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Max Talent Player Chapter 568

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 568

“You said that, right? “Like reinforcement, numerous factors apply.”

I have experienced it before.

If you don’t know, you will suffer.

You can open your eyes and cut your nose.

You must find your own rights yourself.

No one works hard for their rights.

The system was not on Kim Hyuk-jin’s side either.

So I deliberately pointed it out.

“I have already proven my talent for reinforcements many times.”

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There will be some guardians who know the situation well and others who do not.

“you’re right. Hyukjin Kim has proven this countless times over the years.”

“In addition, the wizard of the Magic Tower directly mentioned [heavenly power].”

“That’s right.”

“Not only that, but [the Fairy of the Furnace Fire] has great expectations for me.”

I intentionally mentioned the fairy of the furnace.

There is a risk involved in pointing out the guardian by directly mentioning it, but I decided that it was necessary to take that risk now.

[‘The Fairy of the Furnace Fire’ admits it.]

The Fairy of the Furnace Fire also admits it.

The system will not be able to blatantly tamper with it.

“Above all.”

Hyukjin Kim grinned.

“I can still activate the Nameless Eye.”

“…How is that possible?”

“I think Miker’s power was applied to me earlier.”

Thanks to this, Rapundel was able to awaken her ego.

“That strength still remains.”

What this means is that more precise and accurate combinations can be created by using the ‘obscure eye’.

If I had mentioned this much, strawberry milk would not have been mixed in instead of red pepper paste.

[‘The shepherd of Las Vegas’ is happy.]

The shepherd of Las Vegas and many other guardians have become deeply involved. By ‘expanding the title value’. Now all the boards have been laid.

“Let’s begin.”

In an instant, the surroundings became dark.

It felt like I had entered a digital world.

Although it was not actually visible, a world made up of only 0s and 1s passed by.

‘It’s similar to strengthening.’

Strengthening requires material items.

Consume material items to create better items.

‘It’s still the same now.’

Titles were visible in Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

Many titles fluttered around in a dark world made up of 0s and 1s without any rules.

‘It is true that they are mixed randomly.’

It was not possible to completely control the combination.

However, it was possible to at least arrange the order of the titles to complete the combination.

[‘The Achievement Devourer’ begins to observe player Kim Hyuk-jin.]

Senia couldn’t believe her ears.

‘A predator of achievements?’

The person who preyed on achievements was a guardian with a true name who had been active a long time ago.

Among the first generation of middle managers, he was considered an almost legendary guardian.

There was an uproar even within the chat window.

He was the most famous and most powerful of the first generation Guardians.

He was also a guardian who usually did not send messages.

-A predator of achievements?

-Have you started working again?

-Why suddenly?

Those who prey on achievements do not participate in conversations among strangers.

I requested an exclusive meeting with the middle manager and spoke with Senia alone.

The achievement devourer asked.

-Has Kim Hyuk-jin fully considered his abilities and body?

-I think yes.

-Then do you know what is happening to Kim Hyuk-jin now?

-I do not know. After using the anonymous eye, the eyes are closed.

The one who preys on achievements was silent for a moment.

-Titles will be placed taking into account numerous factors and variables. That time is literally just a moment.

From Senia’s perspective, three minutes had already passed.

However, to Kim Hyuk-jin himself, it felt like a moment.

-For this to be possible, your mental power must be at least 300. Did Kim Hyuk-jin exceed 300 mental strength stat?


Senia couldn’t answer.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s stats had long since disappeared, and it was not certain whether he could exceed 300 when quantified.

-What happens if it doesn’t exceed 300?

-I’m going crazy. I can’t handle those numerous calculations. Maybe the system wants it that way.

Senia became somewhat anxious.

My mental strength was over 100. That was certain. But 300.

300 is an excessively high stat.

Senia swallowed her saliva.


acknowledged her feelings.

‘I’m worried about Kim Hyuk-jin.’

Even excluding its value as exclusive content, I was worried about the human Kim Hyuk-jin.

It was okay even if there was no benefit to Kim Hyuk-jin. It was okay if the result looked like bibimbap mixed with strawberry milk instead of red pepper paste.

-It’s over.

At the same time, the person who preyed on achievements closed the personal interview window.

It seemed like he was very interested in Kim Hyuk-jin.

Hyukjin Kim slowly opened his eyes.

“Should we reveal it right away?”

* * *

For Kim Hyuk-jin, it was truly a fleeting moment.

I felt like I had become a supercomputer.

Arrange the titles and decide which is better. What combination would be good? I had to think and organize in an instant.

Hyukjin Kim felt great there.

‘This is… the realm of talent.’

It was an area of talent that was difficult to explain in words.

Some people are good at running from a young age.

Also, some people are strong from a young age.

It is an area you are born with. Kim Hyuk-jin still felt that.

The ability to combine titles and create new titles.

That talent was in Kim Hyuk-jin himself.

“The first title created was….”

Although Kim Hyuk-jin was not able to completely select and do everything the way he wanted, he was able to achieve a similar result.

Senia asked.

“Are you okay…?”

The mental power stat was 300.

It was said that it was only possible if the level was higher than that.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s level, as understood by Senia, did not exceed 300 mental strength.

But Kim Hyuk-jin looked fine.

“are you okay. don’t worry.”

For Kim Hyuk-jin, playing was the priority right now.

“There were three titles that were first combined.”

[Excellent Player]

[First Opponent]

[Magic Tower Hunter]

An excellent player is a title earned when hunting the first tutorial boss monster.

First Adversary is a title earned when you win your first PVP.

The Magic Tower Hunter was a title obtained when one killed the first Magic Tower wizard.

“The perfect combination failed.”

It didn’t go as planned.

“An outstanding player has been used up as material.”

Excellent players have disappeared.

It’s like material items disappearing.

The first adversary and the magic tower hunter were combined to create [Opposing Hero].

“What’s unique is that it feels like [The First Adversary] was broken down into components and only half of it was used.”

“What does it mean?”

“[The First Adversary] also influenced other title combinations.”

Another combination existed.

[First Opponent]

[Ultimate Fighter]

[Lord of Chanting]

It was the same.

The first opponent was only half involved, a combination of the ultimate fighter and the Lord of Chanting.

“The combination of a fighter and a monarch is surprising…” The

‘White Hunter’ of the fighter class and the ‘Conductor of Noise’ of the monarch class had an enmity with each other.

So I thought the compatibility of the two was like oil and water.

Senia asked.

“Didn’t you have some involvement in the selection?”

“that’s right. “I believed in the unknown eye.”

The nameless eye showed yellow light.

I like the combination of the two.

[The ‘Conductor of Noise’ has

high expectations.] [The ‘White Hunter’ has high expectations.]

[The ‘Noise Conductor’ has even greater expectations.]

[The ‘White Hunters’ have very high expectations.]

[ ‘Conductor of Noise’ expects much more than that.]

Kim Hyuk-jin almost laughed at the absurdity for a moment.

This was the first time that five messages were used up in this way.

‘Homophobia. Or love/hate. What is it?’

Anyway, ‘King Munmu (文武王)’ was created by combining ‘Ultimate Fighter’ and ‘Lord of Chant’.

“King Munmu was created. And one more thing.”


[Master of the Phantom Thief Squirrel],


and [Dragon Father] are combined.

“To be exact, I think the title Cheongyeonju has been used up. “As material.”

In order to create the perfect combination of

[Master of the Phantom Thief Squirrel]

and [Father of the Dragon], Cheonpyeonju was consumed.

“So what title was created?”


“…Is it Terma?”

Usually, titles are set so that one can roughly understand their meaning.

Even King Munmu can be interpreted as a king who possessed both civil and military skills.

However, based on the name alone, Terma was a title that could not be interpreted at all.

But the guardians were enthusiastic about the title.




Senia added some explanation.

“Because it is an unusual title, I will add an explanation.”


“Have you heard of Terma?”

“Roughly. [No one] explained it in a fuss. before.”

Joker’s middle manager and a first-generation middle manager who is still alive, ‘None’, told me about Terma.

Terma was the greatest tamer in history selected by ‘Nothing’ based on his personal standards.

‘What on earth are those titles?’

The owner of the Phantom Thief Squirrel.

That title is one that even ‘Nothing’ knows. This is the title held by ‘Therma’, a great tamer in history selected by ‘Nothing’ based on his personal standards.

‘Why does Hyukjin Kim have the title of Tamer?’

Afterwards, ‘Nothing’ gave up on understanding Kim Hyuk-jin.

“His name was written several times on the Tablets of Achievement, and the name itself came to be established as a great title.”


“Administrators refer to this special type of title as [absolute title]. Hyukjin Kim became the first player on Earth to obtain the absolute title.”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

“It’s something special. no wonder.”

I checked the notification.

The system was not easy.

I couldn’t even touch the newly acquired [Opposing Hero] and [King Munmu].

But it seemed like he wanted to get involved in this [Terma].

“They say Terma is one of the greatest tamers in history. “In order to carry on his will, we must support his legacy.”

If the title is not properly maintained, the title will be deleted.

“Yuji… what is it?”

“Save the life of someone who desperately needs me.”

Helping people who need you.

Saving their lives.

That’s Terma’s belief or something.

“The time limit is 24 hours.”

Senia frowned slightly without realizing it.

24 hours.

The conditions were too vague and the time was very short.

‘The father of the dragon and the master of the phantom squirrels. It looks like they want to get rid of both titles.’

Kim Hyuk-jin was also embarrassed.

Both titles were also very important titles to Kim Hyuk-jin.

Because it was a title that allowed one to exercise dominance over Yongdori and Darongi.

But he didn’t show it on the outside.

“But there is a reward when you succeed.”

“What is?”

“Did I mention earlier that many factors are involved in title combinations?”

Among numerous factors.

There was a ‘situation’.

The current situation was that Kim Hyuk-jin had destroyed the ‘Wizard of the Magic Tower’.

“The wizard of the Magic Tower created such great power that his achievements were recorded.”

I don’t know if that’s written on the Tablet of Achievements.

Anyway, it was an achievement.

“yes. That’s right. But what does that have to do with it?”

“The same goes for the achievement tablets. If you recall what Kang Seon-il said, it means that other tools for recording achievements definitely exist. “That means.”

Hyukjin Kim chuckled.

“The system wants to record achievements. In other words, I don’t want to destroy Noah’s achievements. And this reward is linked to the Phantom Thief Squirrel’s abilities.”

This compensation was established through such a causal relationship.

“If I can clearly carry on [Therma]’s will, I can root one of Noah’s abilities.”

And then the notification continued.

[‘Achievement Devourer’ consumes the guardian power.]

It was unknown where the guardian power was consumed.

When about 30 minutes had passed.

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to realize where the ‘achievement devourer’ wasted his protective power.

Breaking news poured out.

-The first collapse of a cleared dungeon!

-Uplex dungeon break occurs!

A huge uproar broke out in the Sinchon area.

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