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IWMMGA Chapter 402

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Episode 402: Full Bloom (8)

Kang Woo-jin and Choi Seong-gun were walking down the hallway of a building within ‘World Disney Pictures.’ The team members I was with waited in the car. Anyway, Woojin, who was very conceptual, moved his gaze forward. A foreign female employee was leading the way, and Kang Woo-jin, who had an indifferent face, was sighing as he looked at her back. Inside, of course.

‘Wow, that’s really crazy. Is your height similar to mine? Or is it bigger?’

Because the female employee’s physical strength was incredible. He was almost similar to Woojin, who was over 180 cm tall. Is it also America? Once again, Kang Woo-jin was impressed by the size of everything in the United States. The female employee in front was not the only thing to see. There was a lot to see here and there in the hallway he was currently walking through. Various Disney posters on the hallway walls, human-sized character statues often seen, and countless foreigners passing by.

The funny thing is.


All the foreigners passing by either glance at Kang Woo-jin or make a fuss about him. The answer to this was given by Choi Seong-geon, who was neatly tying his ponytail again. What he whispered in Kang Woo-jin’s ear.

“I think you’re amazing.”


“Don’t be offended. To them, you look like an alien. Right? He appeared out of nowhere, and he appeared in ‘Beneficial Evil’ and even had a male lead in ‘Clierot’, wondering if he would get involved with that Miley Kara. Even here, in ‘The Beast and Beauty’, I learned about the candidate for the role of ‘Beast’. Even if you are a Hollywood actor, it feels strange to see a difficult task being done by an unfamiliar Korean actor.”

What is it? When I thought about it for a while, I realized that Woojin was understandable. For example, does it feel like a foreigner from an unfamiliar country appears in Korea and wanders around?

‘It would be absurd even for me.’

Treating them as aliens felt natural. This is because many issues are being raised without any warning. Woojin immediately ignored their gaze. This kind of weird treatment has always existed since the existence of subspace. This means there is nothing to worry about.



The physically strong female employee in charge of guiding the staff stopped walking. She smiled and pointed to the right.

“You can go in.”

The inside shines through the glass door. Looking at the long desk, it looked like a conference room. Seong-gun Choi opened the glass door first, followed by Woo-jin Kang. Several foreigners have already taken their seats inside the conference room. There are probably more than fifteen people. Kang Woo-jin entered the conference room and immediately glanced at them.

‘Hmm – Are these the people I saw at the last pre-meeting? It seems like there are some foreigners I’m seeing for the first time. But what? Is this where you audition? ‘Evande.’

High-ranking members of the ‘Beast and Beauty’ team. That is, ‘World Disney Pictures’ executives, key staff other than producers, and even directors. As soon as they saw Kang Woo-jin, they stood up and greeted him. It was mostly a ‘celebration’.

“Congratulations on this ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ project.”

“I was surprised. I didn’t know they would make such a loud announcement.”

“Congratulations hahaha. “Awareness is growing quickly.”

“long time no see. I’m looking at ‘Beneficial Evil’ well. “Netflix taking first place in the U.S. is a really surprising result. I hope it does even better.”

Kang Woo-jin shakes hands with many foreigners and receives congratulations in moderation. Although it was a hassle to answer them one by one.

‘Why don’t you all come and talk and let only one person be the representative?’

I had to endure it. There is an audition and I have to take care of the concept. Therefore, Woojin maintained a firm expression. Has about 10 minutes passed like that? Kang Woo-jin and the ‘Beast and Beauty’ team sat across from each other at a long desk. The first foreigner to speak was the old man sitting in the middle. His head was half bald and he wore black horn-rimmed glasses.

He’s roughly around 60 years old?

“‘Beneficial Evil’ was really fun, wasn’t it? In particular, the action scenes were spectacular and amazing. “I didn’t know that Kang Woo-jin was good at action scenes.”

Kang Woo-jin answered in calm English.

“Thank you, Director.”

The old man with black horn-rimmed glasses was the director of the live-action version of ‘Beast and Beauty.’ His name is Bill Lautner. He was a director who could be called a master in Hollywood. Although he has few trophies due to lack of awards, he has many hit films and has worked with ‘World Disney Pictures’ quite a bit.

Director Bill Lautner spoke with a serious expression.

“Today’s ‘Beast and Beauty’ audition and screen test will be held privately.”

This means that unlike ‘Clierot’, you cannot see the other actors.

“And the audition will be held in a location other than here. “The reason I called you here first is because it’s the first audition, so we can move together.”

Afterwards, he explained how the ‘Beast and Beauty’ audition would proceed.

“The location for the audition and screen test is the set where the actual filming of ‘Beast and Beauty’ will take place. Set construction is still in progress, but the location for the audition has been completed. There, Kang Woo-jin just needs to show us what we want. “The costumes will also be changed.”

An actual filming set? Woojin listened calmly, but inside he was a little excited. This means that you will be the first actor to step onto the set of ‘Beast and Beauty’. Later, Woojin was asked questions by executives and producers of ‘World Disney Pictures’, and he was only able to leave the conference room after about 30 minutes.

The ‘Beast and Beauty’ team seemed to be moving all at once.

In terms of size, approximately 100 people or more.

That wasn’t even half of the total staff. Anyway, various vehicles other than vans, trucks, and buses left ‘World Disney Pictures’ one by one. The same goes for Woojin’s van. Soon, Choi Seong-gun, who was in the car, searched for the destination he had received and told it to Kang Woo-jin.

“’spt studio’. Looking at it, it’s a famous filming location around here. The scale is a whopping 50,000 pyeong. 50,000 pyeong. Uh-huh, what size is it…”

50,000 pyeong? To be honest, it was Kang Woo-jin that I had no idea about. You’ll find out when you go. Choi Seong-gun’s briefing continued thereafter. The filming plan for ‘The Beast and Beauty’ is that there are 8 sets and 2 outdoors, etc.

“That 80% set shooting is at the ‘spt studio’ we are currently going to. The reason you can’t use the stage inside ‘World Disney Pictures’ is because another movie is using it first. “I guess they signed a contract with another external studio because the schedule didn’t work out.”

Kang Woo-jin’s van traveled for about an hour while listening to various information. Before I knew it, the crowded buildings had reduced a lot, there were a lot of empty lots, and even if I just looked at the front, I could see a huge gray warehouse. That was the entrance to the 50,000 pyeong ‘spt studio’.


Many cars from the ‘Beast and Beauty’ teams entered ‘spt studio’. The same goes for Kang Woo-jin. About this time, Woojin.


He was cynical, but inside he was gaping.

‘Wow!! crazy!! It’s so spacious! Is this a movie set??!!

Because I was astonished by the size of ‘spt studio’. He had been surprised several times by large set complexes in Korea, but this place was on a different level. It was several times larger and more spacious than a very large apartment complex. The warehouse-type stage that passed by was twice as large as the warehouse and had more than dozens of stages. In addition, there were set construction teams lined up in front of all warehouse-type stages.

This sight alone was amazing.

However, there was another place where Kang Woo-jin cried out inwardly. It was when Woojin stopped in front of a huge warehouse and went inside.

‘……It’s so crazy. Is this real??!!’

As soon as he stepped onto the set, Kang Woo-jin stopped and forgot about the concept. And then I took in the amazing scene in front of me. High ceilings: numerous pillars hanging from the ceiling, dozens of ornate chandeliers hanging slightly below, antique furniture, pillars here and there with various patterns engraved on them, and marble floors with large paintings on them.

As long as there were nobles wearing dresses and other ballroom attire, the palace’s banquet hall was complete.

What can I say, Kang Woo-jin looks at the banquet hall, which is overall a mixture of beige and brown.

‘It’s really boring.’

I was under the illusion that I was in a fairy tale or fantasy world. But it is reality. About 100 foreign staff were busy in the spacious banquet hall set, and various cameras and devices were being installed here and there.


It was a moment where the words ‘this is spectacular’ were perfect. At this time, Choi Seong-geon captured Woo-jin’s lost spirit. Unlike Kang Woo-jin, he was openly exclamating.

“Wow – that’s great? I want to say more than that, but I don’t know. “It’s just amazing.”

Then he suddenly tapped Kang Woo-jin on the shoulder and said,

“Woojin, over there.”

Woojin, who had managed to grab the concept, turned his attention to the direction pointed by Choi Seong-gun.

‘Ah, piano.’

A piano was placed on one side of the set banquet hall.

of course.

‘That one looks blooming too.’

It was the piano that Woojin Kang would play.

After some time.

The audition and screen test settings have been completed at the set banquet hall where the actual filming of ‘Beast and Beauty’ will take place in the future. Lights turned on on the ceiling of the spacious and luxurious banquet hall, and dozens of chandeliers dangled sparkling. There are also several cameras mounted on small jibs or installed separately. Audio devices also took their place.

There were about 100 people in total, including staff and directors.

From the equipment to the personnel, etc., it seemed at first glance to be a real filming set, but in reality, it was rather simple. Many foreigners gathered at a table equipped with monitors. Bill Lautner wearing black horn-rimmed glasses, director producer key staff, ‘World Disney Pictures’ executives, and many others.

Soon, different compositions were displayed on the monitor.

The main one is the piano.

Anyway, the camera settings are now complete. Soon, ‘Beast and Beauty’ director Bill Lautner looked around. Finding Kang Woo-jin. He was checking his costume on one side of the set, and it seemed like he was almost finished and was about to go on stage. At this time, the executive producer muttered softly to director Bill Lautner.

“In a short period of time, interest in him has increased the most among the nominated actors. Certainly when we adopted him as our candidate. No, even before the pre-meeting, it wasn’t to this extent. “What do you think?”

Director Bill Lautner, half bald, shrugged his shoulders.


“Unlike during the pre-meeting, today Kang Woo-jin has to show what we decided on. Will I be able to digest it well?”

“well. But you already know his skills. It has been verified and I saw it at the pre-meeting. I’m also looking forward to acting. If it had been light, ‘Columbia Studios’ wouldn’t have entrusted me with starting such a big project.”

At this time.


One of the foreign executives who had not seen Kang Woo-jin’s preliminary meeting joined in.

“Still, regardless of your existing skills, how close are today’s auditions and screen tests to being assimilated to the ‘beast’? This is the point. “I know that Kang Woo-jin’s vocal and piano acting skills are high, but the key is to express them in a realistic, ‘beast-like’ way.”

There was nothing wrong with that. No, it is a correct opinion that can be heard anywhere. In addition, ‘The Beast and Beauty’ is an original work that is already loved around the world. So, it was obvious that amazing synchronization would receive higher scores than goosebumps of creativity.

In other words, you have to completely abandon your own style and dedicate everything to the ‘Beast’.

“It happens sometimes, right? “It’s about being obsessed with one’s own stubbornness and modifying and performing surgery on the character as one pleases.”

Several executives agreed, asking if they had seen anything similar.

“Well, talented actors often show that kind of behavior. Moreover, isn’t Kang Woo-jin strong-willed? “It could be an advantage, but I’m worried.”

“It’s good for an actor to have a certain level of perseverance, but… in any case, it’s basic to get as close to the role as possible. Appearance, body shape, speech, facial expression, habits, etc. Especially if it’s a live-action film like ‘The Beast and Beauty.’ “I hope Kang Woo-jin doesn’t make a mistake because he was confused by the explosive upward momentum.”

As a result, the producer and director Bill Lautner also nodded. According to the flow of conversation, it seemed that ‘World Disney Pictures’ wanted a ‘Beast’ that was faithful to the original rather than a creative ‘Beast’ adaptation. I know that Kang Woo-jin has outstanding skills. Even in the pre-meeting, the energy was most similar to ‘Beast’.

However, Kang Woo-jin’s position in Hollywood has changed a lot in the meantime.

Due to their power, they may make mistakes that deviate from the basics in this audition. This was what ‘World Disney Pictures’ was worried about.

At this time.

“I’m ready!!”

After shouting from the staff, Kang Woo-jin went up to the set banquet hall.


An indifferent face. His outfit was a ball gown with an appropriate mix of blue and beige. Silver patterns were engraved here and there, making it very flashy. As Woojin approached the piano, the attention of about 100 foreign staff members gathered was focused, and director Bill Lautner, who was in the room where the monitors were placed, spoke.

“You can start whenever you are ready.”

Kang Woo-jin sat at a piano with colorful golden patterns on a white background. Woojin was displayed for each composition on all monitors. Woojin put one hand on the keyboard.


He swept the white and black keys for a while before finally settling both hands.



The piano melody began to sound in the spacious banquet hall. Woojin’s performance began. And the tempo got faster and faster.

And in just 10 seconds.

“Amazing… amazing.”


“It’s amazing. “Are you really an actor?”

“Even though it hasn’t been long since the sheet music was released – it’s at such a high level.”

All the foreigners gathered in this banquet hall opened their mouths. Kang Woo-jin’s piano playing was worth it. Director Bill Lautner then checked Kang Woo-jin on the monitor.

‘…I’m smiling.’

Woojin was smiling with excitement. It was natural. Now, Kang Woo-jin was not a ‘beast’.

‘I feel like I’m going crazy with fun playing the piano.’

He was a ‘prince’ before he became a monster.

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