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Max Talent Player Chapter 556

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 556

“Is that enough?”

At the same time, Kang Seon-il dodged backwards.

An afterimage of a blue sword remained.

The person who swung the sword was Bern.

Bern said.

“You’re fast.”

Kang Seon-il did not respond to Bern. It was true that Bern had quick movements and strong arms, but it was nothing compared to the woman behind him.

“Pure-blooded sword emperor.”

Hyukjin Kim looked back.

In fact, I recognized it the moment I heard the voice.


There was a face over there that I always wanted to see.

Tap, tap, tap.

Isabel walked slowly.

Isabel said.

“If you put even a small scratch on my husband’s body, you will die here.”

Kim Hyuk-jin was at a loss for words for a moment.

How many people in the world can say something like that to Kang Seon-il?

“well. “Could you really have done that?”

“of course.”

Rapundel, who was lying down, also looked towards Isabel.


My head still hurt.

I felt dizzy and nauseous. It was difficult to come to my senses.

In the meantime, I could clearly feel the presence of that woman.


It was a beauty I had never encountered before.

The very existence was beautiful.

‘Who is it?’

One step.

There was a huge presence embedded in each step.

He wasn’t very big.

But it seemed like a giant was approaching.

A huge giant that you can’t even dare to make eye contact with.


My heart is pounding! thud! I ran.


I heard the auditory hallucination again.

-Wake up.

-Wake up, daughter. Reclaim your true self.

Meanwhile, Isabel drew her sword and spoke.

He aimed the tip of his sword at Kang Seon-il.

“Be thankful my husband wasn’t hurt.”

Hyukjin Kim could feel it.

‘That Kang Seon-il….’

That powerful creature that is worthy of being called the Demon King.

A different being talking shoulder to shoulder with famous guardians was nervous.

His posture and attitude were very different from when dealing with Kim Hyuk-jin himself.

It was difficult to find the same composure in Kang Seon-il’s appearance as before.

“I will cut it.”


Bern closed the distance and dug in.

“You brought in a pretty good lieutenant.”

Kang Seon-il ducked low and dodged Bern’s sword.

Kim Hyuk-jin widened his eyes to read Bern’s sword.

‘I can not see.’

Bern’s swordsmanship was fast.

It was difficult to accurately read that state through Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes right now.

‘That is…’

Geomrim’s sword.

The swordsmanship of an adjutant who serves the pureblood Sword Emperor.

I couldn’t read the route exactly, but I kept seeing it.

‘You have to look at it as accurately as possible.’

I can’t read now.

But I am confident that I will be able to read it in the future.

That move.

That mana flow.

That trajectory.

All of those things will become Kim Hyuk-jin’s assets.

You will be able to look again at everything you see now through ‘recovery analysis.’

A black energy wavered from Kang Seon-il’s body.

“You’re annoying.”

Life was blown up.

A presence on a completely different level was exuded compared to when dealing with Kim Hyuk-jin.

It was a huge amount of pressure.

It was at a similar level to facing a giant.


Black light burst out.

I didn’t see how it was done.

It seemed like Kang Seon-il used some kind of power.

Isabelle’s body moved.

I swung my sword into the air.

That one light swing contained the mighty power to split Mount Tai and split the sky.

In an instant

, cracks began to appear like spider webs in the black sky.


Kang Seon-il’s black energy was broken.

Before I knew it, Isabelle was blocking Bern’s path.

“Isabel… sorry.”

“it’s okay. great job. “I’m not your partner in the first place.”

Bern is crying! I vomited blood.

Kim Hyuk-jin was quite shocked.

‘What happened?’

It wasn’t even visible.

I thought the gap with Kang Seon-il was huge, but I didn’t expect it to be this far.

Kang Seon-il said.

“The pure-blooded sword emperor has appeared.”

“You sound like you knew in advance that I would show up.”

“I didn’t know it would really show up.”

Kang Seon-il shrugged his shoulders.

asked Isabel.

“you. “How serious are you?”

“From beginning to end.”

“It’s not like it’s just a one-night stand.”

Kang Seon-il, haha! I laughed.

Kang Seon-il, who had been laughing for a while, turned serious.

“I’m serious.”

“I told you. “If my husband had been even slightly injured, I would have killed you.”

“Do you think it is possible?”

“Nothing is impossible.”

“Are you going to commit mutual annihilation? “You must be in love with Geomlim.”

Isabelle glanced at Hyukjin Kim behind her.

“that’s right. “I love Geomlim.”

I made a promise to my brother Isen.

I will make Geomlim prosper more than anyone else. Isabel decided to do her best for her brother, who will be recorded as the most petty swordsman in history.

“But I love Kim Hyuk-jin more.”

“You’ve gone crazy. “Is it any wonder that a guardian born for Geomlim is so obsessed with a mere human?”

“I’ll give you a sincere warning.”

Isabel and Kang Seon-il’s eyes collided in midair.

“The moment you harm my husband.”


“I will kill you. “In the name of the Sword Emperor.”

Kang Seon-il chuckled.

“As much as possible.”

Isabel and Kang Seon-il glared at each other.

After some time had passed, Kang Seon-il was the first to turn his back.

“See you next time, Kim Hyuk-jin.”

* * *

Bern did not want to believe the truth.


I just watched Isabelle. I read the love in Isabel’s eyes.

‘I’ve never been treated like that before.’

I watched Isabel and Kim Hyuk-jin having a conversation.


Weak human being.

A human being who could not resist the being named Kang Seon-il.

Weak human being.

Weak human being.

A human being with nothing to boast about.

‘Why Isabel…’

I couldn’t figure out why Isabel loved that man.

Bern’s mind couldn’t understand it. no. I didn’t want to understand.

-But I love Kim Hyuk-jin more.

A pure-blooded sword emperor who rules over Geomrim.

This was not something Isabel, who had ascended to the position of Sword God, would say.

These were not words suitable for the King of Geomlim.

In Bern’s eyes, Isabel was the perfect king.

But today wasn’t perfect.

‘Isabel. You must be my perfect king.’

I caught Kim Hyuk-jin’s appearance in my eyes.

‘That man makes you imperfect.’

At that moment

, my eyes met with Kim Hyuk-jin. Bern hastily averted his gaze. I regained my composure. My stomach was boiling, but I didn’t show it.

Kim Hyuk-jin, who was talking about various things like an ordinary couple, opened his mouth.

“Isabel. How long can we be together?”

“As long as this field is maintained. About 10 more minutes? of course.”

Isabelle turned her eyes towards the three shadows.

“If they help, a little longer.”

At that moment

, a notification was heard.

[‘The Conductor of Noise’ decides to help the ‘Pure-blooded Sword Emperor’.]

[‘The Eternal Fighter’ joins.]

[‘The Colossus who chose eternal life’ joins.]

Kim Hyuk-jin laughed as if it were absurd.

“Is something like this okay?”

“huh. “You became dangerous thanks to their very close friends.”


“It was dangerous.”


“You almost killed them, right?”

I don’t know if it was their mood, but the three people seemed to flinch.

Anyway, the time the two of us could spend together increased by about 10 minutes.

Approximately 20 minutes were given.

Hyukjin Kim was lost in thought.

“He’s a very close friend.”

I had guessed it, but it seemed like there was a great friendship between Kang Seon-il and those three guardians.

“Aren’t you going to ask any more questions?”

“Even if you ask, it will be filtered out by the system anyway.”

I was curious about Kang Seon-il.

But I also knew that it was meaningless.

I’m starting to get a feel for it now.

How much information the system allows.

Kang Seon-il’s identity and purpose are kept as secret as possible.

‘In that sense… what Jackson said would be false.’

If what Jackson said was true,

‘the system would have stopped Jackson somehow.’

But the system didn’t stop Jackson.

It was said that there was a very high probability that what Jackson said was false.

Hyukjin Kim asked.

“How is Geomlim’s work?”

“It’s going smoothly.”

“Is your lieutenant helpful?”

“huh. “He’s quite capable.”

“I see.”

I was caught in Kim Hyuk-jin’s senses.


Status: True anger/hostility/True love

Summary: The Sword Emperor’s lieutenant who lost the perfect king


It was only a moment, but it was readable.

‘It’s impossible to read Bern’s condition at my level right now.’

Originally, it was impossible.

However, being able to read Bern’s condition meant that Bern was feeling such strong emotions.

An emotion so intense that I couldn’t control it myself.

“As a player, I won’t tell you anything.”


“But as a husband, I must say something. Since this is a conversation between just the two of us, will you let only the two of us listen?”

“What do you mean?”

Isabel was a little nervous.

Isabel in front of Kim Hyuk-jin was quite different from Isabel in front of Kang Seon-il.

The current Isabel did not seem like a pure-blooded Sword Emperor, but rather an ordinary woman in love.

Seeing that sight, Bern internally swallowed bloody tears.

Isabel waved her hand once.

As Isabel was born with natural magical talent, the space was isolated in an instant.

In addition, one guardian added his strength.

[‘The arrow-shooting baby angel’ prepares a ‘secret tea party.’]

The arrow-shooting baby angel seemed to be watching the situation with interest.

“Your lieutenant says he really loves you.”


“You think it’s reverence for the king?”


“no. The adjutant said he was sincere. “I could almost read it with my senses.”


Isabel’s face turned a little red.

I didn’t commit a crime, but I felt like I had sinned for no reason.

“My husband also did bad things when I wasn’t around.”


Hyukjin Kim frowned.

“Tell me exactly.”

“The girl who collapsed outside earlier. You hugged me. “For a very long time.”

“You said you hugged me?”


“Very long?”

Hyukjin Kim sighed.

“That can’t be possible.”

“…is that also true?”

Kim Hyuk-jin could see what was going on. It seems like it was a prank by the guardians.

The video must have been cleverly manipulated to make it look like Kim Hyuk-jin hugged Rapundel. Isabel, who saw the video, opened the gate and came in.

Kim Hyuk-jin paused for a moment.

‘But indeed. ‘Was it simply a trick by many guardians, including [Arrow Shooting Baby Angel]?’

Was that really the case?

If it were easy to open the gate, Isabel would have opened it and come in in the first place.

Because Isabel and Kim Hyuk-jin always miss each other.

Suddenly you did something you couldn’t normally do?

This means that the guardians helped greatly.

‘It wasn’t just a trick… Could it be that they made an arrangement to bring Isabelle here?’

Looking back, there were a few strange things.

The thoughts continued one after another.

‘And why did Kang Seon-il….’

Not a single ounce of regret could be found in Kang Seon-il.

It was as if he had achieved all his goals here.

Of course, it is true that it is difficult to understand the inside from the outside.

However, after meeting Kang Seon-il several times, I am confident that I have gained a bit of understanding.

It occurred to me that Kang Seon-il’s purpose was not simply to take away the ‘ultimate fighter’.

‘Killing me isn’t the goal either.’

If I had tried to kill him, I would have killed him long ago.

From the beginning, Kang Seon-il had told me that he would wait at the ‘Hall of Fighters’.

It was like providing a clue first.

‘There are some strange things…’

With Isabel by my side, the situation became much more stable.

“Wait a minute, Isabelle.”


Isabelle seemed to like it.

I snuggled into Kim Hyuk-jin’s arms.

Geomsin, who was dealing with Kang Seon-il, was not present.

I hugged Hyukjin Kim tightly and sniffed him.

Hyukjin Kim stroked Isabelle’s head in a semi-unconscious state.

My mind was at peace.

It felt like I was holding the world.

“It’s good. My husband’s arms are warm.”

Isabelle smiled happily in Kim Hyukjin’s arms.

A sense of happiness and satisfaction welled up in Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart.

Although we are still in the ‘Hall of Fighters’, it is more stable than ever.

As soon as things stabilized, strange things started happening one by one.

I started seeing things I hadn’t seen before.

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