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Max Talent Player Chapter 586

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 586

– It looks like they’re attacking a battleship, but I’m not sure if I can intervene. Training is too intense. It looks weak, but I can just pass by, right?

Michelle shouted urgently.

-Help me!


-It’s not like training.

-Is this really a real situation?

-yes. This is the guy who recently appeared near the 7th route and sank a trade ship and a warship!

-ah. is it so? Should I catch it anyway?

-Sure! I was already having a hard time. Oh! Hyukjin Kim! Can I announce that I have asked the Colossus for help?


It is good if the alliance with the Michel Division is strong.

Kim Hyuk-jin trusts Michelle enough to entrust her with his back.

I don’t know how Michelle will announce it, but she won’t let the Giant Guild be harmed.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to show off the strong alliance between the Michel Division and the Giant Guild through this.

At that moment,

a siren sounded, as if calling for rescue.

The radio arrived.

-Emergency! Run. Run away! (Emergency, run!)

The warship over there seemed to have seen this as a civilian ship.

in between.

A penguin-shaped monster kicked out of the seawater and flew up.


It crushed the warship’s guns with its massive body.


The gun that was firing was shattered.

“He has an incredibly strong body.”

“Iknow, right. “What are you going to do, Guild Master?”

Kim Hyuk-jin took out a bow.

“It’s worth hitting at this distance.”

“It’s 500 meters away.”

“It would have been better if Taewoon was there, but I think it will be okay.”

I took out the Purgatory Palace that I had purchased using a whopping 20,000 coins at the summit store.

‘long time no see.’

There was a buzzing sound


It seemed as if Purgatory Palace, which was sleeping in the inventory, was complaining and asking why they had called her now. He definitely seemed like a guy with a certain amount of ego.

Wasn’t the reason I first chose Purgatory Palace because I felt like I could hear the voice of Purgatory Palace?

Shurt tilted his head.

‘what? ‘That’s it.’

An indescribable force emanated from Kim Hyuk-jin, who held the bow.

Schurt didn’t know either.

The fact that Kim Hyuk-jin used this Purgatory Palace to unleash his palace energy and with that power pierced the underworld giant (even though it was fake) between the eyes.

[Inherent unique ability. ‘Gunggi (弓氣)’ is activated.]

Waves began to surge around the ship due to the force emitted by Kim Hyuk-jin and Purgatory Palace.

The wind blew.

This was despite the fact that there was no wind wizard like Kwak Tae-un here.

Schurt confirmed.

‘Is that guy’s name… Aurora Penguin?’

When I looked closely, I saw that my entire body was covered in a special aura like an aurora.

That seemed to strengthen the penguin.

The penguin seemed threatened and tried to jump into the sea.

Compared to its huge size, its movements were very agile.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Shadow silence.”

The higher power of shadow binding.

The power to freeze all of the opponent’s physical and non-physical movements, as well as the surrounding mana, was revealed.


The penguin’s body floated in the air.

The colorful mana that had been protecting the penguin’s body until just now hardened and began to act as shackles.

Kim Hyuk-jin gave a bow demonstration.

A black arrow imbued with archery energy split the sea.

About 2m deep.

The sea route was opened.

Big waves rose on both sides of the sea road.

An arrow from Purgatory Palace pierced the penguin between the eyes.

[‘Aurora Penguin’ was hunted.]

[+850 COIN]


Kim Da-rong, who had been ignored by Yongdori, jumped into the sky as if to relieve Cheonchu’s resentment.

Like a flying squirrel, it spread its arms and jumped up, racing toward the sea.

It seemed like something was trying to retrieve the item.

* * *

Around the time Kim Hyuk-jin was in the Pacific Ocean.

It was revealed that Iobe’s claims were absurd and baseless propaganda.

The person who revealed the fact was streamer Super Telescope.

The video released by Super Telescope was a solo video of King Hyukjin Kim.

-Shock! The Mermaid Lord’s level is a whopping 94!

-Hun the level 94 Mermaid Lord with just one attack!

It was quite different from Iobe’s claim.

Iobe claimed as if Korea had ‘special technology’, but there was no such thing.

“It’s just that the Colossus Lord was stronger than the standard.”

“Why did Iobe make such a claim?”

“If we make Korea into a bad guy, there will be less criticism.”

During the press conference, even the slightest sympathy towards the dead Iobe disappeared.

“You did something to die for.”

“What kind of special skill does this guy have? Did Korea and Geoshin hide that on purpose? “It was just soloing.”

The video of Colossus Lord’s soloing caused a great shock around the world.

“But isn’t he a monarch?”


However, the ‘lord’ killed a level 94 monster with one blow.

He showed inaction that no other swordsman type player has ever shown.

Even in the water.

“Is it dual class?”

“Isn’t it ambiguous to call it a dual?”

It was swordsmanship that killed the mermaid lord, but

it was timing that hunted the mermaid swarm.

“I heard it looks like a tamer.”

“So you’re a monarch, a swordsman, and a tamer?”

“I guess… I guess that’s what it is.”

“Is triple class possible?”

“We saw it. That would be the case unless the super telescope video was manipulated.”

Kim Hyuk-jin’s play was too outside of common sense.

There were quite a few people who claimed that the super telescope video was manipulated.

The representative person was American Admiral Gerald.

He was a soldier who rose to the rank of brigadier general, and at the same time, he was also a player who was evaluated as an outstanding monarch.

He was also an old friend of Helen who had recently lost her political life.

-I do not deny the fact that the Colossus Lord is great.

-However, the forces that follow the Giant Lord and Korea have excessive delusions of grandeur.

-I would call it absurd ‘gukppong’.

He criticized the so-called Korean soup.

It is true that the Colossus Lord was great, but the claim that he wiped out a level 94 hidden boss monster in one blow and annihilated a swarm of mermaids by himself was too absurd.

-Korea is an outstanding country and the technology for producing and editing play videos is very developed.

-They are using a trick to raise their national prestige by creating a great hero called the Giant Lord.

Brigadier General Gerald mentioned the Aurora penguins that appear on the US 7th Route as a representative example.

-Korea and Japan made the mistake of landing a swarm of mermaids on land, but the United States is preventing monsters from the sea.

-Aurora Penguin is a monster with greater power than the Mermaid Lord or a swarm of mermaids.

-We are protecting the lives and property rights of American citizens in a more efficient and safer way against much more powerful monsters.

-But we do not use it to preach and boast about the greatness of the United States. Because it is natural.

Gerald truly thought so.

As Korea is famous for its ‘Korean style’, I thought it would not be difficult to manipulate the video to make it look real. The world has already entered the era of new technologies.

Not existing science and technology.

I thought it was quite possible with video editing techniques as a play.

‘Because Korea needs heroes.’

Due to Korea’s geographical characteristics,

it is difficult for Korea to stand out.

There are too many powerful countries around.

It was a regrettable but unavoidable reality.

That’s why Korea is planning to raise its national prestige tremendously by creating a nonsensical fictional hero called ‘Colossus Lord’.

…Gerald decided.

‘Helen’s political career ended because of him.’

Hyukjin Kim.

He was a guy I didn’t like in many ways.

A report was sent to him.

“3 minutes ago. “An unidentified player has hunted Aurora penguins.”

“Aurora penguins? “A player?”

“yes. “They say they used arrows.”

“oh! “It’s a mark!”

American pride.

Could it be that Mark from the Michel Division hunted Aurora penguins?

That’s what I thought.

“Hurry up and check your identity!”

“All right.”

Gerald contacted the White House through the hotline, and the White House contacted Michelle again.

-Is the Michel Division providing support to the Pacific?

-Well, isn’t it?

Michelle was thinking.

How should we promote it?

While I was wondering whether this would bring the greatest benefit to both the Michel Division and the Geoshin Guild, I received a confirmation call from the White House.

‘what? ‘Did you just start soloing?’

Michelle said.

-I will brief you in detail within 2 hours. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I killed the Aurora penguin.

And the news reached Gerald as well.

‘It’s Mark!’

I was sure it was Mark.

“It is said that after hunting the Aurora penguins, he quietly disappeared.”

“What about tracking?”

“It was difficult because the ship was broken down, and they said there was no radio reception.”

Gerald nodded.

‘This is America’s hero.’

Someone who moves noisily and noisily like a giant god lord is not a hero.

If you’re a hero, shouldn’t you always make sure your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand is doing?

He pulled out the headlines on his own.

“Mark’s great archery calmed the stormy Pacific Ocean… Is it?”

What can I say?

Mentally, I felt like it was the footsteps of a great hero who would live up to the greatness of the King of Giants.

For some reason, I felt better.

“It would be a good idea to announce it to the press. “On American Heroes.”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin smiled shyly.

“You’re weaker than I thought.”

“Iknow, right.”

It was weaker than I thought.

I’ve seen a lot of guys who are too strong recently.

From giants to mermaid lords.

After dealing with those guys, it was so easy to deal with the Aurora Penguin.

“I feel like I wasted too much energy.”

“You hunt very easily?”

“Still, it was a lot of wasted energy. “Even if we only used half of our strength, we would have been able to hunt.”


Shurt, who was nervous at first, was no longer nervous.

As the popular saying goes within the Geoshin Guild, it was just Kim Hyuk-jin being Kim Hyuk-jin.

“But didn’t you acquire an item?”

“I did.”

Hyukjin Kim looked at the items.

It was a letter-shaped item.

“It’s a letter?”

“yes. I don’t think these Aurora penguins suddenly appeared for no reason. There must be a reason. “Related to me.”

Aurora penguins were monsters that never existed before.

However, it was during this time that Aurora penguins appeared in the Pacific Ocean.

‘Originally, the Blue Mermaid War was a one-time quest that would have ended.’

However, Kim Hyuk-jin slaughtered 4,000 mermaids, and an additional event took place accordingly.

When they eventually succeeded in hunting the Mermaid Lord in a special way, a new monster, the Aurora Penguin, appeared.

“ah. That’s why you contacted Guild Leader Michel and asked if he wanted to hunt.”

I thought it was somehow strange.

No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t training, but Kim Hyuk-jin asked if it was training.

“It looks like you calculated a lot of things.”

In order to avoid another political issue for no reason, the first step was not made in the first place.

So, I decided to check with Michelle and created a situation where I received a request for help from Michelle.

With one phone call, we transformed it from hunting first to hunting with help.

‘It appears that the United States requested help externally, and Guild Leader Kim Hyuk-jin accepted the request.’

Kim Hyuk-jin only hunted Aurora penguins because he needed to, but

it ended up being a favor to the United States and the Michel Division.

At the same time, it also had the effect of showing off its alliance with the Michel Division.

I was so good at shooting the bow that I almost forgot about it for a moment.

Looking at him like this, he definitely looked like a monarch.

“What… does the letter say?”

“This is an invitation.”

“An invitation?”

Hyukjin Kim grinned.

The content of the invitation was very interesting.

[We have invited a prey with great power.]

[His name is Kim Hyeok-jin and he is a human.]

[But the prey is too strong and we cannot eat it with our own strength.] [

So we invite our friends . .]

Schurt asked.

“I can’t interpret it, but can the guild leader read it?”

“yes. “I can see it.”

The contents were explained.

“It says the sender is Lunta.”


Shurt tilted his head.

I think I’ve heard of it.

“The name of the prince of the White Killer Whale Clan is Lunta.”

It couldn’t have been the same person.

At the end of the letter it was written:

[We will distribute his meat to our close friends who helped us.]

[Your true close friends. Heir of the White Killer Whale Clan. Runta.]

Things went smoothly.

They were clearly killer whales that had been tamed by Kim Hyuk-jin.

The tamed killer whales betrayed Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘The impossible has happened.’

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