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Max Talent Player Chapter 565

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 565

The power that is standardized to the chant of the Giant King Katulu.

The lightning of rest struck.

At the same time, Yongdori started chanting.

“Water Demon.”

A spray of water in the shape of a goblin was created.

The goblin opened its mouth wide and swallowed Noah’s body.

Noah screamed.


Colorless dragon’s water attribute magic.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s brain attribute powers came together.

Ahn Seo-hee clearly captured this scene in her eyes while preparing for an unexpected counterattack.

‘The best timing to use Lightning of Rest.’

A technique as large as the Lightning of Rest cannot be used blindly.

If used incorrectly, it may allow for a large counterattack.

Ahn Seo-hee clearly saw from the side how Kim Hyuk-jin created the situation.

‘Shortly and briefly. ‘By creating a small gap.’

And then,

‘I attacked by precisely piercing the opponent’s gap.’

If you just used the Lightning of Rest, you wouldn’t get hit, but we created a situation where you had no choice but to get hit by the Lightning of Rest.

In terms of objective power, Noah has the upper hand.

However, the owner of the guardian tower managed to create a gap despite his inferiority in power.

Ahn Seo-hee’s eyes turned red.

‘You’re sexy.’

He licked his lips once.

I felt like my ego was a little blurred.

It also seemed like he had been drinking.

Somewhere a hazy feeling.

This feeling of being drunk on something wasn’t that bad.

‘What my brother does. ‘I knew it all too.’

Create a small gap.

Use that gap to create a little more gap.

It’s called a kind of design.

After completing the design, inflict a fatal blow.

It’s such an easy idea.

Ahn Seo-hee also knew everything. But knowing it with your head and seeing it with your eyes are a little different.

Especially now.

When I saw Kim Hyuk-jin playing against Noah, I felt something different.

It was especially like that today.

‘It feels… good.’

At the same time, Hyukjin Kim received a notification.

[The Guardian Tower has gained enlightenment.]

[The Guardian Tower has grown.]

Sometimes, the scenery you have always seen can be seen in a new way.

It was like that now.

Something I always see.

Something familiar.

Although she only saw Kim Hyuk-jin play, Ahn Seo-hee felt something different today.

[Due to the increase in the level of the Guardian Tower, some of the powers of the ‘Red Eyes’ are released.]

Ahn Seo-hee also received a notification.

[Your control over the Red Eye increases.]

[You can control some of the power of the Red Eye with your will.]

And Kim Hyuk-jin and Ahn Seo-hee are mentally connected.

Hyukjin Kim could feel it.

The ominous and sticky life that leaks out from Ahn Seo-hee.

But it was a little different from usual.

‘Living in control.’

Red energy bloomed from Ahn Seo-hee’s body.

It looked similar to Kang Seon-il’s black energy.

Soon, red energy was sucked into Ahn Seo-hee’s body.

Ahn Seo-hee survived and was not eaten.

‘Your eyes are red.’

red eyes.

Ahn Seo-hee, who had red eyes, looked at Noah, who had fallen, and showed his will to die.

Seohee Ahn said.

“I will kill you.”


They tried to cut off Noah’s head as he fell.

Just before Ahn Seo-hee spews out red thread.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“no. stop.”


Seohee Ahn paused.

The thread that was reaching towards Noah was recovered.

“why? You threatened my brother. “Everyone who threatened my brother must be killed.”


Although she was not devoured by the power of the red eye, Ahn Seo-hee was now in a state of excitement.

I haven’t been able to completely control that life yet.

Kim Hyuk-jin lightly wrapped his arms around Ahn Seo-hee’s shoulders and pulled her back.

He calmed Ahn Seo-hee, who was in a strangely excited state.

Ahn Seo-hee, who was immersed in life, let out a sigh of excitement without even realizing it.


At that moment when my vitality soared,

I felt like I was taking drugs.

In that state, when Kim Hyuk-jin touched me, I felt a very strange feeling.

But thanks to that, I was able to come to my senses.

‘What are you showing your ugly face?’

He was so absorbed in

the desire to kill that he was intoxicated by the sweetness of the flesh and looked embarrassed.

When I came to my senses, I felt like I understood a little bit.

Now didn’t seem like the right time to end Noah.

Noah fell down and muttered.

“It’s a shame.”

* * *

Honestly, Noah was surprised.

Not only did he have body and body retardation, but he also seemed to have brain and body retardation.

At that level, it could be said that it was a talent given from heaven.

‘As if…’

Another person with divine talent.

‘Like the pure-blooded Sword Emperor Isabel.’

This is Noah, who has been studying Isabelle all his life.

He called Isabel’s talent ‘natural ability.’

In Noah’s opinion, Kim Hyuk-jin also had natural talent.

If he had been born not as a human, but as a being with a stronger existence value than a human, he might have become a king who would unite the dimensions.

Noah stood up.

“I never thought I could absorb brain energy and use it.”

I shook my body and turned my neck.

A crackling sound came from my throat.

“In addition to being retarded in the body and body, you also have the characteristic of being retarded in the brain and body. I admit it. “He has natural talent.”


“That’s why I feel like I should die here even more.”

“If you’re going to kill me, can I ask you one thing?”

Hyukjin Kim continued speaking quickly.

“As you can see, I used up all my M/P with the attack I just used.”

Even for Kim Hyuk-jin, it was surprising.

I didn’t think Noah would end this easily, but I didn’t expect it to be that damaging.

Noah chuckled.

“I’ll teach you.”

“Thank you.”

I knew that if I asked this, I would get an answer.

Noah is an NPC who has been researching his entire life and ran away with his research results.

I presume that he continued his research even while hiding.

Kim Hyuk-jin still remembers the contents of the strategy book.

[Noah steals players’ items by swapping items before the exchange is complete. [It has not been revealed why an NPC with that level of ability would pick the pockets of players.]

I thought this was strange even when I first met Noah.

“I was not born with natural ability. “It is true that she was an excellent wizard of the magic tower, but she did not have the abilities of Isabelle or the magic tower lord.”


“So I needed a different path.”

There would have been no place to boast about one’s achievements.

It’s like the king’s ears are the ears of a donkey! I guessed that he wanted to shout, and Kim Hyuk-jin’s prediction was correct.

Noah gave quite detailed information.

“So this is the result of my new research and creation.”

Noah tore his clothes.

Thin metal armor was visible inside the clothes.

It was metal armor so thin you could almost say it was cloth.

“All substances in the world are made up of small elements. “I developed a method to break down elements to create new artifacts.”


“It is the so-called elemental application magic. “It’s a new discipline that has never existed in the world.”

“So you obtained numerous items by pretending to trade them with players?”

Because I can’t go hunting myself.

“okay. No matter how trashy an item is, as long as it has a shape, it always contains elements. I decomposed the elements and created new magical artifacts.”

He pointed towards his chest.

“That’s why I was able to block your magic and even block that pesky guardian tower’s attack without a problem.”

“Did you make the silver cloth silk as well?”

“We can’t make that level of luxury yet.”

Noah grinned.

“But we can produce quality equivalent to 80% of that.”

“If you can create something like that with scrappy items… it’s a revolution.”

Noah seemed to really like Kim Hyuk-jin’s words.

“okay. revolution. “Differences in very minor details are what divide luxury goods from non-luxury goods.”


“The important thing is that the difference is trivial. Industrial products with minor defects. Even if those things are not luxury goods, there is no problem in performing their function at all.”

The silver cloth made by the ancient master Pluto is a luxury item.

“Luxury goods have philosophy and details.”


“there is no philosophy or detail in the artifacts I create.”

“Still, it gives off power similar to the original item… Is it?”

“It’s good to hear what’s being said so quickly.”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

Many mysteries about Noah have been solved.

Why did Noah keep stealing items from players on the 4th floor of the Uplex dungeon?

I thought I knew why.

[‘The Furnace Fairy’ laughs at Noah’s words.]

[‘The Furnace Fairy’ hates Noah.]

The Furnace Fairy, who could be considered a master craftsman, seemed unable to understand Noah’s words.

For example, it was the difference between a master and a factory manager.

Hyukjin Kim nodded.


I spoke to Ahn Seo-hee, who I was mentally connected to.

-Focus only on defense, not attack.

-Just defense?

-You are a guardian tower.

It is not a massacre tower, but a defense tower.

Although Ahn Seo-hee’s tendencies were closer to massacre, she still had a power that was essentially protective.

It was the difference between what I liked and what I was good at.

-I will share some of my abilities with you.

-What kind of ability is it?

-Geomrim Cheonsalgeom Type 1. Guardian.

Ahn Seo-hee was happy when she heard Geomlim Cheonsalgeom, but she became a little glum when she heard the first type, ‘Suho’.

From the very name, it seemed like an ability focused on protecting.


-Yes brother.

-Because of you, I can gamble.

At those words, Ahn Seo-hee came to her senses.

The words ‘because of you’ were deeply embedded in my heart.

– Because I have you?

-okay. Help me.

Ahn Seo-hee’s eyes glowed even redder.

However, it was not just eyes shining with life.

There was life and life in her eyes.

The characteristics of the strange excitement caused by the activation of the red eye also changed slightly.

‘Because I am there.’

The desire to simply kill someone.

It went beyond that.

‘Because I am there.’

So the owner of the guardian tower can do something.

A feeling of elation, different from the strange excitement from before, welled up in my heart.

-I’ll do better!

At the same time, Hyukjin Kim spoke.

“Are you done with showing off now?”


“It was strange when I first got here.”


At that moment

, several bundles of light were shot towards Kim Hyuk-jin.

“Wide hunting barrier.”

Ahn Seo-hee blocked the beam of light.

“Your opponent is me.”

The specialty of the guardian tower is protection.

If you focus only on defense, you can survive much more efficiently and much longer.

Kim Hyuk-jin believed in Ahn Seo-hee and showed it openly.

“This portrait.”

“This guy!”

Noah used Blink to close the distance.

Kim Hyuk-jin used Lee Hyeong-hwan to widen the distance again.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Ahn Seo-hee poured out red thread, and the

colorless dragon used binding magic to restrain Noah for one second.

“My guess is right. “I guess there was a reason why this portrait was taken away.”

A portrait of Rapundel shedding bloody tears.

robbed of it

A [♪♪] mark was created above Kim Da-rong’s head.

“He approached you when you fell.”

As a fugitive, Noah had very sensitive senses.

It was quite difficult to deceive and approach.

“I stole it while I was boasting and talking about it.”


– Are you done with showing off now?

When I said that, Da-Rong Kim returned.

It was a close timing for each step, but Da-Rong Kim did it in the end.

“This portrait is also strange.”

Hyukjin Kim narrowed his eyes.

“A magic tower wizard who knows the existence of the ultimate magic gifted by the pure-blooded Sword Emperor.”


“An excellent wizard who lacks up-to-date information but has plenty of information from the past.”

“What do you want to say?”

Noah looked carefully as he spoke.

It seemed like he was trying to get this portrait back somehow.

From Noah’s perspective, there were too many things to worry about.

Guardian Tower Ahn Seo-hee.

A colorless dragon.

Phantom thief squirrel.

Kim Hyuk-jin uses the ultimate magic.

And even a portrait.

Because my mind was so complicated, there was no way I could show off my skills.

Hyukjin Kim made Noah’s head more complicated.

“Why didn’t he mention the Giant King’s ability, [Lightning of Rest]? “I’ve thought about it.”

It was not a simple battle with Noah.

While pretending to fight, I calculated and thought about many things.

“I’m sure you knew. “You boasted and talked about how you were retarded in the body, brain, and genius.”

That wasn’t all. Information about

the past


It also gave information about daemons.

This is an NPC who even already knows and has mentioned the Sword Emperor’s stigma.

It was somewhat strange that only the Lightning of Rest was not mentioned.

Even though I said it out loud as ‘the lightning of rest’.

“When I think about it, I think he didn’t want to give me a hint. The Giant King and the Lightning of Rest. “I guess that’s because it’s a hint for me, right?”

I added one word to it.

“Shall I tell you an interesting fact?”


“Actually, I have no incarnation delay.”


“You lied.”

Although he has the title of pure person, he is not an incarnate person.

So, we created a situation as if there was a retarded person and induced a lightning attack.

Noah was very angry.

“this person…!”

Ahn Seo-hee wrapped Kim Hyuk-jin and Rapundel with red thread.

“Guardian barrier.”

“You bastards!”

Noah rushed in and used flame-type magic, but the protective barrier did not budge.

Inside the protective barrier.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Rapundel. Look at this portrait.”

I had a hunch.

This was the best place to use the nameless eye.

Rapundel looked at her portrait with slightly dazed eyes.

A portrait that contains Rapundel’s thoughts in the past.

In the portrait, Rapundel and Rapundel’s eyes met.

Rapundel in the portrait smiled.

‘This is the time.’

Now was the perfect time.

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