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Max Talent Player Chapter 538

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 538

Kim Hyuk-jin’s mouth moved of its own accord. Just like the time when I first realized the chant, the energy that was stirring in my heart was declared in the form of language.

“For those who cause me trouble, I will pay with trouble.”

“I will reward those who are afflicted with white rest.”

“The power of Sandhya will be revealed in the covenant.”

“On the seventh day the covenant was fulfilled.”

A different voice came out of Kim Hyuk-jin’s mouth.

[Keep your rest forever.]

A white thunderbolt struck Miker’s head.

It seemed as if a sea of white lightning had descended.


The surroundings became brighter.

At the same time, a scream erupted.


Michelle was so dazzled that she covered her eyes with her arm.

Kwajik- Kwajijik-

A fierce thunderstorm filled the space.

It was similar to the thunderbolts that Katulu’s alter ego spewed out. It is a power that is used after absorbing the lightning and processing it.

The essence was similar. However, Michelle could sense a sense of familiarity in this thunderstorm.

‘I made it completely with my own ability.’

White thunderbolt.

A white energy that was not standardized as the ‘lightning of rest’ engulfed Miker’s entire body.

It felt like a huge snake had wrapped itself around Miker’s body and was slowly squeezing it.



Miker’s body fell with a sound.

Smoke rose from Miker’s body. My body trembled intermittently. My whole body was full of soot.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes turned to Miker. The gold eyes disappeared before I knew it and returned to their original pupils.

I looked at Miker’s alter ego with calm eyes. I clenched and unclenched my fist.

‘This… is the power of the Thunder God.’

There is a world of difference between experiencing this and not experiencing it.

I understand after experiencing it. How great was Katulu’s power. How powerful is the Thunder God that I gained through him?

Miker, who fell to the ground, said in a limp state.

“You didn’t steal my friend’s power.”


Kim Hyuk-jin listened to Miker in silence. Miker soon dies.

It will disappear and disappear. I am speaking with all my strength. It could have been an important clue for later play.

“You have made your friend’s power yours.”

Miker laughed weakly and then burst into laughter. Miker laughed for a while before opening his mouth again.

Michelle came closer to Hyukjin Kim. Michelle was trying to say something. Kim Hyuk-jin put his index finger to his lips.


Michelle quickly noticed and kept her mouth shut. Miker continued.

“Last moment. “We had expectations.”

“If it were the last moment, was it when you were buried underground with the heavenly dragon Veilsara?”

Miker, who was limp, nodded his head weakly.

“You know everything.”

There isn’t much time. Miker will soon disappear. I felt like I could obtain a little more useful information.

“What did you expect then?”

“We expected you to come visit us.”

I didn’t ask who it was. It was easy to recall.

‘Other giants. Or Katulu.’

It seemed like they were expecting them to come to the aid of the subterranean giants.

But Hyukjin Kim knows. The giants did not help the subterranean giants, and the subterranean giants destroyed themselves along with the heavenly dragon Veilsara.


The voice gradually became quieter.

“If there had been just one giant who voluntarily found us, we would have once again blossomed into a rich civilization.”


Miker’s body began to disappear.

“No one was looking for you.”


More than half of my body was gone.

“Are you saying we need outside help to get out of the underground?”

“Yes. Katulu had it. “Some part of his mind was connected to the underground.”

“It was connected to the underground?”

It seemed like there was more to the inside story between the giants.

“So we waited…”

Miker’s body completely disappeared. A notification followed.

[We hunted down ‘Mike’s alter ego.’]

Messages poured in to Hyukjin Kim.

Starting with Noble Desire, the Covenant Keeper,

the Shepherd of Las Vegas.

The trumpeter of the blue thunderbolt.

A baby angel shooting an arrow.

White Hunter.

Five people sent messages at once like this.

Since the messages came all at once as soon as the hunt was over, it seemed like they also sent messages through fierce competition.

A message comes to the five guardians.

This was something familiar to Kim Hyuk-jin. I thought so.

‘Guardians. ‘I’m just amazed.’

There was no nutritious support.

‘Is it because it’s not completely finished yet?’

Usually, the field is moved when it is completely cleared.

But it is not moving. Hunting down Miker’s alter ego did not seem to mean clearing.

After clearing this place, they’ll probably give you better support.

It was a little disappointing, but I could understand it.

A notification followed to soothe that regret.

[The ‘Slab of Achievement’ is activated.]

[It is recorded as a great achievement on the ‘Slab of Achievement.’]

Tablet of Achievement?

I didn’t know exactly. Before I could properly look into it, notifications continued.

[The title level of ‘Giant Hunter’ increases.]

[The title ‘Giant Hunter’ has been upgraded to the title ‘Giant Hunter’.]

It was a title obtained by hunting Miker’s clone. Kim Hyuk-jin also had expectations. I checked it right away.


[Giant Hunter]

This is a title that can be applied when fighting against ‘giants’. This is an honorable title given only to great hunters who have hunted the king of the giants.

* The ‘Shadow Silence’ power can be used only in battles with ‘Giants’.

* During battles with ‘Giants’, only ‘monarchs’ who own a ‘guardian tower’ can summon the ‘guardian tower’.

* You can transfer some of the power of the hunted ‘Giant King’ to the summoned guardian tower.

(Available Power: Hell)


Shadow Binding has been upgraded to Shadow Silence.

Additionally, the time limit for summoning the Guardian Tower has disappeared, and ‘Hell Underground’, which appears to be one of Miker’s powers, can be transferred to the Guardian Tower.

Suddenly this thought occurred to me.

‘I want to try it.’

I want to try Shadow Silence and feel the power of Ahn Seo-hee, who transferred the power of the underworld. Isn’t this the beauty of playing?

I checked the condition of my body.

‘I feel like I have strangely more vitality.’

The level system disappeared, but Kim Hyuk-jin could feel it with his body. My body became much lighter. It seemed like it had an effect equivalent to leveling up. It wasn’t quantifiable, but it seemed like it was faster than the growth due to leveling up.


Although the guardians’ support was disappointing, it was good overall.

But this wasn’t the end. One more message was delivered.

[tutelar. ‘Conductor of Noise’ suggests —- –.]

This was not a normal situation.

I have already received 5 messages. In addition, the ‘Conductor of Noise’ sent an additional message.


Even the contents were hidden. The system intervened and blocked the message from being viewed.

‘It gets fun.’

Kim Hyuk-jin had a hunch. This place was not only related to the ‘Shepherd of Las Vegas’ and the ‘Trumpeter of the Blue Thunder’.

Shepherd in Las Vegas.

The trumpeter of the Blue Thunder.

It seemed like they weren’t the two of them.

The guardian who was most deeply involved in this place was the ‘Conductor of Noise’. If you think about it, the ‘Conductor of Noise’ was the guardian who cared most for his predecessor, Salvareto, and was also the guardian who especially supported the monarch class.

It took two top-ranking monarchs to come here.

It was not at all strange that a conductor of noise was involved.

‘There’s something.’

Something was hidden. Something that would cause the system to intervene and block the message. So it seems that the guardians did not provide full-scale support.

Meanwhile, Michelle was also notified that Miker had been hunted.

Michelle opened her eyes wide. In an instant, messages arrived from five guardians.

‘Five people?’

Michelle rarely received messages from all five Guardians at once. In fact, it is known to be nearly impossible to receive five messages at once.

‘Besides, most of the content is favorable.’

In addition to the favorable content, there was even a small donation. Usually, when three or four guardians give praise, guardians with the opposite tendency tend to express dissatisfaction. However, all five guardians were very satisfied with the current play. This was a truly rare case.

[Your level has risen.]

Your level has risen. I only caught one.

[The level has increased.]


The level has risen again. It was something I had never experienced except when I was a very beginner.

[Your level has increased.]

‘Level up 3? Nonsense!’

[The level has risen.]

A whopping 4 levels have risen at once. Michelle’s body trembled. On earth, how powerful is the entity called ‘Mike’s alter ego’ that Kim Hyuk-jin hunted to rise 4 levels at once?

Michelle said in a trembling voice.

“I… I went up 4 levels.”


“By any chance, how much has Kim Hyuk-jin risen? “If you’re uncomfortable, you don’t have to say anything.”

Michelle’s current level is 74.

It went up from 70 to 74 at once. I thought I would be able to roughly estimate Kim Hyuk-jin’s level if I knew how much he had leveled up.

“I couldn’t level up.”

There are no levels, so there is no leveling up.


“I couldn’t level up. “There was no level-up effect.”

“I know that, but… the energy was so strong earlier that I thought it was all covered up.”

White thunderbolt.

I thought that the energy remained and disturbed my vision.

‘Couldn’t you level up?’

Kim Hyuk-jin’s contribution to this hunt is much higher than that of Michelle herself. Michelle mostly just watched. Rather, it was a hindrance. If experience points are distributed, it is true that Kim Hyuk-jin receives much more.

‘But you still couldn’t level up?’

What level is Hyukjin Kim? I couldn’t contain my curiosity. I finally asked.

“Would it be rude if I asked about your level?”

“Excuse me.”

“I’m sorry.”

Michelle felt devastated. And I was amazed at myself.

‘Why am I so relaxed?’

Originally, Michelle was not the type to reveal her inner thoughts and curiosity so directly. Everyone said that and Michelle thought so herself.


, I remembered being held in Kim Hyuk-jin’s arms earlier.

‘Your arms were really big.’

I felt safe when I was in Kim Hyuk-jin’s arms. It was a level of comfort I had never experienced before while playing. At that time, Kim Hyuk-jin looked so huge.

Michelle somehow felt better. There was a smile on my lips.

“You know what?”


“I feel sloppy when I’m with Kim Hyuk-jin.”

“That’s not a good thing to say as a monarch.”

“i know.”

It was not a plus for a monarch. But it felt good.

“I keep realizing again and again that this is what it feels like to be able to rely on someone.”

“How is it?”

“Not bad. There is a sense of stability. “I guess that’s why everyone is getting married.”

Michelle shrugged.

‘I want to tempt you right away, but…’

Still, the guardian is involved. There is no gap in Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart either.

I don’t think he’ll fall for it even if I try to tempt him.

‘First, I have to start with good colleagues.’

So I said.

“It’s not cleared yet, right?”

“I think so.”

“I think I found some clues.”

Michelle grinned. This was almost a certainty.

“yes. This is what Miker’s alter ego said just before he disappeared. “That might be a hint.”

“I think so too…”

“I’ll tell you.”


Hyukjin Kim focused on Michelle’s words.

“I think the way out will only open up if we break in here from the outside.”


Kim Hyuk-jin also thought about it up to that point.

But how do you get in here from outside? That was just the problem.

“Do you have any good ideas?”

“yes. “You said there had to be some connection to the ground in order to come in here from the outside.”

“I did.”

Kim Hyuk-jin couldn’t think of a solution right away. Equality with Lin Hai would be meaningless since they are already in the same field.

Michelle said with a grin.

“I’m glad I can be of help.”

Michelle knew another person who had some connection to this place.

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