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Max Talent Player Chapter 579

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 579

Kim Hyuk-jin looked at the strategy memo.


[Blue Mermaid War]

According to the setting, the scenario occurs when the blue mermaid tribe, who lost the war on the bottom of the sea, is driven out to shallow waters and wanders around before landing on land.

About 100,000 Japanese people died, and

150,000 people died in Korea.


When the Blue Mermaid War broke out,

nearly 100,000 Japanese died.

Then, at some point,

the blue mermaid headed toward Korea.

In Korea, greater damage was caused.

Busan Port completely lost its function as a port, and

the entire Busan area was devastated.

Before Kim Hyuk-jin’s return.

The Blue Mermaid War caused such great damage.

Hyukjin Kim immediately contacted Schurt.

-They might come to Korea in a few days.

-Guild leader…?

-I am in a situation where I have to focus on level quests.

Rapundel’s condition is getting worse as time passes.

If more time passes like this, Rapundel could die.

-Mr. Schurt. It’s connected to maritime guilds, right?

-yes. We received so many requests for partnerships that it was difficult to sort them out.

As the Giant Guild became famous,

there were a huge number of maritime guilds that wanted to cooperate with Shurt.

Not only did love calls flood in from all over the world, but

numerous guilds in Korea also wanted to have a relationship with Shurt.

Schurt had outstanding talent as a monarch.

When connecting with other guilds, the profits and losses were accurately considered.

-I heard. It was given a grandiose name, the Geoshin Maritime Alliance.

-It’s not the official name… but people call it that.

In any case, Shurt became the focal point of the Korean maritime guild.

-Guild leader, do you think the blue mermaids will land in Korea?

-There is no harm in being prepared.

Exactly the 6th night before returning.

Blue mermaids head toward Busan.

‘Conspiracy theories also existed.’

It is said that Japan used a trick to send it to Korea.

They say Tamer used his power.

Various rumors and rumors circulated, but the facts were not confirmed.

‘Anyway, the night of the sixth day. The blue mermaid is heading towards Busan.’

If it’s the same as in the past.

-You must deal with them on the sea.


Blue mermaids are a race that moves at incredibly fast speeds in the sea.

It wasn’t that difficult to deal with at sea.

I thought it would be better to deal with them on land.

-Don’t they go back to the sea during the day and only appear on land at night?

-yes. It was like that for two days.

-There must be a good reason for that. For them, land might not be a very good ecosystem for them.

Schurt listened to Kim Hyuk-jin.

As expected from a giant god, he seemed to have already seen many things.

-But there must be a reason why we headed to land.

-for example…?

-There are beings stronger than them in the sea.

there is.

A predator that preys on blue mermaids.

White killer whale clan.

They were a nocturnal race and hunted mermaids at night.

So the blue mermaid clan decided to cry and eat mustard.

At night, they flee to land.

-If you don’t let them land on land, the mermaids will panic. There will be a predator chasing right behind you, so you will be confused.

It was blocked in a similar way in the past.

Fortunately, the white killer whale family was not interested in humans.

Kim Hyuk-jin grinned as he recalled his past records.

‘That’s interesting.’

An interesting fact

is that the person who stopped the blue mermaid in Korea was Kang So-yeon, the Empress of the Sea, who was one of the eight heroes of Korea.

‘I’m working on a scenario where I’m fighting against the Demon King, and somehow the [Blue Mermaid War] broke out, and the person who originally prevented the [Blue Mermaid War] is one of the eight heroes, right?’

Isn’t it exquisite for a coincidence?

The 8 heroes, like Kim Hyuk-jin, were ‘those who stand against the devil’.

Hyukjin Kim asked.

-Are you also connected to Kang So-yeon?

-I’m not sure who it is.

It seemed like he had not yet distinguished himself.

It seemed like a similar case to Ban Ki-myung.

There was a high possibility of sudden rapid growth

at some point .

-Keep this in mind. Fight at sea. That would be a better option than fighting on land.

* * *

Japan declared a state of emergency.

In just two days, 40,000 people died.

The scale of damage was too great.

Politicians and high-ranking power figures.

And Japan’s top rankers gathered together and came up with a solution.

Another day has passed.

Even with preparations, an additional 10,000 deaths occurred.

As many as 50,000 people died.

Japan’s Prime Minister Iobe slams his desk! I hit it.

“Is there no way!”

No matter how hard you hit the desk! Even if I hit it.

There was no way to stop the blue mermaid.

Someone stood up.

He was a middle-aged man.

I told him what I found out about the blue mermaid so far.

“They can only be active on land for about an hour. “We must return to the sea.”


“We need to evacuate residents from the coast.”

“We’re already doing that!”

It was nearly impossible to evacuate everyone on the beach.

The transportation network was already paralyzed and shelters near the coast were full.

It was fortunate that the mermaids were quiet during the day, otherwise much greater damage and panic would have occurred.

“What kind of weakness is information that cannot be used?”

Another day has passed.

Another 10,000 deaths occurred.

Most of them were socially disadvantaged people who had difficulty moving or had difficulty evacuating far away.

So there was a huge upheaval in Japanese society.

There have already been 60,000 deaths.

In some quarters, this story was also circulated.

-What if it was Korea instead of Japan?

-Would this much damage have occurred even if it had been in Korea?

It came as a very big blow to politicians, including the Japanese Prime Minister.

We should not have created the perception that Japan is inferior to Korea.

It was a matter of national prestige and pride.

It was a difficult issue for the majority of Japanese people to understand.

At that moment.

A person came to Prime Minister Iobe.

“It is said that he is a person praised as a [Saint] in the Kanto region. It is said to have the power to tame and control numerous monsters. “I want that person to see the Prime Minister.”

The Prime Minister met a man named Saint.

The saint’s name was Kokuro.

He came up with a trick.

“If you look at these photos, you can conclude one thing.”

Even during the mermaids’ attack, there were some who survived.

They had one thing in common, and that was the fact that they were wearing a beginner’s item called ‘Leila’s Necklace’.

“I was on the shore yesterday risking my life. I experimented with amplifying the energy coming from [Leila’s Necklace]. “They got scared and ran away.”

“Just state the conclusion. There is no time.”

He told me his plan.

“It is possible to combine it with science and technology. Then, very large amplification becomes possible. “If we succeed, we can chase them in the opposite direction.”

“What if it’s the other way around…?”


Prime Minister Iobe’s face darkened.

“If I send it to Korea, what happens next?”

“That’s up to Korea to take care of. “Shouldn’t we do our best to protect our own citizens?”

Another political reason was cited.

“Korea will be the same as us. No matter how famous they are for their Korean style, not all ordinary people are players. Of course, they will also have to suffer great damage.”

If that happens, good things will happen for Japan.

“Do you know the value of Korean names now?”


Undeniably, Korea’s stock prices were at an all-time high.

“If they couldn’t stop it properly, and even Korea, where the Giant God Guild is located, couldn’t stop the mermaids, doesn’t that give us a justification too?”

It is not the prime minister’s fault that he suffered damage from a typhoon or tsunami.

It is a natural disaster that humans cannot prevent.

“It will serve as the Prime Minister’s excuse that even Korea, which is so great, couldn’t stop it. “It will be recognized as a natural disaster.”

The Prime Minister held a meeting.

“…Still, shouldn’t we inform Korea as a matter of morality?”

“It’s not possible. If they are prepared, the damage will be reduced.”

“It has to be scaled down. “Isn’t it common sense?”

“If Korea’s damage is much smaller than expected, wouldn’t it be like claiming that Japan is incompetent? “If you have a brain, think about it!”

There was a lot of debate going on.

Prime Minister Iobe finally made a decision.

“We will not inform Korea.”

Korea must suffer as much damage as possible.

Only then will Japan’s side stand out.

-Japan’s cumulative death toll approaches 100,000.

-Blue mermaid clan. How to stop them!

It was the 6th day since they showed up.

One fact was revealed through satellite.

The fact was that the group of blue mermaids that had been heading towards Japan had turned around this time and were heading towards Korea.

next day.

The morning dawned.

Prime Minister Iobe could hardly sleep.

‘There was no damage on our side.’

So what about the damage on the Korean side?

‘Busan is a densely populated city.’

No matter how well-organized Korea’s system is, there is no way a proper evacuation would have been possible in such a densely populated city.

“How many deaths are there?”

“That is…”

“Tell me. are you okay.”

Still, Korea is a powerful server.

Was the term ‘Korean style’ created for no reason?

I tried to zoom out a bit.




The man making the report hesitated.

“The deceased…”

“Say something!”

“There is none.”


“There are zero deaths.”

It is said that the maritime fleet led by Schurt blocked the blue mermaid in the sea.

It is said that most of the blue mermaids did not land, and the mermaids that did land were blocked by the ‘Wings’ guild and the Taegeuk Shield guild, led by Steel Brothers Kim Dong-hyun and Kim A-hyeon.

“It is said that there was Salvareto, a player with excellent mercenary skills, who managed the troops efficiently.”

He is a famous monarch player.

Iobe made a dumb expression.

“Why is he there?”

“Recently, as the Italian master guild moved to the Korean server, Salvareto and Bella also moved to Korea.”


“There was one who was the strongest among the blue mermaids, and it is said that Bella and Hyeonjeonghwa killed that mermaid.”


“The response is too fast. It’s as if I expected it.”

Lin Hai and Teng Ping were also dispatched there.

The combination of Lin Hai and Deungpyeong, who use lightning, showed tremendous power in the sea.

Shurt’s Immortal Fleet was of great help in killing the mermaids.

Praise from foreign media poured in.

In contrast, criticism poured in against Japan for failing to do anything for five days.

Prime Minister Iobe’s approval rating plummeted.

Japan’s response was compared sharply with Korea’s, causing international embarrassment.

Kim Hyuk-jin also heard about the situation from Schurt.

The situation unfolded as Kim Hyuk-jin expected.

-Still, don’t let down your guard.

According to pre-return records,

raids like this occurred sporadically several more times and then subsided.

The first raid was just the beginning.

-This is the beginning.

-All right.

Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang Som-i searched the Taebaek Mountains like teeth.

Still no clue.

In the meantime, numerous reporters from home and abroad visited Schurt and interviewed him.

Normally, Schurt would have declined the interview, saying it was burdensome, but not this time.

He was very loyal and

felt he had a duty to tell the truth.

“It’s not something I knew about or prepared for in advance.”

Schurt told the truth.

“The guild leader told me in advance because he was working on a level quest. You expected the blue mermaids to change direction and told you in advance what your defense plan would be. In other words, it wasn’t me who stopped it, but the Giant Guild Leader. And it is thanks to the hard work of the many players in the Maritime Federation who have joined us.”

The same thing was repeated for 3 days.

The blue mermaids no longer seemed to be a threat.

The front of Busan Port is now dyed red.

The corpses of thousands of blue mermaids floated by.

At night, a family of white killer whales appeared and began preying on the blue mermaids.

And when another day passed.

Bubbles began to form in the red sea.

There was a splash of water.

It was like a waterspout phenomenon.

A tornado was observed off the coast of Busan.

Many people watched it.

“Oh, what is that?”

It wasn’t just a tornado.

[4000 blue mermaids were killed.]

[Hidden pieces were satisfied.]

A new monster was created with the blood of thousands of blue mermaids.

Before returning.

This was something that had never happened in the past.

[Hidden boss monster. Mermaid Lord (人魚軍主) has been created.]

Around the time when Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang So-mi were searching the Taebaek Mountains.

A new wind began to blow.

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