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Max Talent Player Chapter 563

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#Max level talent player Episode 563

Rapundel screamed.

‘This artificial respiration!’

I had to do artificial respiration.

I hastily lowered my body.

After adjusting Kim Hyuk-jin’s posture, he put his lips together and blew a big breath of air.

hook-! hook-!

I breathed until my face turned red.

Fortunately, Hyukjin Kim came to his senses within a few minutes.

“I came to my senses.”


Rapundel fell on her butt.

“This is so…”

“Shouldn’t this be an excuse for artificial respiration, but a question to ask if it’s okay?”

“That’s right.”

Rapundel suddenly came to her senses.

“Are you okay?”

Hyukjin Kim stood up.

My eyes were still sore and I also had a headache.

“It seems like I can’t fully read your existence value with my current ability.”


“From what I understand, there is something big hidden in you.”

If you do something inappropriate, there will be side effects.

Kim Hyuk-jin almost lost his mind just by eavesdropping on the guardians’ conversation.

It seemed to be in a similar context.

Rapundel nodded.

“I think there’s something to me. “Did I also tell you about auditory hallucinations?”


I thought about the auditory hallucinations.

-Wake up.

-Wake up, daughter. Reclaim your true self.

Hyukjin Kim sighed.

“I guess… it won’t work here.”

Many factors may be involved, but the most important thing right now was location.

“Let’s go somewhere with me.”


“There are a few candidates.”

I thought I would see it if I walked around with Rapundel.

Just as there is an optimal place in Ganghwa, there will also be an optimal place to observe Rapundel. Several candidates came to mind.

I decided to focus on visiting those places.


a notification was heard.

[The rank of the ‘Unknown Observer’ class has been restored.]

[The rank of the ‘Nameless Eye’ power has been restored.]

* * *

The youngest member of the Seongshin family.

Song Jin-cheol, Chairman Song Ki-young’s grandson and Song Ki-yeol’s younger brother, is in his third year of middle school.

In fact, he didn’t feel the need to go to school.

The time when the name of the newspaper arrived.

This was because the study methods of the past could not possibly adapt to this era.


Still, I couldn’t drop out of school due to my grandfather’s strict orders.

My grandfather said that I had to go to at least high school to be able to function as a human being.

Class was always boring.

‘What’s so important about this?’

It’s math.

Korean language.


How does this help the game?

‘What’s the importance of catching up with that bastard Kim Hyuk-jin!’

But I couldn’t help it.

No matter how much of a fool Song Jin-cheol was, it was difficult for him to ignore the strict orders given by his grandfather himself.

Then one day.

An opportunity came to him too.


“Uh huh. “In the office, Chairman.”

“Oh, okay, Chairman.”

Chairman Song Ki-young was particularly weak toward his grandson, who lost his parents at a young age.

It was even more so because I was the youngest child born late.

“What’s going on?”

“A big opportunity will come within a few months.”

“Big opportunity?”

Song Ki-young listened to his grandson in silence.

“So what you’re saying is that the lottery shop will open within a few months?”

“yes. “That draw requires a ton of coins.”

“Is this information reliable?

“yes. Do not worry.”

Song Jin-cheol pounded his chest.

Chairman Song Ki-young found it cute, but also thought it was a bit strange.

‘So Kim Hyuk-jin and the members of the Geoshin Guild started collecting coins?’

According to Song Jin-cheol,

that explains it.

‘But where and how did this child get that information?’

The information that Kim Hyuk-jin obtains is high-quality information that is different from the rest of the world.

How does Song Jin-cheol obtain such information?

“That’s amazing, our Jincheol.”


“Where did you get this great information?”

“I heard a voice.”


“yes. “He was like a guardian.”

“I see. amazing.”

Chairman Song Ki-young highly praised his grandson.

“I wasn’t as good as you, but I will definitely do better than Kim Hyuk-jin.”

“okay. The higher your dream, the better. haha.”

Song Jin-cheol is young.

So ideals and dreams are more important than reality.

Chairman Song Ki-young thought so, so he did not bother to tell us the reality.

Only after Song Jin-cheol went outside did Chairman Song Ki-young frown his eyebrows.

I immediately called Hyukjin Kim.

I asked Hyukjin Kim.

-Does the guardian even send a voice directly?

-In principle, it is prohibited.

-What do you mean by principled…?

-A huge level of advancement is needed. Humans cannot hear the Guardian’s voice.

-What if you still listen?

-The value of existence is hurt. If you do it wrong, you die.

-I see.

-Why are you suddenly asking that?

-Jincheol… says he heard a voice from the guardian. Do you want to have power?

-From the guardian?

Hyukjin Kim frowned.

-It’s impossible.

The conversation deepened.

* * *

Song Jin-cheol shook off his clothes.

‘Wow, it’s dirty.’

That far ahead.

I saw a homeless person begging in front of the subway station.

To Song Jin-cheol, people like that were disgusting.

If I hadn’t worked hard enough, I wouldn’t be there like that.

‘Get rid of the filth.’

Song Jin-cheol walked quickly.

It was disgusting to be in the same space and breathe the same air as such a loser in life.

‘Let me see.’

There was an address written on his cell phone.

‘Is this…?’

I saw a familiar building.


This is my sister’s building.

My older sister lost her qualifications as a player and went into seclusion.

There have been very few meetings with Song Jin-cheol recently.

49th floor in the building.

Song Jin-cheol met Song Jeong-hee in Song Jeong-hee’s office at the top.

“Your sister too?”


I waited for one more person.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Helen.”

“ah. “It’s that lady.”

Song Jin-cheol also knew about Helen.

This time, she was a woman who publicly apologized and cried every day.

He was one of the most criticized people in the world recently.

Song Jeong-hee.

Song Jin-cheol.


Three people gathered in one place.

Song Jeong-hee said.

“I take care of the cleanup.”

“is it so. “I believe it.”

Helen’s eyes turned to Song Jin-cheol.

“Do you… hate Kim Hyuk-jin too?”

* * *

Hyukjin Kim went outside with Rapundel.

‘Where can I properly use the Nameless Eye?’

A place where you can properly observe Rapundel.

Where is such a place?

Rapundel is the daughter of ‘the person who created the predator colony.’

If so, there was a high probability that it was somewhat related to a predator colony.

Predator colonies

are related to underground giants and dragons.

If you look at it broadly, it can be seen as being related to giants.

‘Or else…’

It could be ‘Tycon’s Mansion’ where Rapundel’s thoughts were first encountered.

‘Or else…’

There was also a possibility that it was ‘Gukong Cave’, which was directly related to predators.

For now, I decided to try each one step by step, starting with the ones closest to me.

Near DMC River View Xi.

I looked for the entrance to Wukong Cave in Central Park.

‘It’s gone.’

It was not surprising that gates appeared and then disappeared.

In that case, we would have to go to Maehwado Island, the entrance to another Wukong Cave, but we decided to put that on hold for now.


-Yes brother.

We decided to open a predatory tree colony through Ahn Seo-hee.

Seohee Ahn walked toward Central Park.

Seohee Ahn glanced at Rapundel.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Secretary Rapundel.”

“Okay, hello, my name is Ahn Seo-hee, Guardian Tower.”

“I’ve heard a lot about it.”

“is it so. “You look pretty.”


“If I were a secretary, I would always be with you.”

“It’s the role of a secretary.”


Ahn Seo-hee acted a little coldly for some reason.

‘Don’t be foolish. ‘I might kill you.’

Ahn Seo-hee, who was only thinking to herself, smiled brightly.

“Then shall we begin?”

It has changed a lot from before.

In the past, stones were needed and preparations such as digging the ground with a shovel were necessary.

But now it was possible with just a starter word.

It meant that Ahn Seo-hee also grew a lot.

“Creation of Lee Dong-jin.”

A red thread floated in the air.

[The barrier magician’s moving group is activated.]

[The name of the moving group is established.]

A black gate has been created. When I clicked on the black flash, information appeared.


[Predator colony]

This is the gate that allows you to move to the predator colony.

Entry qualifications:

1) Those who activated the gate and are level 30 or higher.

2) A person with experience hunting predators and at least level 30.

3) Those permitted by the person who activated the gate.

4) A person permitted by the ruler of the predator colony.

Only players who meet one of the entry qualifications may enter.


Kim Hyukjin laughed.

“You’ve grown, Seo Hee-do.”

“yes. “Thanks to you.”

Two entry qualification conditions were increased.

Conditions 3 and 4 were newly created. Simply put, it means that anyone who is approved by Ahn Seo-hee or Kim Hyuk-jin can enter.

It also meant that Ahn Seo-hee’s will was more actively involved than in the past.

I entered a dark cave.

Seohee Ahn said.

“Predators will no longer be a threat to you.”

“I know.”

In the past, I was afraid of predators.

That was just two years ago.

For Kim Hyuk-jin, the predators were no longer a threat.

“I will do the same as before.”

“all right.”

In the past, you could enter ‘Tycon’s Garden’ in the same way.

It was there that I met Rapundel’s thoughts.

Rapundel said.

“It seems like you two have a lot of memories between you. “The bond is very deep.”

Rapundel’s eyes turned to Ahn Seo-hee.

“You have a pretty face too.”

“Thanks for the compliments.”

Their conversation ended there.

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to escape the predator colony without much difficulty.

It wasn’t that difficult since I had done it once at that level.

[Leaving the cave.]

[Entering the ‘Garden of Tycon.’]

An old field came into view.

This is what Kang Sang-gu expressed when he first came here.

-It looks like a forest, but it’s a garden.

-ah. This strong smell of rich people.

But things were much different now.

The fence was on the verge of falling down.

Most of the trees were dead and turning black.

There wasn’t even a single common sound of insects in the grass.

Even the weeds had lost their life and were crumbling away.

And just ahead.

Tycon’s mansion was visible.

Hyukjin Kim entered Tycon’s mansion without hesitation.

[Entering ‘Tycon’s Mansion’.]

Kim Hyuk-jin asked.

“Rapundel. “Do you know about this place?”

“…I do not know.”

I don’t know.

But my heart felt inexplicably tight.

“I feel frustrated.”

I felt a little dizzy.


I lost my balance and almost fell.

Hyukjin Kim tried to support Rapundel.

But Seohee Ahn moved quickly.

“brother. I will do it.”

Red thread wrapped Rapundel.

Rapundel looked like a caterpillar that had become a cocoon.

Seohee Ahn looked at Rapundel.

‘This woman… passed out?’

This place seemed to have some effect on this woman.

Hyukjin Kim also noticed that Rapundel had fainted.

‘What the hell is this place…’

The evil spirit Tycon is nowhere to be seen.

There is no threat whatsoever.

But somehow it felt ominous.

There was no portrait of Rapundel in sight.

A portrait that shed bloody tears.

What was there originally has disappeared. If it had disappeared due to wear and tear, there should have been at least a trace left, but there wasn’t even a trace.

Kim Hyuk-jin realized.

‘Someone… took it.’

And that someone

was ‘preparing for me to come here again.’

Huh –

the wind blew.

It’s a place where everything is blocked.

Kim Hyuk-jin spoke softly.

“Seohee, prepare for battle.”

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