True Service]


Among them, ‘True Service’ has never been used even once.

If it had been used, it would have been removed from the list of unique abilities.

This is because ‘true service’ is a one-time unique ability.


[True Service]

When the object of service is in danger, the explorer of service can sacrifice for the lord.

A servant explorer can create a miracle that saves his lord from danger through ‘true service.’

However, the level of the servant explorer will be reset and depending on the level of the miracle, life may become dangerous.


Kangsom laughed.

‘When the level is reset.’

It was clear that if my level was reset at this point, I would never be able to function as a member of the Colossus Guild again. The gap has widened too much.

‘You will definitely take responsibility for my old age, right?’

It’s a shame that he won’t be around as an explorer any longer, but he can retire early at a young age.

Kim Hyuk-jin, whom Kang So-mi had seen, was a person who never betrayed grace.

I was confident that I would receive enormous compensation.

‘Then I am rich!’

It didn’t seem like it would be a bad idea to live as a rich Kang Som, rather than an explorer.

‘zero! Anne Rich!’

I felt better.

To be precise, I deliberately thought it had improved.


I didn’t really think about the phrase that life could be in danger in the first place.

‘Guild leader Hyukjin would have been able to get through it on his own anyway.’

It would have been a matter of time.

If only I had time, it would have been possible.

‘So it won’t be a very, very impossible miracle.’

In other words, I thought the probability of dying was infinitely close to 0.

‘What’s good is good.’

The time to worry wasn’t long.

I immediately used ‘true service’.

[Unique ability. ‘True service’ is used.]

I felt like all the strength was leaving my body.

It seemed as if something powerful within my body was spreading out into the outside world.

‘Is this what it feels like to be level 1?’

I felt like all the experience I had accumulated so far was acting as a miracle-working force.

An intense white light emanated from Kangsom’s body.

White light was also visible in Ahn Seo-hee’s eyes.

The white light split into two.

One branch rushed towards Ahn Seo-hee like a snake.


There was no time to react.

[The power of a loyal explorer serving the same master comes into play.]

Ahn Seo-hee’s eyes turned red.

At the same time, small cracks began to appear in ‘Pandora’s shortcut’.

‘Just attack those golds.’

I opened my mouth right away.

Red threads were shot out.

“The mortal enemy’s barrier.”

Tens of thousands of red threads stretched out towards ‘Pandora’s shortcut’.


A red thread was inserted along the gold found in Ahn Seo-hee’s red eyes.

‘Pandora’s Shortcut’ has turned into a hedgehog with red thorns.

‘It’s broken.’

Golden light began to seep through the red threaded body.

Soon after, ‘Pandora’s Shortcut’ was completely destroyed.


one of the white lights that split into two branches was aimed at Kim Hyuk-jin.


A feeling of pressure that makes it difficult to breathe.

A white light was visible through this space filled with the fishy smell of blood.

I heard a voice.


It was like a voice coming from a white light.

Hyukjin Kim came to his senses at the sound of that voice.

No matter how urgent the situation was, Isabelle’s voice was not confusing.

‘You’re not Isabel, are you?’

Who calls me honey when I’m not Isabel?

-honey. Come to your senses!

Come to think of it, this voice sounds like Kang Som.

Hyukjin Kim came to his senses.

Thanks to the voice saying ‘Honey’, I realized that I had fallen into a trap.


I felt like I saw the devil too easily.

Or, I looked too lightly at the guardians who support the Demon King.

‘A trap created after thorough research on myself.’

I never thought it would absorb the power of the will chant and attack even more in return.

It seemed to be a trap that was very advantageous to Kim Hyuk-jin’s will chanting.

‘I thought I was confident in head fighting.’

Kim Hyuk-jin was confident when he cut off the fake Kang So-mi’s head and performed the will chant.

I was confident that everything was going as I wanted and according to the picture I had drawn.

‘I can’t let down my guard.’

So how on earth do we break this illusion?

It is impossible with will chanting.

Rather, this illusion imbued with will chanting was strangling Kim Hyuk-jin with even stronger force.


Another force that destroys the world.

We decided to use that power.

Dark thunder.

The power to cut down the world and the settings surrounding it.

‘can do.’

A voice was heard.

-Let me help you!

White light enveloped Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

[The power of the loyal explorer resides in the master’s body and chants a miracle.]

A voice came from the air.

It wasn’t just one voice.

-I swear a covenant with those who keep the commandments.

-I and my mother’s house have sinned and done evil.

-I was unable to keep the laws and regulations. The ancient covenant commanded me, saying,

-Hear the prayers of the promise and the supplications of those who delight in revering the name of the oath.

The voices of many people shouting at once.

It sounded like a hymn.

Kim Hyuk-jin recited the following chant together as if he were possessed by something.

[Raise me today.]

[May I find grace in the face of all promises.]

Voices that sounded like chants also sang the chant.

[Raise me today.]

[Let me find grace in the face of all promises.]

The miraculous chant entered Kim Hyuk-jin’s body, and Kim Hyuk-jin took out the Isen.

The terrible energy that had been constricting my entire body had long since disappeared.

The world that had been stained with blood was now filled with white light.

I could no longer feel the fishy scent of blood that had been filling my nose.

‘I don’t even need the Brain Yellow Sword.’

There was no need for brain yellow sword either.

Kim Hyuk-jin only swung the sword without using the Thunder Yellow Sword.

When Kim Hyuk-


lightly swung his sword, cracks began to appear in the world.

‘The illusion… is broken.’

And then I heard a notification.

[Malicious Guardian. ‘Follower of group infection’ was murdered.]

Although it was not Kim Hyuk-jin’s intention, the guardian was murdered.

By Kim Hyuk-jin’s sword.

Another notification followed.

[‘Apocalypse of the Dawn’ has been activated.]

* * *

Kang Somi sat down, feeling helpless as if all strength had been drained from her body.


Yongdori treated Kangsom much more friendly than Kim Hyukjin.

He always referred to Kim Hyuk-jin as his master, but Kang So-mi called him by his first name.

It also came from the infinite affection Kang Somi gave him.

“Somy! Wake!”

Yongdori, who soon came to his senses, moved quickly and helped Kangsom.

Tears welled up in Yongdori’s eyes as he felt Kangsom’s body shaking.

“Why are you doing this?”

“are you okay. never mind.”

“It’s nothing!”

Yongdori felt that Kangsom was too light today.

It feels like existence itself has become lighter.

“Are people these days going on diets even for their existence?”

“I want to rest for a while, Yongdol.”

Yongdori immediately declared a safe zone.

A green solid line appeared around it.

However, the dragon’s stamina was low and it disappeared quickly.

Kangsom was very sleepy.

‘lol. ‘I’m retiring.’

The guild leader will give you an enormous amount of wealth, so now you can live happily and enjoy the rest of your life.

‘Becoming a successful retiree. Hi-Hi.’

However, an unfathomable feeling of depression settled in my heart.

Actually, I don’t want to retire.

I wanted to explore more places with Hyukjin Kim and sail through the unknown world together.

That was the sincerity of explorer Kang Som-i.

‘what. ‘I can’t help it.’

Others will say it is a successful life.

At this level, I should be satisfied and happy.

I guess I’m done here.

That’s how I made up my mind.

‘I’m sleepy.’

But the notification continued.

[‘True service’ has been completed.]

[A miracle has occurred.] A

window explaining ‘true service’ suddenly appeared in Kangsom’s eyes.


[True Service]

When the object of service is in danger, the explorer of service can sacrifice for the lord.

A servant explorer can create a miracle that saves his lord from danger through ‘true service.’

However, the level of the servant explorer will be reset and depending on the level of the miracle, life may become dangerous.


Except for the letters [True Service], the remaining letters began to be erased in real time.


It felt like paint had spread into the water.

The letters gradually became blurred and soon disappeared.

And new letters began to be engraved.


[True Service]

The explorer of service proved his loyalty to his lord.


The letters were filled in in real time.


[True Service]

The explorer of service proved his loyalty to his lord. The true service that risked death was recognized. ‘True Service’ is not a one-time consumable power.


It seemed like there was a trick.

The explanation window didn’t seem to be what it said it was.


A great miracle will come to you who have achieved true service.


And some of Kim Hyuk-jin’s abilities began to show.



[Pioneer of Creation] [Pure Fire Man]

[King Munmu] [Therma]

[Owner of the Gold Mine] [Recognized Giant Hunter] [ [ Opposing hero]

Unique ability:

[Sensing eye] [Insight sword] [Assimilation] [Sword energy] [Army energy] [Nameless eye] )]


Body without body, body with body of heaven

, body with body of thunder and body


body with descending body,

body with body of water and body


Strong Somi opened her mouth wide.

Even just one is a luxurious title and unique ability. And it was a characteristic.

‘I knew, but… I am shocked to see it again with my own eyes.’

But I couldn’t figure out why the system was showing this.

Soon, I heard another notification.

[Perks are given to ‘true explorers of service’.]

[You can choose one of the master’s abilities and share it.]

[Level reset does not occur.]


Not only was there no level reset that I was concerned about, but I was able to copy one of Kim Hyuk-jin’s abilities.

Any one of the title’s unique ability characteristics.

‘If I choose the anonymous eye… it will be of great help to Guild Leader Hyukjin.’

However, Kang Somi did not immediately choose the anonymous option.

Even the smart Kim Hyuk-jin fell into a trap and was in danger.

There was no guarantee that this wouldn’t be a masterpiece either.

I had to doubt and doubt everything.

‘Actually, all of these things can be done by the guild leader through [Ability Sharing].’

It was originally possible through ability sharing, but giving this as a reward for ‘true service’ seemed somehow strange.

‘What happens if I don’t choose anything?’

While I was still thinking about it, I heard another notification.

[You have passed the final test of being an explorer of true service.]

[An explorer of true service must be suspicious of everything and take the lead in avoiding danger.]

Kangsom muttered a word against his will . I cried.

It was a chant performed unconsciously.

“Everything for the master.”

And then I fainted.

Time passed.

Kangsom slowly opened his eyes.


A warm light caught my eye.

The floor was soft.


There was a soft carpet on the floor. There were lots of books around.

It felt like a huge library.

A voice was heard.

“are you okay?”

It was Hyukjin Kim.

Kangsom slowly stood up.

“What happened? “What the hell is this place? Is the guild leader okay?”

“It is said to be a library containing [records of giant gods who chose eternal life].”

“Did you come in after all?”

“Yes, thanks to Somi.”

At that moment

, Kangsom’s head started to hurt.

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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity. [No Talent] It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s? In the years since Players, Streamers, Guardians, dungeons, and monsters became a part of our everyday life, my sister died from leukemia trying to support me, and my mom passed away from a disease we couldn’t afford to treat. I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning to continue my futile life, I found… that I had somehow gone 10 years back in the past, to the day the world changed. While going through the Tutorial, I realized something. Everything’s too easy. Was I really talentless?


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