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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 80

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#When he returned, his family was ruined (81)

Earl of Wallington.

Ethan, who was staring at him, asked.

“So what is the content of the edict?”

“…I will now recite the contents of the edict. “Let the Kingdom’s 7th House and the Grand Duke listen!”

Soon, a curtain of mana surrounded the training hall.

A thick wall of mana so that no outsider can hear.

The nobles’ eyes lit up, but all they could see was Wallington gaping in the dance hall.

The Count, who had removed Mana’s curtain, opened the edict and read its contents.

―The Grand Duke’s skills shown at the enlightenment ceremony are acknowledged.

―However, considering that the flowering ceremony was held on a tight schedule, it would be difficult for the seven kingdoms to fully accept the results of this flowering ceremony.

―I will appoint the Grand Duke as the temporary head of the Ardan duchy and give the three dukes an opportunity to compete with the Grand Duke for the next one year. If the duel is won, the title of duke is handed over to the three dukes.

―There is only one opportunity, and if no challenge is made within a year, the title of duke will automatically be inherited by the archduke.

Ethan, who heard the whole story, chuckled.

‘It’s an arbitration plan.’

The seven kingdom families are the leaders of the noble faction.

Their occupation of the Duke’s House would not be very welcome news for the King faction.

‘That’s probably why they appointed this person as the temporary head of the family.’

This would be much better than seeing the puppets of the seven kingdoms rise to the position of head of the family.

Wouldn’t it be better to at least be closer to neutrality than the aristocratic faction?

Members of the Kingdom’s 7 families, including Marek, looked at Earl Wallington.


The move the king made was quite exquisite. It was impossible for Theron to defeat the Archduke right now.

This means it takes time.

‘If it’s a year.’

It was quite a lot of time.

If we were able to complete maintenance and try again in the meantime, we would have the opportunity to bring back a duke.

It was that moment.

“Why should I obey that?”

“…Grand Duke. “This is His Majesty’s command.”

“So why should I follow that? “Can’t you see the third person lying down over there right now?”


It was literally like that.

Theron was being supported by the Dark Demon Lord with his eyes blurred.

“Temporary matriarch? “The flowering ceremony has already taken place, and the results are clear to anyone.”

It wasn’t wrong.

If there had been no intervention from the Kingdom’s Seven Families, the Archduke would have easily taken the position of head of the family.

“Moreover, the Senate has already made a decision a long time ago. Count Chayman clearly acknowledged me as the head of the family. In such a situation, do you think I should follow his command simply because it is a commandment?”

“How dare you ignore the commandments?”

Ethan smiled.

“I’m not ignoring it, but I’m just asking because I think the results are too biased. “I understand that His Majesty has previously defined the work of the dukedom as ‘housework.’”


“After all, the flowering ceremony is just one of the duke’s jobs. In comparison, aren’t the 7 kingdoms outsiders? It doesn’t seem like a good idea to have a bunch of weirdos getting involved in household chores. And that’s because His Majesty Himself has defined his character.”

Wallington was speechless.

Right then.

A terrifying force emanated from Count Marek.

“The Grand Duke’s words are truly strange. The seven families of our kingdom have supported the Three Dukes in both material and spiritual ways for the past nine years. “It would be ridiculous to define someone who is like one body as an outsider.”

“You’re talking a lot of bullshit.”

“…The Archduke looks no different from a naked thunderbolt. “Watch your mouth!”

“You guy. Don’t forget where you are now. “This is the Duchy of Ardan.”

In an instant, an explosive prayer flowed from the archduke’s body.

Marek was shocked.

This is because it reminded me of the image of the Duke I saw a long time ago. The Duke at that time was one of the absolute figures that shook the continent.

A knight in the sky who cannot even be compared to himself.

He took a step back without realizing it, and then his face distorted.

‘…What a disgrace!’

At best, I am overwhelmed by the momentum!

Immediately, an explosive force flowed from Marek’s body.

Wallington wrinkled his face at that sight. The atmosphere was becoming increasingly hostile.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone pulled out a sword.

‘If this happens, the 7 kingdoms and the archduke collide head-on…’

The outcome of victory and defeat was clear.

No matter what the current Grand Duke does, he cannot defeat the Seven Kingdoms.

No, just to put it bluntly.

If even one of the kingdom’s seven families stepped forward, the grand duchy would be shattered.

I recognize his strength and talent, but he is not a fully grown strongman yet.

The problem came after that.

The Grand Duke is murdered by the 7 Kingdoms? It was no wonder that the kingdom was overthrown. Confusion and war will begin to loom.

‘The Archduke is a loser who must not disappear now.’

Kingdom 7th Street.

It was a gathering of famous families that enjoyed enormous power that even the king could not easily touch, and they were all families that were intricately intertwined with the Yongin tribe.

‘Rather than these guys…’

The Ardan Dukes were much better. Because it was a family that showed loyalty to the kingdom.

What family would protect the kingdom by moving all of its immediate descendants, excluding children?

The long history of the Kingdom of Heidern.

The Duke family was the only family that showed actions instead of words.

The Archduke was a dangerous sword, but on the other hand, it could also be said to be the best sword.

It’s also a sword sharp enough to cut off the limbs of the 7 kingdoms.

Wallington blocked Marek and the Archduke.

“Both of you, stop!”

Leaving behind Marek, who did not respond, Wallington looked at the Archduke.

“Whew. Archduke. “It’s not something that can be resolved through conversation.”

“Ardan is not a family that cares about what others think.”

“…I didn’t mean to be oblivious, but I meant to at least leave room for conversation.”

“That’s what it means, isn’t it?”


Wallington sighed.

The Archduke and the Seven Kingdoms.

And even the king himself.

The situation was complicated.

It was right then.

“Give me my little brother.”

The Archduke began spouting bombshells again. Marek, with a stiff face, immediately refuted.

“The Three Dukes voluntarily remained in the Seven Kingdoms. “The Grand Duke has no right to demand the safety of the Three Dukes.”

“dog sound. Do those guys brainwash people with dark magic?”

“Brainwashing! “Don’t frame me without evidence!”


A voice filled with mana echoed throughout the training hall.

It was so powerful that the entire gym was shaking.

A shout so powerful that even the thick wall of mana trembles.

The audience widened their eyes.

Since I couldn’t hear any sound, I didn’t know exactly what was going on inside.

‘…The atmosphere is unpleasant.’

At least I knew this fact.

Marek’s eyes lit up.


He was truly radiating energy now. If you move carelessly here, you will collide head-on with him.

‘…That’s pretty good.’

I heard that the level was high.

I didn’t even know that it was to the point of reaching superhuman status.

Now that things have come to this, it is wrong to fight the Archduke.

in between.

A voice penetrated Ethan’s head.

[…Grand Duke. I will make sure the kingdom compensates you. So please stop at this point. Doesn’t the Archduke know?]



Wallington’s eyes widened.

Mana’s whisper.

Because the Archduke was casually sending out whispers that, no matter how bad he was, he could only send if he reached the level of an 8-star knight master.

‘On earth, mana control….’

How high is it?

Wallington continued whispering very secretly so that Marek would not notice.

[Arguments without power are just empty. Even if the Archduke claims so, the decision of the seven kingdoms will not change. If the Archduke makes a concession, we will also pay for it. How about funds to rebuild the devastated duchy?]


Although he was making money by handing over goods to Marquis Bloten.

To be honest, it was close to impossible to rebuild the collapsed duchy with that amount of money.

‘Two thousand platinum coins.’

This was the amount that the Marquis of Bessus had earned so far.

It is true that it is a large amount of money, but with this money, it would be difficult to restore even Londinium, a large city like the duke’s capital. That’s because the duchy had been ruined for a long time.

[I will see and decide.]

[…Good. So, please stop for now.]

[That’s right.]

Wallington and other royalists would definitely try to protect this side.

It was for this very reason that he continued to attack the Kingdom 7 side.

If we’re going to make this kind of stupid decision, shouldn’t we at least have at least one piece of cake left on our side?

How will Wallington attract support? Now it was my turn to watch it.

“I will sort out the situation. There is some truth to what the Archduke said. “That will be clear just by looking at the appearance of the Three Confucius.”

“That’s because the flowering ceremony was held in a hurry.”

Marek immediately refuted this, but Wallington paid no heed and continued talking.

“Anyway, didn’t the Three Dukes participate in the enlightenment ceremony? “If you had insisted on an urgent deadline as soon as you participated in the flowering ceremony, I would have at least acknowledged it.”

“Because the situation was so urgent….”

“From the moment the Three Dukes faced the Grand Duke, he insisted that he would accept his disadvantage. “No matter what you say, the Count’s intrusion into the training hall cannot be justified.”

That moment.

Marek asked, glaring at Wallington.

“Is that the count’s will or your majesty’s will?”

“The latter.”


I received full authority from Delprion before visiting. Even if this incident caused friction with the 7 kingdoms, now was the time to protect the archduke.

“It is understandable that the Grand Duke would question Your Majesty’s decision. So, let me come up with an arbitration plan. The solution is simple. “The kingdom and the 7th family provide separate compensation.”


“Please hand over the money to rebuild the duchy. Five hundred platinum coins per family. “I will also hand over two thousand platinum coins to the kingdom.”

At those words, the members of the Kingdom’s 7 families, including Marek, fell silent.

Their heads were spinning diligently.

‘It’s not bad.’

Five hundred platinum coins.

It was not a very large amount for the 7 kingdoms.

Moreover, it was the amount that would be returned anyway if the three princes took over the duchy in the future.

The Dark Demon Master nodded in agreement.

He must be thinking the same thing as you. One year and the right to challenge once in the future.

The amount given in return for obtaining it was rather small. Isn’t it a matter where the sovereignty of the Ardan duchy is at stake?

Marek looked at Wallington.


“Grand Duke. Do you agree with this proposal?”

“I’ll show your sincerity and bear with you just this once.”


The members of the Kingdom’s 7 families gritted their teeth. How can you not say a single word politely?

He was truly an arrogant person.

Wallington sighed and nodded. The wall of mana surrounding the training ground collapsed.

Wallington looked around and shouted loudly.

[The results of the 18th Enlightenment Ceremony are out!]

A lot of curious eyes gathered around. The same was true for the nobles of the five collateral families who were looking at the training hall with bated breath.

Big names gathered together and discussed.

What would be the result? Among them, there was one who prayed the most earnestly.

It was Cheyman.


I hope this flowering ceremony ends in vain!

The moment the archduke was elected as the next head of the family, they were finished.

Right then.

The Earl of Wallington approached Cheyman.

“You make the announcement.”

As Wallington continues.

Chayman’s complexion gradually began to turn pale. Chaiman, whose hands were shaking, barely managed to speak.

[…I hereby appoint the Grand Duke… as the 18th… head of the Duke of Ardan… but grant the right to challenge once to the third prince, Theron Ardan. The deadline is It’s been a year.]


Right to challenge?

The audience, including the nobles, widened their eyes at the unexpected result.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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