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IWMMGA Chapter 401

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Episode 401: Full Bloom (7)

The words ‘See you at the Academy Awards’ proclaimed by Kang Woo-jin to over 100 foreign reporters. Thanks to this, Woojin once again made the reporters freeze.



“That and that.”

“Blatantly like this.”

Because it was truly a ‘Noppakku’. After making a bombshell announcement with his acceptance speech at Cannes, he caused quite a stir in many places, including Hollywood, for a while, so he may be a little proud of himself, but Kang Woo-jin had no qualms at all.

What can I say, to many foreign reporters, the current Kang Woo-jin is.

‘It’s so easy to mention the ‘Academy Awards’.’

It looked like a racehorse running only looking forward, without looking behind. On the contrary, because he was so confident, he seemed a little arrogant. The reporters who had stopped moving for a moment began to wait.

“also? Are you talking about the ‘Academy Awards’ again?”

“Is it a thick wall or is it just simple?”

“Aside from the large distribution, it also feels a little arrogant.”

“Yes, it’s great that I got the male lead role in ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain,’ but… isn’t that too arrogant?”

Either that or not.


There was no significant change in Kang Woo-jin’s indifferent face as he gazed calmly at the reporters. It’s more than calm, it’s annoying. But his eyes are full of confidence. Of course, it was only in the eyes of the reporters, and Woojin’s intentions were a bit complicated.

‘Was it a bit misleading to mention the Academy Awards again? Is the reporters’ reaction really outrageous? Tsk, I don’t know. Should I rummage?’

Whatever it is, all of the hundred or so foreign reporters.


While flashing Kang Woo-jin, he quickly tapped on his laptop. The second question was what kind of actor he was. For now, the first thing to do is to change the article. The fact that Kang Woo-jin mentioned the ‘Academy Awards’ here also means that the bombshell announcement at Cannes was not just a simple curiosity. He said Kang Woo-jin plans to recruit all of Hollywood’s top actors.


“Ah- um.”

The female reporter who had questioned Woojin on the podium scratched her head and spoke again.

“Mr. Kang Woo-jin, is it okay if I write an article as you just said?”

A calm Woojin nodded.

“of course.”

The tone of voice says it doesn’t matter at all. Director Ga-bok Ang smiled at this. Because I felt like, ‘It’s still the same.’ On the contrary, the general producer of ‘Clierrot: Birth of a Villain’ was looking at Kang Woo-jin with wide eyes.

‘…I can see why he’s selling so well.’

It was her own admiration. My experience with Kang Woo-jin is short, but from Cannes to this audition and even today. He always drops shocks and bombs on the world. The presence was extraordinary.

‘Star quality. Is that unusual star quality the driving force that brought him this far?’

The raw appearance of Kang Woo-jin was unfamiliar and novel to the general producer. Any top actor in the world, including Hollywood, is usually shown to the world in a processed form. But Woojin.

‘It has enough influence to turn Hollywood upside down… but it’s not round. Rather, it is rough and rough. But wouldn’t that be strangely hateful? Strange. ‘He’s a strange actor.’

Arrogance with a reason.

It was just skill. The producer witnessed at the audition the ridiculous acting skills that made a huge Hollywood actor like Chris Hartnett give up.


“Mr. Kang Woo-jin! You probably know that ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ is the starting point of Columbia’s ‘Cinematic Universe’! What do you think!!”

A huge number of questions were poured out to Kang Woo-jin.

“Is there anything memorable about your audition for ‘Cinematic Universe’??!”

“Are you confident about auditioning for ‘The Beast and Beauty’?”

“You mentioned the ‘Academy Awards’ again! Can you tell me in more detail?!”

The topics were many.

“Currently, ‘beneficial evil’ is becoming very popular around the world. How successful do you think it will be?”

“When will filming begin for ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’?”

However, Kang Woo-jin did not answer all questions. Currently, it is a press conference for ‘Columbia Studios’ and I only answered questions related to that. Questions on the remaining topics are cut by the executive producer.

Did more than 30 minutes pass like that?

The producer, who appeared to be impressive, calmly concluded the story with over 100 foreign reporters.

“I’ll stop here. Thank you.”

However, the reporters seemed to be disappointed and continued to ask questions to the ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ team and Kang Woo-jin, who were organizing their seats on the podium. However, Woojin and the production team left the hall without looking back. The exploding flash barrage stopped. The reporters remaining in the hall were still struggling under the strong scent of Kang Woo-jin’s charm.

“I still can’t believe that Kang Woo-jin will be in charge of ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain.’”

In an unpredictable situation, one by one, people began to predict the future.

“Isn’t this really… he’s even eating ‘The Beast and Beauty’?”

“no way. If that happens, Kang Woo-jin will really have an unprecedented accident in Hollywood.”

It quickly spread among reporters.


The ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ team and Kang Woo-jin just left the hall. Soon, ‘Columbia Studio’ executives smiled and said to Woojin.

“The comment was a bit strong, but thanks to it, I think ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ will become a big topic of discussion.”

“hmm. yes. “It left such an impact.”

They had satisfied faces. Of course, the same applies to the general producer. After exchanging appropriate greetings, only director Ga-bok Ahn remained in front of Woo-jin. Veteran An Ga-bok extended his hand to Kang Woo-jin. Request to shake hands.

“It’s new, but let’s do our best again. “Since you mentioned ‘Academy Award’ so openly, you can’t leave it out or leave it out.”

Kang Woo-jin, who had a strong face, answered without much trouble.

“This is the original plan.”

“Hehe, okay. I knew it. Still, it’s an honor to be able to share that moment, not just a stepping stone.”

Director Gabok Ang also hit Woojin on the shoulder a couple of times and then turned around. It was then.


Someone called Kang Woo-jin from behind. When I turned around, I saw Choi Seong-geon with ponytails approaching at a fast pace. That’s how he sticks to Woojin.

“I just got a call from ‘World Disney Pictures.’”

I slightly muffled my voice.

“It was confirmed on the day of the audition and screen test.”

Around 2 o’clock past noon on the same day. L.A.

After the press conference held by ‘Columbia Studio’ was over. Kang Woo-jin in a moving van.


He looked solemn, but inside he was quite surprised.

‘Wow, articles are coming out so quickly??’

Because I was watching the foreign media situation. The article was already plastered all over the place. About a hundred reporters in the scattered hall were pouring out a ton of common articles.

『LA TIME/Korean actor Kang Woo-jin is confirmed to be the male lead in ‘Cinematic Universe”s prologue ‘Clierrot: Birth of a Villain’!』

However, this news had already been spreading around the time when Kang Woo-jin was in the midst of being questioned at a press conference.

『BCN/’Cierrot: Birth of a Villain” Kang Woo-jin, who won the battle with prominent actors such as Chris Hartnett, “See you at the Academy Awards”』

Now, stories about Woo-jin were prevalent in Hollywood. Even though Hollywood is vast, rumors spread several times faster. Thanks to this, the overseas public was already aware of this issue. Kang Woo-jin’s name was on fire in various overseas communities, including SNS.

-what? Are the articles coming out right now true?

-Wow… Kang Woo-jin really won the war??!

-I thought there was a lot of potential. Everyone will understand when they see good evil once in a while. He is good

. -Is Columbia crazy? To entrust the start of a project that has been in preparation for years to an unproven Korean actor

– Oh my goodness!! Kang Woo-jin beat Chris?!!

-It has been verified. He won the Best Actor Award at Cannes, right?

-Apart from Khan, they say that because I’m a beginner in Hollywood.

-I’m a little embarrassed





Woojin confirmed this and looked at the reactions in great depth.

‘It’s crazy, it’s crazy. But it’s still a bit surprising when foreigners say my name, right?’

At this time.


Short vibration. It was a tap. I saw it was Daeyoung Kim, one of my friends.

-Kim Dae-young: Hey, did you eat that clown??!!!

At that moment, Kang Woo-jin tilted his head. Then I noticed. Oh, is it already known in Korea? Well, since Hollywood is so excited, there’s no way Korea wouldn’t know about it. The funny thing is.




Starting with Daeyoung Kim, Woojin Kang’s cell phone is constantly ringing with calls. Of course, it was all in a similar context to Kim Dae-young. Then.


This time it was a phone call. The person who was recorded as the sender was his younger sister, Kang Hyeon-ah. Kang Woo-jin accepted it calmly.


Soon, Kang Hyun-ah’s screams were heard through the cell phone.

“brother!!!! Did you pass?! Steamed?!! “Your brother is really the ‘clown’ Namjoo?!”

This is going to tear my ears. Woojin muttered to himself, but he lowered his voice to the maximum because his eyes were watching his surroundings.

“Oh, right.”

“omg!!! oh my god!! oh my god!!!! mom! dad!! Oppa! “My brother said he starred in a Hollywood movie!”

It seemed that Woojin’s parents were probably around Kang Hyeon-ah. Then, Kang Hyun-ah shouted again through the cell phone.

“It’s crazy, really! My brother entered Hollywood…Ah! brother! “I’m flooded with stories about my Korean brother now!!!”

It actually did.

It was past lunch in LA, but in Korea it was early morning on the way to work, and Kang Woo-jin’s name was popping up everywhere.

From articles on cell phones of people waiting for the subway or bus.

『[Official]’Kang Woo-jin’ confirmed to star in ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’!』

『The picture of a ‘Korean director’ and a ‘Korean actor’ has been completed in a mega project planned by ‘Columbia Studio’… ‘Hollywood actor Kang Woo-jin’ / Photo 』

『Kang Woo-jin, who is rapidly becoming a true global star even as the main character in a Hollywood movie in just 3 years』

Woo-jin was called frantically even on the radio in the cars on the crowded roads.

“and!! Did you see the article?? Woojin Kang is now in Hollywood in real time! “It was announced that the male lead of ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’ has been confirmed!!”

“K-I know! I also got goosebumps when I saw the article! A true legend, a legend! “The first Korean actor to star in a Hollywood production!!”

“Mr. Kang Woo-jin! I don’t know if you’ll listen to this radio! Really congratulations!!”

“Hahaha, I hope you heard! Anyway, is it really finished? “Korean directors and actors lead Hollywood productions!”

Of course, it wasn’t just one channel, it was almost all of them. In addition, news from various broadcasting stations in the morning also reported on Kang Woo-jin’s power.

=[“Starting the morning with good, pleasant news. Actor Kang Woo-jin, who is currently in LA, has confirmed his entry into Hollywood. Have you been selected to play the lead role in the movie ‘Clierrot: Birth of a Villain’ for which you recently auditioned? The announcement was made at a press conference held by Columbia Studios. Kang Woo-jin is the first Korean actor to play the lead role in a Hollywood production. Reporter Kim Seok-man.”] Although

the comments were different for each news, there were words included in common. ‘Columbia Studio’, ‘Cinematic Universe’, ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’, ‘Academy Award’, etc.


=[“With the confirmation of the lead role in ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain,’ attention is also being paid to the ‘Beast and the Beauty’ audition, in which Kang Woo-jin was confirmed as a candidate actor.”]

‘The Beast and the Beauty’ also appeared frequently. The reason was simple. If Woojin gets to eat ‘Beast and Beauty’, it will be the first time not only in Korea but also in Hollywood history.

『’Clero: Birth of a Villain” male lead confirmed Kang Woo-jin mentioned the Academy Award again』

The press and numerous media outlets are at this point, but what about domestic public opinion?

-! Kang Woo-jin confirmed as the male lead in ‘Cliller: Birth of a Villain’! A press conference scene that will go down in history!!!|Issue King TV

It was safe to say that Kang Woo-jin took over the internet.

– Goosebumps… Wow… No… Wow…

– LOL Kang Woo-jin’s form is really crazy. Hahahahahaha

-ㅠㅜㅠㅡㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠ Hehehehehe!! Congratulations, Woojin oppaㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜ

-ke!!!! The soup is filling up!!

– Kang Woo-jin, who is not even a supporting actor but a leading actor, swept the box and is preparing to become a Hollywood star hahahaha

– I never thought an actor who played a leading role in Hollywood would come out in Korea… I’m honestly so excited…

– Kang Woo-jin That bastard who says he’s eating pine nuts Where are they all going? Hahahahahahaha

what happens if Kang Woojin eats the Beast and the Beauty???

-What the heck hahahahaha.

Of course, Kang Woo-jin constantly went up and down in people’s mouths. From the public to his family, friends and acquaintances in the entertainment industry. Even actors who had ties to Woojin were in an uproar.

From Hwarin, who has recently become even more into a fanatic.

“Kya!!! Absolutely great!!”

Hong Hye-yeon, Ryu Jeong-min, Jin Jae-jun and many others. Many domestic directors, including director Kwon Ki-taek, also had the same reaction. It was full of congratulations and exclamations.

This news quickly spread beyond Korea to Japan.

『Amazing! 「Kang Woo-jin」 confirmed as male lead in Hollywood movie ‘Clierrot: Birth of a Villain’! A monster is running rampant!』

It was definitely not a firepower that could easily fade away in a few days.

A few days later in LA.

It’s late morning. It is truly the largest of the LA film studios, reminiscent of a huge amusement park. It was ‘World Disney Pictures.’ A van has just passed the entrance to ‘World Disney Pictures’, which has a familiar logo and sculpture erected there.

The car passed numerous tourists.


We passed the stage warehouse, passed several sets or huge buildings, and stopped in a parking lot in front of a large building with a round ceiling. Soon a black-haired man got out of the van. He looked at the building in front with an indifferent expression.

‘This isn’t really some kind of film studio, it’s a bit like another world.’

It was Kang Woo-jin. Then, Choi Seong-gun and his teammates came up behind him, and Choi Seong-gun grabbed Woojin’s shoulder and said,

“let’s go.”


Woo-jin, who is moving around without much trouble. Kang Woo-jin, currently the hottest person in the world, has entered ‘World Disney Pictures’.

‘Phew – just like always.’

Because I came to watch the ‘Beast and Beauty’ audition and screen test.

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