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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 92

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#When it returned, the family was ruined (93)

“What is the level of pollution?”

“We have reached 80%. In just one more month, the area of the World Tree will be drastically reduced. Even the elves will no longer be protected.”

“Proceed with the corruption as carefully as possible so that they don’t notice.”

“yes. We are starting from the root area using Yongrinmok. Even if they find out…”

“It’s already too late.”

Diego, the 6th bishop of the church, smiled quietly. Push out the elf tribe and obtain the seeds of the world tree with the high elves.

8 Bishop Eric not only covered up his mistake, but was also unable to match the amount of tribute, which further increased the importance of this incident.

Because the quality and quantity of the tribute had to be matched with other items instead of metal.

He looked at the tree inside the fortress he built with the wizards.

A huge tree made entirely of red.

It was ‘Yongrinmok’ who received support from the Archbishop for this work.

The area around Yongrinmok was already full of black energy.

Even the power of the surrounding ley lines and the World Tree.

Yongrinmok, which had absorbed everything, was now about to produce its fruits.

‘It’s a spiritual altar…’

It’s probably an item filled with tremendous energy. Of course, I wanted to consume it myself.

This was impossible, as there was a strict order from the archbishop that even this should be offered as a ‘tribute.’

Disobeying the archbishop’s words meant death for the bishop.

‘It’s unfortunate… but I can’t help it.’

He could not defeat the archbishop by eating the spiritual altar. It was the same even if I ate ten instead of one.

The Archbishop, who had learned the latter half of the Kangryong style, was not an opponent he could beat even with a little more mana.

‘It’s more important to learn the high-ranking Gangryong style. It won’t be long now.’

Diego looked at Yongrinmok and smiled quietly.


Normally, their power was insignificant, but it was different when it was within the realm of the World Tree.

Because within the realm of the World Tree, they exerted more power than any other race.

Even though he visited this place with powerful wizards, instead of attacking their territory, he planted a dragon tree and waited for his time.

“It doesn’t matter if it dries up and becomes twisted. “If only the seeds that the world tree leaves behind when it dies and the high elves who will grow them are brought back alive.”

Diego was faithfully carrying out the archbishop’s words. By now, the elves are probably protecting their own territory, unaware that the world tree is dying.

‘Stupid bastards.’

It won’t be long now.

If he successfully carries out the archbishop’s orders, he will be promoted to the fifth bishop instead of the sixth.

‘…you only have to climb up to the fourth bishop.’

A position that allows you to learn the middle part of the Kangryong style, not the beginning form.

Even if they were called the same bishop, he knew that the magnitude of his power was on a different level starting from the fourth bishop.

The desire for great power.

That was when Diego’s eyes lit up.


The doll in his hand trembled. Diego smiled quietly at that sight.

The moment he gestured.

Dozens of wizards gathered inside his office.

“Bishop. “Did you call me?”

“I’m talking about the boundary magic installed outside the castle. “Is it working well?”

At those words, several wizards flinched while moving their mana.

‘…cut off?’

Boundary magic.

All of the enchanted mana threads installed to detect the presence of intruders had been cut.

The workmanship was so neat that even they didn’t even notice that they had been cut.

How can you nullify the magic used by a 5th rank wizard so easily?

The wizards were surprised at the intruder’s skills.

I was twice surprised to see the bishop figure it out without installing any magic.

‘…As expected, he is the bishop.’

The only one who noticed this was Bishop Diego.

Immediately afterwards, the bishop smiled.

“Have you become negligent in your work because only elf scouts have been here for the past few months?”


“If that happens, it’s going to be difficult.”

It was a soft tone, but cold sweat was running down the backs of the wizards who heard it.

Diego, the sixth bishop.

Because I had clearly realized how strong and cruel he was through our cooperation over the past year.

Even a 7th rank wizard who had received the ‘Golden Dragon Insignia’ from the Capital Magic Association did not have the authority to stop Diego.

“It looks like rats have visited.”

At those words, the 6th rank wizards with the silver dragon badge raised their hands.

“We will handle it.”

Even when the bishop steps forward.

And even for 7th rank wizards, the level was not right.

Because they only managed Yongrinmok or moved directly when there was something really important.

“Just check it first. If he is at the level of a scout, capture him alive.”


“Oh. “If possible, don’t ruin it.”


The new form of wizards has disappeared.

Waiting is always boring.

And the elf was quite a fun toy. The scream every time a limb was cut off was quite sweet.

Diego smiled quietly while stroking the doll in his hand.

* * *

Ethan and Ilia.

Hundreds of elves were moving behind the two people. After wandering through the mountain range for quite some time.

“That place.”

I was able to confirm that a fairly large castle wall was located where Irina’s hand was pointing.

Ilya said after seeing that.

“Heulheul.” You built a castle using magic. The level is pretty good. “The inside of the castle is full of an energy that makes you feel dirty just by feeling it.”

It must be the energy of Yongrinmok.

Ethan asked as he looked at the castle.

“Boundary magic. “Didn’t we neutralize it so cleanly that no one noticed?”

“It’s definitely like that… Ho-oh… I guess there’s someone out there who’s noticed this.”

Ilya’s eyes lit up.

This is because I could feel the energy of magic from far away.

A group of wizards flew from the castle wall and were coming towards us. Ethan saw this and gathered mana onto his sword.

There was no need to smoke white flame.

Just a simple flame.

[Red Flame Style Chapter 2]

[Heat Wave Slash]

Because it was enough to perform a slashing attack.

A huge fireball flew towards the wizards who were flying in the air.

It collided with those who were hurriedly trying to turn the plane, causing a huge explosion.


After the explosion of flames passes.

All that was left was the image of the wizards falling miserably to the ground. The few wizards who managed to survive opened their eyes wide.

Skilled 5th rank wizards.

With just one slash, more than half of their numbers were eliminated.

Among the wizards who fell to the ground, there was even one 6th rank wizard.

‘…this crazy!’

An expert that even a 6th rank wizard cannot compete with. The uninvited guest who was currently visiting the castle was someone who had to be a 7th rank wizard or bishop himself.

The surviving wizards were shocked and hurriedly turned around.

It wasn’t just the wizards who went out to scout that were expressing astonishment.

Hundreds of elves.

Because they were gaping at Ethan.

‘…oh my god!’

The wizards who had just flown into the sky were, at best, above the 5th rank.

‘…I think there was a 6th rank wizard among those who fell.’

He killed dozens of wizards just by using mana to slash.

It was truly terrifying power.

‘Ardan’s reputation was not a lie!’

After confirming this strike, I felt like I could clearly understand why a member of that family was able to end the war with the Dragon race.

“egg plant.”

Ethan approached the castle.

Illya, seeing the castle gate closed, aimed her small wand and pursed her lips.

[Giant’s arms, like solid giant trees.]

A huge arm appeared in the air.

[Hit the enemies blocking your path!]

The moment Ilya finished casting.


With a tremendous explosion, the tightly closed castle gate exploded in all directions.

“Heulheul.” Let’s go in.”

The two people entered the castle.

The elves followed behind them and advanced.

The elves who came inside began to stumble.

The unpleasant feeling I felt inside the castle. This is because when that energy entered the stomach, it became stronger.

The sight inside the castle walls was very bizarre. The entire area was covered in black liquid and fog, and a terrible stench was coming from there.

It was evidence that Yongrinmok had completely occupied this area.

“Stay behind me.”

The moment when pure white flames bloomed above Ethan’s sword.




The black liquid and smoke writhing everywhere began to slowly move back. As if he were afraid of white flames.

As the black energy retreated, the elves’ complexions began to return to normal.

The elves, including Irina, looked at the Duke standing in the front row.

‘…oh my god.’

‘A flame that purifies such evil energy.’

The pure white flame felt like something divine.

Irina looked at Ethan.

“Could it be that the flame… is white flame?”



The legend of the first Duke.

Legends are called legends because they do not exist.

But now the legend was vividly revealed before his eyes.

‘…The Duke was a much greater person than I thought!’

Irina quietly admired.

To the extent that the evil spirit has retreated.

Little by little, strength was rising from the bodies of the elves.

Their ears perked up.

It was right then.

[Hmm. You are an unexpected guest.]

A voice filled with enormous mana echoed throughout the castle.

Soon, a person wearing a pure white robe appeared.

Behind him were wizards wearing black robes.

Diego tilted his head when he saw the two humans standing in front of the elf.

A young knight and a wizard who appear to be an old woman.

The energy rising from the two bodies did not seem to be easy.

‘Who is it?’

Did those closed-minded elves bring reinforcements from the human side?

I understand where they got such experts from…

‘…Wait a minute.’

Immediately, Diego narrowed his eyes.

Black hair and eyes.

A huge black greatsword carried on his back.

Even his face looks cool for some reason.

It’s definitely someone I’ve seen somewhere.

Soon he opened his eyes.


Ethan Ardan.

It was the same as what I saw in the montage. A person who has recently been promoted to a duke and one of the main enemies of the church.

It was like meeting an unexpected person.


Diego pondered.

If the duke had been alone, he would have gone on the offensive without hesitation.

However, by his side, there was a strong man whose level it was difficult for even he to guess.

An old woman whose identity is unknown.

Can the wizards of the Capital Magic Society fight that old woman and elf together?

From destroying the World Tree to harvesting the Yonglin Tree.

It was soon.

‘To give up here….’

There was too much time and effort put into it.

Moreover, the archbishop, who is his immediate superior, said that he would personally look forward to the results.

‘…I can’t just walk away.’

If I could kill the duke right here.

‘Maybe this…’

It could have been a golden opportunity.

A huge opportunity to get the fourth rank right away instead of the fifth.

Diego made a decision.

[Spread out the passing line and block the old woman and the elves.]

Wizards close to thirty nodded at the whisper of mana that Diego shed. Soon they started gathering mana in one place.

Passing magic circle.

It was a magic circle created to deal with those of a higher level than oneself.

Even if the old woman’s level is high.

It will not be easy to break through the passing list, which is made up of a large number of 7th and 6th rank wizards.

Ilya smiled when she saw that.

“Heulheul.” These guys use interesting methods. “Can I deal with the bishop again this time?”

“no. “That guy is mine.”


Last time, Ilya dealt with him directly, but this time he had no intention of giving up.

Ethan looked at the doll in the bishop’s hand.

“There is one thing you need to be careful about. “A person wearing a pure white robe uses mana in a strange way…”

Ethan smiled, recalling what Irina said before coming here.

In my previous life, I had never seen a dragon or human using such a technique.

That’s right.

It meant that the bishop in front of me was someone who was fighting in a completely new way.

‘He’s a guy who uses puppetry.’

It was an opportunity to dig into it in detail.

That was the moment when Ethan rushed towards him. Diego, who was glaring at him, immediately grabbed the small doll and started moving Mana.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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