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Max Talent Player Chapter 570

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#Max level talent player episode 570

2 hours ago.

Kim Hyeok-jin had a general understanding of the ‘enemy hero’ and then skimmed through the contents of ‘King Munmu’.


[King Munmu]

This is a title that can be held by a king who possesses both civil and military skills.

King Munmu is also a title held by most of the great kings who achieved peace and prosperity.

King Munmu can read the wishes of his people and rules his territory with wisdom.

He also quickly identifies the enemies of his people and crushes them resolutely and cruelly.

It is known that the dimension in which a king with the title of King Munmu was born is very likely to be a much wealthier dimension than other dimensions.

Additionally, it would be foolish to invade territory ruled by a king with the title of King Munmu.


The approximate title was like this.

It was an expression worthy of a title created by combining ‘ultimate fighter’ and ‘lord of chanting’. The grandiose expression ‘king’ was a bit burdensome, but I felt like I knew what it was about.

‘Warmly with my people, but firm with my enemies.’

There were three title effects that fit the description.


[Title effect]

1. The people’s aspirations.

-It is the ability to listen to the wishes of the people.

-When the people’s wishes are fulfilled, body stats increase randomly.

2. Subjugation of enemy forces.

-This is an ability that boosts the morale of allies.

-When confronting an enemy, randomly increases an ally’s physical stats.


When I checked this far.

I thought it was a slightly disappointing result for ‘White Hunter’. Kim Hyuk-jin’s abilities were closer to that of a ‘monarch’ than that of a ‘fighter’.


3. One-Man War

– When fighting alone, the stats raised by the title are consumed to release powerful power.

-This effect is limited to one-on-many or one-on-one battles.


Hyukjin Kim has finished understanding the title.

Ability as a fighter.

Ability as a monarch.

It was a title that allowed him to fully demonstrate these two abilities. But suddenly a curiosity arose. It was unclear what the scope of the ‘people’ described in ‘Effect No. 1’ was.

‘Cool time. Consumption M/P There is no basic information.’

It also seemed to be a unique characteristic of the ‘absolute title’, which was different from general titles.

‘Let’s try it out and check.’

So I decided to give it a try.

[Title effect. ‘The wishes of the people’ are used.]

[Title effect. The use of ‘the people’s wishes’ is stopped.]

At that moment, Kim Hyuk-jin immediately stopped using the title effect.

Senia asked.

“Please explain.”

“I fainted several times. “I can feel it.”

“Did you almost faint?”

“uh. “I can’t use this alone.”


“It’s an effect that requires prior learning.”

“Prior learning?”

Kim Hyuk-jin has already gone through the process of merging titles.

At that time, the surroundings were dark.

It felt like I had entered a digital world.

We went through a process of filtering out all unnecessary information and selecting, gathering, and compressing only the necessary information.

It may have been a long time for others, but

for Kim Hyuk-jin, it was only a moment.

“You have to try and control a lot of things in a very short period of time. “If good deeds had not been done… it would have been impossible.”

I had a hunch.

It is a title effect that can never be used alone.

“In other words, using [the people’s wishes] requires extremely fast information analysis capabilities.”

“Player Kim Hyuk-jin has that ability….”

“Yes. “Unknown eye.”

It was not simply the power of the Nameless Eye.

The nameless eye is the eye that interprets the world and reads everything.

“…You mean the nameless eye?”

It does not even play a role in analyzing and filtering information.

Senia recalled the words of ‘the one who preys on achievements’.

-Titles will be placed taking into account numerous factors and variables. That time is literally just a moment.

-For this to be possible, your mental power must be at least 300. Did Kim Hyuk-jin exceed 300 mental strength stat?

In other words.

It was said to be the power of the mental power of Myeong-an Unknown and Hyuk-jin Kim.

“Player Kim Hyeok-jin.”



Are you aware that your mental strength stat may exceed 300 right now?

I was about to say that, but I held back.

Wouldn’t it be like relaying the guardian’s words in the middle?


“No, it’s nothing.”

Anyway, Kim Hyuk-jin decided to use the nameless eye and use ‘the people’s wishes’.

“Aren’t you physically exhausted? “I think I need more rest.”

“I was tired, though.”

Hyukjin Kim grinned.

And then I read the explanation of King Munmu out loud.

“King Munmu is also a title held by most of the great kings who achieved peace and prosperity.”

“Why are you reading again all of a sudden?”

“So to speak, someone who is a great guardian. “There is a high probability that he knows about King Munmu.”


“It seems like [The Achievement Devourer] consumed the protective power and collapsed the U-plex dungeon. “Then wouldn’t there be a connection?”

Even if it’s physically difficult, that’s a problem for later.

You can recover your stamina, but if you miss the opportunity, it’s over.

That’s why I used ‘the wishes of the people’.

This time with ‘Nameless Eye’.

Through the anonymous eye, a more certain interpretation is made, and based on the heightened mental power, Kim Hyuk-jin identifies the ‘people’s wishes’ that must be heard.

‘It’s complicated and dizzy.’

But I could do it.

This is a method that I have already learned and used once.

Senia looked at Kim Hyuk-jin blankly.

‘Three minutes have passed.’

3 minutes for Senia.

But for Kim Hyuk-jin, it was only a moment.

‘Acquiring and using what you have experienced once as your own. That’s the way Kim Hyuk-jin has continued to do it.’

And in the end, Kim Hyuk-jin was able to hear one voice.

-I want to protect it.

-I am impossible.

I felt resentment.

-I… I can’t.

-If a miracle happens again…

I didn’t know who it would be.

However, that ‘someone’ was exactly what Kim Hyuk-jin himself was.

I could see someone’s wish.

It was certain that that someone was someone Kim Hyuk-jin had encountered at some point.

-Who is harassing my younger brother?

I felt his heart.

-If I were as strong as the Giant Guild Leader.

-If I had the power of that great player, this might not have happened.

In his world of consciousness.

I also saw a huge wall.

His consciousness defined Kim Hyuk-jin like this.

An extra-standard person who cannot even reach his toes no matter how hard he tries.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s breathing became heavier.

‘Stop now.’

Stopped using title effects.

I am already physically exhausted. It was quite difficult to use the title effect together with the nameless eye.

‘Did you use it for about 5 seconds?’

It seemed like 5 seconds was the limit with my current abilities.

I felt like I knew who it was.

It seemed like it was a person named Choi Hyun-soo that I met the other day.

Did you say he was the guild leader of the Black Butterfly?

I easily remembered it because it had the same name as the Italian black butterfly.

‘Where is it?’

I have a heartache.

There was a high probability that it was somewhere in Sinchon.

‘I can’t move just because of my heartache.’

Maybe you only get one chance.

And Kim Hyuk-jin felt fortunate to be able to hear this ‘wish’.

I felt Choi Hyun-soo’s consciousness and aspirations.

I could sense that he wanted to protect his younger brother.

Kim Hyuk-jin deeply sympathized with that feeling.

‘I have to find it.’

Kim Hyuk-jin called Yongdori.



A dragon came out of the TV.

I thought this kind of movement should be banned. If I keep doing this again, my sister or mom will be so shocked.

“It will be used during reconstruction analysis. And I’m going to share it with you.”

“huh. What should Yongdori do? “You can’t do it, right?”

“You will see a man. Find his location. “You can find it, right?”

“I would like you to specify the location. “It’s hard to search the entire Earth dimension.”

“Korean server. Probably the Sinchon area. “First of all, focus your search here.”

* * *

Choi Hyun-soo thought he was dead.

Because I never thought that the same miracle could happen again.

“Hyukjin Kim. “It’s you.”

Hyukjin Kim glanced back.

Although he was seriously injured, his life did not seem to be in danger.

“Yongdori. “Treat it.”


Yongdori used healing magic on Choi Hyun-soo.

Poison Witch Cheon Soo-ji discovered Kim Hyuk-jin.

“How can you get here?”

“I’ll explain later.”

Hyukjin Kim looked at the NPC in front of him.

‘Magic Tower… Affiliation?’

I could feel the energy of the magic tower.

It was a man.

Life was shining in the man’s eyes.

Mana was blooming in the shape of a vortex in his hands.

The quantity and quality of the mana was unusual.

“What are you again?”


Although the quantity and quality of mana was unusual, it did not feel threatening.

‘I guess it’s because it was right after dealing with Noah.’

He definitely looked weaker than Noah.

“Are you a wizard belonging to the Magic Tower?”

“Do you know the Magic Tower?”

The man’s eyes sparkled.

I licked my lips with my tongue and looked at Kim Hyuk-jin.

The man accurately read Kim Hyuk-jin’s condition.

“The mana you have is quite pure and powerful. “If I had fought in a normal state, it might have been difficult.”

“I guess you read that I’m exhausted.”

“okay. “Aren’t you human?”

The man tilted his head.

“I can’t believe there are people like you on the Earth level. “That’s surprising.”

Cheon Su-ji quietly fell back.

‘It is clear that Kim Hyuk-jin is an unrivaled powerhouse.’

But it seemed difficult to deal with that man.

That man was something outside the standard.

A wizard that players cannot deal with.

It would be difficult to deal with Hyukjin Kim alone.

‘I need support.’

Kim Hyuk-jin sent the location to Jeong Chang-in, a German he had previously recruited as a colleague.

Korea’s top players will head here.

Taegeuk shield and wings.

And I thought that if the Giant Guild members arrived here, they would have a good chance of winning.

‘Mr. Hyukjin Kim. Please hold on just a little longer.’

In Cheon Soo-ji’s view, Kim Hyuk-jin was a stronger player than anyone else.

If it were Kim Hyuk-jin, he might not be able to win against that man, but he would be able to bide his time.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Why are you so thirsty for slaughter?”

“Because I was born that way.”

“…Born like that?”

“Is there a reason why lions kill and eat deer?”

“There is a reason. The reason I’m hungry. “Lions don’t hunt deer for no reason.”

“Then let’s just say I’m hungry too.”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

‘He’s crazy about killing.’

I decided.

Let’s kill that guy here.

“It may be difficult to deal with you in my current state.”

“Self-objectification is relatively good. “It’s a blessing that you came to the grave on your own, so I’ll kill you without pain.”

The man raised his mana.

Mana boiled up even more ferocious than before.

The solo dance around Hyukjin Kim was on fire.

It turned into steam and disappeared, and the surrounding area became hot in an instant.

Cheon Su-ji took a few steps back.

‘It’s hot.’

However, Kim Hyuk-jin did not take a single step back.

Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t seem to be affected much.

The man seemed satisfied

with that .

The man grinned and stretched out his hand.

A huge magic circle was created in my hand.

Something wriggled out of the magic circle.

It was a large white snake with its mouth wide open.

The snake was made of light and its eyes were red.

The man recited a command.

“Eat it.”

From within the magic circle, a huge snake jumped out like an arrow was shot, opened its mouth, and flew in.

“I told you. It’s difficult to deal with him in his current state.”

Then just change the state.

He stretched out his hand towards the mouth of the snake flying towards him.

It looked as if it was trying to become its own prey.

“You fool!”


Light came out.

Passssss –

At the same time, the snake summoned by magic scattered like dust.


The man was greatly embarrassed.

“What is it?”

Hyukjin Kim took a step closer.

“Do you know what title I had before?”


The man felt a sense of crisis.

‘It has changed.’

The momentum has changed.

I felt like I had become a different person than before.


The man took a step back without realizing it.

“The title I had before was [Magic Tower Hunter].”


And Kim Hyuk-jin added one more word.

“The title I have now is [Opposing Hero].”

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