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Max Talent Player Chapter 541

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 541

“Who is bullying my little brother?”

About 5 seconds after Choi Hyun-soo heard those words. A miracle happened.

Swish – Swish –

A man swung his sword.

It was a sword that looked like a luxury item at first glance. No matter how much the Black Butterfly dealers attacked, the armor of the Hell Armor that was impervious was cut off like tofu.

It took less than a minute for all 20 hell armor soldiers to be cleared away.

Kim Seon-hwa smiled brightly.


“What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t have an older brother, so I was just going through dungeons and gaining experience.”

In a low-level dungeon like this?

I’d rather play with Taegeuk Shield.

The words rose up to my throat. However, the Black Butterfly Guild members were seen struggling and trying their best. So I couldn’t bear to say that.

“I see.”

Hyunsoo Choi came closer. Kim Seon-hwa laughed.

“But what’s going on? “Somyi unnie too?”

I couldn’t hide my emotions.

It was so nice to see you. Miscellaneous mobs such as hell armor soldiers were no longer a threat.

I felt like I could forget my duty as a tank for a moment.

Hello everyone, beginners. Now I live. I have finally relieved myself of my burden. Those words almost came out.

“There’s a place you need to go with me.”

“Really? “A fun place?”


It’s hard to say it’s a fun place. Because ‘that place’ was a place with bad memories for Seonhwa.

“anyway. “Let’s clear here quickly and get out.”


Choi Hyun-soo looked at Kim Seon-hwa and Kim Hyuk-jin alternately in a state of fascination.

It was my first time seeing the girl who revealed her name as Kang Seol-hwa smile so brightly.

huh! The voice he spoke was full of charm.

‘Kang Seol-hwa, with that skill… does he look like that?’

When he was in front of the Black Butterfly Guild members, he seemed like an excellent leader.

Based on his overwhelming tanking ability, he took on the role of de facto leader here.

Action power. decision. leadership. Everything seemed befitting a leader. But now?

‘Does she look like a childish little sister?’

And Kim Hyuk-jin’s face seemed somehow familiar.

Sunhwa Kim released a partial polymorph. The original face was revealed. Kang Som-i also took off her robe.

Choi Hyun-soo and other members of the Black Butterfly Guild had no choice but to open their mouths wide.

“No way…”


“Giant Lord Kim Hyuk-jin?”

And the person who was playing with them just now was

“Silver Sky Kim Seon-hwa?”

It was given this nickname because when Kim Seon-hwa tanked with all his might, a silvery wide-area defense line was formed. Kim Hyuk-jin tilted his head at the nickname ‘Silver Sky’.

‘Did Zenhwa start to be called Silver Sky?’

Originally, ‘Silver Sky’ was the nickname that Italian tanker ‘Ferriare’ should have had.

Ferriare should have originally had a nickname of Silver Sky and should have signed with ‘Nafla’, the middle manager who has now signed with Sunhwa.

‘He signed a contract with Nafla….’

It seemed like Seonhwa got what Ferriare should have had.

It has changed from before the return. Originally, Periare gained fame as the only tank that could block the colorless king’s surprise attack.

However, when Joker, the colorless king of flesh, joined the Colossus, he no longer fought against Ferriare.

Therefore, it appears that Periare has not yet acquired a second name.

Hyunsoo Choi came closer.

“Excuse me, but could you…”

“Yes. This is Hyukjin Kim from Geoshin Guild. This guy is Kim Seonhwa. He’s my younger brother. “This is our explorer Kang Somi.”

“…iced coffee! It is an honour.”

Choi Hyun-soo bowed. I was devastated. I encountered the world’s hottest guild, the Giant Guild. I didn’t know what to do. Plus, it was surprising.

‘They said the monarch was strong, but I never thought it would be that strong.’

I know that he is a player who has been known as the Summer Lord from the beginning. I also knew that I was good at using a sword. But I didn’t know it would be to this extent.

‘If the Giant Lord is this strong, how strong is Shin Yeon-seo, a real swordsman?’

I couldn’t really feel it. Hyukjin Kim said.

“Because we’re busy.”


“I’m trying to clear this place quickly and get out. Will it be okay?”

“Of course! “Of course!”

The Black Butterfly Guild sighed with relief that they had survived.

The Giant Guild came out. It seemed like they just needed to rest now. If you recover your stamina and wait patiently, you will clear it.

Choi Hyun-soo’s heart was pounding.

‘How long will it take to clear the colossus?’

I had the expectation that no matter how long it took, I would be able to clear it in an hour. Once I lived there, I had other desires.

“If you don’t mind me…”


“Is it okay if we proceed with the clear together?”

I was startled for no reason and waved my hand.

“No, no, I’m not saying I’m going to share the reward or anything like that. I just thought it would be helpful to watch a top-class guild like the Giant Guild play from the side…”

“There’s nothing that can’t be done.”

Hyukjin Kim smiled shyly. Choi Hyun-soo did not properly understand the meaning of that laughter.

Anyway, permission was given. My heart started pounding.

Clearance of top classes. Seeing this with your own eyes will be of great help to the development of the black butterfly. Is there any better way to study than this?

Everyone thought similarly.

‘It will be a good experience.’

‘Nice guild leader!’

‘How on earth are they going to proceed?’

Kang Som-i, who had been hiding in the meantime, appeared.

“Here you go.”

It was clear crystal. Choi Hyun-soo twitched his eyes.

“Clear… is it crystal?”

I tried to learn it, but

it was already cleared.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin’s house.

Hyukjin Kim explained what happened at ‘Micker’s Palace’.

Kang Somi hummed and nodded.

“indeed. “This is the [Eternal Fighter’s Shield].”

Kim Seon-hwa’s eyes sparkled.

“So you’re giving this to me?”


“Maybe I’m not the right owner.”

“If you leave it alone, it will break anyway.”

However, you cannot give what you received through ‘bundled sponsorship’ to someone else.

“Besides, [Question 5] is probably going to be answered.”


5. The place where the first death descends after passing through the plaza where qualifications are judged is where the ‘Eternal Fighter’s Shield’ wants to be.


The first death.

Hyukjin Kim knows what that first death is.

In the past, the system provided information directly.

[Through the first PK, potential unique abilities are forcibly released.]

The first PK notarized by the system.

That meant the time when Kim Hyuk-jin killed Seo Joo-hwan using Bungbungbeol.

“You were there too, and you happen to be a tank.”


Kim Hyuk-jin carefully observed Kim Seon-hwa. Perhaps you have bad memories of Seo Joo-hwan?

I was worried about that. However, Kim Seon-hwa seemed unharmed.

Hyukjin Kim asked.

“Mr. Kang Somi. The [First Crush] scenario is still ongoing, right?”


Kang Som-i was working on ‘First Crush’, which was a scenario originally decided by an ‘unknown observer’.

At first, Kangsom’s status window looked like this.



1) Ruler of the New World – Scenario ‘Daedongyeojido’ in progress.

2) Anonymous Observer – Scenario ‘First Crush’ in progress.


These two contents have changed.



1) Ruler of the New World – Clear scenario ‘Daedongyeojido’. Completed acquisition of hidden class ‘Explorer of Service’.

2) Noble Wish (formerly Unknown Observer) – Scenario ‘The One with the Unknown Observer’ in progress.


Kang Somi was at level 44 and had already completed contracts with two guardians, ‘Ruler of the New World’ and ‘Noble Wish (Unknown Observer)’.

Hyukjin Kim nodded. As a result, [Question 1] was also satisfied.


1. Notarization was required from the contract guardian of the person who acquired the ‘Eternal Fighter’s Shield’ and one ‘player who shares the will’.


The person who acquired the Eternal Fighter’s Shield is Kim Hyuk-jin.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s contract keeper is ‘Noble Wish’, and

the one player who shares the will with ‘Noble Wish’ is Kang Somi.

The notary was Kang Som-i.

And the rest of the questions. They were a reference to the ‘Seoul Station Dungeon’ that I had cleared countless times in the early days of playing.

I headed straight to the Seoul Station dungeon.

Kim Hyuk-jin, Kang Som-i, and Kim Seon-hwa. Kang Sang-gu, who happened to have some time left, was also there.

* * *

There are seven crossroads in the Seoul Station dungeon.

no. 1. Path of Neparas

2. Dugo’s path.




Number 7. The Way of Rockitullah.

I definitely know how to clear it. It proceeded in the same way as before. Seonhwa Kim yawned.


It was a scary dungeon in the beginning, but now it has become so easy.


3. The suitable location must pass through 7 crossroads. There are seven forks in the road starting from Neparas and ending with Lakkitula.


I passed all 7 crossroads.


4. At the end of the seven crossroads, there was a ‘square for judging qualifications.’


When I arrived at the square, I heard the same notification as before.

[‘The Stone Statue of Mandra’ opens its eyes.]

[Who was the one who woke me up?]

[An unqualified person. You will not escape punishment.]

At the time, it did not mean much. Since the strategy had already been decided, I just proceeded according to that strategy.

But I never thought this would be related to the ‘Eternal Fighter’s Shield’.

It was also cleared in the same way.

[Would you like to send the Ring of Neparas? [Y/N]




[Would you like to send Rockytula’s earrings? Y/N]

‘Mandra’s Stone Statue’ wore each item one by one. The red light emanating from the eyes of the Mandra statue disappeared, and the earthquake-like vibration also disappeared.

[Qualifications have been proven.]

I passed the Mandra test easily.

[‘Mandra’s Test’ has been passed.]

[‘Mandra’s Square’ has been cleared.]

[Next scenario quest. ‘Two forks’ are in progress.]

Two forks have been created. This too was the same as in the past.


[Two crossroads]

The last crossroads of the Seoul Station dungeon. Find the appropriate clear conditions and clear the Seoul Station dungeon. If you fail to clear the dungeon, a dungeon break will occur. At least one player must enter both intersections.


Kang Sang-gu said.

“I just have to go to one crossroads, right?”


“But where are you going?”

“excuse me.”

Hyukjin Kim pointed to a place.

That is the place where Seo Joo-hwan was killed using Bungbungbee.

Kang Sang-gu asked doubtfully.

“Are you sure? How do you know? but. Well, it’s Kim Hyuk-jin. Because he’s a monster who knows everything. I won’t ask. okay. Have a nice trip. “I’ll go over there and catch the bad guys.”

I went to the place where Seo Joo-hwan was killed.

This is where the first death descended.

“I will hand over the shield of the eternal fighter.”


Seonhwa Kim swallowed hard.

At first glance, it was an unusual item.

Hyukjin Kim sent the item.

[The ‘Shield of the Eternal Fighter’ was sent.]

[The ‘Shield of the Eternal Fighter’ determines the owner’s qualifications.]

Meanwhile, Kang Som received a request for a notary to appear.

Kang Somi accepted the notarization. Silver energy began to leak from the Eternal Fighter’s shield.

[‘The Eternal Fighter’s Shield’ acknowledges its owner.]

Kim Seon-hwa jumped up and down in place.

“Oh yeah!”

“it’s okay?”


But that wasn’t the end. Kim Hyuk-jin and Kim Seon-hwa received a notification at the same time.

[The hidden settings of ‘Eternal Fighter’s Shield’ are revealed.]

Hidden settings that could not be seen in the 5-second anonymous eye began to be revealed. A familiar word came out to Kim Hyuk-jin.

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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity. [No Talent] It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s? In the years since Players, Streamers, Guardians, dungeons, and monsters became a part of our everyday life, my sister died from leukemia trying to support me, and my mom passed away from a disease we couldn’t afford to treat. I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning to continue my futile life, I found… that I had somehow gone 10 years back in the past, to the day the world changed. While going through the Tutorial, I realized something. Everything’s too easy. Was I really talentless?


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