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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 9

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#When I returned, my family was ruined (9)

‘Memory crystal sphere.’

It was one of the magic items.

The effect was as the name suggests.

By using mana stones, scenes could be saved for a certain period of time.

A crystal ball stored with all kinds of jewels.

Just looking at it, it was a smelly item.

“Mana stone.”

“Please wait a moment!”

Hans searched the office. Soon he found the lowest grade mana stone.

When I brought the mana stone nearby, a scene began to play.

– So… you just have to turn that youngest Confucius into an asshole, right?

-okay. It doesn’t matter what the method is, just make sure you don’t act like a person properly.

-As you know, Baron, something like this takes a lot of time. To do that in a short period of time, you have to use some strong medicine. We don’t often use drugs like that…

– It’s done, but there’s still a lot of time left, so give it a try for three years.

-That’s enough. I’ll stick with the appropriate ones. However, this is a bit of a request…

-This will do, right?

―Isn’t this… the mana breathing method used by the Duke’s knights?

―I will also deliver a training book containing the contents of martial arts according to the progress of the work.

-haha! I will do my best. Baron.

-You had a hard time under me. You will continue to work hard in the future, right?

-of course! I will offer my unwavering loyalty to the Baron.

Ethan watched the video and laughed.

‘They’re doing such a damn thing.’

It was a scene that would not be strange for anyone to mistake for an oath of loyalty given by the knights to their lord.

That’s because Wirdan’s voice in the video contained such sincere loyalty.

However, looking at the videos he left behind, it was clear that he was a completely different person inside and out.

“That guy from earlier.”

“It made me very anti-sick. “I completely destroyed the mana hole, so I will never show my face again.”

Hans said confidently.

Anyway, I was in a situation where I was interrogating the guy face to face.

There was a natural risk of retaliation if the man with mana was left alive. Hans hated such variables.

Wouldn’t a comfortable and peaceful life be the best?

That’s why I asked Myers for a favor. I want you to completely destroy that damn bastard’s mana hole. It was not difficult to persuade the youngest Confucius.

Hearing that he could be a threat to his brother, he stepped on the abdomen where the mana hole was located without any hesitation.

I stopped interrogating him only after seeing his mana hole completely shattered. Now he is just an ordinary person.


“yes. “If you want to meet more face to face, I will bring you right away.”


There was no more information worth extracting from him anyway. Because this crystal ball has already taken on that role.

‘I got the evidence.’

He was filmed not only stealing the breathing and martial arts techniques from his main family, but also passing them on to others.

Since they also tried to harm the direct line of the family, it would not be difficult to strike them down the moment the video was revealed.

Because the evidence was so clear.

He even has immunity, so even if he rips off his head in front of his face, no one will complain.


‘Not now.’

Ethan shook his head.

The only area where the essence of fire was still planted was the wrist. This means that you cannot move your entire body nimbly.

If the enemy were to let down his guard, he was confident that he would rip off his head in one fell swoop, even if he was a 3-star official knight.

But what if you are a 4-star or higher knight?

Starting from 4 stars, these are knights with a wealth of practical experience. Even if the enemy let down his guard, the chances of winning were slim.

Even if you have a lot of combat experience, it is meaningless if your body cannot keep up with that experience.

‘I need time to prepare.’

Baron Kargath was the family with the weakest power among the ten collateral families.

It wasn’t a good idea to protect the other nine families just to catch this guy.

As these are the families that preyed on the Duke’s family, some of the collateral families will also have knights of 4 stars or higher.

When you have enough strength to completely crush them.

At that time, the evidence had to be revealed.

‘First, the sowing process must be completed.’

Head Neck Back Chest Shoulders Arms Wrists. In addition to the waist, thighs, calves and ankles.

‘After sowing in these eleven parts…’

Finally, once you have finished sowing in the mana hole embedded in the heart, you can say that the basic preparation for mana to rotate around the body is complete. It is not too late to wake up the remaining mana holes later.

I planned to move on in earnest after finishing the sowing.

The first family to be eaten at that time will be Baron Kargath. Ethan smiled quietly and put the crystal ball into his arms.

“Take the jewelry.”

“yes? “You mean everything?”


Hans swallowed.

The value of the jewels in this box alone would be an amount that you would not be able to earn even if you worked all your life.

This is a very satisfying income.

It was right then.



“If you want to live.”

Hans’s expression, which had been laughing heartily, immediately hardened.

It was clear what to forget.

This probably means that you should not even mention to the Baron the scene of the crystal ball you saw today.

What if I revealed what happened today to the Baron?

The Baron will move unconditionally to destroy that evidence.

The moment the archduke confirmed this, he was dead.

Risking one’s life just to get some compensation didn’t make sense.

Hans quickly completed the calculation.

His expression turned perplexed.

“What happened today?”


“Anyway, that bastard Helmut must be in big trouble. Because one of our sources of income has been completely destroyed. You will probably feel quite sick when handing over the subsidy. “Hehe.”

I can’t believe I have to cough up support money to the guy who cut open the stomach of a goose that was spitting out golden eggs.

The moment the news that the red scorpion had been killed was delivered to the baron, it could be said that he slept all that day.

Three people left the building.

* * *

When I returned in the afternoon.

I was able to meet Elena who was waiting in front of the front door.

Elena glanced at Myers. The clothes he was wearing were tattered, and the bandage hanging on his side was bleeding.

“What about Ethan?”

“My brother said he had to go somewhere for a while. “It will probably come soon.”

“Have you gone out for training?”


Myers responded animatedly.

“Were the results good?”

“of course!”

“okay. “Wash up quickly.”

“Then I’ll take a shower!”

The conversation between the two was very calm.

Hans gaped at the sight.

Grand duchess.

Usually, I was a weak woman who couldn’t even properly say what I needed to say.

How could she show such a resolute attitude even though her younger brother came back from being beaten to death somewhere?

‘Did people change overnight?’

I couldn’t help but tilt my head.

But I soon found out that wasn’t the case. Because despite her resolute attitude and words and actions, her pupils were fluttering.

The reason she shows a different attitude than before…

‘I guess it’s because of the Archduke.’

Ten years.

During those years, it was Elena who lived in the room where the Grand Duke lay all day.

The Grand Duchess certainly seemed to have high expectations for her eldest son.

“Chief Chamberlain.”

“yes. “Grand Duchess.”

“What happened today?”

“I went out for practical training.”

“Practical training?”

There is no need to hide this much. Hans nodded.

“yes. I visited Beros Village with my youngest son, Confucius. There, I got into a fight with the red scorpions.”

“As for the Red Scorpions… aren’t they quite a famous group? I heard it’s Baron Helmut’s source of funds…”

“Yes. That’s how I know it. So we invaded their base and conducted training. “The wounds on the youngest Confucius’ body also occurred at that time.”


“The youngest Confucius was amazing, but what was truly amazing was the dignity the Archduke showed today.”


“yes. The sight of mana blooming from his hands felt like… flames. Even Yurdan, the leader of the Red Scorpions, could not withstand Ethan’s repeated attacks for less than a minute.”


“yes. “It was clear.”

Elena was shocked.

Mana like fire.

No matter how minimal it was, it was a look that could only be shown if one had mastered the family’s advanced skills.


She had tears in her eyes.

After the mana explosion occurred.

I thought that the body of my younger brother, whom I trusted and depended on, was completely broken.

But no.

Because controlling mana meant that he had overcome mana overflow.

Elena was relieved.

She wiped away her tears and looked at Hans.

“…Then how will Baron Helmut respond?”

“well. “Any Baron I know would probably wait for the results from the council of elders.”

When news of the Red Scorpion spread, Ethan would realize that he was not formidable.

Mana handling wasn’t enough, and even Wirdan, who rolled and rolled in real combat, was able to turn him into an asshole in just one minute.

Baron Helmut was a timid man. If I felt like I was in danger, I wouldn’t necessarily make the first move.

“I think they will at least show active action only after receiving support from other collaterals… but to put it bluntly, one baron alone will not be able to control the Archduke, who has immunity.”


“So don’t worry too much. “The Archduke is becoming stronger faster than anyone else.”

In Hans’ view, the Archduke was truly the goose that laid golden eggs.

Moreover, he had a broad mind.

This was a fact that could be seen just by looking at all the jewelry handed over today.

‘Rather than a petty Helmut… the Archduke is much better.’

This was also the reason why his heart was focused more on the archduke rather than the collateral.

* * *

“Baron! “It’s urgent!”

The old butler opened the door and came in without even knocking.

Helmut tilted his head.

The head deacon was a person who showed a calm demeanor in everything. If it was something that would embarrass him like that, it wouldn’t be a small incident.

“What on earth is going on?”

“It is said that the red scorpion was completely destroyed. Wirdan became a complete idiot, and everyone else had their limbs broken…”


The Baron widened his eyes.

Who would dare to eliminate the group under his protection in the Barony of Kargath?

In addition, the Red Scorpion was one of the important organizations that generated cash flow in its territory.

This is an organization that cannot disappear in an instant like this.


The Baron slammed the desk.

“What kind of bastard are you?”

“That… is called the Archduke.”


“The Archduke… It is said that Wirdan’s mana hole was completely blown out.”

“Holy shit!”

The Baron threw his flag in all directions.

Because he had immunity, he was a person who could not be punished by the laws of the territory.

“How on earth did that idiot get a red scorpion… damn it! shit!”

It’s something I couldn’t even imagine.

That made me even more angry.

However, you can’t assassinate him.

Duke of Ardan.

It was a family like war heroes, treated as a kind of guardian deity by the people.

Killing a descendant of such a prestigious family?

The killing itself was possible even with the power of the Baron.

The problem was the aftercare.

A descendant of a great hero died in his own land. No matter who killed him, he would not be able to avoid responsibility.

‘…Other collaterals will also try to cut off the tail somehow.’

It was obvious that they would treat him like a scapegoat, passing all responsibility on Baron Kargath.

‘Assassination is not allowed.’

At least it wasn’t something I could choose right now. Since it was something that had to be done with the family’s life and death at stake, we couldn’t just rush to the death of everyone just because it was a little annoying.

Helmut’s head quickly cooled.

“Hey… Baron.”

“Something else.”

“Well… a letter has arrived from Hans.”

“Give it to me.”

The Baron tore the outer pages of the letter. As he read the contents, his face began to turn more and more red.

“What a crazy guy! “You want me to support you with 100 gold coins?”

One gold coin is enough for a commoner’s family to survive for a month.

One hundred gold coins was not an amount that even a baron could afford to spend without any burden.

“shit! shit!”

However, we couldn’t not provide support. There was a need for at least one watchful eye that could observe the Archduke’s every move from up close.

“…What should I do? “Looking at the items requested, I think we’ll need that much money.”

“Damn it! send! And check thoroughly! Is this bastard inflating the price?”

Helmut frowned.

It was a really fucking bad day.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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