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IWMMGA Chapter 409

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Episode 409 Roaring Sound (4)

When Kang Woo-jin first saw Maria Armas, he was amazed. Maria was seen when Woojin had just arrived at the ‘spt studio’, a huge 50,000 pyeong set. Choi Seong-gun was the one who reacted first.

“Oh, that actress.”

Next, she was caught in Kang Woo-jin’s gaze. Of course, I couldn’t remember the name. Similar to Chris Hartnett, he is clearly a well-known Hollywood actor. But one thing was certain.

‘Wow, that’s crazy John. The atmosphere is also special.’

The aura it gives off is definitely luxurious. The brown eyes were especially impressive. Soon Choi Seong-gun said her name.

“You know that actor? Maria Armas. One of the actors nominated for the role of ‘Beautiful Bella’ along with Miley Cara. “If you look at her vibe, she’s often compared to Miley Cara.”

Maria Armas? To be honest, even though I heard it, I didn’t think this was the name. Anyway, Kang Woo-jin pretended to know in a low tone.

“Yes, I saw it.”

“I’m not actively a singer like Kara, but I’m famous in Hollywood for my singing ability. I’m also good at doing musicals. “Your looks are just like Miley’s, or something.”


Kang Woo-jin looked closely at Maria’s face, who was a few steps away. Both of the actors mentioned are stunningly beautiful, but there was no need to compare them. Would you say that the texture is a different kind of beauty? Of course, it was Kang Woo-jin’s opinion. At this time, Choi Seong-gun tapped Woojin on the shoulder.

“Let’s go say hello.”

And Kang Woo-jin heard it.

“I don’t like him.”

Maria’s story behind herself in Spanish. The timing is so absurd that it’s almost ridiculous. However, there was no way Choi Seong-geon could understand Spanish.

“Huh- suddenly from English to Spanish? “It’s Spanish, right?”

Here, only Woojin could understand what she was saying behind her back. I seem to have learned Spanish while reading and experiencing ‘Jurassic Land 4.’

“He’s just a little short of ‘The Beast.’ No, it doesn’t suit the ‘prince’ more than the ‘beast’. “The ‘prince’ should be more handsome.”

Look at this? Are you mad? If it’s pretty, what’s the price? Kang Woo-jin’s nopakku temperament slowly surfaced. No, he was cursing me right in front of me, and it wasn’t an intolerable situation, both in terms of the concept and Woojin’s actual personality. Therefore, Kang Woo-jin shouted. In Spanish, of course.

“You’re uglier than Miley Cara.”

Maria Armas was clearly embarrassed when she saw Kang Woo-jin in front of her. Still, his face was slightly distorted. First of all, it is unexpected that the Korean actor speaks Spanish at a native level.

‘What is it? ‘Why do you speak Spanish?’

This was the same not only for her but also for the foreign staff here and Choi Seong-gun.


Everyone looked at Woojin with wide eyes. Either way, there is no change in his indifferent expression. I just stare at Maria, who is just one step away. At that time, Maria narrowed her eyes.

“What did you just say?”

As expected, it was Spanish and I showed off my pride. It was a bit weird to gossip, but the words Kang Woo-jin said really bothered me. Am I uglier than anyone else? However, Woojin seemed to have no intention of lightening the mood and simply repeated the same words.

“I said you were uglier than Miley Cara.”


“There is a saying in Korea: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”


When a question mark appeared on Maria’s face, Woojin spoke simply.

“It means paying back roughly what was done.”


Maria bit her lower lip slightly. In my personality, I wanted to shoot him right away, but since I already made a mistake in advance, I forced myself to let go of my frustration. Although she had intense eyes, Kang Woo-jin leisurely extended his hand to Maria.


This time, instead of reciting in Spanish, I recited it in English so that everyone could hear.

“This is Kang Woo-jin. Please take care of me today.”

Maria, who was glaring at Woojin because of the attention of those around her, had no choice but to take his hand.

“yes. nice to meet you.”

Kang Woo-jin, who briefly shook the hand he was holding a couple of times, moved first. Choi Seong-gun and his teammates follow behind. Choi Seong-geon then glanced at Maria behind him and asked Woo-jin.

“what? “What did you two talk about in Spanish?”

Kang Woo-jin’s answer, with his poker face, was concise.

“We just complimented each other’s looks.”

“…I didn’t think it was an atmosphere of praise.”

“That can’t be right.”

“okay? Hmm- no! Rather than that. Hey Woojin, when did you speak Spanish…”

Choi Seong-geon, who was about to ask something, sighed softly and put on a fake smile.

“No, no. “Well, it’s going to be amazing to hear anyway.”

And Maria, who is still standing in the back, is glaring at Kang Woo-jin’s back.

“it’s annoying.”

For the first time in a while, I felt a sense of defeat.

“How on earth…do you know how to speak Spanish?”

About 30 minutes later.

Kang Woo-jin participated in the audition as an actor playing the role of ‘Beast’, not as a candidate actor, as he had been there before. Numerous chandeliers on the ceiling, pillars with various patterns carved into them, and marble floors with ornate paintings. Once again, the wondrous set banquet hall filled his eyes.

Woojin, already wearing a blue ball gown, was among the many foreign staff.

I’m in the middle of a conversation with director Bill Lautner, whose head is half bald.

“Woojin, there is no need to overdo it. “I would like to ask you to use the piano song I played at the last audition with a ‘Beast’ vibe.”

“Yes, Director.”

“I’m not going to euphemize. First, I plan to watch the two-shot with ‘The Beast’ first, and then check the one-shot of the actors nominated for ‘Beautiful Bella’.”

For your information, Kang Woo-jin, who participated in the audition for the role of ‘Beautiful Bella’ today, did not volunteer for free. Of course, there will be a corresponding price. This picture was completed after prior discussions between Seong-gun Choi and World Disney Pictures.

at that time.


An actress wearing a light yellow dress appeared in the set banquet hall. It was Maria Armas, with hair falling from brown to blonde. When she appeared with a rather large gold necklace around her neck, director Bill Lautner, who was talking to Woojin, caught sight of Maria. It was to explain the audition, and Maria listened to the briefing.


He kept glancing at Kang Woo-jin. He felt gazes on him, but Woojin ignored them.

‘Are you a little scared??’

10 minutes later. Several cameras and lights were set up, and director Bill Lautner, the key staff, and many others found their seats and sat down. Kang Woo-jin was also walking to the golden piano placed above the banquet hall.


Clearing cough heard from behind. Woojin, with a stern expression, turned his head. Maria in a dress stood behind her and spoke with a slightly somber look on her face. It was Spanish.

“A little while ago-”

Meanwhile, Maria was seething inside.

‘Tsk, why did things turn out like this?’

But now, the first thing to do is to wipe up the spilled water.

“I was sorry earlier. “I didn’t mean it.”

Kang Woo-jin also gave a low answer in Spanish.

“It’s okay, I know you’re serious.”


“But it won’t have much of an impact on auditions. “Because I’m a professional.”

Kang Woo-jin just says what he wants to say and walks away. Maria looked blankly at his back. It was my first time experiencing treatment. Then she could feel it.

‘What a crazy guy!’

That Kang Woo-jin is more than just a fool.

Whatever it was, the audition went off without a problem, just as Woojin said.


‘The Beast’ or Kang Woo-jin sat at the golden piano, and Maria in a dress stood in the center of the banquet hall. Soon, coach Bill Lautner gave the signal to start. Soon, Woojin’s piano melody spread throughout the banquet hall.


During the audition, it started with ‘Prince’, but now it’s a rough rendition of ‘Beast’ material.



Maria’s eyes widened for a moment. He seemed surprised by Woojin’s piano skills. But soon.


Maria, who was catching her breath, opened her mouth. I started singing to the piano melody. His usual brusque voice changed. How can I say it is clear and clear? She has already started acting. He continues singing with difficulty, looking at Kang Woo-jin, who plays the piano, as if he were a ‘beast.’ Director Bill Lautner is watching this on the monitor.

He stroked his chin as if judging the synchronization between the two.

‘Hmm – good.’

Maria, who was also chosen by the public as the number one ‘Beautiful Bella’, fit the picture well and this time she stood still for a while and sang.


I started dancing alone to the piano melody.

How many minutes had passed?


At the director’s signal, Maria’s dance stopped. Soon, Kang Woo-jin on the piano was gone and it was her turn to act alone. Woojin watched her performance among the foreign staff.

‘you’re good.’

It seems like he didn’t become one of Hollywood’s top actors for nothing. Maria’s acting was quite captivating. That’s how Maria Armas’ audition ended. She was exiting the set banquet hall while greeting the director and staff.


I made eye contact with Kang Woo-jin, but there was no particular reaction. Of course, the same goes for Woojin. After exchanging mysterious glances with each other, Maria disappeared.

Then, 10 minutes later, he took over the baton from Maria.


It was a familiar voice, a blonde woman. Chest-length blonde hair and blue eyes. It was Miley Kara. She is different from Maria from before.

“Look at this.”

He showed a faint smile to Kang Woo-jin and treated him very warmly.

“Did I tell you? You will play the piano for my audition. As I already said, congratulations on your role as ‘Beast’.”

As the atmosphere was relieved all at once, Woojin internally sighed with relief, saying something like ‘as expected’.

‘Miley Cara is hot!’

On the surface, the quality of the concept was amplified.

“I will leave it up to you.”

“Are you seeing my dress a second time? Please take care of me too.”

It was 15 minutes later when Miley Kara reappeared at the set banquet hall wearing a light yellow dress. Kang Woo-jin was already in front of the golden piano. The composition is the same as Mary just before. Woojin, who was sitting at the piano, glanced at Kara, who was standing in the center of the banquet hall. Even though it was the same dress, the atmosphere was completely different.

‘Is it because she’s a proper blonde? I think the dress suits you better.’

This was the same for director Bill Lautner, who was staring at the monitor. Maria was definitely okay, but it was hard to take your eyes off Miley Cara’s current appearance.

‘The picture blends in a few times better. The difference is not in appearance or appearance; this is her characteristic. It’s energy.’

What more?

‘As for the two-shot with Kang Woo-jin…’

The two actors on the monitor, in reality, and in the set banquet hall were perfect. This is director Bill Lautner’s first impression.


“If you’re ready, you can start.”

Following the director’s signature, Kang Woo-jin, the ‘beast’ in a blue ball gown, started playing the piano again, and Kara, who had started acting as ‘Beautiful Bella’, glanced at Woo-jin with difficulty and opened her mouth. Observing the ‘beast’.


It was clean, but the end of Kara’s pitch trembled slightly. mistake? However, in the eyes of director Bill Lautner, who watched this scene on the monitor, this was no longer a set banquet hall. It was the real castle of the ‘Beast’, full of coldness.


Director Bill Lautner was currently watching ‘The Beast and Beauty.’

Late afternoon of the same day.

Time quickly melted away. After completing the audition for ‘Beautiful Bella’, Kang Woo-jin had already arrived at ‘World Disney Pictures’. Of course, director Bill Lautner was also there. And Kang Woo-jin once again had to listen to the contents of the meeting that made his mouth drop. The amount to be specified in the contract. In other words, it was Kang Woo-jin’s ransom.


Although he managed to hold back thanks to the concept, the situation where unimaginable amounts of money were exchanged was still unfamiliar to Woojin. ‘Does that kind of money even exist in the world??’ I asked myself this, but the negotiations taking place in front of my eyes were reality.

The meeting took about 2 hours.

Although not everything was finalized this time, a lot was coordinated and the next destination was ‘Columbia Studio’. It literally flashed from east to west in Hollywood. During the move, Kang Woo-jin had to make several fixes regarding Choi Seong-geon’s throwing.

“Woojin, your casting has exploded since ‘Jamie Show’.”

This is because invitations poured in from numerous sources, including American media outlets and broadcasters. Even on the huge YouTube channel. But it is impossible to digest them all.

‘There is no need for everyone to leave.’

Kang Woo-jin decided that there was no need to consume images now. There’s no need to run around panting when it will wash itself if you just stay still, right? It was a rough idea, but it was close to the correct answer.

Currently, articles covering Kang Woo-jin in foreign media are exploding every day.

『LA TIME/The media around the world is excited by the news that Kang Woo-jin has been confirmed to play the role of ‘Beast’』

『BBX/Explosive interest from the global public in the likes and dislikes of Columbia and Disney’s male Kang Woo-jin』

『CNM/“It’s okay to swear after watching the work” Kang Woo-jin Is his statement confident or arrogant?』

A few mornings later, Choi Seong-gun and his team gathered at Kang Woo-jin’s house. While eating a simple meal of bread, ponytail Choi Seong-geon closed the diary he had opened and spoke.

“I am planning to return to Korea soon.”

It meant that the fairly long schedule in LA was sorted out for now. As expected, it was when the solemn Woojin nodded.


His cell phone let out a long vibration. It was a phone call and I looked at the other person and it was Miley Kara. Woojin, who asked for Choi Seong-geon’s understanding, put his cell phone to his ear and lowered his voice.


On the other hand, Kara’s voice on the other end of the phone sounded a little red.

“Yes, good morning, Mr. Beast. I am calling as ‘Beautiful Bella.’”

And at the same time, there was an official announcement from ‘World Disney Pictures’.

『CNM/’World Disney Pictures’ announces the role of ‘Beautiful Bella’ following Kang Woo-jin of ‘Beast’ “Beautiful Bella is Miley Kara”』 It

was the moment when ‘Beast and Beauty’ was completed.

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