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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 671

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It’s crackling…

As I walk away, an intense flash of light appears.

Seong Ji-han felt a strong resistance inside him.

‘I guess I’ll have to summon everyone.’

I felt the need to give it my all.

One hundred swords rise and fly forward.

Crackling. Crackling…

Sparks flew out from the cluster of lights ahead.

Space began to open.

[this…! If you go in there carelessly, you will make a mistake!]

When Seong Ji-han saw him opening the way and entering, the illusion of Mithra tried to block him.

“I came here to ruin your job.”


Seong Ji-han cut down the illusion of Mithra that was blocking him and went inside.

Then what appeared was the same world of light.


‘This feels like something…’

Ever since Seong Ji-han entered here.

It felt like he had become omnipotent.

It was as if the vision of Mithras earlier had instantly revived the people of Server 2101 and the former situation of humanity.

If it’s in here.

It felt like he too could use the power of the Overmind.

Like this, you can just move your fingers.

Recreating heaven and earth and reviving the dead.

Is it possible to reorganize all things in the world?

When he found out that this was possible, many thoughts came to his mind.

‘…No, it goes as I thought.’

Seong Ji-han gathered his thoughts and opened his palms.



the member he summoned earlier.

Over a hundred sacks.

Thousands to tens of thousands of bags were made.

Let the sword clearly reveal its presence in the world of light.

‘The omnipotent power has weakened.’

Seong Ji-han instinctively felt that the power of the Overmind had decreased.

A member who was not analyzed by the system.

In particular, the power of Ahsoka’s Yetohonsei was added to the effect, showing the effect of blocking the power of light.

Mass-producing members with the power of the transcendental body.

It was no different from a method of restricting the opponent with his or her power.

‘Then where should I make more?’

So, let Seong Ji-han continue to focus on recruiting members without being distracted by other things.


though though…. The world began to be covered with the dark blue energy flowing from the source.

In a world filled with the light of the transcendental body, a shadow appeared from within.

It’s so scary…!

An illusion of Mithra appeared outside Yetohonsei’s territory.

[Why on earth are you using the power of creation like that? Instead, create what you truly want!]

“Is this what I want?”

[What…? All you want is to pull out the sword?]

Mitra’s response asks what kind of crazy talk you’re talking about.


Seong Ji-han chuckled and continued producing swords.

The power of creation.

It’s definitely a power to be greedy for.

Especially when it takes its place within the Transcendental Body.

He was confident that using this power would not cause much trouble to him.


‘Once you use it, I don’t think you’ll be able to go back.’

There must be a reason why Mitra keeps asking me to use it.

Seong Ji-han ignored Mitra’s noise outside and continued making the sword.

As new members continued to emerge, the area of Yeto Honse expanded.

[Don’t do that… create…!]

As Mithra’s illusion was also pushed out of the area.

My voice started to become weak.

‘I guess I can just keep pushing it like this.’

Seong Ji-han thought that way and continued to create Ilwon.

When the swords piled up like a mountain.


[Unconfirmed data ‘Ilwon’ is abnormally occupying data.]

[‘Ilwon’ can no longer be materialized.]

“This is the limit for Ilwon.”

I was wondering if the Transcendental Body would collapse if I kept pulling out my sword like this.

I won’t leave it like that.

Seong Ji-han looked around with regretful eyes.

The realm of the Transcendental Body, which used to be the world of light, has long since become a sword storage area.

Since the power of the Overmind was still sufficient, creation was fully possible here.

‘Hmm… what should I do now?’

Seong Ji-han crossed his arms and was lost in thought.

It would be nice if there was a brilliant trick to overcome the current situation.

Nothing comes to mind right now.

While he was thinking like that.

‘ah. okay. They say you can create anything here.’

I realized that there was no need to worry only about myself.

I tried to not touch the creative realm as much as possible.

I have to do it just this once.

“Can you create a being that can answer questions regarding the Transcendental Body?”

Let Seong Ji-han express his intention and make it a reality.


Before his eyes, a cluster of lights came together and tried to form a single shape.

But let the light take on the form of a man.

Seong Ji-han frowned.

“hey. Don’t come out in Uld form. Just come out to the system window.”

Just looking at the shape of Uld makes me feel like I’m going to get neurotic.

To Seong Ji-han’s answer.


A message window appeared in front of his eyes.

[Please tell us your inquiry.]

When those words appeared in the message window.

“huh. “How can I get rid of the Overmind?”

Seong Ji-han asked questions directly.

[Do you want to get rid of it through drastic change? Or do you want gradual removal?]

Then a message window asks what method you want.

“Yes… in a direction that has as few side effects as possible in the current world.”


Let Seong Ji-han express his intention like that.

Methods for eliminating the Transcendental Body began to be listed one by one.


Seong Ji-han looked through the list that appeared in the message window.

“This is the best.”

I chose one of them.

* * *

‘…Are you dabbling in creation?’

The edge of the realm of the transcendental body.

Mithra, who was pushed all the way here, has not lost his composure yet.

‘In the end, you will become just like me.’

If you create with your own power.

Mithra knew very well how it felt.

All things in the world are relegated to beings below insects.

Because they become insignificant things that can be created and removed as much as you want.

‘You will need me eventually.’

Now I can’t forget the memories of when I was human and just wander around for a while.

In the end, he will act in accordance with the status of a transcendental person.

Mitra firmly believes that time will solve everything.

[The data manager is changed to ‘Seong Ji-han’.]

[The traces of the ‘Black Manager’ are deleted.]


A message suddenly appeared in front of Mithra’s eyes.

Taking away a data manager is not enough.

A system that eliminates even traces of dark managers.

This was the same as deleting the current Mitra.

‘You’re using Creation well.’

He wasn’t very upset.


The traces of the black administrator are deleted.

However, Mithra’s consciousness began to be destroyed in reverse by the Overmind.

‘You will eventually revive me…’

Even as Mithra disappears.

Seong Ji-han was pleased with the use of ‘creation’.

If you wait for a thousand years or ten thousand years.

In the end, he too will revive himself in order to create an ‘understanding’ that suits him.

Mithra watched the creation of Holy Land with such confidence.

[The data of the ‘Mithra Gods’ will be deleted.]

‘…Well, it’s okay. All you have to do is restore what has been deleted.’

[‘Tower of War God’ content is upgraded to the maximum limit.]

‘What a useless thing… You can’t believe you’re using the power of the Transcendant for something like that. ‘It’s a shame.’

[The power of light is fragmented and stored in the tower.]


System messages keep popping up.

Mitra gradually began to lose his composure.

Why fragment the power of light?

How did they create a being like Mithra himself?

If this scatters…!

[The power of light is completely sealed.]

‘No. for a moment…!’

Mitra was surprised by the message and tried to respond.

It’s hard….

The power of the transcendental body.

The focus was now on eliminating the old data manager ‘Mithra’. The consciousness disappears in an instant


immersed in light.

‘No way…’

Mitra firmly believed that Seong Ji-han would save him someday.

Not until the last moment.

Although I began to doubt my own thoughts.

‘Oh no. Is it really like this…?’


The light had eaten away all traces of him.


Beep. Beep.

[All traces of the ‘Black Manager’ have disappeared.]

A message appeared before Seong Ji-han’s eyes that Mithra had completely disappeared.

“Are you sure it’s gone?”

[yes. All traces of the black manager have completely disappeared.]

“Okay. “Then let’s continue with the sealing.”

[If all powers of light are sealed, materialization cannot be used. Would that be okay?]


Because there is no longer any need to use the power of creation.

In response to Seong Ji-han’s confirmation.

[We will proceed with sealing.]


Light spread strongly from the Transcendental Body.

“Oh right. Before that, let’s reseal our world among the worlds created by Mithra.”

[I understand.]

The people of the Murim Empire are now alive, so let’s just leave it alone.

There is no need for the world after Yoon Se-ah’s death to coexist with the current world.

As Seong Ji-han said so, the process proceeded step by step.

‘This power… I’m a little disappointed.’

It was truly an overwhelming power that made everything happen as he said.

He resolved not to have any regrets.

I opened my mouth.

“When you’re done, return it to the original world.”

[I understand.]


Light flashes.

Time passed like that.

* * *

Inside the Sword Palace.


“…Are you back?”

Seong Ji-han blinked his eyes in his room.

‘…Your body is definitely heavy.’

Although he was omniscient and omnipotent when he was in the transcendental body.

Let’s give up on that and seal it in the Tower of War, where the power of light has been upgraded to its maximum level.

He was back to being the same player he was before, with the power of light gone.

of course.

‘The abilities are the same.’

Except for the white light, all of the original powers remained the same.

Now that other administrators have disappeared from, the only person who can compete with him is Kang Sang.

‘It’s actually better because the analysis is sealed…’


Seong Ji-han looked around the room.

When analysis is triggered, the world appears to be all code.

Now, just like before, it was revealed as a real landscape.

When he looks at his surroundings like that and is satisfied.


“uncle!!! “You’re back now!”

His door suddenly opened.

Yoon Se-ah came in with a surprised expression.

“You’re back… I guess some time has passed?”

“huh. Six months have passed since my uncle disappeared! But…”

Before Yoon Se-ah could finish speaking.


Something flew behind her.


Why did a sword suddenly fly out of the house?

Seong Ji-han frowned and stopped his sword in the air.

Immediately afterwards, Han In-young rushes in from behind Yoon Se-ah.


I didn’t expect to be welcomed this way as soon as I arrived.

Seong Ji-han chuckled and stretched out his hand in the air.


He reached out and grabbed a man by the neck.


I grabbed her neck and saw a woman with short hair.

Even though she was immediately subdued by Seong Ji-han.

He was looking at him with eyes filled with strange joy.

‘what. ‘Are you a pervert?’

This is my first time seeing someone who likes being grabbed by the neck.

But this person…

‘Where do you think I’ve seen you before?’

When Seong Ji-han saw the woman who surprised him and felt that she looked strangely familiar.

“ah. Princess…!”

When Yoon Se-ah saw the woman captured by Seong Ji-han, he called her ‘the princess.’

‘If it’s the princess… ah.’

I felt like I had seen this person somewhere.

You’re the daughter of Emperor Kang Sang of the Murim Empire, right?


Let Seong Ji-han relax his hands.

She collapsed on the ground and looked up at Seong Ji-han with sparkling eyes.

“…What your father said was really right.”

The princess speaks Korean quite fluently, no matter when she learned it.

Seong Ji-han asked her back, feeling uneasy for no reason.

“What did the emperor say?”

“The superior said he would take down someone like me in one second.”


What kind of airspace is this all of a sudden?

As soon as Seong Ji-han returned, he was taken aback when he saw the woman who stormed in.

“I will formally greet you.”


Before the other person can say anything.

He had already bowed deeply.

“This is Seolyoung Kang. Although I am lacking in strength, I will do my best to help the skies in the future.”

Seong Ji-han only blinked his eyes.


As soon as I got back, what was this situation?

“…hmm. uncle. “I thought my aunt would end up being Sophia or Hayeon… but I didn’t know it would be this person?”

“hey. What kind of maternal aunt are you? no it’s not?”

“okay? But princess. You came here 4 months ago? “How surprised I was to hear that the person the emperor had chosen to marry me was my uncle!”

If you think about it, Yoon Se-ah was definitely trying to say something more earlier.

Was that cut off by Kang Seol-young’s surprise attack?

“That princess.”

“Please feel free to call me by my name. Above.”

“…is it so. Mr. Seolyoung. There seems to be some mistake in the story of the engagement…”

“A mistake…?”

Kang Seol-young looks visibly disappointed at those words.

No, I saw it for the first time today, so why am I regretting it?

“…All right. Since your father is coming, I will ask him directly.”

“Are you coming in person?”

“yes. “I contacted you just now.”

No sooner had she finished speaking.

[son-in-law! I’m finally back!]

Gangsang’s roar was heard from outside the building.

No, that guy.

Ever since he realized that the human race of Server 2101 could not be resurrected, he stopped calling him his son-in-law…

and before he knew it, his title had returned.

[Let’s finish the wedding today and hold the coronation ceremony together!]

Seong Ji-han listens to Kang-sang happily playing Lion’s Roar outside.

I sighed softly.

“…I was just trying to get some rest.”

Well anyway.

Is this a small incident compared to what happened in Ark?

“Uncle… wouldn’t it be a bit bad if that Lion’s Roar continued?”

“okay. “I will file a complaint.”


“no. “Let’s go see the emperor first.”

Seong Ji-han steps towards the window.

-Oh, let’s be quiet about that!

-Who is yelling like this?

-It’s so noisy it’s killing me…!

People’s irritated voices could be heard in his ears.

This is true.

‘It’s peaceful.’

He smiled.

After all, the original world is better than the inside of the Transcendent.

‘After all, the Earth is right for me.’

He walked out the window with a relieved heart.

The sky no longer appears as a code.

It was just as green as I had seen before.

“Ooh, son-in-law…!”

“Well, about that…”

Of course.

Although there was a small amount of homework left to solve.


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Martial God Regressed to Level 2

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