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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 77

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#When I returned, my family was ruined (78)

Great Yeonmujang.

There were already passengers there.


He was the youngest person I met after a long time. Behind him sat five nobles belonging to collateral families. I asked while looking at Chayman standing in front.

“Where is the third child?”

“I heard that Prince Theron has been contacted, but he has not attended this event yet.”

The third person who entrusted himself to the 7 Kingdoms.

It didn’t show up until the day of the flowering ceremony.

In the end, only two people were able to carry out the flowering ceremony.

Myers and himself.

Chayman, who was glaring in this direction, shouted loudly.

“…From now on, we will hold the 18th flowering ceremony of the Ardan duchy!”


All the nobles’ eyes lit up at the sight of the Grand Duke and the youngest Prince raising their swords.

Who will take over the Ardan duchy?

That will be decided right here. Soon, mana flocked to Myers’ sword.

It was then.

Myers’ eyes twitched.

This was because a huge amount of mana was flowing towards his sword.


With such a huge amount of mana, the size of the black flame was bound to be on a different level from before.

‘I can’t do it…!’

If he is not careful, he may end up becoming the head of the family instead of his eldest brother.

It was a time when Myers didn’t know what to do.

I heard a small whisper as if it had been injected directly into my head.

[just do it.]


It was definitely my brother’s voice.

Myers, who was embarrassed, blinked his eyes carefully. Soon, dark red flames burst out from his sword.

It was black salt.

It is also a huge black flame that is well over 2m in length.

“Oh oh!”

The nobles seated in the stands let out exclamations of exclamation.

Such a big black flame!

Aren’t the achievements of the youngest Confucius much more significant than expected?

While young nobles were dazzled by sights, older nobles were different.


The 17th flowering ceremony that took place previously.

The size of the black flame that the youngest Confucius was producing now was much larger than the black flame that the previous head of the family had produced at that time.

This meant that the youngest Confucius’ achievements were beyond their imagination.

Naturally, everyone’s eyes turned to the Archduke.

‘The rumor is that you can’t make black flames bloom at all… Is this true?’

In the Duke’s house, people who were called unfit people would occasionally appear.

No matter how great their skills and talents are, there are people who cannot radiate black flame because their mother’s blood is stronger than their mother’s blood.

Ethan took out his sword amidst curious gazes.

Flames flickered above the great sword.

The heat contained in the sword was so hot that it could be felt even in the stands located far away.

Clearly, its power was great.

‘It’s not black flame!’

The faces of the nobles, including Chayman, gradually began to brighten.


Chayman’s joy was even greater.

For this day, Myers was provided generously with all kinds of elixirs. What if he is appointed as the next head of the family at this succession ceremony?

Beyond simply ruling a collateral area, you will be able to extend your power directly to the entire duchy.

So how could you not be happy? Many nobles were already clearly witnessing this scene.


It was a complete victory.

It was a time when the nobles of the collateral world, including Chaiman, were looking at each other and smiling.

Eternal pain.

Let the fire revolve endlessly.

Be patient.

A black flame will bloom in that pain.

May you feel the fire that has been burning for eternity.

Breath of black flame.

As I memorized the phrase, I recalled experiences from my past life. He went through many battles before returning.

Kingdom family, relatives and even the people.

A lot has disappeared.

A feeling of pain as if your heart was being squeezed out. Ethan had overflowing emotions.

It wasn’t that difficult to corrupt the flame through this emotion.

Even if you drop just one drop of ink on bright drawing paper, the color will change completely.

It was then.



“Black salt?”

“oh my god!”

“The Grand Duke has made black flames bloom!”


A murmur began to be heard inside the main training hall.

The nobles sitting in the stands were looking at the archduke’s sword with wide eyes.

Naturally, the eyes of the five nobles had no choice but to turn in that direction once again.



Everyone seemed frozen and couldn’t say anything.

Before I knew it, a dark red flame was blooming on the Archduke’s sword.

It’s a flame that looks much darker and thicker than Myers’ flame.

“Huh… black salt?”

“Ship…Count! How did this happen? “Didn’t you say that the Archduke was unfit?”

“This… how…”

How can it produce black flames that seem more intense than the youngest Confucius, who is under the full effect of the magic circle?

It made no sense.

Chaiman stared at the Archduke’s sword in a daze as something unimaginable happened.

‘…This can’t be happening. Besides, there is still hope!’

Chayman shook his head and gathered himself.

It is still too early to despair.

Although the Archduke’s black flame seemed to be more intense, the game was not over yet.

‘The youngest Confucius’s black flame is greater.’

Besides, to check whether it contains the right power, wouldn’t it be necessary to collide with each other to know its power?

When everyone’s eyes lit up.

The Archduke walked forward and slashed his sword towards the youngest Prince.

The two black flames collided with each other and burned fiercely for a moment.

The sword on one side was cut in two.


“…oh my god!”

Everyone was shocked.

What was cut off was the black flame contained in the sword of the youngest Confucius.

‘…I can’t believe the larger black flame was cut off so helplessly!’

This meant that they were not even comparable in terms of quality.

The sight of black salt cutting off another black salt. This was a scene not easily seen even at the flower opening ceremony.

Usually, when each other’s black flames bloomed, they would compete in sword dance, and in the meantime, they would determine the successor based on whose black flames faded first.

This meant that it was rare for a match to be won with one sword like that.

Of all the flowering ceremonies that have been held so far, this may have been the third.


It was natural for the nobles in the stands to shout out loud in excitement.

The sight of black salt cutting off black salt.

Because that was truly one of the highlights.

The eyes of the five nobles, including Chaiman, widened at that sight.

No matter how bad I was, I thought the sword of the youngest Confucius would open the Middle Ages!

It was a very one-sided match.

‘…It’s a big deal!’

If the archduke had spewed out flames of a different color, he might have been able to find fault somehow.

But now, the Archduke was emitting a flame that anyone could call black flames.

Even if I wanted to push Myers, I couldn’t.

There were too many eyes, and no matter how much he was the head of the family, he could not break the great tradition of the flowering ceremony.

The Grand Duke looked at the five nobles and smiled quietly.

“It seems like the next matriarch has already been decided.”



Everyone swallowed their saliva.

Even though it seemed to be a quiet whisper, the Archduke’s voice resonated even in the stands of the Great Hall. Immediately afterwards, the Archduke looked at the audience and spoke.

“I have been studying black salt for a long time. And we were able to find out that black flame is an imperfect flame.”


The nobles tilted their heads.

What kind of technology is black flame?

It was the secret technique that made the Duke of Ardan the greatest swordsmanship family on the continent beyond the kingdom.

Even if I talk about the power contained in the dark red flame, it only makes my mouth hurt.

That black flame is an imperfect flame?

It was to the point where I couldn’t understand why they were bringing up such a story. Meanwhile, the Archduke continued speaking.

“It seems like all the nobles of the West have gathered here, so I will show them the path the dukedom will take in the future.”

Soon, the nobles who looked at the Archduke’s great sword let out an expression of astonishment.


“Pure white… flame…?”

There was a little buzz.

Everyone seemed frozen and couldn’t say anything.

Even though it is only a part of the sword spirit.

This is because the sight of a snow-white flame rising above the Archduke’s great sword was seen.

A pure white flame!

‘No way…’

He recalled one of the stories he heard from the nobles of the West in the past.

Duke of Ardan.

It is said that the first duke there created a flame as white as snow.

Thus, not only did he solidly establish the foundation of Ardan, but he also went beyond the realm of transcendence.

Now, hundreds of years later, it is a story that is treated as a kind of legend.

Jeron Ardan.

This is because no one has been able to ignite a pure white flame since the first Duke’s accession to the throne.

A flame that appears to be the complete opposite color to the dark red flame.

The more I looked, the more my eyes seemed to be drawn in.

White flame!

There were no other words to describe that spark.

The white-blazing flame gradually began to die down.

“Black flame is a flame created by mixing negative emotions. “The reason why no knight higher than Transcendant appeared in the Duke’s family was precisely because of the limitations of this black flame.”


Everyone began to focus on the Archduke’s words.

Black salt.

There were many rumors about this technology, but what could be said to be its core trick was kept under wraps.

It was as if the Grand Duke was now revealing one of the key tricks of the Black Flame.

“Corrupted Flame. “There is a limit to the level you can rise to with this.”


Black flame.

The Archduke was saying that even that skill was lacking.

“I saw the secret left behind by the first head of the family and realized the truth. “The future of the dukedom depends on the white flame you just showed me.”


In other words, it was said that the future depends on the archduke who bloomed white flame.

It could be said to be arrogant, but no one dared refute it.

First Duke Geron.

The story of him making white flames bloom was one of the legends that everyone knew.

Not only is he a black flame, but he is also the most legitimate successor to the first duke.

The current archduke was just such a being.

It was right then.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

The youngest Confucius Myers.

This is because he approached the Archduke and immediately knelt down.

“I saw today that there was a sky above the sky! “Not only was it not enough to handle the black flame, which was stronger than me, my brother even showed me a new path called the white flame!”

Myers said as if declaring.

“According to the laws of the Enlightenment Ceremony, I, Myers, swear allegiance to my brother!”

The 18th enlightenment ceremony.

At the flower opening ceremony, unexpected scenes appeared one after another.

Myers revealed his achievement by blooming nearly 2m of black flame.

Not only did he cut it down with a more intense black flame, but he also revealed a new type of technique called white flame.

If the audience showed surprise.

The nobles of the 5 collateral families were so shocked that they were on the verge of fainting.

There were only two participants in the flower ceremony.

Here, if one gave up, the other had no choice but to be appointed as the head of the family no matter what was done.

Justification and skills.

In all of this, the Grand Duke was overwhelming the youngest Prince.

Myers’ words were nothing short of driving a wedge into the enlightenment ceremony.

“Now that means I have to go.”


“What about the announcement?”

Hearing the Grand Duke’s words, all the nobles looked at Chaiman.

“Choose the head of the family!”

“Grand Duke! Archduke!”

The voices of nobles flowed from all directions.

It was impossible to take any more time. Because the nobles in the stands were staring at them.

Chayman said through gritted teeth.

“I hereby announce that the youngest Confucius… has accepted the result… and has chosen the Archduke as the 18th head of the family…”

Just then.

[Who gets to decide the singer? And that’s in a situation where not all participants have gathered.]

A gloomy voice spread across the grand hall and throughout the audience.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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