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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 668

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Taegeuk rises behind Seong Ji-han’s back and merges into one.

There, a sword made of light appeared in a translucent form.

Kang Sang looked at this with surprised eyes.

“This is truly outstanding. “I can’t believe we’ve already reached Wonwon Ilwon, beyond Taegeuk Taegeuk.”

And as soon as those words come to an end.


The sword of light quickly lost its shape and scattered in all directions.

“It disappeared quickly, didn’t it? “It’s still not enough.”

“Humility. “I have had many disciples, but I have never seen anyone with as much talent as you.”

Seong Ji-han smiled subtly at Kang Sang’s praise.

Even though he originally had some of Mu’s talent that the emperor praised.

‘After accepting the power of light, my understanding has definitely improved.’

The power of light of all kinds.

After obtaining this, Seong Ji-han’s ritual system developed several steps further than before.

Mu’s talent had also improved incomparably compared to before.

Of course, there is a risk that the world you see will change, your thoughts will deepen, and if you make a mistake, you may become similar to ‘Mithra’.

‘It’s definitely good when learning martial arts. ‘I quickly surpassed the level of Taegeuk Demon Sword.’

Seong Ji-han thought of the sword made of light.

Compared to the existing Taegeuk Demon Sword, the light became weaker and the shape became lighter.

The power contained within it was one level higher.


‘The Taegeuk Demon Sword’s analysis has been activated, but only half of the code has been revealed.’

Compared to the Taegeuk Demon Sword, which is ‘analyzed’ as a code in the system database.

From the level of Ilwon, the system was unable to fully analyze it.

Is that why?

[Would you like to update the data about ‘members’ in the system?]

After starting to embody members.

The system continued to send messages recommending members update.

‘As expected, the enlightenment I gained cannot be shared without a separate update…’

This was certainly the case during the fusion period and during Hephaestus.

The seemingly omnipotent system surprisingly revealed weaknesses when it comes to analyzing new data.

If Seong Ji-han did not approve the update, the unanalyzed data could not be identified.

‘The data capacity has definitely changed as well.’

Ever since we started creating members.

Changes have also begun to occur in the amount of data that the system can accommodate.

When Hephaestus, where the red manager worked, died, quite a bit of empty space was created in the database.

When a member was created, it was recognized as a significant amount of data.

When the sword disappeared, empty space would appear again.

About the member Seong Ji-han developed in Taegeuk Demon Sword.

The server was devoting a significant amount of data space.

‘Hmm… Is there still more to be done? It doesn’t reach the data occupied by the red manager.’

Once you complete the work and start implementing it.

It would be possible to saturate the data.

When Seong Ji-han was deep in thought while watching the changes in the data surrounding Ilwon.

“At the level of Ilwon, the teachings I can give have come to an end. From now on, the key will be to get used to this.”

“yes. I’ll try my best.”

Kang Sang was pleased with Seong Ji-han’s accomplishments and said that he had nothing more to teach him at this stage.

And so.

“But was it possible for even a member to seize the data?”

“yes. “It’s not as high as Hephaestus, but it’s a significant number.”

“Hoo. That’s good news. But….”


Let Kang Sang raise his hand.

It’s so scary…!

Light flashed from the martial arts sword he was holding, and its shape turned translucent.

“Il-won is ultimately the stage just before reaching non-pole and nothingness… There is only one thing that an individual can realize.”

“yes. “You definitely said that.”

One won.

Before the energy of all things in heaven and earth was divided into yin and yang.

A sword that embodies a mixed form.

Kang Sang said that from the stage of becoming a member, a person can only embody one form.


“Even if the whole circle is completed, it will only be one part… Is it possible to exceed the data capacity you want?”

It was natural for Kang Sang to be so suspicious.

Seong Ji-han asked me to teach him how to use the martial arts sword, so I was teaching him.

Even if the sword is completed, there is only one sword.

Because it seemed unlikely that his goal would be achieved.

Seong Ji-han answered Gangsang’s question with a serious face.

“Now that I can imitate Ilwon, I would like to experiment with the next step.”

“next stage?”


Then Seong Ji-han combined Taegeuk again to create a circle.

He holds a sword that looks precarious and looks as if it will disappear at any moment.


To the member you created.

‘Substantiation’ was used.

* * *

[Use the power ‘materialization’.]

The power materialization that the red manager wanted to see until his death.

Its precise function was to implement code into reality.


‘It would be normal for a member whose code is only half revealed to not be properly implemented.’


As expected, the half of the sword with the revealed code was completed first.

Pajik. It’s tricky….

In the rest where the code is not visible, only light is creating sparks.

But even for a moment.


The translucent sword of light slowly extends its body.

The shape was initially completed.

“Creating two circles…”

When Kang Sang saw that, he stroked his beard with a surprised expression.

‘It really works.’

Seong Ji-han smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the materialized second member.

‘Even if it is not coded, if there is enlightenment, materialization progresses.’

of course.

‘Although the efficiency is significantly lower than coded data.’

[The stat ‘White Light’ is consumed by 500.]

This may be because the power is expressed through the enlightenment of a holy individual rather than information registered in the system.

Even though only one member was embodied, the stat white light consumption was significant.

‘But it doesn’t matter because the white light can be replenished with any number of light body organs, the important thing is data.’


Seong Ji-han checked the data capacity through the device.

Then there.

As the number of swords increased, so did the data.

‘The capacity is filled right away. If you start mass producing tens or hundreds of members like this…!’

It is possible to exceed the original target data.

By the time Seong Ji-han thought so.


When the form of the member he had initially summoned collapsed.

The second sword he created through materialization also quickly disappeared.

“As expected… the circle is not complete. “Even a materialized sword cannot be maintained for long.”

“Hmm… But wasn’t it okay to use materialization?”

Kang Sang-eun watched closely as the sword disappeared.

I asked that question, remembering the red-haired manager who asked me to show him materialization just once.

“yes. “I haven’t materialized it until now because I thought I would be assimilated into Mithra if I stepped into the realm of creation… but in the case of this sword, I thought it was worth a try.”

“Is it because Ilwon is a sword you already made?”

“That’s right.”

It is God’s domain to completely revive extinct humans and restore the destroyed world through code.

I did not use materialization because I thought that if I continued to do this, dehumanization would accelerate.

In the case of Ilwon, it was different.

This was a sword he had already created and implemented.

I thought that even if I copied this, the side effects would not be as big as materializing other code.


‘Even if there is a risk, this is the only way to increase data.’

Data capacity exceeded.

This was not an easy task under the current Ark system.

At first, I tried to increase the data by manipulating the device.

When Hephaestus, who had been playing a supporting role, quickly deteriorated, Seong Ji-han changed his mind.

‘If I keep coming into contact with that machine, I could be affected too.’

A betrayal by the red manager who had cooperated well so far.

Seong Ji-han believed that the reason he changed so much was because of the Arc’s mechanism.

Otherwise, there was no reason for him to change like that.

‘Especially that machine doesn’t even activate analysis…’

After I became aware that Ark was in the same world as the server.

The analysis plan was activated in Ark, and the codes of structures such as walls and floors were learned.

Not a single letter of code could be found in the mechanical device in the center of the Ark.

Considering that more than half of the code was visible in the circle.

I was able to guess how non-standard that mechanical device was.

‘So, increase the data while avoiding contact with those devices as much as possible.’

So, Seong Ji-han shares his thoughts with Kang Sang.

“I see…”

He nodded, slowly stroking his beard.

“I understand. “I almost fell into delusion for a moment.”

“When you say it’s a delusion…”

“It means materialization. “I thought I had completely forgotten about it, but I almost started to regret it.”

It’s regret.

Seong Ji-han looked sorry for those words.

After cutting down the red manager.

Kang Sang no longer calls him son-in-law, but only calls him ‘you.’

He cut off the red-haired manager’s temptation with a single sword.

From then on, it seemed like he had clearly abandoned the lingering desire to resurrect his own world.


‘I wonder if the empire came to mind when I heard that materialization can actually be used.’

Do it.

How can a person forget everyone at once?

Seong Ji-han also wanted to materialize all the data of the Murim Empire.

‘…That’s a shortcut to becoming another Mithra.’

If I did it because I felt sorry for Kang Sang.

I instinctively sensed that things would go wrong.

“What is that expression? It’s my fault for not being able to protect the empire, so don’t feel sorry. Son-in-law… No. you.”


It seems like he will now accept the fall of the empire.

Kang Sang no longer calls Seong Ji-han his son-in-law.

“I just have one favor to ask… When you achieve your goal and exceed the data limit.”


Kang Sang pointed to the server connection device with his hand.

“The black manager in there. “Let me sleep first.”

“All right.”

That’s as much as you can compromise.

Seong Ji-han nods his head.

“Good. Then, let’s try to complete Ilwon even more perfectly.”

Kang Sang changed his expression and started teaching again.

“Your achievements were amazing, but there were some shortcomings….”

That’s how the training of martial arts began.

Point out the areas where Gangsang is lacking.

Let Seong Ji-han accept this and improve it every time.

The duration of the circle began to increase noticeably.

And how much time has passed?

After numerous trials and errors.


Ilwon Ilwon is a translucent sword.

It no longer disappeared on its own, but remained firmly in Seong Ji-han’s hands.

‘at las… That’s it.’

Although we did not reach the ultimate stage.

A member that is enough to shake up the data.

Seong Ji-han began to materialize in earnest.


one by one swords begin to sink into the arc.

[Would you like to update data about ‘members’ in the system?]

Each time a sword is created.

A system message appeared before his eyes.

“I will not.”

Episode 99, which refuses to update and continues to produce swords.

100 swords, including the original, were inserted into the center of the arc.

[A serious error has been detected in the system.]

A system message urging an update.

changed for the first time.

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