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IWMMGA Chapter 387

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Episode 387 Overwhelming (16)

Cinematic Universe. The definition of the movie market means that each movie takes place within a single worldview. This means that the characters and content in the movie are all different, but ultimately take place in the same world. There are also many similar productions, including movies, comics, animations, and novels.

Of course, if that happens, the word ‘cinematic’ will have to be omitted.

Whatever it is, the large-scale project ‘Cinematic Universe’ planned by ‘Columbia Studios’ has existed in the global film industry, including Hollywood, for quite some time. There have been many attempts in various industries, and there have been many success stories.

However, if we only look at movies, there are few successful ones.

There are many reasons, but the most common ones include the difficulty of production, the enormous production cost, problems with cast actors, and planning that takes a very long time. Once you start a ‘cinematic universe’, it’s like moving an entire project, not just one movie, at the same time.

This means that you can’t stop even if one movie fails.

Actors’ contracts also come with difficulties, and if the actor in charge of a role is replaced due to some problem, connectivity is lost and expectations plummet significantly. However, you cannot control expensive Hollywood actors based on your tastes. Although it is a ‘cinematic universe’ that is still in the works, if this project is successful, it can create enormous profits and brand power beyond imagination.

However, it is clearly not an easy decision. No, it’s close to impossible to touch.

He said that ‘Columbia Studios’ is planning or developing such a ‘cinematic universe’. The first thing that came to Director Gabok Ang’s mind as he listened to the explanation was:

‘Huh- even though it’s called ‘Columbia Studios’- it’s amazing.’

It was strange and amazing. Deciding on a ‘cinematic universe’ is something that could determine the rise or fall of a film company next year. Even if ‘Columbia Studios’ is a very large film company that is one of Hollywood’s ‘Big Five’.

Then, coach Anga Bok, who was wiping his wrinkled cheeks, changed the subject of his thoughts.

‘It’s the first villain character to introduce our cinematic universe to the world – that’s why we’re going with the title ‘Cierrot: Birth of a Villain’. ‘Birth of a Villain’ is a fitting title.’

The new title of ‘Clierrot’ is ‘Clierrot: The Birth of a Villain’, but in the eyes of ‘Columbia Studios’, the movie ‘Clierrot’ was like the birth of a ‘Cinematic Universe’. It would also include introducing it to the global public. ‘We will launch a ‘Cinematic Universe’ and the first villain of that worldview will be born from ‘Clierot’.’ Such as.

Director Ga-bok Ang, who was thinking to himself, asked the executives across from him. It wasn’t perfect, but the English was still communicable.

“Why are you telling me such an important matter now?”

It was a valid question. Currently, director Ga-bok Ang is confirmed to be the overall director of ‘Clierot’. However, if the ‘Cinematic Universe’ comes into play now, the situation must change. It means delivery is too late. The answer was given by a bald-headed man among the executives.

“I’m sorry, but there is a reason. First, it wasn’t decided whether to include ‘Henry Gordon’ from ‘Cierrot’ in our ‘Cinematic Universe’ or whether it would be a standalone movie. “It was recently decided to go with ‘Henry Gordon’ as the first candidate.”

It also existed in the ‘cinematic universe’ of various industries in the past, including stories about contract issues. These are characters who share the worldview but are excluded from the project. Then the bald head executive began to explain. His briefing, which he spoke in a fairly calm tone, lasted approximately 10 minutes.

To summarize, it was like this.

‘Columbia Studio’ started work on the mega-project ‘Cinematic Universe’ several years ago, and currently, several characters and scenarios except ‘Clierot’ have been released.

“In terms of planning, we plan to present individual character films that share a shared world view, and we are even planning a work in which those characters will ultimately be mixed in one film.”

At that moment, Director Ang Bok gasped inwardly. It was hard to even imagine how much it would cost to produce a movie with all those characters. Still, he asked the executive.

“So, is ‘Clero’ included in the movie where all those characters will be mixed?”

“of course. You can think of it as Season 1 of our ‘Cinematic Universe’. Of course, there may be changes depending on the situation. As of now, we are only in the planning stage of the conceived project. Therefore, we at ‘Columbia Studio’ have high expectations and concerns about ‘Cierrot.’”

Director Gabok Ang was quietly listening to the explanation.

‘Huh- should I like this?’

I felt a burden as well as an honor. This is because the director, a veteran Korean director, was the starting point of a mega-project that would surprise even the entire Hollywood world. It was obvious that this would be an unprecedented situation not only in Korea but in Asia as a whole and even in Hollywood.

‘But… if Woojin eats Namju.’

It was as if a Korean director and a Korean actor were launching a huge, life-threatening project for Columbia Studios towards the world.

maybe. No, it will 100% go down in Hollywood history.

Just as Director Anga Bok was lost in the cycle of infinite imagination, a bald-headed man among the executives across from him spoke again.

“You will find out more details gradually. I plan to tell you everything I can. Oh, by the way, depending on the results of this ‘Cierrot’, I may also suggest directors for other works. So, director, please do your best for ‘Clierrot.’”

“…I think so.”

“thank you. And as explained, ‘Clero: Birth of a Villain’ is a very important work, so quite a lot of people will attend the open audition and screen test.”

In terms of tone, it sounded like he was talking about the high-ranking people at Columbia Studios.

“Of course, what you just heard is top secret.”


Kang Woo-jin once again boarded the hellish schedule train. Currently, Part 1 of ‘Beneficial Evil’ is cranked up, so there is no filming, but work has not decreased at all. Because the schedule outside of filming was enormous.

Woojin, who had a deep sense of concept, thought.

‘How is this – isn’t it more intense than when filming??’

In fact, it is said that the level is better when filming a work. It was definitely worth it. Increased advertisements, pictorials, interviews, radio, various parties and events, SNS-related filming, YouTube channel ‘Kang Woo-jin’s sub-character’ recording and filming, promotion and marketing of currently released movies, etc.

There it is.

『’Kang Woo-jin’ also attends a charity event to donate 200 million won to undernourished children in Jinju』

Even the small schedules derived from the New Year atmosphere. For example, Jinju’s attendance at donation-related events and New Year’s special broadcasts were the same. Here, communication with fans could not be neglected.

『[Issue Pick] Kang Woo-jin does not forget to communicate with domestic fans before entering Hollywood. Held a fan meeting and fan signing event to commemorate the New Year』

In addition to the fan meeting and fan signing event planned to commemorate the New Year. Of course, this had to be done back and forth between Korea and Japan.

Time melts.

If there is filming for a work, that is the main thing, so things need to be cut out accordingly. Woojin was currently digesting all of that. Well, of course it wasn’t Choi Seong-geon who put pressure on him. In fact, all of this was Kang Woo-jin’s request.

If possible, I wanted to organize most of my schedule 20 days in advance.

The good news is that

‘Ah, it’s tough. First, let’s go to subspace.’

He has a fraudulent item, Subspace. Whatever it was, each day passed without a moment’s notice due to the hellish schedule. It’s already been 10 days. As Woojin’s departure date to LA got closer and closer, the two movies, which were released as year-end and New Year’s gifts in Korea and Japan, showed no signs of slowing down.

‘Unfamiliar Parasite’ is causing excitement in Korea as well as in Japan, where it is ranked first in advance reservation rates despite the release of new films.

[Audience count as of January 9, 2022]

[Daily domestic box office]

1. The Strange Sacrifice/ Release date: December 21, 2021/ Number of audiences: 620,132/ Cumulative number of audiences: 1,081,0338 It

was a huge hit in Cannes and Korea, and is now also in Japan. That was the case with ‘Leech’, who inherited the power of ‘Unfamiliar Parasite’.

『[Movie Talk] Japanese release of ‘Leech’ exceeds 10 million!』

‘Familiar Parasite’ and ‘Leech’ exceeded 10 million in their 4th week of release. The result of the overlap between the issue of the movie itself, its quality, and special events such as Christmas or the end of the year. Of course, both movies received maximum audience reviews. ‘Familiar Gisaeng’, which was released in Korea, received rave reviews every day for its connection to Kang Woo-jin, and ‘Leech’, which was released in Japan, was no different. Because it was released at a crossroads, it was great to immediately see Woojin’s unique acting.

In addition, the results released every day were enough to make the film industry media freak out. The total number of viewers for both movies is already .

『’Kang Woo-jin’s ‘Familiar Parasite’ and ‘Leech’ exceed 30 million viewers in Korea and Japan combined! How far will it go?』

Because it has surpassed 30 million.

At the same time, Korean DM Production.

‘Beneficial Evil’ is joining hands with Netflix and aiming for a worldwide launch. A large conference room at DM Productions, the executive producer of ‘Beneficial Evil’. Quite a number of people have gathered here now.

The people sitting around the U-shaped desk were all familiar faces.

Netflix Korea’s general director Kim So-hyang and executives DM Production staff Key staff of ‘Beneficial Evil’ Writer Choi Nana, who wrote the script for ‘Beneficial Evil’.


“Okay, next time.”

Even bearded producer Song Man-woo just changed the meeting topic. His appearance was quite different from before. I had lost weight, my cheeks were pale, and my skin was rough. The dark circles under the eyes are also dark. It seems like I’m putting my soul into editing Part 1 of ‘Beneficial Evil’.

Writer Nana Choi, who raised her round glasses as if she was worried about him, asked him carefully.

“But PD. Are you really okay??”

Producer Song Man-woo took a sip from the can of coffee in front of him and smiled awkwardly.

“It’s not okay.”

“Ah- eh? yes? “Then go to the hospital and get treatment.”

“I already went to the hospital.”

Producer Song Man-woo stabbed his forearm a couple of times with his index finger.

“I’ve already had the IV for awakening several times.”

This refers to fluid for recovery of physical condition. However, to producer Song Man-woo, it seemed like it was everyday life and nothing special.

“Well, this is easy. I even filmed right before I died. “Don’t worry.”

I meant it. In the past, when the drama market was poor, he had been absent for up to a week. Producer Song Man-woo soon brushed off his dull hair and looked across. It is directed at General Director Kim So-hyang.

“Unless I fall, editing Part 1 of ‘Beneficial Evil’ won’t take three weeks.”

This means it takes 2 weeks to edit and 1 week to finish. In short, the processing of ‘beneficial evil’ will end within January. In response, General Director Kim So-hyang put both hands together and nodded.

“Yes, I trust the PD. “I think there will be no problem with the official launch on February 3rd.”

“that’s right. Even if I die. No, even if I die, I have to guess it.”

In fact, the launch date of ‘Beneficial Evil’ was confirmed to be February 3rd. The reason I haven’t revealed it to the world yet is to prepare for an unexpected situation. That’s because it’s easier to change the schedule if a problem arises before launch. However, producer Song Man-woo was a professional and a big name in the drama industry.

He was not the kind of person who would make mistakes that an amateur would make.

“The time was shortened significantly by editing part 1 at the same time as filming. Launching on February 3rd, there will be no problems. So – what’s your promotional marketing schedule like?”

General Director Kim So-hyang responded immediately.

“Preparations are complete, both domestically and internationally. From YouTube videos for warming up to SNS events for hooking up media opinion, etc. If we stop starting, it will pour down at the level of a bombing raid. When will the first teaser be completed?”

The first teaser to announce the confirmed launch date and official launch of ‘Beneficial Evil’. That would be the starting point for the promotion and marketing of ‘beneficial evil.’ Producer Song Man-woo, who was wiping his beard, answered.

“Hmm – I guess now is the right time, when overseas interest in ‘Beneficial Evil’ is high and there are a lot of issues with Woojin and Miley Kara. “The first teaser will be released within a few days.”

At the end of the meeting, which lasted for several tens of minutes, producer Song Man-woo spoke to Kim So-hyang and other members who were settling down.

“It’s not complete yet. Let’s take a look at part 1 of ‘Beneficial Evil’.”

He said it very refreshingly.

“Towards a pre-test concept.”

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