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Max Talent Player Chapter 599

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 599

[Magna Gate]

It was only a moment.

For a short period of time, the word ‘Magna Gate’ passed by.

My mind became complicated.

‘Why is the Magna Gate here?’

The person who first told me about Magna Gate was Dan Cheon-woo.

“Keep in mind. “Once the tutorial is over, the real world will arrive.”

“How long does the tutorial last?”

“The Magna Gate will open.”

Before returning.

There were other people who argued for Magna Gate.

[You must prepare for the future.]

[When you are deceived by the sweetness of newspaper articles. The end of days is approaching.]

They were called Magna Pagans.

Not only that, Kang Seon-il also knew about Magna Gate.

“Where and how far did you hear it? Have you heard about Magna Gate?”

Dan Cheon-woo. Magna Paganism. Kang Seon-il. That was not the end for those who knew about Magna Gate.

The great explorer Jackson also mentioned Magna Gate.

“A savior who will save humanity. “It is one of the three stars that will protect humanity from the Magna Gate.”

I recalled and organized information about Magna Gate one by one.

It didn’t seem like a clue to be passed over in vain.

The guardians also reacted very sensitively to the Magna Gate.

“[Conductor of Noise] has added some protective power. Additionally, [White Hunter] has also added some protective power. Additionally, [Unknown Observer] has also added some of his protective power. Additionally, some of the protective power of [Round Table’s Gypsies] has been added. “Currently, Ahn Seo-hee’s red eye has the maximum protective power that it can contain.”

“What on earth is the completed guardian tower that makes the guardians do something like this?”

“The completed guard tower is one of the elements that blocks the Magna Gate.”

And there was another important keyword.

The ‘Giant who chose eternal life’, which appears in ‘Record of the Giant who chose eternal life’, a dimensional quest that Hyukjin Kim must now clear, was also related to the Magna Gate.

‘It was said that the Colossus who chose eternal sleep… is one of the guardians who can open the Magna Gate.’

Magna Gate was also a keyword that ran through Kim Hyuk-jin’s entire play.

‘Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that [Donkey Craftsman] appeared at this timing.’

There was a high probability that it was not a coincidence.

The reason why the Colossus, who chose eternal sleep in the first place, was awakened was because the Colorless Throne fulfilled its seventh promise.

I didn’t wake up by accident.

‘There is a huge current.’

Who is the donkey craftsman?

Why did he show up and suggest a deal and leak information?

‘I think I understand.’

I looked at the summary.

[2026. January 1st. The first discovery of Magna Paganism.]

[Magna Paganism began to grow rapidly and bring about the end of the world.]

I recalled information about Magna Paganism.

I didn’t have many good memories.

‘They caused chaos in the world and committed violent crimes such as murder, arson, and looting without hesitation, becoming public figures in the world.’

At that time, I just thought that way.

But looking back, it was a little strange.

‘How could such a special group grow so rapidly?’

This would not have been possible without someone intervening and intentionally growing them.

Magna Paganism was a target for extermination and was an enemy of the people of the world.

At that time, Seonhwa knocked and came into Kim Hyukjin’s room.

He was wearing pajamas and looked very sleepy.

“brother. “Are you going to leave for the Taebaek Mountains tomorrow?”

“It’s past 12 o’clock, why all of a sudden?”

“just. “I want to stay in my brother’s room.”


Ayoung spoke from behind Seonhwa.

“You will lose contact again.”

Seonhwa and Ayoung entered Kim Hyukjin’s room at the same time and sat down.

I felt like I wouldn’t be able to see it for a while if I entered the Taebaek Mountains this time.

“So I’m going to spend more time with my brother.”

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Ayoung.

“Your sister too?”

“I’m not particularly interested in anything.”

I took out a few lunch boxes from my inventory.

“They said they were leaving at dawn. “Take this.”


“You wouldn’t know it if you saw it? lunch box.”

“Did your sister prepare it?”

“Then you would have bought it?”

Ayoung’s expression was cold, but her earlobes were a little red.

Hyukjin Kim giggled.

“Why is it such a shame to be nice to your younger brother?”

A brilliant yellow light leaked from the lunch box.

“Did you make it together with Michael?”


It seemed like a better item(?) would be made if they worked together.

“But what were you thinking, brother? “I couldn’t hear you even though I knocked several times.”

“…ah. just. “There is a new guardian, so I was wondering who it would be.”

“What is your name?”

“Donkey craftsman. Have you ever heard of it?”

“I haven’t heard of it.”

Seonhwa was the first name I heard.

But I saw Ayoung flinch.

“Is this a name you’ve heard of?”


He pointed to the lunch box with his finger.

“It was my quest to make this lunch box and give it to you.”

* * *

Inside the helicopter moving to the Taebaek Mountains.

Hyukjin Kim was lost in thought.

-It was my quest to make this lunch box and give it to you.

What was it?

The donkey craftsman clearly said he wanted to purchase his sister’s recipe.


[Donkey Craftsman’s Suggestion]

The Donkey Craftsman wants to purchase the recipe for that food.

1. We offer 10 million coins for the recipe for this food.

2. For the recipe for the food in question, we present the ‘Book of the Supreme Martial God.’

3. We present the ‘Integrated Attribute Delay Book’ for the recipe of the food in question.


It was clear that the recipe here meant ‘a recipe that increases hero power.’

But my sister received the recipe from a donkey craftsman.

‘Give it to me and buy it back? And while presenting such enormous conditions?’

I could never be considered sane.

No one in their right mind would suggest a deal like this.

‘That’s strange.’

I couldn’t even hear the loud helicopter engine sound.

I fell into deep thought.

Kangsom asked using the whisper bead.

-Guild leader. Does your expression look serious?


I asked Kang Somi once.

-Are there people who buy back what they gave at a high price?

-Isn’t it a case of giving it away by mistake or needing it again?

However, there is no way the guardian gave it to him by mistake.

Has it become necessary again? Actually, I’m not sure about that either.

-I did something I didn’t like in front of a lot of people.

-Who is it?

-Someone. Anyway, I did that in front of people. Let’s assume a situation where people would have naturally blocked and stopped it.

-hmm. yes.

– But what if you just watch without blocking?

Kang Som-i also thought seriously.

-It may seem like something you dislike on the outside, but isn’t that actually true?

-For example?

– Hitting them with money….

Kang Somi chuckled.

-just joke.

Even if I get hit with money, I still feel bad.

Kang So-mi thought so, but Kim Hyuk-jin had a slightly different opinion.


I thought that might be the case.

‘The majority of guardians are extremely fond of me.’

At least, most of the guardians who enter Senia’s channel are like that.

In a situation where most guardians are friendly to Kim Hyuk-jin, what if someone suddenly steps forward and creates an ‘even more friendly situation’?

‘What if the donkey craftsman’s active intervention… was actually for my benefit?’

If that were to be assumed,

‘it wouldn’t have mattered whether I acquired food that increased hero power or accepted the suggestions from the donkey craftsman.’

Both of these would have been the situations that many guardians, including the donkey craftsman, wanted.

‘And at that moment, the system was my enemy.’

The system tolerated and acknowledged it.

That is why the use of one-man warfare was possible.

‘The system blocked me from even seeing the name of [the donkey craftsman].’

I felt like my eyes were brightening.

It seemed like what Kang Som said was right.

‘Hit me with money.’

Even if it looks like you’re hitting someone on the outside, it makes sense if you’re actually giving them money.

The reason why the system intervened so actively is because other Guardians did not express any complaints.

‘The donkey craftsman is very friendly to me and is a guardian who holds the main key to [Magna Gate].’

This was hinted at through this intervention.

As my thoughts reached that point, other things naturally began to come to mind.

While organizing my thoughts, I asked Kangsom.

-Assuming the person who hit you with money is good.


-Why did a good person hit him with money?

-Wouldn’t it be too much to just give money?

Kangsom chuckled and continued.

-When I become really rich, I want to beat people up with money. Get hit by lightning! Like this.

There was no malice toward Kang Somi.

I was thinking that just giving money to other people would make me happy in its own way.

Kangsom’s smiling face came into view.

-Then you can become famous as a money-spreading tsundere.

The tension of the explorer heading for a dimensional quest was not visible.

He seemed to be in a pretty good mood, so it was obvious that he was fantasizing about throwing money around the world.

‘As expected, he is a person who lives well and works hard since he was born.’

My thoughts are organized.

‘The guardian who spread information about [Magna Gate] to the world in the past was probably [Donkey Artisan].’

The donkey craftsman went around spreading information about Magna Gate.

The ‘Magna Paganism’ used that information and committed crimes in wrong ways.

I think that’s about it.

‘So, [Donkey Craftsman] is….’


‘a guardian who loves humanity. I guess I can sort it out like that.’

It is very important to understand the guardian’s tendencies.

Because the production and direction of the play varies greatly depending on that.

‘Donkey craftsman. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I move.’

While I was organizing my thoughts, I arrived in Gangwon-do.

Taebaek Mountains.

Near Daegwallyeong.

“It’s chilly even though it’s midsummer.”

I started exploring with Kang Somi.

This time, Kim Hyuk-jin took the lead.

I wandered around looking for the place I had seen in my fantasy.

After about 6 hours, Kim Hyuk-jin was able to find the place he had seen in his fantasy.

‘It’s around here.’

A cave invisible to the eye.

I discovered the place where the ‘record of the giant god who chose eternal sleep’ was sleeping.

“You mean there’s something on that cliff?”

“yes. “It’s invisible to the eye.”

“Is it true that it has been activated?”

“I don’t know.”

It was clearly visible when the breath of heaven was in the air, but it was not clear now.

Through my vision, I discovered that there was a cave, but now it looks like it’s just an ordinary cliff.

Kang Som-i declared a safe zone.

“Because it’s in the forest, the sun sets quickly. Shall we camp here today?”

“Of course.”

I thought I would find the answer if I observed this place for a day or two and used my nameless eye.

For now, I just used the nameless eye.

But nothing was found.

It made me wonder if the vision I had seen before was a lie.

‘No, this is the right place.’

You must be missing something.

Since we found out the location of this place through ‘Breath of the Sky’, we can now open the entrance through something else.

‘Don’t be impatient and take your time.’

It’s not okay to rush too much.

Kim Hyuk-jin lay down in the tent for a moment.

Since I had just used the nameless eye, I needed a little rest.

“I’ll light a bonfire outside the guild leader’s tent.”


Kangsom lit a bonfire.

It was a magic bonfire with the effect of preventing the invasion of various bugs and monsters.


Kang Som basically liked camping.

It felt like camping.

“I guess we should ask for some meat later.”


The rain fell.

“Hmm, rain doesn’t really matter.”

This is a safe zone and is a space where a certain temperature and humidity are maintained.

Rain cannot penetrate.

“It’s okay even if it rains.”

This magic bonfire is a fire that does not go out even in wind and rain.

There will be no problem with grilling and eating meat.

But then whiff-! The wind blew.


The fire of the magic bonfire, which did not go out even when a typhoon blew, went out.

In an instant, the surroundings became dark.

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