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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 669

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“It’s a major error.”


Seong Ji-han raised the corners of his mouth.

The data capacity shown by the central mechanical device was still sufficient to be considered saturated.

‘Is the system taking preemptive action before that?’

Flashing. Flashing…!

Seong Ji-han crossed his arms as he watched the message window pop up in front of his eyes.

If a major error is detected, the system will naturally respond to it.

And the way to deal with errors…

‘I’ve figured it out to some extent.’


Seong Ji-han briefly turned his gaze to the central mechanism.

I didn’t touch the equipment as much as possible while making 100 pieces.

There, information related to the data capacity and system was known.

And among that information.

A method for the system to respond to this ‘major error’ was also included.

When he calms his eyes and thinks of his future plans.

[Would you like to update the data about the member in the system?]

This time, a message window appeared asking to update the data about the member from all directions.

The total number of message windows that pops up is 100.

There in the bottom line.

[This is the last recommendation.]

Unlike usual, the content appeared to be filled with emotion.

Until now, the system message had come up mechanically.

It seemed like it contained personal feelings.


Seeing that, Seong Ji-han smiled and raised his hand.


All of the 100 pieces stuck in the center of the arc flew toward the message window.


All the message windows floating in the air were pierced.

100 message windows disappearing all at once.

After all the messages disappeared.


In front of Seong Ji-han’s eyes.

A huge white message appeared.

[The other party rejected the ultimatum.]

[Emergency measures are activated.]



Intense light spread out from the Transcendental Body, which had been still until now.


Both the walls and floor of the Ark began to be immersed in light.

Let the pure white light become more intense.


The entire Arc, which until now had been recognized as a code except for the devices.

The letters disappeared in an instant.

The arc entered unknown territory from the area analyzed by the system.


To the helmet that was lying on the floor in the center of the arc.


Light began to gather.

“Hmm… they don’t seem to be going to leave us alone anymore. “I saw light entering the black helmet that had disappeared.”

“yes. “I think it’s time to act.”


Kang Sang looked at Ark’s changes with sunken eyes.

I fixed my gaze on one place.

What he is looking at is a server connection device containing a black administrator.

“Can we finally break it down now?”

“yes. Please remove it.”

As soon as Seong Ji-han’s words fell.


The martial arts sword left Kang Sang’s hand and flew in a straight line.

Then, the sword seemed to touch the server connection device.


The server connection device containing the black administrator’s armor was completely destroyed.

And when the connection device disappeared.

Crackling. Jijijik…!

The black armor inside flashed white light and tried to resist the martial arts sword.


“I’ve been waiting for this moment.”


The sword mercilessly cut it off, easily putting an end to the armor’s struggle.

A death that is too meaningless to be said to be the end of a black manager.

The martial arts sword did not stop there and even cut down the black manager’s helmet and destroyed it.

The mask Mithra wore disappeared so easily.


Kang Sang, who cut off the armor, still watched with sharp eyes in the direction where the armor disappeared.

A gaze filled with confidence that there was no way he could die like this.

And soon.


The floor and walls of the Ark shook.

The structure that made up the walls and floor began to tear apart.

And it soon came together.


There was a sound of metal clashing, and then it turned into the black manager’s armor.

The opponent transformed into a huge purple full plate mail.


A pure white light shimmered from inside the helmet.

A sphere of light that moves like two eyes.


He looked at the two people in turn, then fixed his gaze on Seong Ji-han.

[What a disappointment.]

* * *

Mithra took the form of a completed ‘armor’ by tearing off the arc.

He showed a clear look of disappointment towards Seong Ji-han.

[You… are the one who has inherited my power better than anyone else. You could have been like me. So, in the end, I thought that by becoming my partner, I would be able to rise up the Mithraic race…]

“Are you talking about my partner again?”

They are really trying hard to increase the number of Gods of Mithra.

Seong Ji-han frowned.


An intense eye light burst out from within the black helmet.

[100 years have already passed. This is enough time for me to shed my childhood and assimilate… But what have you been doing all this time?]

“Oh really? Has it already been 100 years?”

Until you complete the circle and make 100 of these.

I thought it must have been some time.

I didn’t know it had been a hundred years.

Let Seong Ji-han respond calmly like that.

[…Even though you have the power of creation, you waste your energy just making toys like that.]


I guess I don’t like Seong Ji-han’s leisure.

An intense void began to bloom from Mithra’s body.

[Well, that’s good. Since you have been revived through ’emergency measures’, I will personally guide you from now on. If a child is not growing properly, as a parent, you should discipline him properly…]

“How are you going to educate him?”

[First of all, I’ll have to take the beating. And by destroying what you cherish, you will be forced to try your hand at creation. [Yes…]


A screen appears next to Mitra.

There, the figure of Yoon Se-ah appeared in a still state.

Even if Seong Ji-han has spent 100 years in Ark, the outside is still frozen.

The screen showed each of Seong Ji-han’s people, including Yoon Se-ah.


it went off in an instant.

[It seems like I still have fond memories of the toys from my childhood. If I destroy these, I will use materialization.]


Meanwhile, Mithra looked towards the river.

[Unlike your world, which was not spared… What do you think? It’s a martial arts sword. Don’t you want to see his choice?]

Seong Ji-han, who did not materialize the data of server 2101.

Will he not use the same materialization even if his family dies?

The black-haired manager grumbled, wondering if he would use it or not.

“That won’t happen.”

Kang Sang didn’t even blink at that provocation.


I raised my sword and reached for the black armor.

“Because you will perish here.”


The armor burns instantly when the sword touches it.


Susssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssz though though…

Unlike before, a void appeared, but the purple armor quickly regained its original form.

[The destructive power is still the same. Even so, it’s just a weapon. You will not be able to destroy me.]

Mitra is broken by the power of the Martial Sword, but quickly recovers.

He treated Kang Sang with a relaxed attitude.

He looks confident that he will never die in this state.


Kang Sang looked towards Seongjihan with calm eyes, as if he knew this would happen.

“It’s your turn.”

And as soon as his words left his mouth.


Dozens of translucent swords stuck in the ground flew out.

[Huh… Would a toy that hasn’t even reached the ultimate level work for me?]

Mithra, who saw that, laughed at Seong Ji-han’s attack.

As dozens of members reached him.


The translucent sword body suddenly took on a cloudy blue color.


The color of dark blue began to spread across the purple armor in an instant.

[Hmm? [This is…]

The color of the surface changed from purple to blue.


A black armor that was floating in the air with great force, oozing the energy of emptiness.

I fell to the floor helplessly.

[No, why the power…!?]

Even when it was destroyed by martial arts.

The ‘black manager’ figure that was able to quickly recover by tearing down the Ark’s structure.

After the armor was dyed dark blue by a member of Hana.

I couldn’t use any of my strength.

Around this time, Mitra was embarrassed by the feeling that communication with the outside world was blocked.

In the helmet that fell on the ground.


The light turned and the color of the Ark’s floor came into his vision.

In particular, when the area of Yetohonse where Seong Ji-han was staying was captured.

[No way, this. Was it the power of Ahsoka…?]

The color of dark blue covered Mithra’s black armor.

I realized where it originated from.

“okay. Mithra. “Do you think I, who gained your power, would have spent 100 years honing my skills?”

[No, I didn’t feel that way at all…!]

“If the red manager went like that, would he have revealed everything?”

A red-haired manager whose eyes went blank while handling Ark’s machinery.

Even though Seong Ji-han made it clear that he was learning ‘Il-won’ after seeing his defection.

I kept the secret of learning ‘Yetohonse’ until the end.

‘This took longer than the completion of Ilwon…’

It’s a shame that they brought Yoon Se-ah’s fusion machine.

Without this, it would probably have been difficult to make Yetohonse his own even after two hundred or three hundred years, let alone one hundred years.

Seong Ji-han thought for a moment of the days when he had secretly trained without Mitra’s notice.


I looked at the black armor writhing on the floor.

“But you’re weaker than I thought?”

[No, what…?]

“Even though you knew that the hidden energy in Ilwon was Yetohonse, you couldn’t really respond, right? ah.”

Tuk. Tuk.

Seong Ji-han sits down and taps the ground with his fingers.


The inside of the Ark instantly began to be covered in a dark blue color.

“Is Ark so covered by Yetohonse that we can’t do anything?”

[Suddenly… Ah. Could it be that the encroachment started when Ilwon was attached?!]

“You have that kind of insight.”

Seong Ji-han chuckled and stood up again.

“Then let’s get this over with.”

Jerk. Jerk.

Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han was the one who actually took the step.

It was not a place where black armor was located, but a place where mechanical devices were gathered.

[…Where are you going when you say you’re done?]

“Where are you going? You are here, right? “Not that scrap armor.”

Tuk. Tuk.

Seong Ji-han tapped the mechanism with his finger.

“This one is the only one that doesn’t change color and survives well on its own… “Of course the real thing is here, right?”

As he said.

Even though the energy of Yetohonse contained within the circle had completely engulfed the Ark.

The only areas that were not eroded were the central part where the machinery was located and the Overmind.

Of these, it is the transcendental body.

How could the mechanical device that controls the functions of the Ark and the server withstand the Yeto Honse?

“Actually, just as you said, the black armor was eroded… but that device is missing.”

“That’s right. So…”


Let Seong Ji-han spread his fingers.

100 swords floated up.

I started targeting the machinery.



Light spread out from the machine.

Mithra’s voice was heard.

[for a moment! Good… I’ll take back what I said about being disappointed.]

Seong Ji-han looked at Mitra who was about to continue speaking.


I raised the corners of my mouth.

“no. Why are you canceling?”


“I just keep being disappointed.”

Then he folded his fingers.


All 100 swords were inserted into the mechanical device.

The color of dark blue slowly began to spread.

[No matter how young the conscious mind was, did it know how to use its power…]

When I saw the color of the machine changing.

Mithra was showing his despondent mood.

[Seong Ji-han. I upload my code to the system.]


[After you finish your childhood, save me.]

He spoke confidently even as his true self was being eaten away.

“…Did you entrust your life to me?”

[Hehe. I am the only one in this world who can understand you… so you will eventually need me as a companion.] A mechanical device that

glides on…

and turns into code.

This was longer and more complex than any code Seong Ji-han had ever seen.

Is that the code that Mitra revealed himself?

He opened up, confident that Seong Ji-han would save him someday.

“They say a loser is silent… but he was a very talkative person until the end.”

“That’s right. I will die peacefully. “It’s soggy all the way through.”

I didn’t know that we would still be friends and mates until the day we died.

Seong Ji-han frowned and kicked the discolored mechanism with his foot.

Then the code appears to be blurred.

‘I need to delete it from my memory.’

Around the time when Seong Ji-han trampled on Mithra’s code and destroyed it.

Kang Sang turned his gaze elsewhere.

“I subdued this guy easier than I thought… but that’s the problem.”

And what he is pointing to is the transcendental body.

After the mechanism was destroyed, the Transcendental Body began to swell, flashing light strongly.

Just looking at it, it seemed like something needed to be done.

“I will finish that.”

“Is there anything Jim can help with?”

“The emperor…”


Seong Ji-han looked around the Ark.

No matter how much the Ark was encroached upon by the Yeto Honsei, its color changed.

There’s no need to leave it like that though.

“Please destroy the Ark. “Don’t leave any debris behind.”

“I understand. Well then… good luck.”


Let Kang Sang leave to destroy Ark from the outskirts.

Seong Ji-han turned his gaze to the huge cluster of lights that seemed ready to explode at any moment.

If I had encountered that light before, I would have been instantly possessed.

‘…It’s worth holding on for now.’

The current Seong Ji-han, who encapsulated Yeto marriage tax in one piece.

It had the power to oppose the Overmind.

‘let’s go.’

Low, low, low.

As he steps towards the light of the Overmind.



A world full of light unfolded.

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