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IWMMGA Chapter 388

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Episode 388: Overwhelmed (17)

The quickest reaction to producer Song Man-woo’s words was writer Choi Nana.


He opened his eyes wide and was surprised. Of course, General Director Kim So-hyang and Netflix employees were the same.


“Can I see it now??”

“Wow, I didn’t even think about it.”

Producer Song Man-woo, who had a grinning beard, responded playfully.

“Yes why? Do you hate it? “Don’t do that.”

Writer Choi Nana, who was very angry, rushed in first.

“Eh! no!! i miss you!”

In the end, everyone agreed. It was well worth it. Writer Nana Choi was able to see part of her script built in reality, and Netflix Korea is an opportunity to see part of the ‘beneficial evil’ that risks life and death. Soon everyone gathered in the large editing room within DM Production under the guidance of producer Song Man-woo.

There were several editors sitting in a slightly dark editing room with many monitors and devices.


Producer Song Man-woo sat in the middle chair.

Other than writer Choi Nana and Kim So-hyang, the other ten people stood behind producer Song Man-woo. The editing room was large, so it was easy for everyone to stand. Soon, producer Song Man-woo was operating the editing equipment.


He pointed to the largest of the several monitors mounted on the front.

“It comes from this way.”

Everyone’s eyes followed his fingertips, and after producer Song Man-woo manipulated it a few times, images began to be displayed on the monitor.

To be exact, Kang Woo-jin. ‘Jang Yeon-woo’ of ‘Beneficial Evil’ appeared.

He was tied up with cable ties inside a shabby building.

In other words, what Producer Song Man-Woo played now was a long take scene of more than 10 minutes that was filmed in Bangkok. This will be the core of the ‘beneficial evil’ that is targeting the world.


-[“Bang, bang, bang, bang!!”]

As soon as Kang Woo-jin on the monitor started moving in earnest.



“…That’s crazy.”


Everyone except author Choi Nana and Kim So-hyang who were watching the preview video let out an exclamation without realizing it. Everyone had their eyes fixed on the monitor and couldn’t even think about taking it off.

It was natural.

“This feels completely different from when I saw it on site.”

Because the video I’m watching right now is so amazing that it’s ridiculous. The results were being printed vividly, with a completely different feeling from what was seen in Bangkok, which was full of glitz and glamor. Of course, it is the core of it all.

“Really…Woojin, you’re amazing.”

It was Kang Woo-jin who was active as ‘Jang Yeon-woo’. His action, his CQC, his acting filled the monitor and captured everyone’s soul. Adding to that the director Song Man-woo’s detailed directing, I couldn’t help but gape.

At this time, the head of Netflix Korea.

“What is this-”

General Director Kim So-hyang, who has checked countless contents at home and abroad, muttered without realizing it.

“The quality was several times better than I expected, right?”

It was like being possessed.

LA on the 10th.

Hollywood, like Korea, was also in the mood for the New Year. We often heard news of promotions or production confirmations for movies scheduled to be released around this time. However, the two most popular works frequently covered by foreign media in Hollywood were strong.

These were ‘Columbia Studios’ ‘Cierrot’ and ‘World Disney Pictures’ ‘The Beast and Beauty’.

Are they really the mega-film companies called Hollywood’s ‘Big Five’? After announcing the news of the production confirmation, the two film companies were determined and putting all their efforts into it. ‘Clierot’ recently announced the official audition and screen test day.

『LA TIME/’Columbia Studio’s’ ‘Clierrot’ pre-production site photos released!』

『CNM/Director Ahn Gam-bok announced that strong key staff members will join in place of ‘Clierrot’, which has not yet announced the movie content』

『BBX/Upcoming ‘Cliero’ open audition! Kang Woo-jin, the only Korean actor among the nominated actors, “Hollywood’s attention was focused on him.” He

began full-fledged initial marketing by constantly informing the actor about the progress of pre-production on the set. As time went on, my curiosity about the movie ‘Cierrot’ grew.

The title of the work, the director candidate, and even the actors were revealed, but the content of the movie was non-existent.

However, at this point, ‘Columbia Studios’ announced something else to the world instead of the movie’s content. It was through official SNS.

-[……This ‘Cierrot’ will be the film that will be the beginning of a large project planned by our ‘Columbia Studio’.]

The rice cake was sprinkled. I don’t know what the project is, but I’m saying that ‘Clierot’ will be the starting point.

On the other hand, unlike ‘Cierrot’, ‘The Beast and the Beauty’ was a bit quiet. There has been no news since the live-action adaptation was confirmed and the male and female lead actors were selected.

However, the more this happened, the more inflamed the overseas media and public opinion became.

『NT After the confirmation of the live-action adaptation of ‘The Beast and Beauty’, which actor will take on the world-loved character at ‘World Disney Pictures’? 』 『’The

Beast and Beauty’ virtual casting board spread widely from ABY/SNS to communities and even internet broadcasts ! What is the most realistic?』

The public all over the world, especially in the United States, was in an uproar. There was endless talk about ‘The Beast and Beauty’ on social media and communities. In various languages. While there was a lot of anticipation and concern, most of it was related to the actors who would be cast.

This was similar to Korea.

-Beast and Beauty is my favorite Disney… I hope they make it well…

– Overseas communities have been begging for a virtual casting for Beast and Beauty a lot lol But it’s a good match

– I don’t know about anything else, Disney, please ruin my beauty Bella. Mara, really? said?

– According to the virtual casting, most of them are actors with musical ability. First of all, I vote for Miley Kara

– Riley was also mentioned a lot, but

it is said that there is also a possibility for foreign singers to play the role of the beautiful Bella

– Disney!! Since the last live-action film was ruined, you really should do well this time??? Believe????????

-↑Do you believe in Disney? LOL

– Honestly, I think it would be okay to be the Beast, but Bella, a beautiful girl, needs to be in perfect synchronization

– Even if the Beast is just saved, Jonjal should take charge

– It’s the beginning, even if it’s done with CG or makeup, the Beast will be in the second half. I respect him because he turns into a prince

– and shouldn’t the beast be good at piano and vocals?

-If the piano, vocals, acting, and roar are enough, it’s bittersweet





Two days passed like that.

Wednesday, January 12th.

The location is a stage inside ‘Columbia Studios’ in LA. Inside ‘Columbia Studio’, which resembles a city, there are over 20 stages that are not different from a large set. Among those stages, a familiar film team was seen on stage 7.

At least 30 foreigners and an old Korean man seen among the foreigners.

It was director Gabok Ang.

‘Clierot’ had entered the full-fledged pre-production stage, and director Ang Bok was about to tour the set with the current filming crew. Director Ga-bok Ang chats with several foreign key staff members as they look around the set. However, there was a change in his feelings now. Just by looking at the smile on his wrinkled face, it was like that.

The process of changing ‘Cliero’ to ‘Cliero: Birth of a Villain’ was also included.

It wasn’t light at first, but it became heavier after hearing about Columbia Studio’s grand project. Perhaps that’s why executives and officials from ‘Columbia Studio’ frequently visited the stage site. But director Ang Bok didn’t really care.

Just focus on what you have to do now.

In any case, the conversation between him and the key staff was clearly about set construction. Because in his hands was the ‘Cierrot’ scenario. First of all, before the official filming storyboard came out, set shooting and location shooting had to be divided. ‘Clierot’ may have a lot of set shooting due to the scenario, but there was also location (outdoor) shooting. For now, let’s start by sharing.

It was at this time.


From there, an Asian man approached me at a fairly fast pace. He was the assistant coach of the Korean team brought in by coach Ahn Ga-bok. Next, the foreign key staff of ‘Clierrot’ looked at the assistant director, and director Anga Bok, slightly narrowing his eyebrows, turned his head.

“Why are you making such a fuss?”

The position of assistant director quickly became director Gabok Ang, who was surrounded by foreign staff. After receiving a lot of attention from the foreign key staff, he spoke to director Anga Bok in Korean.

“Director Ga. Did you see the post that ‘World Disney Pictures’ just posted on its official SNS?”

“‘World Disney Pictures’? no. Why are you there all of a sudden?”

The surprised-eyed assistant director responded by looking at his cell phone.

“There was a confirmed candidate actor for ‘Beast and Beauty’ – on the ‘Beast’ side…”

“What on the ‘Beast’ side?”

Director Anga Bok, who asked the question again, seemed a little frustrated and took away the assistant director’s cell phone. The official SNS of ‘World Disney Pictures’ was displayed on the mobile phone screen, and director Ga-bok Ang opened his mouth slightly after seeing the hot message that had just been posted.


Afterwards, foreigners from the ‘Clierrot’ key staff also stuck to director Anga Bok.


When I saw something, a question mark appeared in my eyes.

Meanwhile, Korea.

Unlike LA, where it was afternoon, it was morning in Korea. Nevertheless, a huge crowd of people had gathered at a large department store in Seoul. There are usually a lot of people in this department store, but now the number of people has gathered to the point where it’s almost eye-popping.

Even if you look at it roughly, there are easily hundreds of people.

The location is the first floor lobby of the department store. An event section was set up on one side of the spacious lobby. From there, people lined up in four lines to fill the lobby, and the long line continued through the lobby and all the way to the entrance. Of course, the line stretched outside the department store.





Incomprehensible shouts and screams filled the department store. As if this scene was amazing, many people were hanging on the railings from the second floor to the upper floors of the department store, taking pictures of the lower floor with their cell phones.

“Daebak Daebak, what is the real thing?? The camera couldn’t capture even a single thing. !”

“That’s right! He’s got really good physique!”

“Ah – he should have lined up quickly!”

Just like this, sitting in front of the hundreds of people filling the department store was an actor with a poker face and a stylish dark gray double coat. The actor’s name. Among these hundreds of people, screams could be heard every moment:

“Oppa!! Woojin oppa!!”

“Oops! Kang Woojin!! Look over here!!”

“Just one hand! Oppa!!”

It was Kang Woojin.

Woojin was calm today at this department store. ‘s fan signing event was held. Therefore, many fans who heard this news are rushing in this morning. Among them, fans of Kang Woo-jin’s official domestic fan cafe ‘Strong Heart’ and fans of Japan’s fan club ‘KWJ Aishiteru’ just like Woojin. Fans were all mixed up.

Of course, even people who just visited the department store.

Woojin was buried in hundreds of fans.

“Oppa! I’ll support ‘Clierrot’! Be sure to get the role!”

“Thank you, I’ll do my best. What’s your name?”

“Arayo! Joa-ra.” !”

“Thank you for coming.”

“No! You should definitely come!”

He was in the middle of signing autographs, greeting each and every fan. Although his concept was strong, his tone toward fans was a little softer than usual. After Kang Woo-jin finished signing autographs, I glanced at the hundreds of fans waiting.

‘Huh – can this be done in half a day? I think we need to extend the time.’

Even though I signed autographs frantically, there was no sign of the number of fans decreasing. My fingers were starting to hurt. Still, I looked weak. You can’t show it. It’s the same when filming, but when fans flock like this, Kang Woo-jin’s concept becomes even more intense. Soon, it was time for Woo-jin to lose his temper and wink at the next fan.


“That’s right. ?……Amazing.”

“Really? No way…”


Hundreds of fans suddenly started chattering. The appearance is completely different from just before when Kang Woo-jin was crying. Woojin tilted his head at this.

‘What? suddenly.’

The air filled with a powerful question. At this point, hundreds of fans gathered at the department store were all staring at Kang Woo-jin. The eyes are full of shock.

At that moment, Kang Woo-jin sensed that something was unusual.

It was then.


A familiar female voice was heard from the right. When Woojin turns around, he sees the ‘blood and flesh woman’ who is the representative of the official fan cafe ‘Strong Heart’. No, it was his younger sister, Kang Hyeon-ah. She asked Kang Woo-jin with a lost expression while taking a picture of her cell phone in one hand with her index finger.

“Oppa played the role of ‘Beast’ in ‘Beast and Beauty’… Are you a candidate actor??”

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