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Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 60

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Episode 60

“Is there really no way to die in this world?”

Tower of the Immortal Lord A shooting star asked as it crossed the barren desert.

“For example, what happens if I crush your skull into powder?”

“Hee hee! “Why are you like this, partner!”

The skeleton was astonished and began to scoff again.

“But he doesn’t die! No, you have to die! But no matter how much you die, you will be resurrected after midnight! For your information, in my case, I will be resurrected with my head stuck in that sand pit!”

“Hmm… It’s literally Regen.”

Just like an MMORPG game.

“Hee hee yes! Things that are so broken that they can’t even maintain their shape come back to life! “Because the Emperor of the Empire, Immortal Great Emperor, offered this world as a sacrifice.”

“Sacrifice the world?”

“Hehe, yes! To become a monarch, you had to sacrifice what you loved most! And His Majesty loved his empire more than anything else!”

“Well, I guess your life was the most important thing in the end.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders calmly. Little by little, the clues of the monarchs were being revealed. No, the clue itself has already been solved. I just kept reminding myself of that fact over and over again.

Even monarchs can shed blood.

The player is also not a puppet being unilaterally abused, and there is a clear possibility of shedding the blood of the monarchs.

“What happened? Rather, let’s talk about the treasures we can take from here.”

“treasure! Hehe, it’s a treasure! There’s so much to overflow! “Because in this world, no one cares about treasures, hehehehe!”

The skull gourd rattled and burst into laughter. Yoosung shrugged his shoulders calmly.

We continued our steps towards the horizon of the desert, and soon the ruins of the empire began to appear beyond the horizon.

“Welcome to the Immortal Empire, my partner!”

Skull Gourd chuckled.

The ruins of the empire spread out beyond the horizon. And along the horizon, countless numbers of dead soldiers were forming an army.

It was not an army of death. As the saying goes, it was an army of people who could not die.

“Oh my.”

Seeing them, the meteor engulfed the frost lord’s magical power and forged the frost sword. Several frost swords were circling around Yooseong using the sword technique.

The thing to think about right now was not how to escape the Immortal Lord’s Tower.

‘It’s about thinking about how I can drink the whole honey.’

The shooting star adjusted the hilt of the frost sword and walked towards the army of immortals.

[You have defeated an advanced dead soldier!]

[Experience points*…..]

[Achievement points 10P….]

The five frost swords controlled through the sword technique are as if intangible killers are rushing in. The dead rushed through the bottles.

Even though it is a high-level dead soldier, the experience points and achievement points itself when killing each one are not that important.

Nevertheless, what filled the area was literally the army of the empire, as well as the flesh, blood, and bones of the empire itself.

“Hey, come on out and let’s pay for the food.”

— Nyaaaang.

A sea of shadows spread across the area, and ocean predators opened their mouths.

Furthermore, he swung Charlotte’s web in conjunction with the five ice and frost memorizations he was controlling through the sword technique.

The web of death danced as if it were alive, tearing the dead soldiers in the area to pieces and slaughtering them.

The shooting star advanced, completely destroying the army of dead soldiers pouring in like a flood. It was right then.

[Warning: The elite mob ‘Combine of the Dead Knights’ has appeared! Be careful of cavalry charges!]

Knights in black armor riding skeletal horses began to gallop across the dead soldiers. Even at first glance, it was clear that they were an elite mob.

The immortal cavalry, made up of death knights, raised their cavalry and charged. The swallow’s tail-shaped flag hanging on the edge of the window flutters dizzyingly.

The distance narrowed, and in front of them, Yoosung once again controlled the magic power of cold air through the Frostsmith.


The swirling magic power of the Frost Lord was focused on a single point and fired straight out.

《Ice Bolt》

– Rating . Normal 3 stars (★★★)

– Attribute. Frost

– ability

. Cold air in the atmosphere can be condensed and fired in the form of a projectile.

. Glacier synergy enhancement effect: Increased damage and increased number of projectiles

. 2-star enhancement effect: Gives an armor-piercing effect to the projectile. Projectile caliber can be specified

. 3-star strengthening effect: Greatly increases distance and damage. Can project firearms.

An ice bullet that is given countless strengthening effects and can be usefully used by a frostsmith.

That wasn’t all.

After scattering the bullets, the magic of cold swirled again.

Suddenly, a polearm of ice and frost was created in Yooseong’s hand, and he threw it with all his might.

An average grade cold skill, ice javelin.

Even without this skill, it is possible to create a spear of cold and throw it. However, because the ‘blueprint’ obviously existed, the power of the javelin fired from Yoo Seong’s hand was also doubled.

When fired, the acceleration was amplified by cold magic, independent of the strength of the body, and the destructive power when the javelin hit the Death Knight’s armor was the same.

Several Death Knights fell off their horses, and yet the Death Cavalry was quickly closing the distance.

In front of them, the frostworker’s cold magic began to fluctuate again.

Blah blah blah.

In response to the shock of the cavalry charge, a fortress of ice and frost rose up, raising a shield of frost and forging a polearm. In the


, Yooseong’s two feet were pushed back. However, just like the defensive formation of heavily armored infantry, it did not easily collapse in front of the Death Knights’ assault.

Blah blah blah.

At the same time, the fortress of ice began to crack like turtle shells.

As the Death Knights closed the distance, the glacial fortress collapsed, scattering countless shards of cold.

A storm of ice and frost blades that are sprinkled elaborately with each piece filled with the spirit of swordsmanship.

The blades of cold swirled around like a whirlwind, and even if they were immortal knights, the

impact was enough to shatter their armor and tear off their flesh and bones.

In the meantime, a knight of death rushed in without giving in, and Yooseong easily swung his frost sword and countered him.

There was no need to even use the Heavenly Demon Descent skill. Above all, since I didn’t know how much longer I would have to fight here, I couldn’t recklessly abuse Cheonma Advent.

Still, that was enough.

Meanwhile, in the sea of shadows scattered by black fish, ocean predators were endlessly gaping at the monster.

[Your level has risen!]

The message finally came to mind. Level 59.

There is 1 left until level 60.

And there were still thousands of dead people who could become Yooseong’s experience and achievement points.

Chunks of experience that do not die even if they die and have no choice but to be revived endlessly.

[The level has risen!]

[The level has…]

The night in the desert was deep and the sand began to shine with a bluish light. The stars embroidered along the curtain of night scattered pale, cold light.


And the scenery of the area began to turn backwards, almost like rewinding the hands of a clock.

The broken, strewn flesh, blood, and bones were moving on their own and being reassembled into the form they were in before they were broken. The dead soldiers and their armor and weapons were no exception.

The immortal army that had been defeated and defeated to such an extent that there was no end in sight was coming back to life once again.


Seeing that, Yooseong adjusted his frost sword again and smiled quietly.

“Key, there is no such thing as a hunting ground.”

A few days later.

[The level has risen.]

[Fighting Swordsmanship (Lv 20) has reached the maximum level! Would you like to awaken your skills? Y/N]

[Assassination notice (17Lv)…]


Before I knew it, I left the dead lying around the area behind me and looked at the status window to see that I was level 69.

‘One level left until the second awakening.’ In addition to

the Jester Lord’s awakening quest that takes place across levels 50 and 70,

the level of many skills has increased, and skill awakening is about to occur, like when creating a frost sword, as in the case of a frostsmith. There were ice bolts and shadow blades that were intentionally left behind even after reaching level 20 in the first place.

No matter how useful it is, it is not very efficient to awaken a skill below the hero level or a rare level.

However, in the case of swordsmanship and assassination warning, it was a skill worth awakening.

And that wasn’t all. The achievement points also accumulated enormously.

The enemies are at a level that even Meteor in his current state can’t let down his guard. They are endlessly coming back to life on a daily basis. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the best hunting ground for hard workers.

‘I’ve already raised my level to this point, so I can move forward little by little.’

Yoosung walked calmly, leaving behind the mountains of bones scattered everywhere. Just before facing the army of the dead, he took out the skull bowl he had buried in the sand.

“I thought you left me!”

“Oh no, don’t worry. Who was it that asked you to leave it alone during the fight?”

“Hee ho, so you’re going to go further?”

“I just sucked up some experience points, and now I have to go find some treasure.”

“That’s right, the immortal great emperor’s treasure! Hehe, there must be an imperial castle in front of you! “There must be a lot of buried treasure!”

“We’re going to be rich.”

The skull gourd started fluttering non-stop again and Yoosung took a step forward. Towards the very heart of the ruins of the collapsed empire.

At least in terms of reward, it was a tower of gold that was beyond reproach, as the Lord of the Game said.

《Eomgeomsul. Sim(深))

– Grade. Hero Awakening

– Attribute. Steel

– Ability

. By infusing flame into the sword, you can control it freely.

. Up to six swords

can be given ‘Keyword: God Sword Harmony’.

There were ruins of an empire that had fallen, leaving its past status behind.

The entire area was covered in sand and sank, and even as the imperial castle towered above everything else, its tip was revealed.

Buried at the bottom of the desert, the mouth of the imperial castle was wide open.

It was an extremely ominous landscape, as if it was leading to the underworld of the Abyss of Khovsa. Nevertheless, there was no reason to hesitate.


The frost sword he was holding in his hand and the five frost swords orbiting around the shooting star were dispersing pale cold air.

The state of Shingeomhap work that is reborn as one with the sword. Along with the inaction of the Cheonma, it was time to test his performance as a swordsman.

The immortal lord sacrificed his empire, and at the bottom of a world without death.

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