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IWMMGA Chapter 405

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Episode 405: Full Bloom (11)

Late morning on February 14th. L.A.

When the Academy of Television Arts (ATAS) of ‘Primetime Emmy Awards’ recognized ‘Beneficial Evil’, Kang Woo-jin, who had no idea about it, was moving in a large van. The recent ‘Beast and Beauty’ auditions have also been completed. The official large schedule in LA has been completed, and now only a reasonable-sized schedule remains.

‘Let’s see – did you say you were going to record today in the morning and then go to Columbia Pictures in the afternoon? Since I’m here, my schedule is quite simple and convenient.’

Woojin, wearing a hooded zip-up and a hat pressed down, was currently going to a rented studio for recording related to the ‘Kang Woojin Alternate Character’ channel. Next, we go to ‘Columbia Studio’ and have a meeting. For reference, Woojin in LA did not neglect the ‘Kang Woojin alt’ channel. As soon as we came here, we rented a studio and continued recording and filming.

Therefore, the video continues to be uploaded even though it is slow.

Meetings with ‘Columbia Studios’ would be frequent for a while. Now that the huge project ‘Cinematic Universe’ and the male lead have been confirmed, the movie ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ is in full swing. Currently, other actors are being cast and each team is busy.

To put it bluntly, there isn’t much that Kang Woo-jin can do at this time.

‘Other actors are willing to risk their lives analyzing the scenario at this point-‘

He already had ‘Henry Gordon’ in ‘Cierrot’. Of course, since Woojin has grown in various abilities and attitude as an actor compared to the past, he reads the scenario and works on improving the quality through ‘role composition’ or ‘role freedom’. However, this was also a very easy task when compared to other Hollywood actors.

‘Even if we do what Columbia requests, there will be some time left. Tsk, I think it would be better if I get accepted for the role of ‘Beast’. ‘When will I be contacted?’

The auditions for ‘The Beast and Beauty’ ended two days ago. I’ve already been contacted. Whatever it was, before filming began, LA was paradise for Woojin. To be honest, it makes me feel a bit sore. Because in Korea, every day was a hellish schedule.

Soon, Woojin looked out the window at the crowded cars with a solemn face. Suddenly the face of the giant Joseph appeared.

‘I’ll show you that giant man scenario when it comes out. I’m so scared that you asked for it, but still?’

It was in October that Joseph Felton, who started working with ‘Universal Movies’, a ‘Big Five’ film company like ‘Columbia Studios’, met Woojin in Cannes. In terms of date, about 5 months have passed.

‘Well, it’s not like scenario work can be done right away.’

It might even take longer since it’s Hollywood. At this time, the team members around him were talking loudly about ‘Beneficial Evil’ reaching number one in the world on Netflix.

“K-Korea’s first world No. 1! creeps!!!”

“Korea, Japan, and even the American media are going crazy!”

“Isn’t it similar in other countries? “This is the first drama that has had as much of an impact as ‘Beneficial Evil’ in all of Asia!”

“I think the real ‘beneficial evil’ will cause some kind of accident beyond your imagination! “Already doing that!”

Kang Woo-jin also agreed. There is no way EX-level ‘beneficial evil’ will stop here. In his heart, Woojin was happy enough to shake his shoulders and shake his hips, but he couldn’t act rashly, so he picked up his phone indifferently.


The state of public opinion in the domestic and foreign media had already been confirmed. This time, Kang Woo-jin accessed his ‘Kang Woo-jin alt-character’ channel.

[Channel name: Kang Woo-jin’s alt.]

[47.71 million subscribers]

[123 videos]

The number of subscribers was already approaching 50 million. Of course, it is currently rising at a rapid rate.

‘I’m tired again. 50 million???’

Although it was real, Woojin thought it was a bit like a dream. 50 million subscribers is an influence that cannot be ignored not only in Korea but also overseas. In the world, it was in the top 50 and in Korea it was 4th. Although he still has a long way to go, Kang Woo-jin was first based on his growth ability alone.

Woojin touched the latest video.

Comments from subscribers who came in late were all the rage. In languages from all over the world. 70% of comments were positive, such as cheering, and 30% were negative comments other than malicious comments. In particular, there was a lot of connection to ‘The Beast and Beauty’.

Malicious comments spread from Korea to the world.

Either way, Kang Woo-jin.

‘These bastards are everywhere? Talk loudly, you’ll only hurt your fingers.’

As always, there were no hits. He was browsing his YouTube channel for a while, but this time he logged onto a different site. It was SNS.


Posts 308

Followers 61.98 million

Followers 166

The rise here was truly explosive. Of course, there are a lot of malicious comments. Anyway, just by looking at this, we could see that Kang Woo-jin’s global recognition had skyrocketed.

It was at this time.


Just then, a DM arrived from Woojin. Chris Hartnett, a top Hollywood actor, has been on a roll lately. Of course, Chris sent the request first. Woojin laughed to himself when he received a DM from a top actor in Hollywood.

‘I’m DMing with Chris Hartnett.’

Still, he checks the contents. Chris sent a photo and a short message saying that he was seeing ‘beneficial evil’. To the extent of ‘your actions are amazing’.

‘I’m more surprised that you sent me a DM, dude.’

Kang Woo-jin thought while replying appropriately, hiding his curiosity. It was related to ‘beneficial evil’.

‘Ah-Is it time to start filming Part 2?’

Meanwhile, New York.

Among the large buildings in downtown New York, this building seems to be the largest at a glance. This building was a large American broadcasting station. About eight foreigners were gathered in a meeting room in a studio inside the broadcasting station building.

What was interesting were the photos on the wall of the meeting room.

If you look closely, it is in the form of a talk show and has many Hollywood stars on it. There were more than 10 photos like that.

The reason was simple.

These foreigners are the main production team of ‘The Jamie Show’, which boasts the highest viewership ratings among the top three talk shows in the United States. Miley Cara also appeared in the past. Her picture was also on the wall. At that time, Kara had not yet produced a new album and mentioned Kang Woo-jin on ‘Jamie Show’, but although it was brief in foreign media and in Korea, Woo-jin was hot.

‘Jamie Shaw’ was a program that symbolized being a star in Hollywood. It was also evidence.

Because of its long history and tradition, many superstars have passed by this talk show. Unfortunately, not a single Korean actor has appeared so far. But it seems like that too will soon break. The reason was simple.

The main production crew of ‘Jamie Show’.

“We also need to recruit Kang Woo-jin now.”

“i think so too. “Honestly, we should have moved faster because rumors say other shows are already interested.”

“There are a lot of items. From the Cannes Film Festival to the recent ‘Beast and Beauty’. “There is also a relationship with Miley Cara, and ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ is also an interesting source.”

Because I was looking for a Korean actor for the first time. It was Kang Woo-jin.

“First of all, recruitment comes first rather than investigation. “Let’s contact him right away.”


The request to appear on ‘Jamie Show’ came to Kang Woo-jin on the 15th, the next day.

“Woojin! ‘The Jamie Show’ wants you! It’s called ‘Jamie Show’!!”

Choi Seong-gun runs wild.

On the contrary, Kang Woo-jin was calm.

“Is that so?”

The tone was conceptual, but the inside was truly calm. I had to listen to ‘The Jamie Show’, but I had never seen it before so I wasn’t very impressed. All I know is that it is a popular American talk show. However, Choi Seong-geon went berserk.

“Yeah dude! no! ‘Jamie Show’? Is it bad?? Even a solo appearance! This is just a place to confirm that someone has become a star? Awareness is also skyrocketing?”

“It’s okay.”

“…If you’re that calm, I get weird. Anyway – it hurts my mouth to explain it, but it’s the #1 talk show in the US with the highest ratings and appearing on it is good timing in many ways. ‘Beneficial evil’ is already at a crazy level, but it can become even more powerful. The same goes for other movies. Are you going to appear? Of course, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

He says things like that, but Choi Seong-gun’s eyes say, ‘Please! please!!’ There were shouts like this. I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Woojin to appear as well. It’s amazing because it’s my first experience.

‘But- will it be okay to appear alone?’

I was a little nervous. Exclusive appearance on America’s No. 1 talk show. Still, curiosity overcame the tension. Woojin answered casually.

“I guess it’s okay.”

“oh! okay! “I’ll proceed right away!”

It was a day later in the morning when the news about Kang Woo-jin’s appearance on ‘Jamie Show’ circulated.

From Korea.

『[Style Issue] Kang Woo-jin confirmed to appear on ‘Jamie Show’, a show that has been followed by Hollywood superstars!』

『Already in the ranks of Hollywood stars? Kang Woo-jin appears as an exclusive guest on ‘The Jamie Show’”

and even foreign media.

『LA TIME/Kang Woo-jin, the first Korean actor invited to the ‘Jamie Show’』

The title of the first Korean actor to appear alone on the ‘Jamie Show’ was by no means a trivial issue. Woojin is hot because of so many things, and his brand power has been strong as he has achieved many firsts since his appearance in Hollywood.

It was on the morning of the 17th that Woojin had a meeting with the ‘Jamie Show’ production team.

“Oh hello!”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

Of course, the ‘Jamie Show’ team came to LA. It almost felt like it was moving very urgently. It was natural. Because I had to get on board with this amplified flow as quickly as possible. The meeting wasn’t very long. It took approximately 2 hours. There were many things decided on this day, but the key thing was the recording day.

Confirmed 5 days later on February 22nd.

Of course, Kang Woo-jin had to go to the ‘Jamie Show’ studio in New York. This news also spread quickly through Korean and foreign media.


『It’s been two weeks since the release of the world’s No. 1 ‘Beneficial Evil’, but overseas interest is still exploding!』

‘Beneficial Evil’ continued to be ranked No. 1 in the world.

21st. L.A.

The time was past 11 o’clock in the morning. Kang Woo-jin had just arrived at ‘spt studio,’ a 50,000 pyeong set complex where he auditioned for the role of ‘Beast’. This is where the actual filming of ‘The Beast and Beauty’ will take place in the future.

Among the many warehouse-type stages, Kang Woo-jin’s was the one.


It was a stage with a set banquet hall.


Kang Woo-jin looks up at the huge warehouse-type stage in silence. Although the concept was strong, I was curious inside.

‘Why did you call me here again?’

In fact, it was from ‘World Disney Pictures’ that Kang Woo-jin returned to the set where he auditioned for the role of ‘Beast’. To be precise, it was because there was a request from Bill Lautner, the director of ‘The Beast and Beauty.’ He immediately wanted Kang Woo-jin to come here.

Although it was strange, Kang Woo-jin moved to the stage with Choi Seong-gun and several team members.

Although there weren’t many, there were a few foreign staff at the entrance, and after briefly saying hello to them, Woojin entered the banquet hall set where he felt a sense of wonder.

First of all, it was a bit dark.

This was because only a few lights were on. There were foreign staff in the set banquet hall as well. People I couldn’t see during the audition. Among them, an old foreigner who sensed that Kang Woo-jin was popular approached him with a smile.

“Welcome, Kang Woo-jin.”

It was director Bill Lautner with half a bald head. He pushes up his black horn-rimmed glasses and holds out his hand to Woojin.

“I’m sorry for the sudden request.”

Woojin, with an indifferent face, answered simply.

“No, it’s okay.”

“Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Woojin nodded, looked at Choi Seong-gun behind him, and then walked to the center of the set banquet hall with director Bill Lautner, who walked away. Director Bill Lautner was the first to open the door.

“It was a hectic time after the audition. There was a lot of talk. Unfortunately, we only have to choose one and time is not infinite.”

Director Bill Lautner, who was chanting, made eye contact with Woojin.

“Global fans of ‘Beast and Beauty’ still distrust you. Perhaps because Woojin’s popularity has continued to increase recently, the controversy is not going away easily.”

Woojin thought. fail? Is it because you feel sorry for this old man’s long build-up? Because director Bill Lautner’s introduction was long. The atmosphere was like that too. For now, Kang Woo-jin listened quietly.


Director Bill Lautner gestured to Woojin Kang. It was a golden piano on one side of the set banquet hall.

“Would you like to sit down?”

After watching the director for a moment, Woo-jin sat down at the piano with a poker face. Next to him, director Bill Lautner looked at Woo-jin Kang sitting at the piano.

“But we decided to endure the controversies for this painting.”

showed a smile

“Please brighten the memories of fans around the world as Disney’s ‘Beast’.”

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