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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 81

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#When I returned, the family was ruined (82)

Right to challenge.

It was a word with multiple meanings.

The nobles looked at the members of the seven kingdoms.

It wasn’t difficult to understand how the situation worked out.

‘You grabbed my ankle.’

It would not have been what the 7th family wanted for the enlightenment ceremony to end like this and for the archduke to completely become the head of the family.

If that were the case, there was no way they would have sent the three princes out in the first place.

The western nobles frowned quietly. The prestige of the seven kingdoms was acknowledged.

However, just fifteen years ago, the western part of the kingdom was the area where the influence of the Duke of Ardan was strongest.

The ducal family was a family that ruled but did not rule.

Western nobles could receive protection under Ardan’s name simply by paying respect and a small amount of taxes to the duchy.

That was a huge benefit.

Even if you searched the entire kingdom, or even the entire western continent, there was no region where war was as rare as the western part of the Kingdom of Heidern.


That trend has been gradually changing recently.

‘Damn you guys.’

In recent years, the seven kingdoms have begun to expand their power in all directions.

It was the same in the West.

The West could be broadly divided into three regions.

The west ruled by the Duke of Ardan.

The central region is an area occupied by various nobles.

Finally, to the eastern part, ruled by the Fractal Marquis, one of the seven families and a famous spirit family.

The middle ground of the West.

In this area, where many noble families are concentrated, Marquis Fractal has recently been expanding his influence.

‘The dukedom is much better.’

Eastern. North. And all the way to the South.

Recently, the Seven Kingdoms, who have been increasing their power in various regions, were truly no different from tyrants.

It was basic to pay enormous taxes and tribute simply because the seven families had control, and it was common to see nobles sending their children as hostages.

Even nobles have a prosperous side and a not so prosperous side.

Kingdom 7th Street.

They call themselves the aristocratic faction, but the benefits they provide are limited only to the former.

And nine out of ten nobles belonged to the latter group.

This is because the standard itself for doing well was much higher than expected.

‘No matter how bad you are, you are a count.’

Anything below that was not even dealt with by the Kingdom’s 7th family.

It was to the point where I wondered if I would even be able to hear a word of thanks for my hard work if I had to pay so many tributes along with my children.

The notoriety of the Seven Families had already spread widely. Therefore, this flowering ceremony was a very important event for the western nobles.

It was an event that would give them a clear answer as to what line they should take in the midst of the Duke family’s reputation slowly fading and the invasion of the seven kingdoms.

So what is the result?

‘…It’s beyond my expectations.’

The skills and talents of the Grand Duke.

And I even got a glimpse of his guts. How could he have rushed at Count Marek, who was a superhuman, without hesitation?

He was a wild beast.

A beast that sinks its teeth into Count Marek, who has reached the level of a superhuman, without any hesitation.

‘It will take quite a long time for the Three Dukes to exercise their right to challenge.’

Theron and the Archduke.

In the match between the two, it was the Archduke who showed an overwhelming advantage.

Even if the three gongja try again, they will only do so when almost a year has passed.

What would happen if an archduke who had built up this level of skill in just half a year was given an extra year?

Maybe I would reach the level of a master or superhuman.


If we see that the Earl of Wallington, one of the king’s faction’s leaders, stepped forward to mediate.

‘It seems that His Majesty is also more interested in the Archduke than the Seven Families.’

Although the seven families of the kingdom were families with enormous wealth and military power, this meant that the archduke would not fall helplessly.

Because the king was looking after him.

A person who looks forward to the future, not the present. That was the Archduke.

[With this, the 18th head of the family was elected.]

When Chaiman finished speaking.

The nobles’ eyes were shining quietly as they applauded quietly. So far, no one has tried to approach the Archduke.

The 7 Kingdoms and the Grand Duke.

Between the two, it would not be too late to decide who to support after some time had passed.

The members of the Seventh House, including the Three Dukes, left the Great Banquet Hall.

It was the same for the Earl of Wallington.

Dae Yeon Armour.

The only thing left above him was the Archduke.

Ethan looked at the crowd.

‘That’s it.’

Nobles from a region located in the middle zone of the West. They were starting to watch themselves.

Kingdom 7 might be starting to seriously consider this instead.

‘This is enough for now.’


If he could gain the support of the nobles gathered in this area, it would be worth confronting the Fractal Marquis, known as the tyrant of the West.

The mere fact that we had laid a foundation for reaching out to them in the future was enough to yield a harvest.

‘There’s no need to appease them right now anyway.’

A nobleman was the head of a family. Since you are not in a position where you are solely responsible, you will have no choice but to be cautious in every decision you make.

It is not too late to appease the nobles in the central region after showing off more of your abilities.

‘The first thing I need to do now is.’

Ethan’s gaze naturally turned to the nobles of the five collateral families.

Cancerous lumps inside.

It was about dealing with these guys.

He started walking towards Cheyman.

* * *


The nobles of the five collateral families trembled at the sight of the Grand Duke approaching.

The head of the family has been decided.

Although it was more of a temporary job for now, he was the head of the household.

Now the Senate is almost half-disbanded, and this is the headquarters of the dukedom.

My body couldn’t help but tremble.

Even Myers, whom they were pushing, declared complete surrender to the Archduke. Cheyman immediately stepped forward.

“I…I will obey the head of the family. Please… have mercy!”

The flow had already been distorted to the point where it could not be reversed.

All they could do now was to beg for mercy from the archduke or the matriarch.

It was then.

Ethan said with a cold smile.

“Do you know that?”


“When I first woke up in the hunting annex, the first thought that came to mind was. “I will break all the branches of those who made my immediate descendants into this mess.”


[I declare myself as the matriarch!]

Ethan’s shout drew the attention of the nobles.

The collaterals were seen kneeling beneath him, desperately hoping for mercy. Will the Archduke show mercy to them?

From what I saw here today, it was an unthinkable story.

The Archduke’s ruling came out soon after.

[The heads of the five collateral families present here have not only broken the vassal contract for a long time, but have also blatantly violated the ideology of the duchy through excessive tyranny and oppression. Therefore.]

“Oh no….”

[Fernes. Lehman. Caston. Heneris. Even Eilian. I will confiscate all the castles of the five noble families and cut off the heads of all five people present here as an example for their crimes.]


Not only would they deprive nobles of their titles, but they would even cut off their own heads!

It was an extremely merciless action.

Cheyman exploded.

“Even if I tell you to go, I can’t commit such violent acts! How can you treat someone who bows his head so poorly?”

“If you commit a crime, you must receive the appropriate punishment.”

“Knights, protect me!”

The five nobles began their final struggle. Because they were confident that they would win this flowering ceremony, the number of knights they brought was not that large.

‘…But if only I could get out of here!’

He would be able to return to his territory, reorganize his army, and confront the Duke.

It was a moment when the knights instinctively tried to move. Ethan said while looking at the knights.

[They are no longer nobles. How dare you reject Ardan’s will?]

The knights trembled.

If you think about it, it was like that.

The temporary authority of the House of Lords held by the Senate virtually disappeared when the Archduke was elevated to the position of Head of Household. Additionally, the five nobles were vassal families of the dukedom.

A nobleman’s title, land, and even territory. In fact, they are contractual nobles who can be brought back with just a word from the head of the family.

[From now on, it will be understood that those who protect the 5 collateral families are rebelling against Ardan’s name.]


To rebel against Ardan’s name. The knights weren’t stupid enough to not know what that meant.

Starting with the deprivation of knighthood and semi-noble titles.

Because they were saying that they would never be able to be employed in the West again in the future.

‘…Should I help the head of the family?’

Reason, utility, and even price.

All of this was pushed back.

‘Even if it helps.’

There was no future.

No matter how much the duchy declined, its vast territory and residents did not go anywhere.

The collateral families, including Chaiman, will begin to collapse one by one.

At best, surrender to the Seven Kingdoms will be the answer.


It is a family of heroes.

Even if it makes sense, you can’t help but be reluctant to become enemies with the duke, much less if it doesn’t make any sense.

No matter how you look at it, confronting an archduke who even showed his capabilities as an outstanding knight was foolish.

One by one, the knights put down their swords. The same was true for the 1st Division, a group of 6-star knights specially trained by Chayman.

Because the trend was so completely reversed.

The nobles of the five collateral families who saw this cried out in a panic.

“Yes…yes you guys! Are you still knights? “I mean, remember who you were ordained by!”

Despite his desperate cries.

There were only a few knights who stepped forward to protect the nobles of the five collateral families.

“Matriarch. “I will help too!”

Myers, who had already raised his shield, took his place next to Ethan.

That’s not enough.

Knights wearing black armor were flocking through the training grounds.

Dragon Slayer.

As many as thirty knights went out to surround the nobles, including Chaiman.

‘There’s no chance of winning.’

The people in the stands made a quick decision.

The grand duke and the youngest duke.

The article was already completed by two people. Even if only two of them attack, the odds of victory are slim, but if even the renowned dragon slayer corps rushes in, the chances of victory are slim.

‘…There’s nothing more to say.’

The prediction was exactly right.

The Archduke invaded the collateral, and in less than 5 minutes, all the nobles, including Chaiman, were captured.

Five nobles were bound and kneeling.

[It is time for punishment.]

The Archduke spoke with a cold face that did not show any warmth, and swung his sword.

Damn it!

The heads of the five nobles were cut off in an instant.

[Their family members will also be punished. The dragon slayer has already started to move.]

The nobles were shocked.

This is because I learned from those words just now that the Archduke was not acting recklessly.

He had a next plan.

‘…If we subdue all of the family members.’

Collateral 10.

It was as if the families that dominated the dukedom had completely collapsed.

As it is as if all the pus inside has been squeezed out, the duke family will leap forward brilliantly once again.

The nobles’ eyes lit up.

* * *


Her side was full of contact crystal balls. The appearance of the Dragon Slayer was reflected between several crystal spheres.

Nearly one hundred knights who did not accompany the Archduke this time.

They were currently infiltrating the territory of the 5th branch of the branch.

Sylvia said after looking at the crystal ball.

“The Grand Duke has been elected as head of the family. So, we will proceed with the work we have prepared.”

It was that moment.

The leaders of the Dragon Slayer nodded and soon they began moving towards the inner walls of the five territories.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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