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Max Talent Player Chapter 546

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 546

“Maybe if I tame it, some information will come out.”

Hyukjin Kim walked forward. It was okay even if I couldn’t use mana.

You can break it with force like this iron restraint. It was the same as not requiring mana to break wooden chopsticks.

Actually, Hyukjin Kim knew.

The fact is that mana-binding tools can be broken with enough force.

Hyukjin Kim Although it was weaker than his original body, this body was strong enough. Moreover, the spirit was Kim Hyuk-jin.

The idea of how to use one’s power most efficiently was already imprinted in one’s soul. It was easy to use and the mana binding tool was easily broken.

Silavia looked a little embarrassed, but quickly came to her senses.

“Charles. “Attack.”

Hyukjin Kim paused.


Charles, a two-headed black dog.

It was a bit strange for a coincidence.

The tamed monster is a two-headed black dog, and

his name is Charles.

The name of the two-headed black dog that Kim Hyuk-jin tamed in the Uplex dungeon was Charles.

The two-headed black dog growled and lowered its body.

Sticky saliva flowed out from its growling snout. It looked like it was going to rush at any moment.

So I said.

“Get down.”

The two-headed black dog continued to growl. I looked at the level of the two-headed black dog with my senses.

“Get down.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Attack Charles!”

Meanwhile, the man standing behind Kim Hyuk-jin took out a mace and swung it.


Hyukjin Kim bowed his head slightly.


The mace split the air.

Kim Hyuk-jin swung the great sword. The chain of the mace was broken. Although it was a short move, the technique of the ‘insight sword’ was mixed in with the sword.


The head of the mace fell to the ground.

The man’s face turned blue.


This mace was one of his prized treasures.

It was given as a gift from an old man who saved his life. It was called Hancheol (寒鐵) and was much harder than regular iron. The old man said this.

[“Hancheol may break, but it will not be cut. So feel free to use it. This mace is now yours.”]

In fact, this mace has boasted of its majesty all this time.

Countless people attacked the chain, but no one was able to break the chain.

But it was cut too easily. It seemed like a roughly swung attack.

“Silver Knight…! “You hid your skills!”

Hyukjin Kim shrugged his shoulders. First of all, that man is also human. Didn’t kill it. I got closer.

“Oh don’t come!”

He swung the chain part of his mace like a whip. Hyukjin Kim took a few steps. I dodged the chains very easily.

It felt like I was walking through an empty space without any disturbance.

“Sleep for a moment.”

Hyukjin Kim raised his index finger.


It hit the night.

This was enough.

Silavia, who can be said to be the final boss of this place, was at a level of 70, and at level 70, she could be easily defeated with her bare body.


The man fainted in that state.

Growling –

Charles’ growling sound was heard.

Hyukjin Kim looked back.

“Are you down yet?”

“Charles! Wake!”

Silavia shouted angrily. The two-headed black dogs seemed confused.

Should I listen to the words of the master I originally served or the words of that scary human being?

Hyukjin Kim shrugged his shoulders.

“First of all, let me praise you. “Your loyalty is incredible.”

Kim Hyuk-jin approached the two-headed black dog. The two-headed black dogs took a step back.

This was Silavia’s first time experiencing this phenomenon. The brave two-headed black dogs are taking a step back.

“Why on earth are you like this!”

Mana was raised.

I tried to further increase my control over the two-headed black dogs, but it was no use.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“you. “You give me a white dog?”

“What are you?”


I chuckled.


Kim Hyuk-jin is an expert.



A higher-level title for White Kyunju.

Completely obeys all pure dog monsters below level 40.

Has extreme affinity with all pure dog monsters below level 40-50.

Has a weak affinity with all pure dog monsters below level 50~60.


And Charles’ level was 47.

If it was under 40, it would have been possible to make it obey perfectly, but it was impossible.

‘Thanks to my extremely high level of intimacy with that woman… she is resisting the effect of my Heavenly Dog title.’

Kim Hyuk-jin thought for a moment.

What is that woman?

If you think about it, it’s full of strange things.

A duel is probably taking place at this very moment.

The crowd should be cheering and shouting.

‘I can’t hear any sound.’

It’s as if it’s a distorted space. It felt like I was in a different field.

Also, considering the size of the stadium, there had to be other personnel to escort Silavia.

But no one is coming in.

Hyukjin Kim asked.

“Is your name Silavia?”

In my senses, it was clearly identified as Silavia.

Silavia frowned slightly. In the midst of this, he suddenly asks my name.

It was strange, but I thought it was a good thing. I had to quickly gain control over the two-headed black dog.

“What are you talking about?”

“I have special eyes that can see names. “I heard your name is Silavia.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Hyukjin Kim tilted his head.

Was my senses wrong?

“Then what is your name?”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know?”

Silavia pretended to respond to the conversation and worked hard on timing the two-headed black dog.

“I’m asking because I really don’t know.”

“My name is…”

Silavia flinched for a moment.


Silavia couldn’t remember her name. It has been called Silavia until now. But it’s not Silavia. It was a strange feeling. I don’t know the name.

“What is my name?”

Kim Hyuk-jin was sure.

‘I thought it was a different world.’

It’s not another world.

This place was right at the gate. And all of these people here are also ‘people’.

‘Just like me.’

It seemed like everyone came in like him and got a different body.

‘I didn’t lose my ego because my mental power was so high.’

Others seem to have lost their sense of self. Now I understand. A battle that was fought blindly. Events that seemed to proceed without meaning.

They lost their sense of self and just lived in a world that seemed as if someone had programmed it.

At that moment, a notification was heard.

[Out of the 17 scenario directions in ‘Hall of Fighters’, direction 17 has been selected.]

[1st quest. ‘Silavia’s identity’ was created.]

Kim Hyuk-jin grinned.


I found a clue.

It seemed like the right way to start. There are 17 ways to clear this space, and I started with one of them correctly.

“Silavia. “Can you tell me your real name?”

“My name is…”

Silavia was confused. I don’t know why I can’t remember the name.

“You won’t remember. Because this is a cleverly manipulated space.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“You are not the real Silavia and you are not the real ruler of this place.”

I added one word.

“you. “Do you know their names?”

“Of course I know. “With Charles…”

I understand as far as Charles. But I don’t know about one. Silavia could not get out of the confusion.

“It can’t be like this….”

“It can’t be like this.”

Kim Hyuk-jin raised his great sword.

‘Insight Prosecutor.’

Two-headed black dog.

One of the two animals was decapitated. Two necks! It was cut off. fell to the ground

Silavia screamed.


Silavia’s eyes were bleeding.

In the midst of her confusion, she became extremely angry.

“I will kill you!!!”

“Calm down.”

Kim Hyuk-jin pointed to the corpse of the two-headed black dog.

“There is no body.”


There was no body. As if it never existed from the beginning.

“Your name is not Silavia. “Your name is [Rapundel].”


The moment she heard the name, Silavia sat down. My head felt like it was going to explode.




That name gave me an extreme headache.

Hyukjin Kim just looked at Rapundel, who was writhing in pain.

‘A place where time and space are turned upside down. A strange space where even people’s bodies change.’

What exactly does this place want?

Why did Kang Seon-il say he was waiting for me here and

why did Jackson set a trap using Seo Joo-hwan?

Hyukjin Kim thought a little more.

‘It’s not a quest that came about suddenly.’

It’s been like that since long ago.

When the things that were scattered separately were combined, they created one huge flow. I thought it would still be the same now.

‘Am I missing something?’

One moment came to mind.


[Predator tree colony map (interpretation)]

Predator tree colony is a forest where many predator trees are located. Rapundel’s father created a predator colony for Rapundel.

This is because it was known that ‘predatory tree seeds’ are very effective against ‘red flower tears’. The lifespan of an artificially created ‘predator colony’ is up to 300 years. Within 300 years, predatory trees will become extinct without being able to maintain the ecosystem.


One clue was discovered.


Rapundel’s father created a predator colony for Rapundel.


If you think about it, Rapundel was related to predatory animals, and predatory animals are also connected to giants and dragons. Things that seemed to have no relationship at all were somehow connected.

‘First, we have to help Rapundel.’

If I left it like that, I felt like I would be swallowed up in pain and die. The pupils were half dilated. Although he was squirming intermittently and trying to come to his senses, he seemed to have lost his senses.

My mental strength was weaker than I thought.

“Let me make one thing clear. We have already met in another time and space. “You lost Charles and you were shedding tears of blood.”

To be precise, I saw the portrait at ‘Tycon’s Mansion’.

There was a portrait of Rapundel there. Bloody tears were flowing from the portrait, and Kang Sang-gu was shocked and shocked.

“In the end, I found Charles.”

As I talked, memories came flooding back to me.

-Shubham. friend. I’m a little scared. Why has everyone suddenly become so old?

-Suddenly everything disappeared.

And at that time, Kim Hyuk-jin realized one thing.

-300 years.

-If 300 years have passed in this field.

Suddenly, it felt like 300 years had passed. Rapundel listened to Kim Hyuk-jin’s words as her consciousness faded away.

‘That… What are you talking about…?’

But one by one, the puzzle began to come together in my head.

‘My name is Rapundel.’

That man was right. Her name was Rapundel. The man continued speaking.

“I think this place was probably about 300 years ago from that point.”

The name is Rapundel.

Friend Charles.

And 300 years.

After hearing all those keywords, Rapundel’s headaches all disappeared. It disappeared as if it had been washed.

“You seem to have come to your senses.”

“…Thanks to.”

Rapundel got up and Hyukjin Kim continued speaking.

“Perhaps all the humans here were summoned from each space and time and lived in someone else’s body in a distorted time regardless of the original time axis.”


Rapundel had one question.


“I have a bit of mental strength.”

“…I guess so.”

I looked at Hyukjin Kim. Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes were clear. It seemed like a hard core was showing. I opened my heart a little.

“My name is Rapundel. And then I remembered that this kid was really Charles.”

Rapundel asked.

“Was it necessary to kill the two-headed black dog?”

“I thought that was what was distracting you.”

Charles, a two-headed black dog.

Its owner, Rapundel.

These two were originally there.

But there was a double-headed black dog next to him that was not there. By acting like you have loyalty.

“To create a fake world so perfectly, you definitely need a medium. “I got rid of it.”

Hyukjin Kim chuckled.

“Thanks to you, you were able to come to your senses, right?”

“I’m confused. “It’s hard to believe what you say.”

“Show me the proof?”

Hyukjin Kim presented an item.

It was an ‘interpreted copy of a map of predatory habitats.’

“What about this?”

“Your father prepared it for you. “You were suffering from a disease called tears of the red flower, right?”


Rapundel closed her mouth.

Everything Hyukjin Kim said seemed to be correct.

“Actually, I came here looking for the [Hall of Fighters]. But I don’t think this is the real [Hall of Fighters].”

This place seemed to be an intermediate gateway.

To go to the real ‘Hall of Fighters’.

[1st quest. ‘Silavia’s identity’ has been cleared.]

[Second quest. ‘Angry Guardian’ was created.]

Kim Hyuk-jin looked up at the sky.

‘An angry guardian.’

I felt like I knew what this quest meant.

And I felt like I knew who decorated this space, why, and how.

“Rapundel. Hold my hand.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We have to get out of here first.”

Kim Hyuk-jin held Rapundel in his arms.

“What are you doing! “Kyaaaaah!”

Hyukjin Kim started running. Rapundel looked like she was going to fall.

‘What’s so fast!’

It felt like the world was moving backwards.

I was scared, so I closed my eyes and hugged Kim Hyukjin’s neck tightly.

With her eyes closed, she felt something through her sensitive senses.


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