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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 665

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“Did you say it was a major… misunderstanding?”

“I see.”

Kang Sang pointed to the void area with his finger.

“Isn’t it strange that reality turns into virtual reality simply by piercing that void?”

“That’s true, but…”

“Now that we’re out, how about going to Earth?”

Seong Ji-han nodded at those words.

“Let’s go right away.”


He opens the portal and comes to Earth.

Everyone stood still as if time had stopped.

‘Is this… due to the power of time reversal that flashed in the Ark?’

Earlier, when I returned to Ark through the server management device.

Time retrograde was activated.

Why did that light flash and try to stop the world?

‘But the scale is on a different level… It stopped not only humanity, but everything.’

In order to show this level of power in Ark, it would have been possible only by using the power of the Transcendant.

Around the time Seong Ji-han was looking at the world that had stopped.

Kang Sang looked at the stopped human race and stroked his beard.

“hmm. Is this the Earth of Server 4212? I don’t like the fact that there is no one who reveres nothingness.”

“Do you know just by looking at it?”

“of course. “People don’t have weapons.”

“…Did everyone in the Emperor’s Wulin Empire carry weapons?”

“I see. “It was a natural skill for any human being.”

Kang Sang-eun clicked his tongue while looking at the people on server 4212.

“Do these things here still look like code?”

That’s what I asked Seong Ji-han.

This is when you enter the world with a server connection device.

I was asking if what I saw was different from when I came out of the Ark directly through the void realm.

“yes. “What you see is the same.”

The world around me was still parsed and everything seemed to be code.

“Hmm… Then let’s go see your nephew.”

Seong Ji-han nodded at those words and went home.


There, Yoon Se-ah, who was trying to eat food with chopsticks at the table, stopped.

“Is it this kid?”

“That’s right. “SeAH doesn’t appear to be a code.”

“Hmm… I came from beyond the realm of emptiness, but what I see is the same.”

If this is the case, is it the same scene that came through the server connection device?

Around the time when Kang Sang looked at Yoon Se Ah who was standing still, he made a puzzled expression.

[…Blue manager.]

Inside Seong Ji-han.

The manager in red, who had been silent so far, conveyed his will.

[How do I look?]


[Yes. Can I, who is inside of Cheonghong, be perfectly analyzed by you?]

“Let me take a look.”


Seong Ji-han took out the cheonghong and looked at the red light contained within it.

Then I remembered about 70% of the code.

“It is not completely analyzed.”


“Uh. “About 30% is unknown.”

[I see…]

The red-haired manager looked somewhat happy at those words.

[I don’t think there’s anything more to see here, so let’s go back to Ark.]

Unlike usual, he took the initiative to suggest to Seong Ji-han.

“Have you found out anything?”

[okay. I want you to go to Hephaestus at the Ark.]

Isn’t Hephaestus the red administrator who burns and disappears infinitely?

It was clearly used as an auxiliary power source for the Arc…

‘Well, there’s nothing more to see now.’

The manager in red seems to have an idea, so let’s go back.

Seong Ji-han glanced at Yoon Se-ah and then returned to the arc.

The crack in the arc they had opened had already been restored.


Seong Ji-han lightly touched the outer wall with his hand.

The hole was easily opened and re-entry was possible.

And let’s go straight to where Hephaestus is.


A red giant burning with fire was visible.

[How does he look?]

Seong Ji-han tried to analyze the question of the red manager.


“hmm…? “Has it been analyzed halfway?”

Unlike inside the Ark, where analysis was activated, it remained the same.

Hephaestus had a code halfway displayed.

[As expected… Then, put me there now.]

And after hearing Seong Ji-han’s answer, the red-haired manager asked him a favor.

“What are you going to do?”

[I want to find out the substance of your analysis.]

“…You do this?”


Seong Ji-han was wondering how they were going to do it.

‘Well, this guy isn’t at the point where he’s thinking nonsense right now.’

There’s nothing you can do with the red giant, which is just an auxiliary power source.

Seong Ji-han obediently placed him inside Hephaestus.



Unlike before, the red giant burned fiercely from within.


Hephaestus’ code began to appear more clearly.


[The analysis of ‘Hephaestus’ is 90% complete.]

[Do you want to stop the analysis experiment of ‘Hephaestus’?]

A message appeared in Seong Ji-han’s eyes.

* * *

“You… what did you do?”

[Has something changed?]


Seong Ji-han tells the system message he saw.

The blazing red giant nodded.

[I see… It’s an analysis experiment. Not only was he using it as an auxiliary power source, but he was also analyzing me separately.]

“So what did you do?”

[I myself revealed the enemy’s operating method, which Hephaestus had tried to hide until the end.]

“Was there something he was trying to conceal?”

[Yes… To be precise, it may be something that the system did not fully understand.]

It is Hephaestus’ operating method that the system did not understand.

Seong Ji-han heard those words and fell into deep thought.

‘Because the red manager opens things on his own that the system couldn’t figure out. Only then did the analysis work. ‘This is…’


Jihan Seong looked at the red giant that had the most complex code he had ever seen.

According to the system message, only 90% of the code is visible.

This phenomenon eventually occurs.

“Are the system analysis and my analysis plan linked?”

[It seems so.]

“Then the reason why the emperor’s code is not visible at all is…”

[That monster must not have been able to properly analyze the system.]

Was the Invincible Sword an area that was more difficult to analyze from the system’s point of view than Hephaestus?

When he looks at the red giant and the river statue alternately and recognizes the difference.


Intense flames rose from the red giant’s body again.

[Then will you please stop the experiment for now?]


Let Seong Ji-han stop the experiment through the message from earlier.

[The Hephaestus analysis experiment was stopped.]

The fire no longer burned in the red giant’s body.

[I guess I can live now. Can I stay here for a while?]

“As long as you don’t do anything stupid.”

[I haven’t finished my analysis anyway. If you want, I will be deleted in no time.]

That’s right.

Hephaestus, whose analysis was 90% completed, was a target that Seong Ji-han could easily eliminate if he wanted to.

Seong Ji-han nods his head.

[Hehe… Still, I feel proud of my abilities again. Even the great system couldn’t analyze me completely.]

The manager in red broke away from his despondent attitude.

I had regained some of my self-esteem.

“How did you know that the analysis would be relevant to the system?”

[Other beings were analyzed, but didn’t you say that the Mugeukgeom wasn’t?]


At the same time, the red giant pointed his finger at himself.

[And this body was also stored in the Ark. Of course, Hephaestus was used as an auxiliary power source, but more than that, I wondered if he was saved because the analysis was not complete.]


Seong Ji-han thought of Yoon Se-ah’s fusion device at those words.

Maybe it wasn’t analyzed because the system hadn’t figured it out yet?

‘If data had been obtained from the fusion system, it might have appeared as SeAdo code…’

And the important thing is.

“If Hephaestus in the Ark appears to be code… is it also false that the beings on the server are virtual and fictitious?”

“I guess so. “The reason the world appears as a code in my son-in-law’s eyes is because the system understands all of them perfectly… It’s not because they are virtual beings.”

Server 4212 exists beyond the Ark wall.

And as Hephaestus’ analysis is 90% complete, the giant has been further coded in real time.

Through the facts revealed before Seong Ji-han’s eyes.

I realized what a coded world meant.

‘The outside world wasn’t virtual, it was real…’


Seong Ji-han sighed heavily and sat down.

When I looked at my sister and saw that she was made of code.

I felt an indescribable bitter feeling.

To think that she is real and not an imaginary being.

One part of my heart felt lighter.

“Whew. Then the eyes were linked to the system, so it just looked like code…”

“It seems like that. But like this. “Did they eliminate all real people from servers 1 to 4211…?”

[I guess so. They are the ones who merge their own kind into the Transcendental Body, but do they care if other beings die?]

In the words of the red manager.


Kang Sang cut off a strand of his beard, revealing murder in his eyes.

“…Then in the end, the world I belonged to was definitely destroyed. My wife, children, disciples, and all subjects of the empire. Those who were ‘real’ were swept away by the void and died…”

[That goes for Hephaestus as well. Well, I belong to the current server, so I don’t have any regrets.]

Unlike Kang Sang, who raises his anger.

The red manager, who only used the body of Hephaestus, showed no regrets about the old world.

“As expected, I guess I’ll have to go get revenge on my real enemy.”

“If it’s the real enemy…”

“It’s Mitra, the black manager lying on the server access device. “Isn’t that guy ultimately the culprit behind all of this?”

Although there was no energy in the helmet.

The rest of the armor is still on the server access device, the black administrator.

Kang Sang was expressing his strong will to completely eliminate them.

at that time.



The manager in red blocked Gangsang’s path.

“…her. “Are you going to stop me?”

[okay. What are you going to do if you accidentally mess with him and an unexpected problem arises?]


[Server 4212 can remain peaceful even if left as is. Unless you change your mind.]

I have confirmed that server 4212 exists.

If we just keep the status quo like this, the world will run normally.

But let’s not create a variable by killing the black manager lying around for no reason.


“That is the worst choice.”

[The worst…?]


Seong Ji-han then recalled a future in which Uld destroyed the server.

In Ark, the world can be destroyed so easily with a single finger.

If the existence of the world continues to depend on this.

Can you really call that ‘safe’?

[Then what are you trying to do?]

“Whatever. It’s the ArchGo system. It’s transcendental…”


Seong Ji-han looked around.

“We need to completely strip away all authority and get rid of it.”

He made his intentions clear to both of them.

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Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Martial God Regressed to Level 2

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[NO. 4212. ‘Humanity’ was defeated in the relegation war.] [The obliteration of mankind begins.] After the last survivors on Earth failed the final mission and perished, he was given a chance to return to the ‘first entry point’ before the world was doomed to end. -I, Sejin Yoon, have decided to live as a Japanese from this point forward! –From now on, please call me Ryuhei Ito. As soon as he opened his eyes, the first thing he heard was the news of his brother-in-law’s betrayal, the “current king of swords” in Korea. “…that’s it, I’ll take care of this bastard first!” Watch the relentless steps of the Korean martial artist, Seong Ji-han, who will save the future from destruction and achieve peace with his thorough planning for a thorough revenge! [MTL]


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